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Value Bets Experts

Value Betting on Proven Software / Systems / Tipsters – Take Your Matched Betting / Arbing to the Next Level


We don’t do gambling. Gambling Is For Losers!! We Beat the Bookies with Value Bets identified by Best Proven Software / Systems / Tipsters.

Unlike matched betting or sports arbitrage, this is Not Risk-Free. However, as long as keep betting on bets with positive EV (Expected Value) we will not lose but only win for the long-term supported by simple mathematical logic.

We provide you with renowned value betting Software (Finder) / System / Tipster together with a value bet general guide.


Advantage Play Progression Strategy


We have 3 sports advantage plays. Among them, we suggest people take the evolving move as a logical and the safest approach for newbies. namely;

  • Starting from Matched Betting (see  Dummies Guide) / Sports Arbitrage ( high sure bet – see Cheat-sheet for Dummies). Because these are basically risk-free and you can lock in profit from almost every bet. This means you can start safely, which will help change your mindset toward betting activities/gambling.
  • Comparing between matched betting & sports arbitrage, many people feel more comfortable starting matched betting first because you can do it easier with a smaller bank.
  • However, these 2 methods could be more short-lived down the road due to the ever-tightening soft bookies’ account restriction. See the rationale in Know Bookies’ Business Model. Besides, these methods are all about scalping small margins. Therefore, people often feel frustrated with the limited profit amount in each bet that comes from the risk-hedging nature.
  • Thus, evolving into Value Betting WITHOUT RISK-HEDGE which is more size with better efficiency for the long-term is a natural move as an ultimate betting activity.



Value Bet Overview


How Value Bet Works


Firstly, let’s startup with an overall picture of Value Betting. Value bets can be identified by Software or System or Human beings (Tipster/handicapper).

It may be better to express Value Betting WITHOUT Hedge as opposed to Matched Betting & Sports Arbitrage with No Risk that can be expressed as Value Bet WITH Hedging.


Quick Summary

  • Value Betting – Sports Betting is all about probability. The Sharp (Punters) focus on finding value. A value bet is a bet of which odds reflect a higher probability than the real probability of a particular event occurrence. We can gauge it in EV (Expected Value) as the below formula. As long as you keep placing the bet with Positive EV, you will surely make solid earnings in the Medium to Long Term. value-ber-proven-tipsters-ev
  • Bookie’s Profit (Margin) – Bookmakers employ specialists in statistics & mathematics as well as sports analysts to set odds with Over-round that is their built-in margin to ensure positive EV. Thus ordinary punter can’t beat bookmakers.
  • Opportunity – Unlike Casino or Bingo, the probability is not fixed or the real true odds don’t exist. The probability you get “1” in dice rolling is always 1/6th. However, there is no true % Barcelona beat Real Madrid in the next match. Besides, bookies provide thousands of odds in many sports every day and practically it’s impossible for them to set positive EV for every odd. Finally, their constant effort to Balance The Book fluctuates the odds. Therefore, there are many odds with negative EV for bookies but the majority of the punters can’t identify them accurately.


Number Speaks Volume

  • Best Proven Tipsters – It’s clear that Sports Betting is largely Skill Oriented rather than pure probability like the dice. If we talk about a human being, a handful of real experts i.e. top tipsters/handicappers who have expertise & tools (sophisticated unique software & huge database) constantly find such odds and provide you with impressive solid profit as below table produced by a reliable proofing service;Valu Bet, Secret Betting Club Best Tipsters Table


Are Such Returns Sustainable & Authentic?


Sports Betting is a Zero-Sum Game. This means unlike Stock Trading where all can be winners (in a bull market) or all can be losers (in a bear market), there are always equal winners & losers at the same time.

Bookmakers are your enemy and many of them are profitable by beating 95% of the punters who are called casual, recreational, or mug punters.

However, if you keep betting only on a value (Positive EV), you will surely beat the bookies for the medium-long term because you are taking over the bookies’ edge.

For this particular point, you will find details in Beat The Bookies By Knowing How Your Enemy Makes Money.

The conclusion is once you decide to pursue this category, you have to be patient and keep betting as many as possible.

The more you do the better chance you get more profit – you are protected by Math Logic based on Probability Theory.

The Hardest Part

Like financial trading, it takes years & huge learning costs to get such an edge to beat the bookies. The best & logical way is to find top-notch Experts, either Human a.k.a Tipster (Handicapper) or Machine (Software), or System to help you.

However, as you imagine, the hardest part is to locate such best experts. When it comes to the reality of authenticity of the tipsters for example, unfortunately, 99% of the self-claim-proven tipsters manipulated their past performance to inspire you (or simply scam). It’s very important for you to select the experts of which tips are verified by a credible 3rd party.unreliable tipster claim



How to Find the Best Value Bet Experts


So, let me share the ways to choose the best value bet experts by using the tipster case.


Fake Tipsters Quick Elimination


There are hundreds of Self-Claim Excellent Tipsters or Tipster Ranking Sites that rating based on ROI. However, it’s said that the majority of such top tipsters give you disappointing results.

