Bonus Bagging Review – No.1 Matched Betting System for Newbies

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Our Bonus Bagging Review Will Enable You To Judge If Your £1 Trial Investment Is Worthwhile!!

Bonus Bagging Review demonstrates that it is probably the Most Newbie Friendly Matched Betting System, because you are effectively instructed in One To One communication style.

Matched Betting – What’s It?

For those who are not familiar with the Matched Betting, suggest you access to: Matched Betting For Dummies – 9 Essential Things You Should Know Before Staking Any Real Money;Matched Betting For Dummies - 9 Essential Things You Should Know Before Staking Any Real Money

However, let me briefly explain how it works as follows;

I use William Hill Welcome Bonus. William Hill offers to new players “Bet £10 Get £30 (3 x £10) Free Bets"WH Sports Sign-Up Page

What we do are;

  • 2 transactions of Back (bet on win) £10 on Team or Player A at William Hill & Lay (bet on NOT win) appropriate £ (stake can be calculated by free software) on the same Team or Player A at Betting Exchange like Betfair so that you cover all outcomes.
  • Regardless of the outcome, your losing & winning will cancel out each other. In the real practice, usually, 2 bets are not perfectly offset due to the odds difference & exchange commission. Therefore you make a small loss called Qualifying Loss.Free Matched Bet Starting Guide (2) – How To Sign-Up & Place Qualifying Bet
  • But now, you get £30 (£10 x 3) Free Bets. You repeat the exact same process but using the free bet for the back bet at William Hill. Then, this time free bet value (minus qualifying loss) will become your net profit.
  • You may be able to extract around £22-25 pure profit from this offer.
  • Success factor is how to minimize the qualifying loss by selecting the player whose odds gap (between William Hill & Betfair) is the narrowest. You can use Free Odds Matcher to locate such opportunities. For the detail step-by-step process, take a look at Free Matched Bet Starting Guide (2) – How To Sign-Up & Place Qualifying Bet. We use this William Hill sign-up bonus as an example in this instruction.

Betting Exchange

As you see in the above process, betting exchange is essential for matched betting. Therefore, it’s critical to adopt the right approach toward the betting exchanges from the beginning, which will affect your long-term profit. Suggest you take a look at Bet Exchange – How To Sign-Up & Lock-In Profit Wisely With Best OffersBet Exchange, Sign-Up Strategies Feature Image, where you find the Smart Tactics on How To Use Which Bet Exchange in Which Occasion with spoon-fed like instructions.

We recommend SMarkets as a Core Betting Exchange for matched betting. Not Betfair, Why? Also show how important Matchbook is. Please go to the above document that explains the full rationale & comprehensive strategies to make the best use of all 4 key betting exchanges.

Anyhow, for those who have not opened SMarkets or not even a single bet exchange account, I prepared a step-by-step guide for your quick start. You can effortlessly extract cash from its sign-up bonus of £10 Risk-Free Bet. Actually, this is one of the easiest offers to lock-in profit in the industry. Please click “+" mark to open the instruction;

SMarkets Sign-Up Process with Screenshots

Please follow the below process, which takes less than 10 minutes to complete;

Update & Confirm T&C (Terms & Conditions)

  • Firstly, Go To SMarkets Front Page confirming the availability of £10 Risk Free Sign-Up Promotion

Bet Exchange SMarkets Offer Check

  • Read welcome bonus T&C. I know it’s a boring stuff but never try to save time by skipping it to avoid any unpleasant future surprise;
Bet Exchange SMarkets Bonus T&C
Click To Enlarge

Simple Sign-Up By Filling Information

  • After confirming the availability of the offer & reading the T&C,  click “Start Trading"

Bet Exchange SMarkets Signup Front Page

  • Fill-in the required information related to Account, Personal Information & Deposit;

Bet Exchange SMarkets Signup Account Page

A Few Key Points

  • For the deposit method, suggest use Visa Debit card if possible. Because depositing by Mastercard or credit card incur a 2.5% deposit fee, bank transfer takes a few days. Importantly, Skrill & Neteller deposits are not eligible for the £10 bonus.
  • Account Verification. You will receive the below e-mail to verify account. Suggest you do it as quickly as possible to prevent any future transaction delay;
    Bet Exchange SMarkets ID Verification
    Click To Enlarge
  • That’s it. You’re now ready to place lay bets to construct matched betting once you sign-up the bookmakers.
  • If you are not familiar with how to start matched betting, see how to place qualifying bet.

How To Extract Cash From The Offer?

As said, SMarkets signup offer is probably the easiest one. Because you don’t have to do anything. SMarkets will refund your first £10 loss. Yes, even you win thousands of £ before you lose £10, SMarkets will refund that first £10 loss. So, just keep doing the matched betting, and whenever you lose £10 for the first time in SMarkets, you will be refunded, and as you’re aware it’s your profit.

Some Good News

  • Very simple, isn’t it? SMarkets & all other bet exchanges I list in the betting exchange guide are fully licensed & regulated by UK gambling commission. And they all register in IBAS – Independent Betting Adjudication Service, thus you can let IBAS resolve when you face any problem with them.
  • Remember, any income from the matched betting are Tax Free in the UK / Ireland as long as it is not considered as your main source of income.

