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If You Want To Beat The Bookies, Taking Up Sky Bet Offers, Which Are Full Of Guaranteed Profits

Firstly, we don’t do gambling but do advantage plays based on mathematical edge to beat the bookies. When it comes to the Sports Betting, we use Matched BettingMatched Betting Instructions as a underlying concept to extract profits from various promotions provided by the bookmakers. If you are New to the matched betting, then the ideal bookmaker & offers are Sky Bet Offers. We keep updating the tactics based on the changing Sky Bet Offers. We show you How to Lock-In Profits from each offer.

Our Underlying Method – Matched Betting

As briefly said, our underlying technique to lock-in profit is Matched Betting. Anybody who are familiar with the matched betting, please skip this section.Matched Betting For Dummies - 9 Essential Things You Should Know Before Staking Any Real Money

For those who are not familiar with the matched betting at all, suggest take a look at Matched Betting For Dummies – 9 Essential Things You Should Know Before Staking Any Real Money where you will find every basic about the matched betting.

However, for your quick start, I’ll briefly explain how it works by using Sky Bet Offers.

Sky Bet Offers 1 – New Customer Free Bets No Deposit Needed

I said, Sky Bet Offers are filled by guaranteed profit. When it comes to new customer sign-up offer, it’s one of the easiest offers to lock-in profit, which is “Bet £5 Get £20 Free Bet”. See the T& bet offers, new welcome bonus

Firstly, I will quickly explain how you can guarantee Profit by constructing matched betting. This is a brief summary for you to understand the overall concept. (for the specific process, please see the Matched Betting Process by expanding the information at the end of this section).

What we do are;

  • 2 transactions of Back (bet on win) £5 on Team or Player A at odds of 2.0 < at Sky Bet & Lay (bet on NOT win) appropriate £ (stake can be calculated by free software) on the same Team or Player A at Betting Exchange like Betfair or SMarkets so that you cover all outcomes.
  • Regardless of the outcome, your losing & winning will cancel out each other. In the real practice, usually, 2 bets are not perfectly offset due to the odds difference & exchange commission. Therefore you make a small loss called Qualifying Loss.
  • But now, you get £20 Free Bets. You repeat the exact same process but using the free bet for the back bet at Sky Bet. Then, this time free bet value (minus qualifying loss) will become your net profit.Risk Free Betting Starting Guide (3) – How To Extract Cash Profit from Free Bet
  • You may be able to extract around £15 – 18 pure profit from this offer Without Any Single Risk.
  • Success factor is how to minimize the qualifying loss by selecting the player whose odds gap (between Sky Bet & Betting Exchange) is the narrowest. You can use Free Odds Matcher to locate such opportunities. For the step by step process, take a look at Risk Free Betting Starting Guide (3) – How To Extract Profit from Free Bet. You will see William Hill sign-up bonus case as an example in this instruction.

Betting Exchange

As you see in the above process, betting exchange is essential for matched betting. Therefore, it’s critical to adopt the right approach toward the betting exchanges from the beginning, which will affect your long-term profit. Suggest you take a look at Bet Exchange – How To Sign-Up & Lock-In Profit Wisely With Best OffersBet Exchange, Sign-Up Strategies Feature Image, where you find the Smart Tactics on How To Use Which Bet Exchange in Which Occasion with spoon-fed like instructions. Based on reasons explained, I suggest SMarkets rather than Betfair for the 1st sign-up bet exchange. Therefore, again, for your quick start, I prepared a step-by-step guide for how to sign-up SMarkets and extract cash from its £10 Risk-Free Bet bonus. Actually, this is one of the easiest offers to lock-in profit in the industry. Please click “+” mark to open the instruction;

SMarkets Sign-Up Process with Screenshots

Matched Betting Specific Process Between Sky Bet & SMarkets

Then, I will quickly show you how to make your 1st matched betting between SMarkets & Sky Bet by using Non Deposit Sign-Up Offer. Click the below “+” which opens the step-by step process with the screenshots;

Sky Bet & SMarkets - Step By Step Matched Betting Process with Screenshots

Sky Bet Offers 2 – Weekly Sky Bet Club

This is the offer that provides you with guaranteed profit every week; Sky Bet Club

How it works are actually very simple,

  • Simply bet a total of £25 at odds of Evens (or greater) before 23:59 on Sunday each week during the promotional period.
  • Free bets will be credited to qualifying accounts on Mondays (by 7pm GMT).
  • Free bet stakes are not included in any returns.
  • Max free bet per customer / household / IP address / per qualifying week is £5
  • Your £5 free bet will expire at 23:59:59 on the following Sunday after being credited.
  • Subject to the above you will remain in the promotion and will receive a £5 free bet every week during the promotional period so long as you continue to qualify before 23:59 on each Sunday.

