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Major Golf Matched Betting – Earn Risk-free £370 Profits

Matched Betting Golf – Men’s Major Golf Championships


Golf Major Championships provide you with juicy Risk-Free profits when you use matched betting because bookmakers offer massive free bets as well as extra places.

I’m sharing how I earned risk-free £370 net profits from US Masters matched betting.



Betting for Golf Masters & Majors – What are Majors?


Golf Majors are effectively Golf Grand Slam organized by PGA, Professional Golfer’s Association. The annual schedule is:

These hot events give us Advantage Players excellent opportunities to earn extra cold money by making the best use of bookie’s juicy offers.
golf majors symbols

Although, a grand slam is the best occasion that invites the most offers as well as the best PGA betting odds, yet there are several other golf big events represented by Ryder Cup where you can use the same approach we explain in this document. For the detailed schedule of golf big tournaments, see PGA Tournament Schedule.


Betting Golf Majors Risk-Free Strategy


We use the following 3 tactics to maximize our profits from betting golf majors;

  • Matched Betting as the Underlying Method to Make Every Bet Almost Risk-Free
  • Pursue Different Bookies’ Offers as many as possible to Maximize The Potential Profit while Saving Costs & Liability at Betting Exchange
  • Scalp Golf Each Way Extra Place Offers to Hit The Jackpot wins

The examples of US Masters offers we use here are the past ones, however, the methods we share in this guide can basically apply to any Golf Major Tournaments as long as the bookies offer a similar type of promotions which we believe they do continuously like Star Sports US Masters 2021 offer;

star sports us masters birdie offer

Back a player on the outright market and we’ll give you a FREE BET for EVERY BIRDIE (or better) they sink during their opening round!
The free bet is equal to 10% of your outright stake. So, if you have £100 on the outright market and your player gets three birdies in the opening round you’ll get 3 x £10 FREE BETS a TOTAL OF £30.


1. Matched Betting – Underlying Method For Risk-Free


If you’re already familiar with matched betting, just skip this section and jump to the next 2. Pursue Different Bookies’ Offers.


Matched Betting Recap


The basic method we use is a Matched Betting to make each betting almost risk-free. If you’re completely new to this concept, suggest taking a look at Matched Betting For Dummies – 9 Essential Things.

So, let me quickly explain the process by using 1 of the US Masters Refund Offers – 188Bet;betting golf majors, 188bet offer188Bet Offer T&C says;

Place a bet on the winner of the US Masters tournament, and if your player fails to make the cut we will refund your losing bet as cash, up to a maximum of €/£10. Promotion only applies to the first bet placed on the ‘Outright Winner’ market in the US Masters tournament. The cash amount credited is not subject to any rollover requirement.188Bet Masters Offer T&C

Usually, bookmakers refund in the form of a Free Bet which you need to bet before the withdrawal. But, this offers is in cash, which is good since you can withdraw immediately thus a higher value.

Brief Process

What we basically do are;

  • 2 transactions of Back (bet on win) £10 on Player A at 188Bet & Lay (bet on NOT win) appropriate £ (lay stake can be calculated by free software) on the same Player A at Betting Exchange like Betfair (suggest use of Betfair Alternatives) or Smarkets so that you cover all the outcomes.
  • Regardless of the outcome, your losing & winning will cancel out each other. In real practice, usually, 2 bets are not perfectly offset due to the odds difference & exchange commission. Therefore you make a small loss called Qualifying Loss.
  • But if your player A Miss The Cut (means the player will be out usually at the end of the 2nd day due to his poor score, so he is no longer qualified to keep playing in the last 2 days), you get a £10 refund in cash, which you can withdraw.
  • In summary, we have just 2 possible scenarios; 1. If your player plays well and moves on to the 3rd day (Not Miss The Cut), you will lose marginal qualifying loss. 2. If your player misses the cut, you get a refund and your profit will be £10 minus marginal qualifying loss.
  • The success factor is how to minimize the qualifying loss by selecting the player whose odds gap (between 188Bet & Betting Exchange) is the narrowest. You can use Free Odds Matcher to locate such opportunities. For the full details of step by step process, take a look at Free Matched Bet Starting Guide (2) – The Best Sign-Up Tactics & Place Qualifying Bet. You will find the William Hill sign-up bonus case as an example (you can lock in profit for this offer because the free bet is a 100% guarantee rather than a conditional “Miss The Cut” of 188Bet offer).

BTW, many people imagine matched betting is for only UK & Ireland, wrong, by using this approach everybody in the world including US citizens can make decent profits from this risk-free betting technique.

