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Smart Bet – Winning Formulas from Newbies to Sharps

What’s a Smart Bet?


A smart bet is a value bet which is produced by proven tipsters, and the only reliable proofing & rating service identifies the real successful tipsters.

Smart Betting Club (SBC) is the most reputable independent tipster rating service which enables not only British Punters but also Global Players to place Smart Bets.

We are sharing the following 3 smart bet methods by using SBC (For those who are not familiar with Smart Betting Club, see LATER for a brief explanation where you can also download SBC’s report free);

  • Smart bet safe way to make steady extra money every month
  • Sustainable method to keep making money via smart bets even after your bookmaker’s account is restricted
  • Success formula of smart bet for outside UK & Ireland punters



Smart Bet Safe Starting Formulas 


Smart Betting Club Personal Assistance / Consultation


Bet Diary

SBC started Bet Diary in Jan 2015, which is a betting blog, produced by SBC reviewer and keen punter, Rowan Day.

Secret Betting Club Review, Rowan PhotoIn his blog, you will find plenty from Rowan on a wide range of topics, including the performance of his own smart bets, betting portfolio, the tipsters he follows, plus the latest on his beloved Gooners.

Rowan has generated steady profits consistently and has never experienced a losing year. His record proves that he can expect to achieve a Return On Capital of between 50% and 100%.

Between April 2015 and December 2019, following his portfolio of tipsters, Rowan has made a 203.81% Return on Capital (or Betting Bank Growth) in a little over 4 1/2 years.
If for example, Rowan began with £2,000 in April 2015, then 203.81% ROC would have made him a £4,076 profit by the end of 2019. The below shows a few examples of how the 164.40% ROC would have helped with different sums:

  • £5,000 Starting Bank in April 2015: Profit of £10,190.50
  • £15,000 Starting Bank in April 2015: Profit of £30,571.50
  • £25,000 Starting Bank in April 2015: Profit of £50,952.50
  • £50,000 Starting Bank in April 2015: Profit of £101,905.00

Rowan’s Personal Consultation

Once you subscribe to SBC, you can receive Rowan’s free consultation as follows;sbc bet diary personal assistance

To be specific, you can ask for;

Secret Betting Club Review, Rowan Benefit

Smart Bets Betting Portfolio

Since Rowan has already developed his own betting portfolio and constantly renewing, you can also create the same or similar portfolio if you’re happy with his performance, which you can track in his blog regularly as below;

sbc bet diary performance


Develop Your Own Smart Bets Betting Portfolio


If you know exactly what you want to do, or after you get personal consultation from Rowan, you can choose the Tipsters based on SBC Tipster Reports.

Hall of Fame (HOF) Tipsters

At the starting period, you may want to focus on SBC Hall Of Fame (HOM) tipsters that are defined by SBC as;

Any service listed in our Hall Of Fame section has been fully proofed by us as a genuine, professional and above all profitable service. We make assessments based on first hand experience that we have made a profit using them and where we see no obvious reason why these profits won’t continue in the short to medium term. Very often a Hall of Fame rating has been won over a long period of time, with the majority of tipsters listed within this having a track record dating back several years. Longevity and consistency of profits is key to receiving a Hall of Fame rating.

Simply, the most reliable tipsters. Currently, 8 Sports & 11 Horse Racing HOF tipsters are listed and you can get an SBC discount for their subscription costs of 10 out of 19 as follows;


sbc tipsters rating oct 2019


sbc tipsters rating horse oct 2019

Hall of Fame (HOF) Tipsters Performance

The suggested bank, unit & subscription fee varies among HOF tipsters, but I calculated the past 12 months’ simple average as below;

  • Sports Suggested Bank: £3,060
  • Sports Profits to Suggested Bank (After Subscription Fee): £2,594 / ROC 84.8%
  • Horse Racing Suggested Bank: £3,455
  • Horse Racing Profits to Suggested Bank (After Subscription Fee): £2,413 / ROC 69.8%

Assuming you start up with a £5,000 bankroll by taking Sports HOF tipster (s), your bank will be grown to be £9,240 (after tipsters’ subscription fees) in 1 year, which means £4,240 pure profits.

The above numbers prove that any ordinary punters can be profitable by following the top tipsters listed in SBC. 


Generally speaking, the return of HOF tipsters is pretty solid in the long term as seen from the below The Best All-Time Horse Racing Tipsters where the top 5 tipsters (all are HOF) don’t change. Well, we can say that because of this stability, they are awarded the Hall Of Fame.sbc annualized profits ranking horse


Diversify Your Betting Portfolio


As Pete suggests in our interview, the key strategy is to develop a well-diversified portfolio mixing up varieties of sports, markets & strike rate.

This allows you to achieve more constant profit from smart bets by reducing overall risk as well as emotional distress caused by losing streaks.

