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Betting Cashback Websites – The Ultimate Guide To Be Always Better Off

Betting Cashback


Betting cashback websites enable you to secure guaranteed profit with absolutely no risk while not sacrificing original offers from gambling sites. Therefore, everybody who sign-up Sportsbook, Casino & Bingo sites must go through this guide first, otherwise, you will lose a lot of free cash.



Betting Cashback Sites List – General Merchandising Cashback Sites


TopCashback & Quidco are not only for gambling cashback but most of your everyday shopping. Or, I would say it is not just everyday purchases, the real benefit comes when you’re signing up to a service for a period of a long time.

You may receive hundreds of £ by signing up for a new broadband or phone contract via cashback sites. Besides, when you plan your next holiday, use the cashback, there are plenty of great deals on flights and hotels, as well as extras such as car hire, travel insurance, and airport car parking.


TopCashback & Quidco


Given the highest reputation & widest coverage of the brands, Topcashback and Quidco are the Must-Have cashback websites, simply fill in the Free Sign-Up form being navigated from each logo to start saving hundreds & thousands of pounds.

You can search for gambling Cashbacks in Topcashback gambling (Topcashback Betfair is popular – BTW, you may want to use Betfair Alternatives) and Quidco gambling.

TopCashback;Top Cashback Logo

Quidco;Quidco Logotype Check if there is any special offer on these 2 cashback sites currently available in the Conclusion section at the end of this guide.


Both Quidco and TopCashback allow you to withdraw the cashback via bank transfer or Paypal. However, if you chose to withdraw as a gift card with a specific retailer such as Amazon, you’ll earn a top-up of up to 15% on your cashback. Just FYI.

Premium Account

As said, it’s free to register and get cashback from Quidco and TopCashback. However, you have an option to upgrade to premium membership with the fee as the first £5 of cashback earned each year is retained in return for benefits.

Premium membership unlocks improved cashback rates, bespoke promotions, comprehensive customer service, and the removal of sponsored adverts, among other features. If you think it will be beneficial after a while, it’s good to move to this account, but suggest you start with a free account first.



Betting Cashback Site – Gambling Focus Cashback Site


The cashback concept has been getting increasingly popular recently, and gambling focus cashback websites are also mushrooming.

However, as long as we see, this segment is a cottage industry filled by SMBs (Small & Medium Businesses).

As we explain later, your financial risk is minimum though, you still, need to use reputable sites to avoid any unpleasant experiences such as Cashback Not Being Paid or Personal Information Abuse, etc.

The below site is the one we at least confirm quick payout & positive feedback from our own members as well as other public sites such as forums.


Cashbacker (Losses Refund Only)


Cashbackercashbacker logo



Betting Cashback Sites – Key Process & Cautions


Basically, all the cashback sites work more or less the same way as follows.

  • Register on the cashback website
  • Select the brand you want to open an account
  • Read the T&C of each brand’s cashback offer & the brand’s own welcome offer because usually, you can receive both offers
  • Register your intended brand via the cashback site’s link
  • Deposit & bet on the gambling brand’s site (not the cashback site) based on the T&C requirements, and receive the gambling brand’s own sign-up bonus (you can lock in profit or make it risk-free if you follow our advantage play instructions we introduced before)
  • Receive cashback from the cashback site after they verify your correct sign-up


 2 Important Cautions


So, cautions come first. Always keep 2 points in mind and follow what we suggest;

T&C (Terms & Condition)

I know it’s boring stuff, but each offer has a different requirement.

For example, the below TopCashback Ladbrokes deal says, “If you have previously registered an account with another Ladbrokes or Gala brand“.

Unless you know the association between Ladbrokes & Gala (previously Gala Coral), you may face unpleasant surprises in the future. So, suggest never trying to save time to read every T&C to ensure your cashback.

betting cashback, ladbrokes t and c

A Few Popular Requirements

Some of the key requirements you should check in T&C are;

  • Minimum Deposit Amount – usually a minimum deposit amount is required that must be done in 1 go as your first deposit
  • Minimum (WR) Wagering Requirement – it’s often the case for casinos, it is an amount you must bet before qualifying for cashback. for instance, you might have to deposit £10 but wager £50 (in case you lose your £10 deposit before completing the £50 wager requirements, don’t worry your cashback will be paid. That’s why we explained before that as long as your cashback amount is bigger than your required deposit, your profit is guaranteed).

