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This page is the list of all GEM Special Extra Money Reports

GEM Special Reports are the essence of our intensive research work that provide you with the specific idea, information & instruction to generate Extra Income – some of them are completely unknown.

We divide the reports by the following Category;

  1. 1) Financial Safety Net
  2. 2) Advantage Play
  3. 3) Matched Betting
  4. 4) Casino Bonus Clearing
  5. 5) Bingo Bonus Clearing
  6. 6) Sports Spread Betting & Other Unique Opportunities
  7. 7) Sports Arbitrage
  8. 8) Value Betting By Proven Top Tipsters
  9. 9) Passive Trading
  10. 10) Social Copy Trading
  11. 11) PAMM
  12. 12) Robot Trading
  13. 13) Bookmakers & Brokers

Some reports are protected by password, This mark means Article For members only. if you don’t have the password yet, Please obtain it HERE or directly click the title of the Special Report you wish to read. Why member only? Please check “About Us – Our Policy on Member Only Documents

Incidentally, in the above About Us page explains our policies of “Betting On Luck Is For Losers, Stop Gamble Betting But Bet on Only +EV To Win Reliably“, and it is our way to promote Responsible Gambling, and we strongly support GambleAwaregambleaware logo , Just FYI.

1)   Financial Safety Net

pascal portfolio say create income stream ►► 3 Clever Ways To Diversify Your Income For A Rainy Day

2)   Advantage Play

3 Solid Tactics To Win in Sports Betting Advantage Play►► 3 Advantage Gambling in Sports Betting – Guide For Ordinary People To Beat Bookies

GEM How To Make Living Sports Betting►► How To Make A Living Sports Betting – Full Assessment of 3 Methods By Numbers

Offshore Sports Betting, 3 Advantage Plays►► How To Make Money From Offshore Sports Betting With 3 Advantage Plays

Bitcoin Betting Feature Image►► Bitcoin Betting – Ultimate Way To Lock-In Profits From Anywhere In The World

3)   Matched Betting

Starting (New Customer) Instruction

Matched Betting Risk Free Money ►► Matched Betting For Dummies – 9 Essential Things You Should Know Before Staking Any Real Money

bet exchange, sSign Up strategies feature image ►► Bet Exchange – Ultimate Guide To Use Betfair & Competitions Most Profitably

How To Make Dutching Bet►► Dutching Betting – Awesome Technique To Win More & Reduce Risk

Welcome Bonus How It Works►► No Risk Matched Betting Starting Guide (1) – Welcome Bonus How It Works

How To Sign-Up & Place Qualifying Bet►► Free Matched Bet Starting Guide (2) – How To Sign-Up & Place Qualifying Bet

How To Extract Cash Profit from Free Bet►► Risk Free Betting Starting Guide (3) – How To Extract Profit from Free Bet

Specific Tactics on Various Bonuses for Both New & Existing (Reload Offer) Customers

Risk Free Bet Lose Bet Refund►► How To Lock-In Profits from Risk Free Bet Sign Up Offer By Matched Betting

Matched Betting Underlay Technique►► Technique To Secure Profits from Betting Signup Offers – Bonus WR (Wager Requirements)

profit from enhanced odds►► How To Lock-In Profit on Enhanced Bets / Odds Boost with Matched Betting

MB-refund if your horse second-icatch►► 6 Best Ways To Make Extra Money from “Horse Betting 2nd Place Refund”

acca-15►► How To Lay & Make Matched Betting Multiples / ACCA for Newbies

List Best ACCA Insurance Offers By Key Bookmakers►► 2017-18 List Of The Best ACCA Insurance Offers By Key Bookmakers

Save Exchange Commission & Reduce Liability►► How To Minimize Exchange Lay Betting Commission & Liability For Matched Betting

Advanced Techniques

extra-lay-19►► How To Lock-In Profit on Trigger Bet with Extra Lay Spreadsheet (Member Only)

2nd Place Refund Horse Betting Calculator►► 2nd Place Refund Horse Betting Calculator For A Guaranteed Profit (Member Only)

extra-place-0►► How To Make Profits from Extra Place Offers EVEN in Your Gubbed Account With Lay Calculator (Member Only)

Each Way Betting Scalping & Dutching Extra Place Technique►► 2 Best Techniques To Ensure Massive Profits From Each Way Betting – Scalping & Dutching Extra Place (Member Only)

Each Way Arbing►► Each Way Arbing – The Way To Guarantee Profit Even In Your Restricted Account (Member Only)

acca-16►► How To Lock-In Footy Accumulator Profits with Customized Calculator (Member Only)

ACCA Insurance Spread Sheet►► ACCA Insurance Lock-In Profit Spreadsheet Tutorial (Member Only)

GEM Bet365 Matched Betting Full Instruction►► 3 Proven Methods To Lock-In Massive Profits From Bet365 Promotions (Member Only)

Custormized Spreadsheet Archive

GEM Matched Betting Spreadsheet Archive►► Matched Betting Spreadsheet Archive (Member Only)

Matched Betting Premium Service Reviews

Oddsmonkey Review - List Of Competitive Edge Over Competitions Testified By Founder►► Oddsmonkey Review – We Examined The 5 Truth Through The Founder

Profit Accumulator Full review►► Profit Accumulator Review – Should We Believe 20,000 Members’ Earning Claim?

pm-review►► Profit Maximiser – The Engineer Of Matched Betting Success, Is It Still Good?