Once your betting bank grows enough to diversify, you’d better add up new tipsters. SBC regularly review & update new tipsters which is published in SBC magazines like;

sbc magazine 2 new racing tipsters
sbc magazine nfl tipsters

When we look at The Best All-Time Sports Tipster, 5 tipsters came in from outside 25 during the previous 12 months.sbc annualized profits ranking sports

Therefore you will never dry up top-performing tipsters’ resources. This can enable you to constantly update & build a valuable portfolio.



Smart Bet Sustainable Formulas – After Your Bookies Restrict Your Account


Soft & Sharp Bookmakers


As I explained in International Betting Guide, broadly speaking, there are 2 types of bookies of Soft & Sharp bookies, for details, take a look at Beat The Bookies By Knowing How Your Enemy Makes Money – Secret Of Odds. But very quickly, we can characterize each bookie as;

  • Soft bookies: Targeting Casual Punters – Run a lot of promotion / Odds adjustment is relatively slow / Impose account restriction such as gubbing (promotion ban) & stake limit.
  • Sharp bookies: Targeting Professional Punters – Highly competitive odds / High staking limit / Quick Odds adjustment / Never impose account restriction.

If you keep winning/taking too much value from soft bookies, it’s inevitable for you to face account limits.


When You Face Bookies’ Account Restriction


Sharp Bookies

The sharp bookies never restrict your account – see the next “Formula for Outside UK & Ireland Players” section.

This means you can focus on such sharp bookies (see the list) to keep using SBC tipsters although your betting category will be more on Sports rather than horse racing, given the fact that few sharp bookies provide UK & Ireland horse racing bets.

Betting Exchange

Besides, given the nature of the Betting Exchange business model, Betting Exchange never imposes any account restrictions. SBC rates the best tipsters specializing in betting exchange (they call Exchange Friendly Tipsters) channels, so you can shift your focus on this path. No need to say that you can bet on UK & Ireland Horse Racing in the following 4 most established betting exchanges;

In case you are not familiar with the betting exchanges, the below 2 documents will be of good help & beneficial;


Smart Betting Club Exchange Friendly Tipsters


SBC and list 16 Exchange Friendly Tipsters as below;

sbc exchange friendly tipsters

, and produced several useful guides related to Betting Exchange betting;sbc betting exchange tipster guide

Let’s see such 2 betting exchange tipsters (one for football & another for horse racing);

Lay The Draw Strategy (Football)

SBC Lay The Draw Strategy page introduces its brief profile as; sbc lay the draw strategy profile

Given the high winning rate, this tipster will be good for low-risk-tolerance punters.

As a premium subscriber, you are able to get a 5% subscription discount and full analysis as;

sbc lay the draw strategy full analysis

Racing Intelligence (Horse Racing)

Go SBC Racing Intelligence page that explains its brief profile;sbc racing intelligence betfair sp As a premium member, you get a discount offer of a “2-month half-price SBC member-only discount” and a full analysis of;

sbc racing intelligence betfair sp full report

Sustainable Extra Income

Assuming you’ve already built a reasonable bank before you are restricted by soft bookies and can allocate a big enough bank for these Exchange Friendly tipsters, then you are likely to earn a handsome regular income.

Of course, any past achievements never guarantee the future, and even if things don’t go as expected, you can switch to other Exchange Friendly Tipster(s) SBC constantly assess & update.



Success Formulas for Outside UK & Ireland Players


Smart Betting Club itself doesn’t restrict any countries therefore everybody from anywhere in the world can subscribe. So what are the issues & solutions for global players?




The issue is your inaccessibility to the bookmakers or betting exchanges each tipster suggests. Many SBC tipsters’ picks are based on the price (odds) of bookmakers in the UK & Ireland.




However, that doesn’t limit SBC Tipsters only to UK & Ireland punters. Actually, there are many ways for International Players to make the best use of SBC tipsters and place smart bets. Let me provide you with the solutions by Sports & Horse Racing category respectively;

Sports Market

Football, Basketball (NBA, etc), American Football (NFL, NCAA, etc) & Golf which SBC Tipsters cover are international sports. This means almost all online bookmakers accessible in your jurisdiction must provide the market for these sports.

Then, you will find our solution in the GEM articles 3 Advantage Plays for Global Players & Bookmakers’ Offers for Global Players.

Horse Racing & Sports Market

When it comes to horse racing, there are a few non-UK bookies that offer UK & Ireland horse racing that SBC tipsters cover. So, you need to use Bet Broker which gives you multiple UK-based Betting Exchange & Asian Sharp Bookies account(s).

You can bet on horse racing on the betting exchanges provided by the bet broker.

Besides, as briefly explained, sharp bookies’ odds are very competitive represented by Pinnacle, which means you will have chances to get better prices than the UK-based soft bookies, therefore you can make the best use of them for Sports as well. If you can’t access the sharp bookies in your country, then consider using Bet Brokers.