Cookie Trail


betting cashback, delete cookie

You should watch out for Cookie Trails.

If you’ve previously visited your intended gambling brand’s website, you must delete your internet cookies before clicking the cashback site’s link (see How To Delete Cookie).

When you click the cashback site’s link, ensure you turn off any ad-blockers and allow cookies, otherwise, this may prevent your signup from tracking.

Besides, you use the same device and browser for all stages of the offer or it may not track. Consequently, the cashback site may not be able to properly track your sign-up under their link, thus you will not get paid.

Cashbacker Advantages

Let me quote a few advantages Paul from Cashbacker noticed me, which I believe are worth mentioning here; 

1 User doesn’t need to complete a claim form when they claim deals through us – we have an advanced tracking solution that tracks claims automatically, without the need for returning to our website to submit a claim form. That way, we can verify claims within 24 hours :)

2  We settle cashback in as little as 5 days – which I believe is the fastest of any of our competitors

3  There is no limit to the cashback amount that users can earn (which is not the case with Gambling Deals at least, last I knew)

4  We have an exclusive cashback community where users can earn points, badges, and ranks for claiming deals, submitting feedback, and completing various easy tasks. The points can be converted into vouchers & gifts, equating to a better overall return & rewards than our competitors are able to offer.

5  We release outstanding cashback automatically every month, without fail, and without the need to submit a withdrawal request.

Cashbacker Email Reply

Casino & Bingo Process – TopCashback & Quidco

For these 2 big cashback sites, we have already issued the specific instruction on Casino & Bingo. Therefore, suggest you take a look at;

, where you can find the full details & step by step process with comprehensive screenshots.



Which Betting Brands & How Much Cashback You Can Get


See the examples of the popular gambling brands available on betting cashback sites. Bear it in mind, the deals continuously change, thus some of them disappear today but some new brands come out tomorrow.


Sportsbook – Potential Cashback £250+


  • You can usually find 15 – 20+ Sportsbook brand cashback.
  • The range of the cashback sports betting is somewhere between £10 – 70 (remember, the cashback sites are independent, therefore any cashback you receive is basically on top of each sportsbook’s own welcome bonus unless otherwise specified in the T&C).
  • Assuming you get an average of £15 (you may receive more if you take the Losses Refund Cashback Deal) for 17 brands, your cashback will be £255.
  • Betfair, Ladbrokes, and Coral cashback are almost always available, other popular brands including Bet365 are;


Casino – Potential Cashback £1,200+


  • You can usually find 30 – 50+ Casino brands’ cashback.
  • The range of the cashback is somewhere between £10 – 100+, and the cashback you receive is purely on top of each casino’s own welcome bonus unless otherwise specified in the T&C.
  • Assuming you get an average of £30 (you may receive more if you take Losses Refund Cashback Deal) for 40 brands, your cashback will be £1,200.
  • Most of the big Sportbook Brands we listed above also run Casino sites, and usually, they provide casino cashback as well. As a basic rule, you can claim only 1 cashback from each brand, thus as we elaborate on the reason later, strongly suggest you claim Sportsbook Cashback FIRST in those brands.
  • The casino brands you often find (due to the reason we just mentioned, we intentionally exclude the brands that provide sportsbook cashback) are;


Bingo – Potential Cashback £1,000+


  • You can usually find 30 – 50 Bingo brands’ cashback.
  • The range of the cashback is somewhere between £5 – 70. As explained later, any of the cashback that comes from cashback sites is commission sharing, therefore, the cashback you receive is completely on top of each bingo site’s own welcome bonus, unless otherwise specified in the T&C.
  • Assuming you get an average of £25 (you may receive more if you take Losses Refund Cashback Deal) for 40 brands, your cashback will be £1,000.
  • Most of the big Sportbook Brands we listed above also run Bingo sites, and usually, they provide Bingo cashback as well. Same as the Casino case, you can claim only 1 cashback from each brand, thus as we elaborate on the reason later, strongly suggest you claim Sportsbook Cashback FIRST in those multiple services brands.
  • The Bingo brands you often find (due to the reason we just mentioned, we intentionally exclude the brands that provide sportsbook cashback) are;



Change Your Attitude Toward Signing Up for Gambling Site


How do you usually sign-up for gambling site(s)? You may visit Review, Ranking or Comparison Sites such as “How To Choose The Best Online Sportsbook?”, “UK Top 10 Casino Sites”, & “Bingo Best Sign-Up Bonuses” etc like below;

betting cashback, bonus comparison site

Then, you may choose the one(s) of a good sign-up bonus among the sites you feel are trustworthy.