Betting Exchange

As you see in the above process, betting exchange is essential. There are 4 established betting exchanges as below; 

Betfair (see Betfair Alternatives)Betfair Exchange Logo
BetDaq (Warning)Betdaq Exchange Logo

And, in case you are not familiar with the betting exchanges, the below 2 documents will be of good help;

Anyhow, just for your convenience, we briefly summarized Exchange Sign-Up Tactics. Click “+” mark to open the information;

Betting Exchange Sign-Up Tactics

Exchange Sign-Up

As said, matched betting is not only for UK & Ireland players but also for many international players. Some of you may say, we can’t access Betfair (you may want to use Betfair Alternatives). Don’t worry, see Betfair Alternatives For People Who Can’t Access Or Seek Better Options, where you can find the solutions.

Overall Strategy

From a purely cost perspective, you may prefer Smarkets mainly because of their lower commission of 2% compared with 5% of Betfair. However, Betfair is absolutely worth it because ;

  • They do have not only an exchange function but also serve bookmaker service called Betfair Sportsbook
  • They cover a huge variety of markets (not only sports but politics & financial markets etc.)
  • No. 1 liquidity is a very important factor for exchanges.

Let me emphasize that Betfair offers Sportsbook. Since Betfair is famous for Exchange, many newbies are initially confused. Importantly Betfair Sportsbook offers a lot of juicy promotions for matched bettors.

The Best Approach

With all that said, you may want to signup for Betfair Sportsbook (usually Sportsbook’s welcome offer is more attractive than Exchange welcome offer), and exploit Sportsbook offers by using Smarkets as your key exchange.

Remember, even if you signup with Sportsbook, you can use Betfair Exchange at any time. Therefore whenever you face constraints (such as lack of market or liquidity) in Smarkets you can use Betfair Exchange.

While you’re using Betfair Sportsbook, suggest don’t be obvious in Exchange. What does it mean obvious? Find out more about account restrictions. Especially, never lay off at Betfair Exchange while backing the same event at Betfair Sportsbook. It’s exactly confessing you’re a matched bettor, then your account could be quickly gubbed.

Anyhow, once your Betfair sportsbook is gubbed, it’s time to start using its exchange function aggressively together with Smarkets.

Betfair Sports – The signup offer “Get £100 Free Bets” is probably the best offer, and you can take the same method as William Hill (bookmaker) which I use as the example to explain the sign-up process in Free Matched Bet Starting Guide (2) – How To Sign-Up & Place Qualifying Bet guide and the next Guide (3) – How To Extract Profit from Free Bet.

Smarkets – 2% to all sports (apply to only net winnings). Get £10 Risk-Free Bet Their signup offer is the same risk-free bet as Betfair Exchange, therefore you need to see How To Extract Risk-Free Signup Offer for specific instructions.

0% Commission Opportunities

Besides, for existing customers, you may get a 0% commission for Betfair, Smarkets & Matchbook periodically if you subscribe to matched betting premium services such as Outplayed (ex Profit Accumulator) or Oddsmonkey. Suggest you take a look at;


2. Pursue & Combine Different Bookies Offers to Maximize Potential Profit While Saving Costs & Liability


Take Up Good Value Offers As Many As Possible


As kept saying, you usually find massive offers from big bookmakers in big golf tournaments. The US Masters Tournament as the first grand slam of the year attracts huge bookies’ attention.

The followings are the offers we used on top of the 188Bet Refund we introduced before (you may not see the same offers from each bookmaker every year but you will surely find more or less the same type of offers, therefore the tactics we explain to extract cash from the respective type of offer can apply anytime);

Price Boost

William Hill

Even bigger than a normal Bet Boost, we’re giving you 7 x Super Bet Boosts to use on The Masters Outright markets, placed as a Single, for stakes of up to £100.
betting golf majors, william hill super boost
In fact, it’s a tasty boost. As you see 11.00 odds to boost to 13.04, which actually creates an arbitrage condition (means the lay bet is lower) and gets an instant profit.

betting golf majors, william hill boosted betslip

Anyhow, for detailed instruction on how to use price boost, you can check Enhanced Bets / Odds Boost – The Best & Easiest Way To Lock-In Profit.

Profit Guaranteed Free Bet


Inplay golf betting offer – “Get a $/£/€10 Free Bet to use In-Play for the final day of the US Masters, when you bet $/£/€20 In-Play on days one, two, and three.”betting golf majors, betstar free betWe used a standard matched betting process of Qualifying Bet Placement & Extract Profit From Free Bet, which allows you to lock in profits.

2nd (& 3rd or up to 5th) Refund


We are giving you your stake back as a Free Bet if the golfer you back to win the Masters misses out on the top spot but finishes 2nd-5th at Augusta this week!betting golf majors, tonybet offerIf you prefer to lock in profit, the method is FREE Horse Betting Calculator To Lock-In 2nd (& 3rd) Place Refund Profits (the instruction uses Horse Racing, but it works more or less the same for Golf as well). Be noted, you should choose 5 Place Lay Market in Bet Exchange.