One bet broker example is Sportmarket, which provides you with an account that integrated multiple sharp bookies & betting exchanges as follows;

  • Bookies: Pinnacle / ISN / IBC / SBO / Singbet / 18bet / Redzone (1%) / 3et (0.5%)
  • Betting Exchange: Betfair (2.3%) / Matchbook (1.8%) / Betdaq (1.2%) / SPM (1%)
  • The above () indicates the commission taken by Sportmarket
  • Restricted Countries: USA / UK / France / Spain / Portugal / Serbia

The Betting exchanges in the Sportmarket Pro account indicated below don’t offer Lay bets but only back bets though still, these betting exchanges will give you very good odds.

  • rebelbetting valuebet sportmarket coverage

As noted above, Sportmarket don’t accept USA / UK / France / Spain / Portugal / Serbia, so if you reside in these countries, you may want to use Asianconnect;

  • Restricted Countries: US, Philippines & Singapore
  • Covered Bookies: Pinnacle / SBOBet / MaxBet (Former IBC Bet) / Bet ISN / Sing Bet

You can receive a sign-up 20% deposit bonus (up to 400 EUR bonus) by using the promotion code “AC400”.

You will never be restricted and your stake limit is usually very high when you place smart bets via bet broker(s).

However, bet brokers are usually SMEs (Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises), thus you need to make sure the bet broker you use is safe. So, suggest you go through Honest Opinion About Bet Broker & How To Use Them Safely & Smartly before you put any money.

Lay Market

There are several good SBC tipsters who use Lay betting.

The betting exchanges integrated into Sportmarket Pro don’t offer a lay market but only a back market, thus you need a different solution, which is a Betfair White Label, meaning you can access the same Betfair market & liquidity including the Lay market. Betfair white label is also provided by bet brokers like BetInAsia;

  • Bookmakers Covered: Pinnacle (PS3838), Singbet, BetISN, SBObet, MAXbet (Former IBC Bet) and 18bet
  • Betting Exchange Covered (commission): Betfair (3% on winning), Betdaq (1.5% on winning), Matchbook (1.25 on both winning & losing), Turf7 (1.25% on winning) & Citibet
  • Betfair White Labels (commission both 3%) – Orbit (not levy Premium Charges).
  • Restricted Countries: US, UK, Sweden & France

We have reviewed and listed 3 Bet Brokers offering Betfair Whitelabel, see the details in Betfair Alternatives For People Who Can’t Access Or Seek Better Options.


Lastly, for those who have not explored offshore sportsbooks, check World 19 Best Offshore Betting Sites Offers 2022 where you can actually get $18,000+ welcome bonuses/free plays altogether.



What is Smart Betting Club (SBC) & Key Benefits

This section explains SBC;

SBC – Snapshot 


The Smart Betting Club is a reviewer and assessor of tipster services. SBC proofs & analyses thousands of tipster services and rates/ranks them.

They are proud to be different mainly; 

  • 100% Independent – Rather than take a cut or a percentage of any sales of any service they review, the Smart Betting Club service is funded by members’ subscriptions. It is a fully transparent model and their reviews are always 100% genuine.
  • Look Long-Term – SBC never recommends a tipster based on short-term stats or hot streaks of form, usually at least 12 months. The average length of time it takes for a tipster to win an SBC Hall of Fame recommendation stands at over 3 years. 
  • On The Punter’s Side – Because they are funded by their members, they are always fully on the side of the punter and can speak the truth about the betting industry. The Smart Betting Club is 100% independent and does not rely upon or carry bookmaker advertising in our reports.

For more information, see SBC About Us or you, especially for UK & Ireland punters, may want to check our Smart Betting Club Review – Inside Analysis Of Ultimate Sports Betting Method where you will find specific contents you can access in SBC member’s area.


Smart Betting Club – Key Benefits


In summary, you can receive the following 2 obvious benefits from Smart Betting Club;

  • The most reliable proofing & strict rating service in this industry, means you are informed of the best tipsters with the expectation of long-term sustainable returns.
  • You can access those top-rated tipsters at discounted subscription costs as seen below;

SBC tipster discount list

These 2 benefits enable you to form a sustainable formula for creating long-term extra income as explained later.


Are you wondering if the tipsters can really help you make money by taking you to the next stage of Matched Betting / Arbing (see what it means)? 

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating” so, download Smart Betting Club Magazine Free, which gives you a taste of the unique content as an introduction.


Lastly, in case you’re a sharp casino & game bonus hunter, strongly suggest taking a look at the List of 52 Best Bitcoin Casino Bonuses and for those who appreciate the highest privacy, go to the List of Best Anonymous Bitcoin Casinos & Bonuses, just FYI.



Good Luck!!


Joshua Walker (bio)

Editor – Global Extra Money (GEM)


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