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Matched Betting for Everyone incl. USA 2024

Matched Betting is Not Only for the UK


RebelBetting enables everyone in the world including USA citizens to profit from matched betting effectively.


What’s Matched Betting?


Firstly, matched betting is a way of profiting from the free bets and bonuses which bookmakers give out as promotional offers both to new & existing users.

Watch the below video produced by Outplayed (renamed from Profit Accumulator), which explains how matched betting works & how matched betting services like Outplayed (see our review) help you;

However, the Outplayed service focuses on the UK & Ireland.


UK & Ireland – Matched Betting Heaven


UK & Ireland are indeed breeding grounds for Matched Betting due to the facts of an overwhelming number of bookmakers’ relentless bonuses & free bets as well as their prevailing betting culture.

A huge number of Brits have made thousands of £ from matched betting.

Outplayed (renamed from Profit Accumulator) total subscribersThey claim over 120,000 people signed up for their service since they started in 2014. There are 2 other big matched betting service providers of Oddsmonkey (OM) & Profit Maximiser (PM) (see the comparison among these 3) as well as mushrooming similar services in the UK & Ireland.

It’s said that OM’s market share is close to PA, then the bald guess is that over half a million Brits have been enjoying risk-free extra income.


Outside the UK & Ireland


But, what about this opportunity outside the UK & Ireland?

Theoretically, as long as;

  • you reside in a country where online gambling is not prohibited
  • you can access the bookmakers that offer promotional activities such as bonuses & free bets
  • you can access a betting exchange such as Betfair (BTW, you may want to use Betfair Alternatives) where you can place a lay bet (if not, never mind we have 2 solutions of Dutching & Betfair White-label, see later)

 , then you can profit from this no-risk matched betting.

The issue is efficiency. As Sam explained briefly in the above video, matched betting can be done manually, but locating the matched betting opportunities as well as updating the ever-changing bookies’ offers are very time-consuming practices. Therefore many Brits make the best use of the above subscription with software services.

Unfortunately, all the subscription services listed so far focus on the UK & Ireland markets. When it comes to the outside UK, there are a few services specializing in;


Matched Betting for USA Players


There is only one service that can accommodate a broader range of countries including the USA (jump to the USA matched betting section), which is RebelBetting. RebelBetting is the world’s No.1 Sports Arbitrage software provider, as well as a reputable value bet finder.

BTW, the biggest issue for USA matched betting was the No Availability of Betting Exchanges. However, the new sportsbook called Matchbets allows you to place Lay Bets which makes matched betting much easier and Matchbets accepts US residents. 



RebelBetting Matched Betting – How Much Can You Make?


The efficiency can’t be measured without knowing the potential profits you can expect.


Number of Accessible Bookmakers


Profits largely depend on your number of accessible bookies.

You may use Bookmakers By Each Country, which lists nearly 150 countries. It shows the most popular bookies in each jurisdiction although it is not necessarily available as seen from the below screenshot of Spain example. Nevertheless, it’s a useful source;spain available bookmakers

Once you have an idea of your accessible bookies, then you can check how many of them are covered by RebelBetting in the list RebelBetting supports, which includes around 80 bookmakers & betting exchanges. 

In RebelBetting matched betting software, it can be seen in the Options section as follows (you can input the specific bonus of the bookmaker(s) for the software to display in the oddsmatcher, which we will elaborate on later);


Matched Betting Profits Projection


We can’t generalize the profits since it fully depends on the number of bookies, their offers & your commitments.

In the UK, people use 40-50 different bookmakers to complete sign-up offers and regularly use 10+ bookies for re-load offers. Their monthly earnings depend on each individual’s commitments, which can be £300 (10 minutes a day) to £1,000 (30 minutes a day). Suggest seeing the Outplayed review where you will see more details on this point.

We believe most people can make a nice extra income, even in the US where only 5 supporting bookies can be accessible (jump to USA section), thanks to the permanent juicy re-load offers, Americans can make a decent net income, especially considering the reasonable subscription cost of RebelBetting matched betting software.

We will add the ideas of how to increase the profits later.



