Essential Guide To Avoid Gubbing & Keep Beating The Bookies

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What’s Gubbing & Why Do Bookies Gub Your Account? How To Avoid Being Gubbed To Keep Profitable Betting At Bookmakers!!

Guide To Avoid Gubbing – Agenda

We cover the following subjects to instruct everything about Gubbing;

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Avoid Gubbing – Introduction

Since you have come to this document with the interest of “Gubbing”, we assume you’ve already started taking or are planning to take a lot of value from bookmakers professionally. Then, we are all in the same boat. Allow me to stress that We Do Bet but Don’t Count On Luck. Rather,

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We, Global Extra Money (GEM) would like our readers to exploit those reliable money making opportunities as LONG as possible. Sharing the “Essential Guide To Avoid Gubbing & Keep Beating The Bookies” is part of our efforts to achieve that objective, and we would hope this vision will meet your needs.

Never Give Up

Let me quote what Skyet CEO Richard Flint admitted regarding Account Restrictions at Parliamentary Debate,

Flint admitted that it restricted 2% of its customers to bets with a liability of £1,000, while a further 1% were limited to bets winning £100. However, Flint claimed that Sky Bet only close accounts for social responsibility or potential fraud reasons. SBC News

Well, the below interview to Flint shows the real reasons why they don’t close the winning accounts. This video gives you some good insight on the bookmaker’s attitude towards the account restrictions which includes Sports Arbitrage, Oddschecker & Ungubbing etc. (The original video is 11+ minutes long, I cut it into 6 minutes focusing on the Account restriction topics);

In betting industry, soft bookies’ account restriction to sharp punters is seemingly impossible to avoid, but don’t give up (Why are we talking about the account restriction? Because it is what Gubbing means.)

The good news is, HBF – Horse Racing Bettors Forum (assisted by BHA – British Horseracing Authority) tried to address issues about the closure and restrictions imposed on winning accounts by bookmakers. And Lay To Lose Guarantee rule that is Minimum Bet Guarantee has been discussed between HBF and the bookmakers. And Skybet became the biggest online bookie to offer ‘minimum bet’ guarantee up to £500 (The Guardian).

We do hope many other bookies will follow suit though, at this stage only Betfair Sportsbook, BetVictor, William Hill & are the major Online Bookies to apply this rule.

There are Political Pressure & Lobby Activities on Bookies’ Account Restrictions from the perspective of Unfair Business Practice as you find in the next section. These are good movements for us, but it takes a long time as witnessed by the above limited number of bookies that have agreed Minimum Bet Guarantee.

All of us Sharp punters know how precious the active account is because we know clearly how we can make solid money from it. Therefore, we’d better take all our measures to protect our accounts and prolong its life as long as possible.

Purpose Of This Guide

In this guide, we focus on How To Avoid Gubbing As Long As Possible, means the actions we take while the account is still intact and healthy. We draw 10 Action Plans As Essential, 3 As Advanced Tactics and 10 Guidelines for Mug Betting in this document.

If your account is Gubbed or restricted in any form, go to the separate special guide we have prepared as 21 Methods To Make Money From Restricted Betting Accountsrevive restricted betting account So, don’t worry you have many contingency plans to keep making money even after all your accounts are gubbed.


Now move on to the basics of Gubbing;

What is “Gubbing” or “Gubbed”? Why & How Do Bookies Gubb Your Account?

Gubbing means Account Restriction: Especially Removing Promotional Eligibility

For those who are not familiar with Bookmaker’s nasty Action, let us start up with the basics, what is “Gubbing” or “Gubbed” all about.

Simply put, Gubbing is a restriction bookmaker imposes on the customer’s account. Unfortunately, at this moment in time, bookies have the right (legally but not ethically) to make various restrictions on your account such as;

  • 1) ban your participation in promotional offers
  • 2) limit your betting stake up to the level any betting becomes meaningless
  • 3) close your account

And, usually Gubbing refers to the 1) removing your eligibility to receive promotion offers. Because Gubbing is a matched betting jargon and the underlying concept of matched betting is exploiting bookies’ offers, thus Gubbing is often used in relation to the restriction on offers. However, people may use it in broader sense including 2) & 3). In fact 1) could happen together with 2) or even 3).

Why Do Bookies Gubb Your Account?