Nothing is wrong with this process, but remember;

  • You miss Guaranteed Profit from Betting Cashback Benefit if you sign-up directly with the gambling sites
  • You may not get the Cashback if you first visit the gambling sites via the links in those bonus ranking, comparing sites, etc. because the links are usually referral links that will automatically install cookies in your browser. Why is it a problem? We will talk about it later.

As long as the UK gambling sites are concerned, you may want to change your habit of visiting gambling sites via bonus comparing or gambling review sites, or if you do, make sure you follow the guideline of the cookie trail later.



What Is Betting Cashback All About?


Just in case, you are not familiar with betting cashback websites, we explain the basics, just FYI.


Betting Cashback Key Features


According to wiki,

A cashback website is a type of reward website that pays its members a percentage of money earned when they purchase goods and services via its affiliate links.wikipedia

The concept of cashback websites is simply commission sharing. It is based on a win-win concept for both the New Player (You) and the Cashback Site (say, a middleman), of which process can be described as;

  • 1. You open a gambling account through a Cashback Site (NOT directly with the gambling site).
  • 2. By doing so, the gambling site agrees to pay the Cashback Site a finder’s fee, namely a referral commission.
  • 3. Cashback Site as middlemen gives you back a piece of this finder’s fee for choosing your gambling site through them.

Fully Legitimate & Win-Win

This is called a “cashback”. Nothing is illegal or fishy but Fully legitimate business. As a result, everyone wins: the gambling site gets a new customer, the Cashback site as a middleman gets a finder’s fee, and the Player (you) gets a cashback.

The Reason For Double Claim

Since cashback sites share their OWN commission receiving from the gambling sites, your entitlement to get the gambling sites’ own welcome offer should not be bothered by the fact you receive the cashback, unless there is a specific deal between the gambling site & cashback site.

That’s the reason we say basically you can claim both cashback & gambling site’s own welcome offer unless otherwise specified in the T&C.


How to Make Betting Cashback Guaranteed Profit


As you may have been aware, online gambling sites especially Casino & Bingo set strict T&Cs that make it extremely difficult for you to withdraw any winnings related to the bonuses.

Consequently, despite the generous sign-up offers, you are not usually able to get any hard cash from them if you don’t get a cashback deal.

When you get cashback, if the cashback is higher than the required amount of your deposit, then no matter how you play you can’t lose but get guaranteed profit at the sign-up stage.

In fact, many Casino sites offer loss leader promotions where you get paid more cashback than the amount you deposited at the casino.

They are hoping that your losses will over time exceed the amount they pay in cashback. This means, in most cases, you secure net profits.

Gambling Site’s Own Welcome Offer

Then, whether you should take the gambling sites’ own welcome offer or not;


  • Definitely, you have to take all the available offers. Because you can basically lock in a profit or make it risk-free. You can usually extract 75%< net cash from the welcome bonus as long as you follow our matched betting guide.


  • Fully depend on each bonus. We have 7 tactics to beat casino bonuses, which give you a specific idea of which type of bonus you should take. Obviously, 1 of the most critical factors is WR (Wager Requirement). As a rough guideline, when the WR is x20 <, then it’s likely you may bust all your bonus & deposit. So, you may want to decline the bonus if possible. But, can’t decline it, see our casino EV Strategies guide


  • Depends on the Bingo site. Generally speaking, given the extremely high bingo’s house edge (around 50%), it’s very tough to retain any profits after you complete the WR. So, you may want to Not Opt-In / Decline the bingo site’s own welcome offer if possible except Dragonfish Software bingos. Making the best use of the loophole in this Bingo Software gives you a high probability to be profitable. See the details in our bingo loophole instructions.