RebelBetting Matched Betting – Pros & Cons




Auto Log-In & Surf Function

If you already experienced RebelBetting Arbitrage or Value Betting software, you must have noticed that one of the best features is the Auto Log-In & Auto Surf function, which automates most of the matched betting process.

For those who know the process of matched betting, the step from finding sports events at bookmakers’ websites, verifying the odds, and placing bets can be frustrating and boring. RebelBetting betting browser saves valuable time. Let’s take a quick look at the interface;

You see the list of the matched betting opportunities in oddsmatcher format like;

Clicking at the left top Betting Browser will open the window, which can be divided into two main sections  showing the concerned bookmakers’ sites (to the right) and the Arb Info panel (to the left);

You can enter your login credentials under Options / Bookmaker Setup for all your active bookmakers, then the software will automatically log in & take you to the subject event in each bookmaker (right top & bottom).

The integrated calculator on the left suggests the stakes you need to place. If you change any number in the calculator, the other numbers will automatically change to the correct amount. You never have to do any calculations by yourself.




Offer Update

You can go & see Bookmakers’ Offer that shows like;

The issue is that this list is not updated timely. Knowing the latest offer is one of the most important things for matched bettors, and seeing the offers already changed or expired is not ideal.



A Few Tips – Increase Opportunities & Improve Profitability


Let me list a few important points & tips which may help you increase your profitability as well as understand the software better;


Dutching Method


Firstly, for the bonus opportunities, you will find the bonus in your available bookmakers on the RebelBetting Bonus page.

However, as said, given the fact that the list is not necessarily the latest info, you should make sure you let your bookmaker send you all the available promotional offers by e-mail or SMS which you can usually set in your Account Setting section so that you will not miss the opportunities.

Once you know the offer of the specific bookmaker, you can input it in Options like Tipico as below;

Then, the oddsmatcher shows only Tipico-related opportunities as below;

In the UK, the standard method of matched betting is to use a lay-in betting exchange to cover all the outcomes of a sports event. However, RebelBetting software uses arbitrage odds to bet between two different bookmakers with back bets (actually the software captures the lay bets from betting exchanges as well), which is known as the Dutching method.

Given this method, even if you can’t access any betting exchange & lay odds, you can do matched betting. 

When you arbitrage among bookies for popular football 1 (home win) x (draw) 2 (away win) market, you need 3 bookies to cover all 1 X 2 outcomes. But the software searches the market such as total score 2.5 over or under or handicap markets etc, which enables you to complete the matched betting within 2 bookmakers.


The Method to Increase Your Bookmaker Coverage – Bet Broker


Given the Dutching, the more bookmakers you can access, the more your matched opportunities will be.

To increase your bookmakers, you can use Bet Broker such as BetInAsia being explained in Honest Opinion About Bet Brokers & How To Use Them Safely & Smartly

Bear in mind that since Sportmarket is not a bookmaker, they don’t offer any bonuses but they provide you with an account that integrated multiple bookies (you need to take Sportmarket Pro account) as follows (the bookies in the bald letter are the ones supported by RebelBetting software);

  • Bookies: Pinnacle, Singbet, BetISN, SBObet, MAXbet (Former IBC Bet), 18bet, RedZone and JAbet
  • Betting Exchange: Betfair (3% on winning), Betdaq (1.5% on winning), Matchbook (1.25% on both winning & losing), Turf7 (1.25% on winning) & Citibet
  • The above () indicates the commission taken by Sportmarket
  • Restricted Countries: USA / UK / France / Sweden

The real benefit of using the bet broker is that you can increase the sharp bookies and you can take advantage of better odds of sharp bookies in Dutching.

BTW, if you’re not familiar with 2 types of bookies of Soft & Sharp bookies, suggest taking a look at Beat The Bookies By Knowing How Your Enemy Makes Money – Secret Of Odds. But very quickly, we can characterize each bookie as;

  • Soft bookies: Targeting Casual Punters – Run a lot of promotion / Odds adjustment is relatively slow / Impose account restriction (gubbing)
  • Sharp bookies: Targeting Professional Punters – Highly competitive odds / High staking limit / Quick Odds adjustment / Never impose account restriction

So, in matched betting, we use Soft Bookies as the ones that offer bonuses & free bets while the software often captures Sharp Bookies as the other bookmaker to complete matched betting. Because Sharp bookies basically offer no promotions but provide you with competitive odds, which can produce many matched betting opportunities.