We assume only a handful of punters have experienced “Being Gubbed”. As Flint said only 3% of Skybet’s customers were success punter ratiorestricted. In general, over 95% of punters are said to be recreational players or called casual bettors (means not bet professionally but just for fun). They don’t bet with hedge to guarantee profits (matched betting & sports arbitrage are the betting with hedge) or don’t win constantly. Therefore bookies don’t need to make any sanction but encourage them to bet & loose more & more. However, the rest of less than 5% professional punters a.k.a. “Sharp” accumulate winnings systematically (usually through matched betting, arbitrage or sharp analysis provided by top quality software, handicapper service or betting system). And as Flint admitted, they are clear threat to the bookies’ profitability, therefore they do eliminate the sharp punters’ capability to win. SBC (Smart Betting Cub) Peter Ling described this situation as;

Bookies want to have their cake and eat it by targeting losing customers for as much as they can, whilst dramatically reducing the business they take from those with a modicum of ability. It’s the ultimate ‘heads I win, tails you lose’ business and it’s no wonder so many firms are making record profits. SBC Email
I fully agree with Peter.  In order to understand bookmaker’s business model & the reason why they dislike sharp betters so much, visit Beat The Bookies By Knowing How Your Enemy Makes Money – Secret Of Odds.

Is Account Restriction Fair Business Practice?

Having observed such bookmakers’ nasty action, it’s been some time since the UK authorities started wondering if online bookmakers & casino conduct right practice to the consumers as specified here.

Latest Challenge By Authority

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and the local Gambling Commission (GC) worked together and concluded that the online gambling operators are involved in some unethical behavior when it comes to promotions (See here). As a result, the CMA and GC are forcing certain changes in the whole sector.

Since PA – Profit Accumulator (see our PA Full Review) summarized the status & insight, I’ll share it – just expand CMA Enforcement Status (since it’s an important change which may affect your account as I quote in the next section, suggest take a look);

CMA & GC Enforcements

See PA (Profit Accumulator) report as follows;

Who Are The CMA?

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is the UK’s primary competition and consumer agency. They are a non-ministerial government department who are responsible for strengthening business competition and preventing and reducing anti-competitive activities. They replaced the function of the Competition Commission and Office of Fair Trading, which were abolished in 2013.

Why Are They Focusing On Gambling?

As we all know, bookmakers aren’t exactly known for having good morals and ethics. Most matched bettors have experienced bookmakers acting in an unfair way. Well, it turns out that normal punters have the same problems as well. So, following a large number of complaints in the last few years, the CMA have decided to focus their attentions on the gambling industry.

What Are The Findings Of the Investigation?

The investigation started in October 2016 and concluded last week when the enforcement action was launched.

Here are some key areas that the investigation highlighted and the CMA/GC want to enforce:

1. Lack of transparency of significant promotion restrictions.

The implications of wagering requirements on the offers aren’t clear or transparent enough. Especially when it comes to things like using your own funds and using multiple bonuses simultaneously.

What bookies have been asked to do in response to the concerns:

  • Ensure all significant terms and conditions are provided to consumers in a clear, timely, intelligible, unambiguous, transparent, non-misleading and prominent manner, including within the advert and with the headline offer on all relevant landing pages and sign-up pages for the promotion, and on any other advertising on any medium for the promotion.
  • Ensure that all terms and conditions relating to a promotion, including terms which apply to all bonuses, are accessible before the consumer signs up, within a single click from all relevant landing pages and once play commences, within a single click from the bonus tab on the consumer’s account page.
2. Restrictions on withdrawing deposit winnings and funds.

Basically, the wagering requirements were being applied to a ‘shared pot’ (the free bet amount and the customers own deposits), so you had to go through wagering requirements even to release your own money (deposit winnings or deposit funds).

What bookies have been asked to do in response to the concerns:

  • Stop offering promotions that include a restriction on the withdrawal of deposit winnings.
  • Stop imposing restrictions on withdrawing unspent deposit funds.
  • Ensure that terms clearly and prominently articulate the right to withdraw deposit winnings and funds.
  • Ensure that consumers can clearly distinguish between ‘play with’ funds that are subject to restrictions and ‘play with’ unrestricted funds.
  • Ensure that consumers can clearly distinguish between play with bonus funds that are subject to restrictions and play with their own money which is not.

Essentially, restrictions should not be placed on the money that the consumer deposits. Withdrawal restrictions should only apply to the free bet element of the offer.

3. Fairness and transparency of play restrictions

There are concerns about the fairness and transparency of specific terms which set out restrictions on particular types of game play.

This includes restricting consumers that the bookmakers deem to be engaging in ‘low-risk betting strategies’ or in a manner which the bookmaker considers to be ‘abuse’ of the promotional terms. Matched betting is often classed within these terms.

What bookies have been asked to do in response to the concerns:

  • Ensure that promotional play restrictions do not apply to consumers’ deposits or the winnings.
  • Clearly outline all prohibited types or patterns of play, with no discretion reserved to the operator after the event.
  • Distinguish terms relating to game play restrictions from other terms which set out (valid) restrictions connected with allegations of fraud, collusion, use of multiple accounts, manipulation of software, exploitation of loopholes or other technical forms of abuse or other behaviour which amounts to deliberate cheating
  • Provide full explanations to consumers where the application of game play restrictions results in the loss of (bonus) winning.
4. Withdrawing free bets or reducing their value.