Betting Cashback Websites – Security


Unlike betting brokers I cautioned, you will not deposit any single money into the cashback websites. You will deposit money directly into big sportsbooks, casinos, or bingo sites themselves but just sign-up USING CASHBACK WEBSITES’ REFERRAL LINKS.

Therefore, the worst case is that your cashback will not be paid. So, unless you encounter a phishing scam, it’s financially a safe method because you will not risk your own single money.


Betting Cashback Websites – Caution


There are many online betting cashback sites. Make sure you use betting cashback site(s) that neither charge any fees for registration / sign up nor deduct any amount of cash from the winning amount of your bet after you sign in to the sports betting site.

Although, we said you’re financially safe, still better to avoid completely new sites or any sites without an established good reputation to prevent possible non-payment problems or personal information abuse, etc.

Is Sign-Up Sportsbook via Cashback Safe (for gubbing)?

A few of our members asked if signing up for sportsbook via a cashback site will accelerate the gubbing. Well, based on our own experiences and many of our members’ feedback, we can’t see any significant evidence indicating an obvious relationship between cashback & gubbing.

We heard from the bookmaker insider that sign-ups from arbitrage software will be automatically placed on the blacklist.

But we never heard and we don’t think any bookmaker will be bothered by the sign-up in Oddschecker which is a very popular site among sharps including matched bettors. The same as the cashback sites. We believe the reward completely exceeds the risk in this case.


2 Types Of Cashback Websites & 2 Types of Cashback Deals


As we already listed, there are 2 types of gambling cashback sites. One is general merchandising and the other one is gambling dedicated sites.

General Merchandising Cashback Websites

The 2 big cashback websites in the UK are Topcashback & Quidco. Both sites offer a wide range of general merchandising cashback including gambling brands.

Gambling Cashback Websites

There are several such cashback websites that focus on gambling brands, which have a few unique advantages over the general merchandising cashback sites as below;

General Merchandising vs Gambling Focus

Quick pros & cons are;

  • You can enjoy a wide range of cashback in general merchandising cashback websites. They cover a huge variety of your daily shopping from food, utility bills, mobiles, computers & insurance to travel arrangements. You may save thousands of £ every year depending on your shopping life.
  • However, in these general merchandising sites, you need to be patient in receiving the cashback. It takes at least 30 – 60 days before you get paid.
  • On the other hand, gambling focus cashback websites are generally much quicker payout. You may often be paid within 10 days and usually less than 30 days, as seen from the below screenshot I took from Oddsmonkey Forum. (Oddsmonkey is a matched betting premium service, for further details, please check our Oddsmonkey Review. )

    betting cashback, oddsmonkey forum comments

  • Besides, in the gambling focus sites, you can choose 2 types of cashback deal – Fixed Cashback (1 Time) & Cashback On Your Loses (Life Time) while general merchandising usually offer only Fixed Cashback – see the details in the next section.

Since some of you may wonder what are the Fixed Cashback (1 Time) & Cashback On Your Loses (Life Time), let me elaborate a bit on each deal.

Fixed Cashback Deal – 1 Time

General merchandising cashback websites like Quidco & TopCashback offer Cashback based on your purchase. This means cashback is counted & completed as a fixed cashback based on each individual purchase. So, for the gambling brands under the general merchandising cashback site, usually, you get only 1 cash back at the sign-up stage.

Cashback On Your Losses – For Life

However, gambling is a continuous betting activity (like FX or stock trading at financial brokers) where loss will occur down the road. Thus gambling-focused cashback websites provide you with the choice of Life Time Cashback on Your Betting Losses apart from the standard 1 Time Fixed Cashback.

With that said, you may want to shop around for the best deal across all the available cashback websites based on the following strategies.



Betting Cashback Sites – Best Strategies


The basic but best strategies for signing up the betting cashback sites are;

  • First and foremost, never sign-up for gambling sites before you check the cashback websites. As already explained, you’re always better off via cashback websites. This means when you come up with any gambling brands to sign up for, visit the betting cashback sites to see the availability of the cashback on those particular brands. If they are available, just grab them.