What Exactly is Bonus Bagging & How Much can You Make?

Bonus Bagging is created by Mike Cruickshank who also produce Profit Maximiser and as said the Most Newbie Friendly System for the Matched Betting. This system is being Top Rated in many money making review sites with the following average earnings generated by the system;

Average Profits:  £3 – 4,000+ for the new account (using sign-up free bet / bonus) & £200  –  400 for existing account (using reload bonus) every month (for over £1,000 / month income from the reload bonus, there are 2 other excellent choices, see at the bottom).

Why Newbie Friendly?

You don’t need any knowledge about the Matched Betting or even Sports Betting itself due to the No Brainer Process Mike created & implement for you. The choice of bookmaker, odds to bet & the size of each bet etc are all guided by Mike and sent by e-mail to you, namely spoon feeds process.

How does it work

After you sign-up Bonus Bagging, you will access to the members’ only website where you can find & request a bet whichever you fancy anytime between 7am and 10pm each day. Mike will get back to you by email usually within a few minutes. You will find very precise instructions explaining which bookmaker to use, how much the offer (odds) should be in which events even with a link, and when the bet settles then how you claim the free bet in the end. Simply, repeat this process over and over to keep earning profits.

So, if you feel uneasy to go into matched betting by yourself, this is the perfect system because you’re always guided by Mike in effectively One To One Communication manner.

Free Services

 Mike provides a few free services, which I used in my various Guides & Instructions namely;

OddsmatcherBonus Bagging Oddsmatcher

Matched Betting CalculatorBonus Bagging Matched Betting CalculatorThese free services are very high quality, especially for oddsmatcher. There is no longer free service in the industry other than Bonus Bagging. If you subscribe the Bonus Bagging, this Oddsmatcher will be upgraded like more frequent update of the matching information which is critical for matched betting.

Key Unique Advantages

  • Broad coverage of bookies: In case you already opened & used up the bookies sign-up bonuses, Mike will provide you with something you have not been aware of.
  • Reload bonus alert: Bookmakers offers free bets to existing customers which probably many of you have missed unless you regularly check your bookmakers accounts. Mike ensures this doesn’t happen as it acts as a reminder service for you.
  • Cheap Price: a one off payment of £27 + VAT for lifetime email support, which you can recoup within a week after you subscribe.
  • Guaranteed Refund: Payment is via Click Bank that assures you Unconditional Refund for 60 days – they will not require to explain anything for cancellation & refund, so actually it’s equivalent to 60 days Free Trial.

£1 Trial Link

On top of it, I will provide you £1 Trial Link for you to make trial for 1 week with £1, no brainers, try it and if it doesn’t fit you, just cancel before the end of the 7 days; Bonus Bagging 7 Days Trial Icon



Advanced System

If you seek for bigger income say well over £1,000 every month, the below 3 matched betting premium services are the best in the industry. I have already made full review on all systems, so visit;

Oddsmonkey Review – We Examined The 5 Truth Through The FounderOddsmonkey Review - List Of Competitive Edge Over Competitions Testified By FounderProfit Accumulator Full Review – 20,000 Members’ Secret Success;Profit Accumulator Full ReviewProfit Maximiser Inside Information Full Review; Profit Maximiser Full Review


For UK & Ireland players, especially for newbies, it’s obviously a Must Try programme based on the above Key Unique Advantages. Suggest you start NOW – in case you don’t need 7 day trial but purchase permanent service, in any case you’re protected by 60 Days Money Back Guarantee. 60 days is unusually long period in this industry, which proves Mike’s confidence on the quality of service;Bonus Bagging 60 Days Money Back

Hope these will help you make extra money on the side every month.

Joshua Walker


Once you started matched betting in sports betting, casino offers may become your additional interests. But remember, unlike matched betting casino bonus hunting is not risk free, suggest you take a look at 5 Most Profitable Casino Sign Up Methods – Stay Away From No Deposit Bonus.

Then you will notice that many offers require Slots machine to use such as Get 50 Free Spins. Mike has launched very useful tool.

EV Maximiser – Slot Machine Mathematical Bet Simulator

When it comes to the Casino Bonus raking, we use EV (Expected Value) concept to evaluate if particular bonus offer could be profitable. For further details, suggest go Beat The Casino Bonus Instruction Index where you find a list of our casino bonus instructions. The most relevant strategy is Mathematical Bet where I talk about Mike Cruickshank’s product, which is an excellent simulator called EV MaxmiserMathematical Bet, EV MaximiserClick the above image then you will be navigated to the video Mike explains about how it works. In short, it does all the calculations to work out;

  • The estimated value
  • Chance of busting
  • Profit per hour and average amount of wagering complete
  • A slots machine database with over 800 machines including the house edge and variance level of each game

Again, don’t forget this is an advanced strategy with high risk, so unless you feel comfortable, put on back burner.

Good Luck!!