Bookmakers may sometimes remove a consumer’s entitlement to a free bet, despite the customer having placed all or some of the necessary qualifying bets required under that promotion.

Or, where consumers are informed after placing all or some of the qualifying bets, that a restriction is being imposed on them which may make it harder to complete the remaining qualifying bets or reduce the value of the free bet.

What bookies have been asked to do in response to the concerns:

  • Operators should ensure that they are not seeking to enforce account restrictions that would either remove a consumer’s entitlement to a bet, or reduce its value, where a customer has already placed all or some of the qualifying bets under the promotion.
  • Not seeking to enforce account restrictions that would either remove a consumer’s entitlement to a bet, or reduce its value, where a consumer has already placed all or some of the qualifying bets under the promotion.
5. Compulsory publicity.

Some offers have certain conditions specified in the terms that mean the bookmaker can use the consumer’s name, location and other personal data in their marketing.

What bookies have been asked to do in response to the concerns:

  • These types of terms cannot be enforced. If they want to use your data for marketing comms, they need your permission.

What Happens Next?

The CMA have outlined their suggestions and now bookmakers have to respond with acknowledgement, or mount a legal challenge if they think it’s unfair.

As of the 1st February 2018, Ladbrokes Coral, William Hill, and PT Entertainment (Titanbet) have committed to change how they offer bonus promotions to customers playing online.

On the 1st March 2018, the CMA launched enforcement action against an unspecified number of online gambling firms in respect of practices that may place unfair obstacles in the way of people withdrawing their money (whether as part of a promotion or not).

In particular these were the areas of concern:

  • Daily, weekly or monthly limits on withdrawing funds that appear unreasonably low.
  • Potentially arbitrary short deadlines on the time customers have to verify their identity as a condition of withdrawing funds, sometimes providing for forfeiture of consumer’s funds if missed.
  • Dormancy terms that allow firms to confiscate funds or impose apparently excessive charges after a certain period of inactivity.

So, in the coming months we will see more bookmakers publicly and officially recognising the areas highlighted in the CMA and the GC investigation, and eventually all the points they raised will be implemented.

None of the points raised seemed overly restrictive or hard to implement, so it doesn’t seem there will be any legal challenges from bookmakers on the ruling.

How Does This Impact Matched Betting?

It’s always a little worrying when investigations like these start because any increase in regulation might impact the amount of offers that bookmakers give out. In an ideal world we would want to keep going exactly as we are because matched betting is still currently very profitable. The value of the offers may not be as high as they were a few years ago, but I think we’d all be happy if things were to stay as they are.

The reality is that the majority of the suggestions from this investigation are about improving transparency, and that won’t actually impact the offers themselves. The bookies can still run the same offers, they just have to have the terms in a more prominent place.

There are some specific things that will change, these will include:

  • As mentioned in point 2 – bookies will have to stop offering promotions that include a restriction on the withdrawal of deposit winnings. So, there will now be no withdrawal restrictions on the money you deposit. They can only implement those restrictions on the free bet amounts.
  • As mentioned in point 3 – all the prohibited patterns of play must be clearly outlined in the terms. Then, if they refuse to credit your free bet because they suspect you are exhibiting one of the prohibited patterns of play, they must clearly explain their reasoning and why they are refusing to pay out on the free bet.

The good news is that bookmakers are now being held more accountable for their actions, which for consumers (and that includes matched bettors) is a good thing. Gone are the days when bookies could remove free bet offers or block withdrawals from you for no good reason. The bookies will have to start acting in a fairer way basically – which is good.

One potential threat could be that if some of these bookmakers fail to adhere to the rules, they will get fined (probably heavily). This could mean that they might have less money to put towards marketing (free bet offers are a marketing cost) and they also might be more cautious about giving out free bet offers for fear of getting another fine.

The Main Takeaways.
  • This investigation didn’t focus directly on free bet offers, so matched betting was never going to be affected too much. However, they may have kept the free bet promotions purposefully separate so they can revisit it in more detail in future.
  • The main thing that’s going to change is greater transparency on terms and conditions.
  • It’s focused on making the industry fairer for consumers, which is a good thing.
  • Any increase in regulation has the potential to impact how many free bet offers bookies give away, but on the face of it these regulations won’t have that much of an impact. Obviously time will tell if it has an effect, but based on the findings I would say the effect will be limited.
  • The CMA have to deal with a wide range of different industries, so I doubt they will revisit the gambling industry any time soon (because they have already addressed some of the main issues with this investigation). This is good because it means that any big rulings specifically on free bet offers are not likely to happen very soon.