All bet brokers we listed in our review which are Asianconnect, BetInAsia & Sportmarket cover Pinnacle & SBO bets, and see the below RebelBetting software (oddsmatcher) list showing the impact of these 2 bookies;

BTW, you may open a Pinnacle account directly if you prefer, then check if your jurisdiction is allowed.

No Qualifying Loss

I need to remind you that the matched betting opportunities the above oddsmatcher shows are all 100%< pretty good rating. Matched betting usually generates qualifying loss (for example rating 99% means loss 1%), however, conversely 100%< opportunities bring you about the profits as an arbitrage trading.

So, you may understand how important the inclusion of such sharp bookies as Pinnacle & SBO is.



Matched Betting in the USA


Is matched betting legal in the US?


Americans’ common question is “Is online gambling legal in the USA?”

There are following 3 laws related to US online sports betting;

  • (1)  Interstate Wire Act called the Federal Wire Act, prohibits sports betting operators to offer interstate gambling within the USA.
  • (2)  PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 1992), prevented states from offering legal sports betting.
  • (3)  UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Act), prohibits financial institutions from knowingly accepting or processing payments for wagers deemed to be illegal according to federal or state law.

For (1), it targets betting sites providing betting services in the USA means business, not an individual who places a bet on sports.

For (2), on 14 May 2018, the Supreme Court struck down PASPA at the federal level, so now the legality depends on each state. Check here for the latest legal status of each state.

For (3), UIGEA restricts offshore bookmakers to accept credit cards/cheques from Americans, but cryptocurrency-like BTC transactions is NOT RESTRICTED (see How To Gamble With Bitcoin and List of 27 Best Bitcoin Sports Betting Bookmakers for implementation).

Most importantly, no single federal law specifically makes it illegal for US Citizens to bet online. Therefore, tens of millions of Americans bet over $150 billion through offshore sportsbooks every year and we never heard a single case where an individual has been prosecuted for placing a sports wager offshore.

In summary, check the status of online sports betting in your state and if it’s already legalized you may want to use the sportsbooks that are regulated in your state if available, or you can keep using offshore sportsbooks in whichever state you reside.

But make sure, you use offshore sites that have been based in a jurisdiction where online betting is legal and regulated as shown in the next section.


Bookmakers For Americans & Canadians


For residents in USA & Canada, among the offshore sportsbook we described above, RebelBetting supports Caribbean bookmakers that offer juicy bonuses like;

  • BetOnline: Few country restrictions / welcome & permanent reload bonuses
  • SportsBetting: Few country restrictions / welcome & permanent reload bonuses
  • Bookmaker EU: France & Costa Rica not allowed/welcome & reload bonuses
  • 5Dimes – Taken over by Betanysports which is added by RebelBetting as explained later: many restricted countries so click HERE to see if face geo-blocked / welcome bonus & kickback
  • Everygame: UK, France, Austria & Australia not allowed/welcome & reload offers

In fact, punters from many countries can use these bookies but their bonuses are only for the US & Canadians (except Everygame). For the details of their latest offer, suggest you check World 14 Best Offshore Betting Sites Offers.


How RebelBetting Matched Betting works for Americans


Even though RebelBetting supporting bookies for US & Canadian Players are limited, with the above excellent online bookies offering attractive welcome & (permanent) reload bonuses, American & Canadian players should be profitable.

Because RebelBetting oddsmatcher constantly produces matched betting opportunities even only among these 5 bookies as below;

So, the bottom line is pursuing matched betting with RebelBetting software is absolutely worthwhile for US & Canadian players.


RebelBetting Adding US Bookmakers


See the latest news below;

rebelbetting us bookmakers added


How to Start RebelBetting Matched Betting


Let me take you through the process & a few tips are as follows;




Just go RebelBetting Matched Betting and sign-up 1-month subscription;rebelbetting matched betting


Beginner Guide


Firstly, suggest taking a look at the Beginner Guide, which basically explains all the processes you need to follow.