Why? A few simple reasons, they cheat the records or manipulate the record, or we don’t know how to correctly read/interpret the records.

The bottom line is that many people fail to identify the true ability of each tipster. We summarized 3 Methods To Eliminate Fake Tipsters & Select Genuine Best, where you will find;

  • Betting Tipster Survivorship Bias
  • 2 Basic Misleading Elements – Length of Records & Long or Short Odds
  • 2 Ways To Check Credibility – Closing Price & Randomness

It will help you quickly eliminate the obvious fakes.


Tipster Due Diligence


Then, if you would like to make your further DD (Due Diligence, the below explains the basic criteria;

Qualitative Dimension

  • Company Background & Snapshot
  • Programme Service Details
  • Tipster Biography
  • Strategies & Risk Management

Quantitative Dimension – Past Facts

  • Performance Summary (Tipping Records)
  • Profit Result (ROI & Bank Growth)
  • Negative Checks (Drawdown)
  • Proofing Records (Independent Verification)

For your better understanding, let me show you a bit more specific information you need to check in the Quantitative Dimension (you may also send the below questions to the tipster);

Performance Summary & Profit Result (Bank Growth)

Assess ROI and Betting Bank Size Evolution

These parameters can be viewed as the most comprehensive indicator to see how worth the tipping system is. This should be calculated using how many bets have to be placed and how much money has to be staked in order to achieve the profits and how long such profit growth will take. The basic indicators are:

  • A: # of Tips – cumulative numbers you signaled
  • B: Win Rate – % of winning tips vs A) the total number of tips
  • C: Average Odds of picks – the sum of the odds produced / A)

Assuming; – Initial Bankroll (starting Capital): $10,000 – Average stake amount / bet: $200 (2% out of total bankroll)

Then the subscriber’s profit can be calculated as:

  • D: Winning Stake Amount = A x B x C x $200
  • E: Loosing Stake Amount = A x (1-B) x $200
  • F: Your Gross Service Charge = Monthly Service Fee x # of months
  • G: Net Profit / (Loss) = D – E – F
  • H: ROI (Return On Investment, means Yield / bet) = F / (A x $200) x 100
  • I: Betting Bank Closing Balance = $10,000 + 4) after — months


  • A. Cumulative number of tips produced: 700 tips for 12 months
  • B. Cumulative Win Rate: 50%
  • C. Average Odds of 700 picks: 1.91 (or 10/11 or -110)
  • D. Winning Amount = 700 x 55% x (1.91 – 1) x $200 = $70,070
  • E. Loosing Stake = 700 x 45% x $200 = $63,000
  • F. Gross Service Charge = $100 x 12 = $1,200
  • G. Net Profit = $70,070 – $63,000 – $1200 = $$5,870
  • H. ROI = $5,870 / ($200 x 700) x 100 = 4.2%
  • I. Final Bank Balance = $10,000 + $5,870 = $15,870
  • J. Bank Growth Rate = $15,870 / $10,000 = 58.87%
  • So, this case demonstrates the service brought about 4.2% ROI (Yield per bet) with the 58.87% growth of your bank

Negative Checks (Drawdown)

Obtain The Information Of:

  • Maximum drawdown (%) month
  • Longest consecutive drawdown months

Proofing Records – Independent Verification

Get the information on how the tips are proven, I mean the basic methods such as when exactly do the tipster issue the pick before the event? Where & who did certify their picks?

Remember, the last criterion of Proofing Records which is whether the tips are proven by the Independent Verification system is critically important.

Thus, I name this method as Value Bet By Proven Tipsters.

After years of trial & error, we have identified the below 4 sites as the Best Proofing & Rating Tipsters Service, the proven established betting system & the best Value Bet Finder (Software);


1. Proven Tipster: SBC – Smart Betting Club (Primary for UK / European Players)


Visit SBC Site This is probably the most established & reputable tipster Proofing & Ranking service in the industry.Smart Betting Club Logo

Our Full Review

Their key scope is Horse Racing & Football in the UK / Europe. 80.3% of SBC members made a profit while 19.7% incurred a loss after all the expenses such as the subscription fee. It’s a very impressive result considering the fact that well over 90% of punters lose money.

Visit Our Full Review Of Secret Betting Club

This comprehensive review enables you to understand how important the genuine tipster proofing & rating service is &  what value it provides.

Relevant Reports

For punters outside the UK, this guide will be useful for exploring the potential of the Smart Betting Club.

You may also want to take a look at the Case Study of SBC’s ‘Hall Of Fame’ Tipster.


2. Proven System: ZCode System (Worldwide)


Visit Z-Code Site This is 1 of the most successful Unique Betting systems supported by Both Human and Computer Generated tips with a huge database accumulated since 1989.

It produced excellent returns proven real-time in its private forum by thousands of members.ZCode System Review, Logo Brown

Our Full Review

Their key scope used to be US 4 Major Sports e.g. MLB / NHL / NFL / NBA, Major European Football Leagues & Horse Racings.

However, after the coronavirus lockdown, they expanded the sports coverage into eSports, minor football leagues & even table tennis, which means they now have quite extensive sports coverage in worldwide.