So all in all, time will tell but in our opinion the rulings wont impact matched betting that much. This feels more like a tightening of the existing rules to make things fairer, which to anyone that has been matched betting for a while now will tell you, is probably long overdue.

Key Points

For further information, check UK Government site of Online gambling: the investigation so far and next steps.

Lobby Activities

On top of the authority’s challenge, in the UK, there is a lobby activity to the officials asking for Implementation of Bookmaker Fairplay with the following contents;

To ensure that all punters are treated fairly, the Bookie Fairplay Campaign is lobbying for 2 proposals to be introduced by bookmakers, namely:

  • 1) Bookmakers must accept stakes of at least £20 on any bet they advertise either online or in print media from all punters – this has been addressed in the form of Lay To Lose Guarantee (Minimum Guaranteed Stake) agreed by several major bookies including Skybet, Betfair Sortsbook, BetVictor & William Hill as explained before.
  • 2) Bookmakers to provide a clear warning to all new customers that they may have their accounts closed or limited in stakes if they are considered unprofitable.

This campaign is lobbying the UK Gambling Commission and the abb (Associaion of British Bookmakers) to introduce both Smart Betting Club Logothese proposals as standard by all bookmakers, which is driven by SBC (Smart Betting Club). It gathered over 600 supporters to this petition, if you’re interested visit HERE. SBC launched Better Betting Campaign and issued the detail survey summary. BTW, SBC is probably the most reputable Tipster Proofing & Rating service, when you have time suggest visit our Smart Betting Club Review – Inside Analysis Of Ultimate Sports Betting Method.

How Will Your Account Be Gubbed?

The way to restrict your account depends on each bookmaker though usually follow the 1) to 3) order we previously described. They specify their entitlement to do so in TOS – Term Of Service. It used to be inconspicuously, but now thanks to the above new regulation, they have to do;

Clearly outline all prohibited types or patterns of play, with no discretion reserved to the operator after the event.

Let me elaborate on the stage of the restriction I briefly explained before;
  • What they usually do first is not allowing you to participate in any promotional activities they offer. As said, this level of the restriction is normally labelled “Being Gubbed”. They send the notice by e-mail like Bet Bright, see the image below;
  • Then, they restrict your betting limits down to the amounts that are too small to keep betting meaningfully.
    gubbed, bet bright account restriction email notice
    Click Image To Enlarge
  • Some of them do it dramatically, so one day you will be able to place bets of over £2,000, and then the next day you will be limited to £5. Some of them do it over several steps. Limiting you to $500 for a couple of weeks and then lowering it down to £5 when you continue to place ‘pro’ style bets.
  • In any case, they don’t do anything more to your account except a few bookies that close your account.
  • Importantly, even they close your account, they can’t confiscate your money because you do advantage plays including matched betting & arbitrage unless you are engaged in any illegal wrong doing separately. Let me quote a few paragraph related to the CMA & GC new regulation;
    Distinguish terms relating to game play restrictions from other terms which set out (valid) restrictions connected with allegations of fraud, collusion, use of multiple accounts, manipulation of software, exploitation of loopholes or other technical forms of abuse or other behaviour which amounts to deliberate cheating. Provide full explanations to consumers where the application of game play restrictions results in the loss of (bonus) winning.
    Ensure that promotional play restrictions do not apply to consumers’ deposits or the winnings.
    Stop offering promotions that include a restriction on the withdrawal of deposit winnings. Stop imposing restrictions on withdrawing unspent deposit funds.
    Essentially, restrictions should not be placed on the money that the consumer deposits. Withdrawal restrictions should only apply to the free bet element of the offer.
  • So, your free bet & free bet winning could be refused to withdraw. But;
    if they refuse to credit your free bet because they suspect you are exhibiting one of the prohibited patterns of play, they must clearly explain their reasoning and why they are refusing to pay out on the free bet.
  • Honestly, I have no clue how they can explain with the evidence that we are engaging in ‘low-risk betting strategies’ or in a manner which the bookmaker considers to be ‘abuse’ of the promotional terms (matched betting is usually classed within these terms). Will they show the evidence of spying our personal activities? No, I don’t think so. They just want the Sharp not to bet anymore & leave.


How Do Bookies Censor Your Account & What Will Get You Flagged?

Key Tracking Criteria

It depends on each bookmaker’s own guideline. However judging from the information of various sources including bookmaker employee, they keep tracking all accounts with customized system.