Daily Routine


You don’t need to spare much time to do matched betting, just 10-15 minutes per day is sufficient enough for most people to make decent profits.

In fact, you can set an alert like the one below then you may need just a few minutes to complete the opportunities;

Needless to say, Rebelbetting mobile is available, so you can manage the matched betting life in your most convenient style.


Matched Betting outside the UK Wrap Up


On this occasion, allow us to share a bit about our betting principle.

We do bet but don’t count on luck. We do 6 Advantage Plays based on mathematical edge to beat the bookies, casinos & bingo. When it comes to Sports Betting & Horse Racing, we use Matched Betting / Sports Arbitrage / Value Bets On Proven Systems & Tipsters to lock in a profit or consistently earn extra income for the long term.

With that said, one of our policies is “Betting On Luck Is For Losers, Stop Gambling But Bet on Only +EV (Expected Value) To Win Reliably”. It is effectively our way to promote Responsible Gambling under the regulation, and we strongly support Gambling Help being explained in about us.

We, Global Extra Money (GEM) would like our readers to exploit such reliable money-making opportunities as much as possible. Matched Betting is probably the easiest advantage play and this guide is one of our efforts to enable people outside the UK to exploit the no-risk money-making method.


Bookmaker Account Restriction a.k.a. Gubbing


Matched betting uses soft bookies who hate winners and restrict their accounts easily. In fact, if you keep taking value from the soft bookies, it’s just a matter of time until you face some form of account limitation, which is the biggest obstacle to sustainable profits.

We already prepared the following 2 guides – One is Before Restriction, and the other one is After Restriction (the cases we use are UK bookmakers though, basic tactics & methods can fully apply to matched betting in many countries);


Advantage Play Progression Tactics


As said, we use 6 Advantage Plays based on the EV. When it comes to sports betting, we have 3 advantage plays. Among them, we suggest people take the evolving move as a logical and the safest approach for newbies. namely;

  • Starting from Matched Betting (see Dummies Guide) / Sports Arbitrage (sure bet – see Cheat-sheet for Dummies). Because these are basically risk-free and you can lock in profit from almost every bet. This means you can start safely, which will help change your mindset toward betting activities/gambling.
  • Comparing matched betting & sports arbitrage, many people feel more comfortable starting matched betting first because you can do it easier with a smaller bank.
  • However, these 2 methods could be more short-lived down the road due to the ever-tightening soft bookies’ account restriction. See the rationale in Know Bookies’ Business Model. Besides, these methods are all about scalping small margins. Therefore, people often feel frustrated with the limited profit amount in each bet that comes from the risk-hedging nature.
  • Thus, evolving into Value Betting WITHOUT RISK-HEDGE which is more size with better efficiency for the long-term is a natural move as an ultimate betting activity.

With that said, you may want to consider moving up to the next sports trading level of value betting while exploiting the bookie’s free bet via matched betting. The following are proven methods that can be used by basically anyone in the world, FYI;

BTW, we strongly urge all US bettors to check Value Betting USA – Trademate US Sports Software Assessment which shows how we achieved over $12,000 pure profits with $3,600 starting bank after placing 5,000 Bets based on LLN theory. 


BTW, in case you’re a sharp casino & game bonus hunter, strongly suggest taking a look at the List of 52 Best Bitcoin Casino Bonuses and for those who appreciate the highest privacy, go to the List of Best Anonymous Bitcoin Casinos & Bonuses, just FYI.




USA Matched Betting FAQ

– Because the bookmakers in these countries consider matched bettors as bonus abuse and restrict their accounts. 
– Unlike notorious UK/Ireland bookmakers, many offshore sportsbooks US residents can access don’t restrict players’ accounts while making matched betting. 



We always value our readers’ feedback, if you have any opinion or suggestion on how to improve our site or any list of information you would like to see on our site, or any questions you would like to ask, please let us know via contact.



Good Luck!!


Joshua Walker (bio)

Editor – Global Extra Money (GEM)


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