Back A Winner Betfair Offer – How To Lock-In Profit by Overlay Betting


Back A Winner Lock-In Profit with Overlay Betting
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Are You Aware of Back A Winner Offer? No Need Horse Racing Tips, You Can Make It Absolutely Risk Free Or Guaranteed Profit with Overlay Betting? We Will Show You How!!

Just in case you have ignored or lost a lot of money in Back A Winner offer, No More!! You can Effectively turn it into Surebet with Overlay Betting Technique.

Firstly, we don’t do gambling but do advantage playsGEM Global Extra Money Advantage Play to beat the bookies. When it comes to the Sports Betting / Horse Racing, we use Matched BettingSports Matched Betting Full Guide to extract profits from numerous promotions offered by the bookmakers. We employ many customized tactics to get maximum return from each offer. Overlay Betting for Back A Winner promotion is one of them.

What Is Back A Winner Offer?

It’s a popular promotion often used in Horse Racing & Greyhound case as you see at the end. One of the most established offers is Bet365 Feature 4/1 or ITV Racing 4/1 Offer, basically these 2 are identical;Bet365 itv Racing 4/1 Offer

The offer is Back any horse at 4/1 (5.0) or more on any race televised live on ITV Racing. If your horse wins then you can have a risk free bet to the same stake (up to £50) on the next race broadcast live on ITV Racing. Since it is a sequential betting which involves multiple techniques, it’s a bit complicated. However, we can definitely guarantee profit from every race. For further details, suggest you take a look at How To Guarantee Profit from Bet365 Feature Race 4/1 Offer or check 3 Proven Methods To Lock-In Massive Profits From Bet365 Promotion;Bet365 Promotions 3 Proven Methods To Lock-In ProfitsThis information is “Member Only”.  Thus please register by just filling-in your name & email (that’s it) to get Password to access to the document. You can use the password for all the other Member Only pages. All of them are very valuable instructions.

In this post, I’ll focus on simpler & easier ones.

Betfair 3/1 Offer ITV & Coral Back A Winner Offers

Betfair and Coral also make the similar offers regularly, as follows;


Back A Winner Betfair Advertising

Claim: Back a winner at SP odds of 3/1 or greater in any live ITV race and receive a free bet to the same value up to £25. SP stands for ‘Starting Price’ which means the odds of the horse at the start of the race. SP bets will be settled on the official Industry Starting Price and not the ‘Betfair SP’. See Betfair Back A Winner T&C.

Betting Exchange

Just in case, you have not had Betfair account, remember Betfair provide you with both Sportsbook & Bet Exchange. The above offer is from Sportsbook. In any case, betting exchange is essential for matched betting. Therefore, it’s critical to adopt the right approach toward the betting exchanges from the beginning, which will affect your long-term profit. Suggest you take a look at Bet Exchange – How To Sign-Up & Lock-In Profit Wisely With Best Offersbet exchange, sign up strategies feature image, where you find the Smart Tactics on How To Use Which Bet Exchange in Which Occasion with spoon-fed like instructions. It includes how to use Betfair Sportsbook & Exchange effectively.

Coral (Currently Not Available)

Back A Winner ITV Race Coral Advertising
Claim: Get paid TWICE every time you pick a 3/1 winner with us. Make sure you’re a winner on live ITV racing with our unique Free Bets for Winners offer. Just place a £/€10+ win single or £/€10 each-way single at 3/1 or bigger from our selected races and if it wins, we’ll match your stake as a free bet up to £/€25 for the following day’s racing.

Matched Betting

So, very simple, isn’t it? Select the horse of 4.0+ odds, and if your horse wins you will get additional winning equal to your stake. We can make it Risk Free Bet & Further Lock-In Profit with simple Matched Betting Overlay Technique. Just in case you’re absolutely new to the matched betting, suggest take a look at Matched Betting For Dummies – 9 Essential Things You Should Know Before Staking Any Real Money;Matched Betting For Dummies - 9 Essential Things You Should Know Before Staking Any Real Money

I’ll explain the process of Risk Free first, followed by Lock-In Profit method by using Coral actual example. If you feel any difficulty to follow the process, you may take a look at Free Matched Bet Starting Guide (2) – How To Sign-Up & Place Qualifying Bet especially at Place Qualifying Bet section. It’s basic but very practical guide for newbies.

Overlay Betting – Risk Free Approach

What we do is simple matched betting, means back the horse at Coral and lay off the same horse at exchange (SMarkets) by locating the horse with the tightest odds. Tightest between Coral & SMarkets. The only difference is we apply Overlay Betting mode when we calculate Lay Stake at Exchange as shown in the below process. BTW, if you take Betfair Sports offer, never use Betfair Exchange to lay off because you’re confessing you’re a matched bettor. Then, your Betfair Sports account may be gubbed instantly.

Select A Horse

I took a look at Oddschecker to see which horse Coral currently gives the best price in the promotion races;Back A Winner ITV Race Result Odds Checker

As seen from the table, “Seven heavens” looks a good choice.

Then, let’s check SMarket’s lay odds;Back A Winner ITV Race SMarkets Lay Odds

Well, very good, the same odds, means we can minimize the qualifying loss.