Sharp Punter’s Behavior

A few thinkable indicators bookmakers use to detect the sharp punter are;

  • Number of Bets: Smart players must diversify their risk and bet on a portfolio by placing many bets.
  • Systematic Betting: Smart punters are characterized by planned action, specialization and a systematic approach, some professionals will exclusively bet on value and others specialize on outsiders markets, etc.
  • Frequency Of Money Transfer: Arbitragers usually make a lot of in & out of their funds, therefore with only this behavior, you could be in black list. Remember, bookmakers incur quite significant banking costs and they don’t normally pass on to customers if you use bank cards.
  • Profitability: Professional gamblers are profitable, that’s why they are defined as professionals. How high the reporting threshold is probably varies from bookmaker to bookmaker.
  • Length staying in account: Professional punters do not hang around. For example, they are not interested in watching live matches, a few horse races or a tennis match between their bets. They find their way around the bookmaker’s site quickly. They log in, locate their bet(s), place the stakes, and then move on to the next bookmaker.
  • Multiple account: Well, I don’t have to elaborate on this, bookies are very concerned about the customers who try to abuse bonus & referral commission etc, therefore they track every customers’ IP address and cookies store all your activities

Besides, they regularly monitor social network media such as Facebook & Twitter to collect personal information about smart punters like tipsters & insiders & employees from other bookmakers etc, which produce a sort of blacklist. They match their existing customers as well as prospective customer with the blacklist, means when the blacklist customer try to open a new account, he/she could be rejected immediately.

The Software Bookies Use

IESnare Spyware Bookies Tool
It is no longer surprise with the fact that many of bookies use anti-fraud (remember we are not doing any fraud / illegal activities) software Ethoca. It detects not only unusually profitable account but also unique betting behaviors typically observed in arbitrager. More lately IESnare becomes the popular one (ICO investigated bookies), which is a spyware provided by a firm called, big players in the world of online fraud management.

Stake Factoring – Bookie Insider Leak

It’s a fresh surprise with the Stake Factoring Table leaked by the bookie insider. In this bookmaker (unknown because the leak was anonymized – the original source was Justice Punter), account restrictions is called ‘stake factoring’ as this determines the percentage amount of the maximum bet size offered by the bookmaker that each customer is allowed to get on. The factoring table is; stake factoring tableThe way to read the table is that a stake factor of 0.01 indicates a customer is given 1% of the maximum bet allowed in that market, while 5.00 indicates a customer allowed up to 500%. What surprised us was the amount of detail that goes into a Stake Factoring decision. For full list, go How Bookmakers Restrict Your Account – Insider Leak. It covers indeed everything to your betting activities. It’s safe to assume that many major soft bookies do more or less the same.

How To Avoid Being Gubbed – List Of Essential & Advanced Tactics

Who Suffers First?

Generally speaking, inexperienced & uninformed punters tend to suffer from this issue disproportionately because they do not take sensible precautions to protect their accounts. So, you can at least avoid such amateur mistakes by following the essential tactics.

Essential Tactics

The key concept is disguising your activities and not make it obvious that you are a professional / sharp bettor.

Offer Related Tactics

1) Welcome Bonus

Make your first deposit with a larger amount than the minimum deposit required to be eligible for welcome bonus. Say ‘Bet £10 Get £30’ like William Hill, then you deposit £20 or £30 rather than minimum £10.

2) Reload Offer
Don’t always bet the maximum stakes. Stick to around 70-80% or less of the max. For example when you take in the max £ 25 refund offer, don’t bet £25 every time but try to be £20.

Account Related

1) Withdrawal

Don’t make frequent withdrawals (after every bet) & Don’t withdraw entire balances (in one go).

Bet Placement Related

1) Ensure Round Number
Never bet decimal but round numbers, means never pennies / cents (round up the nearest £/$5)

2) Avoid Minor League

Don’t bet on low tier, foreign leagues. Keep your bet in major league such as England Football Premier League rather than expanding into division 3 badminton in China.

3) Consistent Sports Category

Don’t bet many kinds of sports in inconsistent manner – this makes you look price seeker. Because bookies see most people (casual bettor) bet for interest in the game associated with the bet as they will have some knowledge about the game. So preferably stick to 3-4 major sports (leagues) such as football, horse racing, tennis and golf etc.

Sports Arbitrage Palpable Error of Bookies

4) Never Bet Palpable Error

The Palpable Error (palps)  are usually spotted by arbitrage software. Many less experienced or greedy arb traders grab such opportunities. Never place the palpable error. If you do, you are in effect openly admitting that you take full advantage of any weakness of the bookies without mercy. Most bookmakers will respond to this by limiting your account to relatively small bet volumes.

5) Radar Avoidable Stake Amount

Reportedly, bookmakers seem to be relatively comfortable with stakes around the £30 – £50 per bet. It could be a bit small for arb trading but would well suit matched bettors. Just a guideline.

6) No multiple bet in the same market.

Don’t place over 2 bets in the same market at the same bookmaker unless that is a horse racing. For example in a football arbitrage, don’t bet the draw and one team at the same bookmaker.