For Sportsbook


  • Allow me to remind you that you may be able to cash back from 15 – 20+ Different Sportsbook Brands via cashback sites we list later, which could top up £250+ pure cashback.
  • Check the gambling focus website first and take up the available brands. Because those who do matched betting, sports arbitrage & tipster value betting, may prefer the cashback on loss for a lifetime rather than 1 time fixed cashback.
  • As explained in the next casino & bingo section, it’s a “MUST” to start Sportsbook sign-up & cashback FIRST before you take up any Casino or Bingo in the brands where both Sportsbook & Casino (& Bingo) are offered like William Hill & Bet365, etc.


For Casino & Bingo


  • You may be able to cash back from 30 – 50 Different Casino & Bingo Brands Respectively via cashback sites we list later, which could account for up to £1,200+ for Casino & £1,000+ risk-free cashback for Bingo.
  • For those who are seeking a quick practical guide for the best casino sign-up strategy, see 5 Most Profitable Casino Sign-Up Methods – Stay Away From No Deposit Bonus, which instructs how to sign-up online casino smartly & avoid wasting a lot of the juicy bonuses.
  • 1 of the key points we emphasized in the above document is, as briefly said that Sign-Up Sportsbook FIRST where both sportsbook & casino/bingo are offered. Because, generally speaking, you can receive a casino/bingo welcome offer even after you register on the sportsbook site & receive sports welcome bonus but not vice versa (we are not talking about cashback but the gambling sites’ own welcome bonuses). Such mega brands you often find in the betting cashback websites are;


  • Let me reiterate that the entitlement to receiving a casino/bingo sign-up offer after the sportsbook offer I referred to is the offer of the gambling site itself. Not a cashback site. This means, once you get sportsbook cashback from a particular brand, you will not receive any casino or bingo cashback under the same brand, because you’re allowed only one claim per brand on the cashback site.
  • Recap, you open a sportsbook account via a Cashback site and get the cashback & the sportsbook’s own welcome bonus. Then, you open the casino/bingo account within the same brand (no need to go via the cashback site) to receive the welcome offer of casino/bingo additionally.


Suggested Actions


So, shop around the best cashback deal among both general merchandising & gambling focus cashback websites, while making sure you already receive sportsbook new customer offers before signing up for a casino & bingo cashback deal.



Cashback Websites Loophole


I earn £30 an hour without spending a penny

Publicized Cashback Loophole


I excerpt the following article from Telegraph;

Shoppers can use this trick to earn cashback without actually buying anything – but you risk unexpected charges if you forget to cancel 'free' offers.

It’s quadruple the minimum wage and you can do it all from home. Earning £30 an hour, more shoppers than ever are exploiting “free” cashback offers that let you earn a payout without spending any money.

Cashback companies typically work by offering a small payment in return for buying insurance, travel, or gadgets via their website. They get a “referral commission” from the shop, then pay you around 5pc of the purchase price.

But you can earn Cashback without buying anything. Comparing insurance quotes, applying for a free credit card, or signing up for free trials, for instance, all earn cashback even though it doesn’t involve spending money.

One provider – – reported a 91pc surge in customers using these deals in 2015 compared with the year to December 2014.

It does require a bit of effort, as Kian Chong, an accountant from Sheffield, explained. He said that he earned £30 an hour by signing up for five or six different free “cashback” deals in one go, which he does once every few months. “It’s useful if you’re ever short of money or just need a bit of extra cash,” he said.

“I was initially sceptical of the idea of 'free cash back, but I scrupulously read the terms and conditions and realized that I could make money from it.”

In one hour, he earned £30, via, by doing the following. Its competitor website, Quidco, offers similar deals.

• Applying for an American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card (£10.50) • 30-day free trial at Equifax to access credit reports (£8.92) • 30-day free trial at Experian CreditExpert to access credit reports (£8.50) • Comparing an insurance policy through (£2.41)

Deals at the time of going to press include a £2.41 payout for comparing car insurance quotes via, the comparison website, £1.78 for filling out a survey, and £2.10 for getting a free EE pay-as-you-go Sim.

The catch? You risk losing all your earnings if you forget to cancel subscriptions once the free trial period ends. Experian, for example, costs £14.99 a month after the 30-day trial expires, while Equifax’s service costs £14.95.