Calculate Lay Stake with Overlay Betting Mode & Predicted Profit / Loss

In order to construct Risk Free Bet, we Set Overlay Betting  up to the level where I achieve break-even when my horse loses. Remember, if my horse wins, I will receive Free Bet, thus I should focus on offsetting loss when my horse loses. We use free matched betting calculator, Tricky Bet. After entering Back Stake Amount (assume we bet Free Bet Maximum of £25), Back & Lay Odds, and Exchange (SMarkets) Commission, it calculates;Back A Winner Over Lay Risk Free Setting

The middle part shows the result of standard matched betting. You lay £25.13 then will lose around £0.38 regardless of the outcome. The right one pointed by blue arrows is the case of Overlay. The software automatically calculates Risk Free basis. Namely, it sets to offset the loss of £0.37 in the standard matched betting by making additional lay by £0.38 to £25.51 stake.  As you see, it shows £0.00 if my horse loses, and increased the loss to £1.53 from £0.39 when my horse wins. But I get £25 Free Bet if my horse wins.

The summary of Risk Free scenarios are;

  • if my horse “Seven Heavens” wins, I lose £1.53 but receive £25 Free Bet which is estimated to be around 80% in cash value. Therefore (£25 x 80%) – £1.53 = £18.47 will be my net profit.
  • if “Seven Heavens” loses, I’m break-even, no profit or loss.

Overlay Betting – Lock-In Profit Approach

Now, let me show you how to construct the bet to guarantee profit. We can set the level of Overlay Betting further. We use Custom Match function by sliding the bar to locate the optimum profit & loss.

So, what’s the optimum point? As said, the cash value of the free bet is around £20. Therefore you can adjust the overlay stake that makes the Loss (£20 – displayed loss) when the horse wins, equal to the displayed gain when the horse loses. See the below calculator;
Back A Winner Over Lay Lock-In Profit Setting

The summary of Lock-In Profit scenarios are;

  • if my horse “Seven Heavens” wins, I lose £15.51 but receive £20 cash value Free Bet. Therefore £20 – £15.51 = £4.49 will be my net profit.
  • if “Seven Heavens” loses, my profit will be £4.57.

Race Result

Let’s see the result of this race (Sporting Life Today’s Result);Back A Winner ITV Race Result
My horse didn’t win.

Wrap Up

So, the result supported Lock-In Profit approach. But in the above case, there is no right or wrong among 3 approaches including standard matched betting. Because all approach should indicate positive EV (Expected Value). As long as you keep taking such offer, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for you NOT TO WIN in long-term. Probability theory and simple mathematics will support you.

With that said, the bottom-line is pursuing Back A Winner offers as many as possible.

However, you also need to be a bit cautious about the size & liquidity of the market, please see the below case;

Greyhound Offer – Caution & Tactics

Coral also constantly run the similar offer for Greyhound Racing ;Back A Winner Coral Greyhound T&C

Actually, the T&C is identical to the Horse Offer except the minimum odds. Greyhound requires minimum 2/1 (3.0) rather than 3/1 (4.0). So, does it sound easier?

It also line-up a lot of races every day. The below shows Sheffield on 25 April ’17 evening race schedule. There are total 16 races within 4 hours;

Back A Winner Coral Greyhound Time Table

However, you will face a few issues.

Firstly, the below is the odds display at 9:20. The odds are still not shown even 4 minutes before the race start. Greyhound race is always like this, the earliest timing of appearing the odds is around 5-7 minutes before the race. Means you have very limited time to compare with Betfair Lay Odds (you need to lay at Betfair because SMarket doesn’t have Greyhound market).Back A Winner Coral Greyhound SP Table

When we look at Betfair Lay Odds, liquidity is usually very limited. I took this screenshot right after I took the above Coral odds, means around 4 minutes before the race starts.

Back A Winner Betfair Greyhound Lay Odds

This is even for Sky Televised Race; Back A Winner Coralr Greyhound Sky TV Schedule

Finally the odds came out 3 minutes before as below;

Back A Winner Coralr Greyhound Odds

Then, Betfair Odds moves so quickly, Back A Winner Betfair Greyhound Lay Odds Quick Move

It’s very difficult & stressful to calculate the proper lay stake when odds change in flash. Importantly, there is a big risk that you are left with an un-laid bet.

Wrap Up

Firstly, given all the above issues, this is Not For Newbies. Unless you have a lot of matched betting experiences, suggest keep away from it.

If you’re interested in it, a few tips are;

  • Observe the several races without any bet, feel the pace & know what to be done when.
  • Check Betfair odds first and guess the Coral odds. Ignore lay odds which are usually so poor, see “Back (For)” odds in blue colour. You may assume 10-30% lower odds for Coral although depending on the race & dog. Don’t forget the offer requires minimum 3.0 odds thus it’s safe to target the dog with over 3.5 odds.
  • Based on your guessing back odds and available lay odds, just briefly calculate lay stakes for a few dogs to make yourself ready.
  • Once Coral odds comes out, make a quick adjustment in lay stake, and Place Coral Bet FIRST. Never ever ignore Basic Principle of matched betting. Don’t lay first, in case you fail to place back bet, the loss could be pretty big because minimum odds is 3.0. Finally, place lay bet.
  • Strongly suggest practice with small stake such as £1 to see if you can manage it comfortably.

Hope these will be of your help.

Horse Racing Refund Offers Selection

Lastly, going back to the horse racing, horse racing refund is a lucrative ongoing offers for sharp punters. However, you need to select only the value offers smartly. I strongly suggest you take a look at 10 Horse Racing Refund Offers – Value Based Best Selection & Tactics To Win;Horse Racing Refund Offers - How To Chose & Win Based On Value Feature Image , where we show how to gauge the value, prioritize & select the popular offers together with the specific tactics to extract cash from them. I believe this document will give you an overall picture of horse racing refund offers and good insight on which offer should be or should not be taken based on value.

If you have any inquiry or need any help from us, please contact us anytimeGlobal Extra Money Contact (don’t worry, we will not charge you any fee, everything is free here).

Good Luck!!

Joshua Walker