Visit Full Review ZCode Full Review – Inside Analysis / Founder Interview / Secret Of Winners Worldwide

Relevant Reports

Suggest you check the formula for everybody to earn $1,500 extra money every month.

Besides strongly suggest you click Z Code Discount Link and see If you’re lucky enough to find 75% Permanent Discount activated at the time you click. If not, you need to come back regularly until it’s activated.


3. Proven Software: Trademate Sports (Worldwide)


Visit Trademate Sports Sitetrademate sports logoTrademate is a Value Bet Finder (Software), founded in Norway in 2014. Many of our members reported “Consistent Earnings Without Any Single Losing Month”. We examined Trademate Core by ourselves and we now feel it’s a Genuine Long-Term Solution especially for Matched Bettors who are fed up with Gubbing.

Our Full Review

For our full review, go to Value Betting Finder – Ultimate List


4. Proven Software: RebelBetting Value Betting (Worldwide)


Visit RebelBetting Value Betting Sitevalue bets finder rebelbetting logoRebelBetting is famous for the Best Sports Arbitrage Software (see our RebelBetting Arbitrage Full Review ) and they extended its service to value betting software. Needless to say, their proven technology has been well integrated into this Value Betting Software.

What’s the biggest advantage over Trademate Sports? Cheaper monthly subscription fee and an AutoSurf technology that automatically logs you into your bookmaker account, find the correct match, and highlights the odds, very efficient & risk-avoiding system (for making a careless human error).

Trademate Sports also provide you with this system though, it doesn’t apply to all the bookies but only the ones indication “Betslip”, which is around half of the covered bookies.

Our Full Review

For our full review, go Double Your Capital Within 3 Months.



Sharp Punters Precautionary Actions


As said, sports betting is the battle between bookmakers and punters. Therefore generally speaking bookies hate constant winners who will damage their bottom-line.

They limit the account of the sharp punters to prevent you from continuous winnings.

However, there are excellent bookmakers that Welcome Professional due to the different business models they employ.

They are called Sharp Bookies. So it’s essential for you to see the below list and open the accounts of such bookies represented by Pinnacle & Bookmaker EU (see 14 Best Offers Sportsbooks which also covers the latest promotion offers)

I also provide the infamous bookies that quickly limit your account, called Soft Bookies. But it doesn’t mean they are bad bookies. In fact, they are top-class bookmakers. The only problem is the account restriction.

These cookies are usually very slow at adjusting odds, which means the top-rated tipsters will easily find many value bets.

Therefore, the best approach is that you exploit that weakness and earn as much as possible until you’re restricted.

Don’t worry, they just limit your account or close your account. They can’t confiscate your money and you can withdraw your winnings without any problems.


Bookmakers List


So, find the 2 bookmakers list as below (we use the term bookies & betting sites though all what we list provide Casino Service as well) that are important for advantage players, so whenever you have time, go through;

On top of sharp bookmakers, you should use betting exchanges that never restrict your account. There are 4 established betting exchanges as below;

Betfair (suggest use of Betfair Alternatives)
BetDaq (Warning)Betdaq Exchange Logo

And, in case you are not familiar with the betting exchanges, the below 2 documents will be of good help;

The above 4 betting exchange’s latest sign-up offers include Betfair (suggest use of Betfair Alternatives)’s £100 Free Bet, which is supposed to be one of the best offers in the industry, just FYI.


How To Avoid Account Restriction


When it comes to the account restriction, for the value betting by tipsters, you don’t need many bookmakers unlike Arbitrage Betting or Matched Betting.

So ultimately you can concentrate on only the bookies that do not care, winners, after you’re banned from all the other nervous bookies.

However yet it’s wise to take certain actions to prolong your account to maximize your earnings.

Therefore, access to the below 2 information and take proper actions continuously – One is Before Restriction, The Other One is After Restriction;



Solution For Country Restriction


As our name Global Extra Money implies, we would like many people from all over the world to enjoy our methods as much as possible.

Therefore, we have issued :

In these documents, you will find the specific methods that enable people from almost all countries to make the best use of the lucrative offshore sports advantage play opportunities you may have overlooked.

I have to stress that especially the above Bitcoin Betting will pave the way for all US citizens and those who can’t access online bookmakers to make thousands of extra income risk-free, Very useful, worth your time to check.

In Short, except for 8 Countries (Cyprus, Poland, North Korea, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia) where on-line gamble is legally prohibited, all of you can make a profit from matched betting, see the above report for full details.

Allow me to stress that Pinnacleis a MUST bookmaker because they openly declare Welcome Winners together with betting exchanges.

However, they don’t allow many countries (for Pinnacle see our full review that includes a list of restricted countries).

If your country is not allowed, don’t worry, you can use bet brokers, but you need to take a cautious approach given their small business operation. The following 2 documents will help you select the right one(s);

Betfair (suggest use of Betfair Alternatives) Alternatives For People Who Can’t Access Or Seek Better Options



Hope this guide will pave the way to your new extra income journey.



Good Luck (Luck is the tenacity of purpose. – Elbert Hubbard)!!


Joshua Walker (bio)

Editor – Global Extra Money (GEM)