Mr Chong said: “Be careful to remember to cancel the trial at the end. I’m aware I could quickly cancel out all my savings.”

Meanwhile, signing up for credit cards will mark your “credit profile”, the record of borrowing that is checked by banks every time you sign up for a credit card, loan, or mortgage.

“I do have concerns about giving away personal information,” said Mr. Chong. “I’m sceptical of any offer that means I need to give bank details or in-depth personal information.”

Having more credit card applications on your profile could hurt your ability to borrow in the future. This is because banks may assume that you are not a responsible borrower if you keep applying for credit.


Make money from online surveys


Giving away personal details is another way to earn free cashback. You can either participate in surveys or sign up for a free “prize draw” or competition website.

But be aware that you will be signed up to their mailing lists and risk receiving unwanted spam emails. Make sure you unsubscribe from their lists once the cashback has been paid.

Another way is to take part in surveys directly with the cashback website. Quidco Opinions panel, for example, pays around 70p per survey, and each takes 5-10min.

But you need to earn £25 before you can earn a payout, and you might have to wait to be invited to fill out surveys.

Ipsos i-Say offers users the chance to earn vouchers for filling out surveys on “anything from global brands to entertainment and more”.

Users rack up points – most surveys are worth between 5-250 points and members get an average of four surveys each month – which can then be cashed in for vouchers at retailers including Amazon and John Lewis. Amounts vary, but you will usually get a few pounds for each survey.

But don’t ever pay to register with an online survey site, and always withdraw your payment as soon as it is put into your website account. If the website closes, it could take your money with it. Also, use a secondary email address for all of your survey emails. This will stop your primary mailbox from being flooded.



Betting Cashback Conclusion


Matched Betting Cashback


Although we deal with betting sites, we don't gamble. We do Advantage Plays based on mathematical edge to beat the bookies, casinos & bingo.

When it comes to Sports Betting & Horse Racing, we use  Matched Betting / Sports Arbitrage / Value Bets On Proven Systems & Tipsters to lock in a profit or consistently earn extra income for the long term.

Since these methods use a lot of bookmakers' accounts, earning Cashback from every bookmaker makes a lot of difference.


Not only UK Players But Also International Players


You found 2 General Merchandising cashback sites of TopCashback & Quidco and 3 Gambling Focused cashback sites in this betting cashback guide.

TopCashback & Quidco are the best UK cashback sites and only for UK customers though, 3 gambling-focused cashback sites are basically open all over the world.

If the listed gambling brand accepts your jurisdiction depends on each brand, so suggest you exploit as much cashback as you can grab.

BTW, many people imagine matched betting is for only UK & Ireland, wrong,

  • this approach enables everybody in the world including US citizens to make decent profits from this risk-free betting technique
  • for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland residents, suggest this program that focuses on these 3 countries
  • when it comes to Australia, this service is supposed to be the best.


You Are Always Better Off With a Betting Cashback Deal


Allow us to emphasize that "You Are Always Better Off With Betting Cashback Deal". If you have not opened any of the gambling sites, you're absolutely lucky, to earn full cashback that could be your £2,500+ cashback.

But, many of you already opened some of the gambling brands' accounts, don't worry, "Better Late Than Never", sign-up all the 5 Reputable Sites;

For TopCashback, we run special sign-up offer periodically, so when you click our link and find something like the below banner (TopCashBack), then make the best use of that offer;topcashback amazon

We periodically offer a good deal. Currently, if you register and earn £5 of cashback you will receive £10 cashback, so don’t wait but Register & Earn Now!!


In any case, if you sign-up free via our links and if you face any payment issues, please let us know, we will make our best efforts to chase it, since we are aware that waiting patiently is not fun at all.


Lastly, in case you want to be a sharp casino & game bonus hunter, strongly suggest taking a look at the List of 52 Best Bitcoin Casino Bonuses and for those who appreciate the highest privacy, go to the List of Best Anonymous Bitcoin Casinos & Bonuses, just FYI.


Hope this information will provide you with sure extra income opportunities.


If you have any inquiries or need any help from us, please contact us anytime (don't worry, we will not charge you any fee, everything is free here).


Good Luck!!


Joshua Walker (bio)

Editor - Global Extra Money(GEM)