Security Related

1) Manage Your PC

Don’t open multiple bookies accounts at the same time but clear your cookies regularly, and Don’t open bookmaker & betting exchange or software in the same browser but assign them into separate browser because bookies track your activities using cookies.


Advanced Tactics

The followings are some of the advanced techniques.

 Place ACCA and Scorecast bets

Bookies love punters who regularly bet ACCA, simply because it is very profitable due to the multiple over-round (so is Scorecast bet which is a combination of the first goal scorer & the correct match score). In case you’re not familiar with how to lay off multiple bet, see;

Acca Lay Instructions
ACCA Instructions

How to lay Accumulator bet, go How To Lay & Make Matched Betting Multiples / ACCA for Newbies;ACCA Matched Betting Method And also go How To Lock-In Footy Accumulator Profits with Customized Calculator;Footy Accumulator Lock-in ProfitAnd don’t forget to download the Spreadsheets which allow you to lock-in profit from any types of Accumulator Insurance Offer see ACCA Insurance Lock-In Profit Spreadsheet Tutorial;ACCA Insurance Spread SheetLastly, see  2018-19 List Of The Best Acca Insurance Offers By Key BookmakerslList of best acca insurance offers by key bookmakersArbitrage While Matched Betting

We GEM made some experiments through the cooperation with our members to check how frequent MODEST arbitrage can improve matched betting profit while positively contributing to retain account as mug betting (we will explain later). Please take a look at Arbitrage Betting – Use Exchange & Extend Matched Betting Profitsarbitrage betting, feature image, which I’m sure you find it useful & insightful.

Become Multi Channel customer

Some big bookmakers with thousands of high street shops often provide own Card that can connect your online account & in-shop bet placement. There is no guarantee but many players reported that applying such card and place bets not only on-line but also in-shop tend to not being gubbed quickly. Examples are Paddy Power Big Reward Card, Coral Connect Card, Ladbrokes Grid Card and William Hill Credit Card etc.

Play CASINO occasionally

Some bookies make next-to-no money from their sports book and the only reason it exists is to funnel people through to their casino. Thus, my advice is to spend a little bit of cash in there every few weeks or so. The purpose of this isn’t to win money but to put down a marker that says hey I’m a casual punter.

Wait, actually you can make money from casino. We have following strategy papers & instructions which allow you to conduct Advantage Gambling in various bonus conditions. Click + below;

Casino Bonuses 8 Instructions
So, access to the appropriate instruction before you actually take any bonuses;

EV Maximiser – Slot Machine Mathematical Bet Simulator

Since many casino offers Slot related bonus, there is an excellent simulator called EV MaxmiserMathematical Bet, EV MaximiserThis is the Casino product of Mike Cruickshank. Click the above image then you will be navigated to the video Mike explains about how it works. In short, it does all the calculations to work out;

  • The estimated value
  • Chance of busting
  • Profit per hour and average amount of wagering complete
  • A slots machine database with over 800 machines including the house edge and variance level of each game

It goes far beyond the simple casino calculators, when it comes to information provided, features and accuracy. So, it’s a very useful tool and essential for casino bonus raking because many casino offers involve Slot Machines. Remember, this is an advanced strategy with high risk, so unless you feel comfortable, put it on back burner.

Mug Betting Importance & Specific Action Plans

What’s Mug Betting & Why Is It So Important?

Mug Betting is Placing Bet WITHOUT OFFER. This simple betting behavior will help you look like average casual punter, who bookies love.

BTW, how does the average punter (Mug Punter) exactly behave? Typically, placing bet on football impulsively via mobile (obvious insight read from Bet365 ad)

, while drinking & watching the match in the pub (are you aware of the fact that you can find at least 1 pub within 300 meters from high street betting shop in the UK? This is bookies’ geographical strategy).

Mug (Casual) Punter’s Behavior

Then, in the UK, the behavior of mug punter could be;

mug punter bet in pub

  • Disorganized – Bet Impulsively with Varying Stake Size via Mobile Just Before Starting Game
  • Football Lover – Bet on 4 European Big Football League, namely Premier League, La Liga, Serie A & Bundesliga
  • Specific Team Fan – Constantly bet on the team they love
  • 2 Loved Bets Type – In-Play and Accumulator
  • Loved Offer – Odds Boost
  • Like Major Sports & Huge Event – Bet on big matches such as Tennis & Golf Grand Slam, Six Nations Rugby, and NBA & NFL

As said at the beginning, the ultimate objective is staying us out of the bookies’ radar of account restriction. Then, our ultimate tactics to achieve that objective is placing the bets which are in line with the above Mug Punter’s behavior.

The tactics we have covered in the previous sections are mainly aim to avoid being looked like Sharp Punter of which behavior we defined at the beginning. Now, doing Mug Betting aims more positively to be looked like Mug Punter.