4)   Casino Bonus Hunting

casino-general-icatch►► Casino Bonus Strategy – How To Beat Online Casino With Expected Value Betting

Online Casino Lowest House Edge Games►► Smart Ways To Use Top 3 Lowest House Edge Games To Extract Casino Bonus

casino-instruction-1►► How To Guarantee Real Cash from Casino Bonus Cashback Sites

casino-instruction-2►► How To Make No Deposit Bonus Whoring Worth Your While

Online Casino Lowest House Edge Games►► 3 Most Popular Casino Games – Technique To Rake Cash From Risk Free Bonus

casino-instruction-3►► Mathematical Bet – Specific Process To Beat Casino High Risk Bonus (Member Only)

5)   Bingo Bonus Hunting

bingo-general-strategies►► Comprehensive Strategies To Turn Free Bingo Bonus Into Cash

bingo-cashback-method-intruction►► How To Extract Guaranteed Profit From Bingo Cashback

bingo-dragonfish-instruction►►Dragonfish Bingo Loophole – Make Smart Profit (Member Only)

GEM Bingo Bonus Virtue Fusion Strategy►► Virtue Fusion Bingo – Make Profit With Little Known Tactics (Member Only)

6)   Sports Spread Betting & Other Unique Opportunities

GEM Spread Betting Bonus Extraction►► Sports Spread Betting How To Extract Welcome Bonus 100% Risk Free (member only)

Football Index Review Feature Image►► Football Index Review – How To Grab Instant Cash & Achieve Long-Term Profit

7)   Sports Arbitrage

Sports Arbitrage 100% Risk Free►► Is Sports Arbitrage 100% Risk Free Surebet? Everything You Need To Know About Arbing!!?

Sports Arbitrage For Dummies►► Sports Arbitrage – Cheatsheet For Dummies To Become A Seasoned Arber Overnight

RebelBetting The No 1 Sports Arbitrage Software►► RebelBetting Review – The Truth About World Best Sports Arbitrage software

8)   Value Betting By Proven Top Tipsters

Art Of War Sun Tzu Portlait►► Beat The Bookies By Knowing How Your Enemy Makes Money – Secret Of Odds

value bets finder feature image►► Value Bets Finder – List Of The Best Value Odds Software

Secret Betting Club Review, Main Image►► Secret Betting Club Review – Inside Analysis Of Ultimate Sports Betting Method

ZCode Winning Picks Full Review Secrets Of Success Revealed By Creator►► ZCode Review – Full Analysis of Advantage & Drawback Based On Interview With Founder

9)   Passive Trading

Article2-1►► 3 Practical & Safe Ways To Succeed In Passive Forex Trading

10)   Social Copy Trading

6 Simple Things That Allow You To Start Social Copy Trading- GEM Special Reports►► 6 Facrs You Should Know Before Starting Social Copy Trading

article6-1►► eToro Full Review & 5 Easy Steps To Make Kick Start

article7-1►► Zulu Trade Full Review & 6 Simple Process For Successful Start

article8-1►► eToro & Zulu Trade How To Find The Best Traders To Copy

11)   PAMM

Article3-1►► Ultimate Guide (7 Secrets) To Find Best PAMM FX Trading – Part (1)

article4-1►► Ultimate Guide (7 Secrets) To Find Best PAMM FX Trading – Part (2)

12)   Robot Trading

How To Create Unlimited Extra Income From FX Robot (EA)►► How To Create Sustainable Extra Income From FX Robot (EA)

article10-1►► 5 Complete Steps To Find The Best FX Robot (EA)

13)   Bookmakers & Brokers

Excellent Bookmakers List Never Restrict Your Account►► List of 20 World Best Online Bookies That Never Restrict Your Account (Member Only)

Infamous Bookmakers List Raspberry Awards Trophy►► List of 30 World Worst Betting Sites That Quickly Restrict Your Account (Member Only)

avoid being gubbed feature image►► Essential Guide To Avoid Gubbing & Keep Beating The Bookies NEW GEM Pinnacle Full Review►► Is Pinnacle Bet Really Perfect Sportsbook for Sharp Punters?

FX Broker 3 Hidden Agenda Part 1►► FX Broker 3 Hidden Agenda & 4 Key Criteria To Chose The Best – Part (1)

Pulitzer Prize Coin The Best FX Broker►► FX Broker 3 Hidden Agenda & 4 Key Criteria To Chose The Best – Part (2)

List Of Offshore Forex Brokers Accepting US Players►► Latest List Of Offshore FX Brokers Accepting US Citizens & Reasons Why

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