Please ensure you check full T&C before starting it.

It’s no-brainer, just implement standard matched betting. You can follow Matched Bet Starting Guide (2);Free Matched Bet Starting Guide (2) – How To Sign-Up & Place Qualifying Bet

Wait, Can We Improve Our Profit From This Offer?

Usually when we place qualifying bet we may incur around 2-5% loss, if we lose 5% of £25 qualifying bet will lose around £1 and the cash value of the Free Bet is around 80% means £5 x 80% = £4, then your final profit will become £3. But as long as you combine the on-going promotions wisely you can retain the original value or even make it better. So don’t forget your bet placements on the following Sky Bet Offers 3 & 4 which you can also lock-in profit can qualify for this Weekly Sky Bet Club.

Sky Bet Offers 3 – Football Multiples Price Boos

Sky Bet offers multiple price boost almost every week during football season. The below EPL (English Premier League) Multiples Price Boost is just an example;

Sky Bet Price Boost

When it comes to multiple bets, Betfair usually provides lay markets up to Treble. And usually Sky Bet Offers Treble. Means, you have large chances to find arbitrage opportunity due to the price boost like;

Betfair ACCA Lay Odds

So, back odds is 7 while lay odds is 6, which is an arbitrage condition means you can create Risk Free Odds as;

Matched Betting Calculator

So you will get guaranteed profit of nearly £3 from it, and you already satisfied the Sky Bet Club requirement for this week.

Alternatively, you can Maximise your Potential Profit under Risk Free condition by doing Underlay as below;Sky ACCA Price Boost

As seen from the calculator, you can adjust the lay stake bar up to the Break-Even level if exchange lay bet wins. Then you see the maximum profit of £18.35 in this case, means you can expect potential £18.35 with Risk Free (no loss). You can calculate the lay stake manually, simply dividing £25 (back stake) by 95% (100% – Betfair Commission 5%) = £26.31

For this Multiples / ACCA matched betting, you may want to read How To Lock-In Profit on ACCA Insurance; ACCA Insurance Lock-in Profit

Sky Bet Offers 4 – Horse Racing 2nd (& 3rd, & 4th) Place Refund

Sky Bet offers another guaranteed profit in Horse Racing, called 1st ITV Racing Money Back;

Sky Bet Horse Racing Money Back Offer

ITV broadcast horse racing Saturday afternoon. And Sky Bet Offers often 2nd & 3rd, occasionally up to 4th finishes refund.

We can lock-in profit in the above Aintree’s race. The favourite 4 top horses’ odds are;

Sky Bet Money Back Odds

And Smarket (Exchange) odds are;

Smarkets Horse Odds

These lay odds are pretty early stage thus quite poor (the best & true odds would be around 10 minutes before the race start). However, even with such poor odds, if we chose Ucello Conti, and use Lock-In Calculator, the expected outcome will be;

Horse 2nd Place Refund Calculator

We can lock-in £1.8 profit from it.

Please go 2nd Place Refund Horse Betting Calculator For A Guaranteed Profit;2nd Place Refund Horse Betting Spreadsheet, for further details including the lock-in customized spreadsheet you can download FREE.

Incidentally, ee have drawn the strategic paper related with the Horse Racing Refund. I strongly suggest you take a look at 10 Horse Racing Refund Offers – Value Based Best Selection & Tactics To Win;Horse Racing Refund Offers - How To Chose & Win Based On Value Feature Image, where we show how to gauge the value, prioritize & select the popular offers together with the specific tactics summary to extract cash from them.

Sky Bet Offers 5 – RequestABet

Finally, Sky Bet regularly make special promotion in “RequestABet”. This is the market Sky Bet allows you to mix and match markets to create your own unique bet and then request a price. The offer is often in the form of free bet like “Place a £5 (or higher) requestABet on the match between Arsenal vs Chelsea and we’ll give you a £5 Free Bet “;sky bet offer, requesta a betYou may not be able to lay any RequestABet markets since most of them are quite unique based on the individual punter’s request.

Therefore, you can use No Lay Matched Betting Method;How To Exploit Bookies' Offer By No Lay Matched Betting Feature Image 0

Wrap Up

So, don’t do Gambling, turn Sports Betting into Solid Extra Income Creation with Risk Free Advantage Play. As seen from this document, Sky Bet Offers many opportunities of Guaranteed Profit as long as you use matched betting method. We have specific instructions on every different bookies’ offers, see Matched Betting Instruction Index;GEM Matched Betting Guide Index

However, Sky Bet is also famous for quick gubbing. Don’t know Gubbing? Suggest take a look at  22 Smart Tactics To Avoid Bookmakers’ Restriction & Solutions After Being Gubbed;How To avoid Being Gubbed

Good Luck!!


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