Mug Betting Action List

Let me list up the standard actions customized for matched betting players as follows;

  • Select a Team: Decide your team (you may want to select top team because they are usually positioned as a favorite) & when this team plays you should bet on them to win no matter who they play as normal football fan does. Back and lay your favorite team as much as possible. This is better when they are the favourite as you generally get closer back/lay odds with favorites.
  • Just Before Game Starts: Try and place your qualifying bets close to the start of the event, and via mobile phone if you can.
  • Bet on Big Event: When you take offer in major event like Tennis Grand Slam, don’t forget to bet additional bet(s) without offer in the same event.
  • gubbed, mug bettingVary Stake: Basically your stake should not be consistent in the range of £5 to £30. However, in case you do all the offers at say £20 stakes as minimum requirement and you just mug bet the odd £5, then it’s pretty obvious what you’re up to. Thus, in such case you should stake £20. That’s why the stake of your matched betting should vary rather than always betting at the same minimum stake.
  • Not Best Odds: Don’t always take the best value and mix up your odds. So you might place a free bet at odds of 9.00 one week and then 4.50 the next. You might make a little less profit at lower odds but it’s worth it in the long run.
  • Bet on Price Boosts: Try to look for price boost and odds enhancement offers. You can back these by laying them off for instant profits and it can be a good mug bet as well.
  • Bet on Football Accumulator: Don’t take Acca with offer like insurance but regularly place small stake, even without lay. You may lose a bit or earn big.
  • Site Roaming: Mug punter tends to stay in the bookmakers site longer than matched bettors because we know what we do. So although we don’t care the result after placing bet, you may want to watch & enjoy live football matches or a horse race you just bet on, which may look you more mug punter.
  • How Often You Should Do Mug Bet: Something like 3:1, means 3 mug bets for every offer.
  • Qualifying Loss: The key aim of Mug Betting is not a short-term profit but long-term profits by keeping our juicy bookies’ account active, so never be greedy but accept decent loss, say 7-10% (see our test in Arbitrage Betting – The Ultimate Guide To Extend Matched Betting Profits With Exchanges, which prove mug bet can be effective even for arbitrage although the test is small scale)
  • Oddsmatcher – If you’re a subscriber of matched betting package service like Odsmonkey or Profit Accumulator, use oddsmatcher to schedule your mug betting with convenience. For example, setting the filter like below Oddsmonkey oddsmatcher, save and set alarm, then you can place mug bets without missing good opportunity while controlling your accepted qualifying loss level;
  • mug bet oddsmatcher filter

Bookies 2 Group Lists – Fully Worth or Less Worth Mug Betting Efforts

Lastly, the below is the list of Bookmakers that may help you prioritize your Mug Betting efforts. It is ranked based on both the level of importance (especially from the matched betting perspective means attractive promotional offers) and sensitivity on the sharp (means quickness of gubbing);

List Of Fully Worth Mug Betting Effort

  • Bet365 (UK)Bet365 Biggest Online Bookmaker Logo– This is absolutely the most important bookmaker you don’t want to be gubbed. As shown in my separate special report you can extract thousands of £ risk free money from their offers every year. They provide the key offers every day for long time, see my instructions on Lock-In Profit from Bet365 Football Bore Draw and Guarantee Profit from 4/1 Horse Racing Offer. They used to be leeway toward the price trader, but reportedly they have been imposing quicker restriction, thus mug betting is Must. Never do arbitrage in horse racing here.
  • Paddypower (Ireland / UK / Isle of Man) Paddy Power UK Bookmaker Logo– Their continuous offers including Paddy 2up & slow odds adjustment are very tasty and surely the one you don’t want to lose in short period. However, they are relatively quick to gub you. Suggest you do a lot of efforts to do mug betting, it is worth doing. Some of my readers reported registering Big Rewards card (this is for in-shop betting) & bet on accumulator constantly may help keep your account, no guaranteed. In fact, using Paddy Power ACCA will bring about big profit.
  • William Hill (UK) william hill logo acca insurance offers – Although the spokesman officially said matched betting is no issue, they did massive gubbing blitz Oct 2015. Their promotion offer is tasty especially recently launched Golden Goal. Thus you may want to do regular mug betting and occasional casino play.
  • Ladbrokes (UK) Ladbrokes UK Bookmaker Logo– You don’t want to easily give up their continuous promotion including horse racing refund. They are getting quick gubber lately thus regular mug betting is essential. The same story as Paddy Power comes that if you register their Grid card (for in-shop use) they may not swiftly gub you, off-course no guarantee.
  • Coral (UK)Coral UK Bookmaker Logo– Exactly the same importance & suggestion as Ladbrokes. Their wide range of promotions including greyhound offer is attractive as long as you master the technique, but be selective because some are worthless from matched betting perspective like the latest ACCA Boost. Their shop card is Coral Connect, and actually it’s worth having the Connect card because they do very juicy offer exclusively for Connect holders. Don’t forget to make regular mug betting.
  • Sky Bet (UK) Skybet Logo– Their offer is quite important but they are relatively quick to gub. We include the video interview on Skybet CEO Richard Flint in Essential Guide To Avoid Gubbing & Keep Exploiting Bookies , which will give you good insight on their account restriction policy. See the detail instructions to rake the cash from Sky Bet Offers. Regular mug betting is suggested.
  • Betfair Sports (UK)Betfair Exchange Logo– Don’t be confused with Exchange where you will never be restricted. I’m talking about their sports book that constantly offer lucrative promotions such as Back A Winner (see how to lock-in profit). It was merged with Paddy Power, so don’t register the same e-mail and don’t do any arbitrage or matched betting between these 2. Also don’t lay the market where big promotion is offered by bookmaker, I was gubbed immediately after I lay the big ACCA price boost offered by Skybet.
  • Betfred (UK / Gibraltar)Betfred UK Bookmaker Logo – Very lucrative thus important promotion provider. Same as Paddy Power that their slow odds adjustment is a juicy element for advantage players. They regularly provide money back offer for customized bet called “Pick Your Punt” which you may not be able to lay thus use No Lay Technique to get profit, which can apply to the similar offers by many other big bookies, like William Hill, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power & Betways. They are also extremely quick to gub, thus suggest regular mug betting.
  • Betway (UK) Betway Logo ACCA Insurance Offers– They actually provide very tasty promotions as well as slow odds adjustment. See how to extract cash from them. You will be gubbed relatively quickly though, they usually send you warning e-mail like suggesting not only take promotional offers but also bet regularly etc. But no guarantee to receive such notice before being gubbed, so it’s better to make constant mug betting.

List Of Less Worth Mug Betting Effort

The below bookmakers are more or less the same level of attractiveness of promotions and will gub you if they feel they think you’re taking too much value even though you make a lot of mug betting. So, don’t seem to be worth spending a lot of time for mug betting;

  • Boylesports (Ireland / UK)Boylesports Bookmaker Logo – Their offer is so so, but no matter what you do, they will gub you, no need to do anything but exploit the offers as much & quickly as possible before being restricted.
  • Unibet (Sweden / Malta / UK) Unibet Bookmaker Logo– Although their continuous In-Play offer including Tennis Live promotion is attractive, you will be gubbed whatever the mug you do, so exploit them, the same as Boylesports
  • Sportingbet (UK)  Sporting Bet UK Bookmaker– Ditto
  • Bet Victor (UK / Gibraltar)BetVictor UK Bookmaker – They really don’t like smart punters, although their price is competitive extremely quick to gub, don’t waste your time.
  • BetBright (Ireland / UK) Bet Bright UK Bookmaker Logo– They make very quick gubbing as fast as within a few weeks and no need to do any mug betting. They have drastically reduced the promotion, which is a typical sign of business issues. And at the end BetBright ceased their business, in case you have any balance there, go to Closing Down;BetBright Ceased Business

Again, you may also want to access to List of 30 Infamous Bookmakers That Restrict Your Account where you can find more names: Infamous Bookmakers List Raspberry Awards Trophy

Conclusion & Key Suggestions

Bookmakers are our enemies and many UK giant bookies have been accumulating record profits with unethical business practice of Gubbing & Account Restrictions.

However, there are also positive legislative movements to change their unfair practice and we have decent amount of arsenal to protect ourselves to prolong the life of our account as you have seen in this document. So our key suggestions are,

  • Read again & follow the tactics stated in this document with the clear prioritization on the bookmakers you place Mug Bets
  • Besides, always think what would bookie see this bet before you place? and try to think from the perspective of the bookie and act whatever you think helpful to prevent gubbing.
  • Don’t care about decent loss you incur in Mug Betting. Remember, keeping the juicy bookies’ account active is far more important because it will bring you the profits of hundreds & thousands times of your mug betting loss.
  • Pay more attention / understand the law / rule related to the gambling & latest change (see the “CMA & GC Enforcement Status if you haven’t), which will protect you & save money.
  • In case you are gubbed despite all your efforts, unfortunately that happens to everybody, thus don’t get disappointed or don’t lose confidence but keep moving to the next stage by following 20 Methods To Make Money From Restricted Betting Accounts. You will be amazed & encouraged with so many tactics to earn thousands from the gubbed accounts.

If you have any inquiry or need any help from us, please contact us anytimeGlobal Extra Money Contact (don’t worry, we will not charge you any fee, everything is free here).

Good Luck!!

Joshua Walker