“We’re paying 7 Places each way and giving a Free Bet if your selection finishes 2nd or 3rd (incl. ties). Pre-tournament only. Win singles only. Max refund £/€20.”betting golf majors, boylesports offer

Titan Bet & Winner (these 2 are clones)

“Place a pre-tournament bet on either a European Tour or PGA Tour Outright Winner market. If your golf outright bet finishes either 2nd or 3rd, you’ll receive the win part of your stake back as a free bet, up to £25.”betting golf majors, titanbet offer


BONUS-BACK IF YOUR GOLFER FINISHES 2ND IN THE MASTERSbetting golf majors, 138bet offer

The guide should be 6 Best Ways To Make Extra Money from Horse Betting 2nd Place Refund for the above offers.

“Miss The Cut” Refund


As shown before (in the matched betting recap section)

Mint Bet

Place a £20 bet before the tournament starts if your selection misses the cut we will reward you with a £5 in-play bet golf for the Sat/Sun.betting golf majors, mintbet offerUse a standard matched betting process of Qualifying Bet Placement & Extract Profit From Free Bet

Tiger Woods Refund

Tiger Woods returned and created a lot of buzz, there are a few refund offers triggered by his win.

Paddy Power

Money Back as a free bet on all losers if Tiger Woods wins the Masters. Outright bets only. Max free bet £10 per customer.
betting golf majors, paddy power offer

Losing Outright Winner market stakes refunded as a free bet up to $/£/€20 if Tiger Woods wins the US Masters.betting golf majors, betstar offerSunbet

‘If Tiger Woods wins at Augusta, we will refund your losing outright winner bet for up to £/€20 as cash!’betting golf majors, sunbet offer

For all these offers, we also used a standard matched betting process of Qualifying Bet Placement & Extract Profit From Free Bet

Tournament Winner, 1st Round Leader or Top 5 Free Bet


“5% bonus on your winnings for every shot your golfer wins by”
betting golf majors, matchbook offer


“Place a pre-tournament Outright Winner bet on the US Masters, and if the player you back is the leader at the end of the first round, we’ll pay you out as a winner.”betting golf majors, betway offer


“Simply place £/€10 (£10 E/W) or more on the US Masters Outright Winner market and if your player is top 5 at the end of day one’s play, we will credit you with a £10 free bet.”betting golf majors, genting offer

Used the same guide for the Tiger Woods offers.

Key Note for Bookmaker Sign-Up 


Just in case you have not had the above bookmakers’ accounts, suggest don’t sign-up up directly before checking the availability of Cashback Offer. Otherwise, you may waste hundreds of £ risk-free cash. Make sure you check Betting Cashback Websites – The Ultimate Guide To Be Always Better Off, before opening any bookmakers’ account (the document shows you how to collect £2,500 cashback altogether).


3. Scalp Golf Each Way Extra Place Offers to Hit The Jackpot Profits


E/W (Each Way) betting is the standard betting system in horse racing. So, just in case, you are not familiar with Each Way Betting, suggest you take a look at How To Make Profits from Extra Place Offers in Your Gubbed Account With Lay Calculator, where you can see the full details.

However, very briefly, in E/W betting, you place the same amount of the stake both at Win (means 1st) & at Place (such as 1st – 4th, etc) markets. Extra Places offer is the places that bookies give you in addition to their standard Place Numbers.


How Exactly Does Golf Extra Place Offer?


Let’s look at Paddy Power golf offer – the extra place;

” US MASTERS WE’RE PAYING 8 PLACES 1/5 odds for E/W bets. Applies to all Online, Mobile, Phone, and Text bets. Dead-heat rules apply. Applies from bets placed from 9 am March 26th.”
betting golf majors, paddy power extra place

Since Golf Tournament’s usual Place Number is 5, Paddy Power is giving you 3 additional places. This means, if your player finishes the top 8, your placement will win.


How To Hit Jackpot from Extra Place Offers via Matched Betting


Let me quickly show you how it works as follows (the standard process is the same as what we explained before);

  • Back (bet on win ) on Player A at Paddy Power – as E/W (Each Way) Bet, means you back both in Win & Place Market (1st – 8th) automatically.
  • Lay (bet on NOT win) on the same Player A – you lay Win Market & Place Market (Exchange place is 1st – 5th) separately, which means you place an individual lay bet for each market.
  • Now, you cover all outcomes, therefore regardless of the outcome, your losing & winning will cancel out each other. In real practice, usually, the back & lay bets are not perfectly offset due to the odds difference & exchange commission. Therefore you make a small loss called Qualifying Loss.
  • However, if your player finishes in the Extra Place, in this case, 6 – 8th, you will win Both Paddy Power & Exchange in Place Market. This will bring you a juicy profit.
  • The success factor is how to minimize the qualifying loss by selecting the player whose odds gap (between Paddy Power & Smarkets) is the narrowest.


Extra Place Scalping


Although you can bet only a single player, what we apply is Scalping Method. It simply covers multiple players to increase the probability of hitting the extra place. For the full instruction, please visit Each Way Betting – 2 Advanced Methods To Ensure Your Extra Place Profit

I’ll show you how I exactly used the scalping technique & made a profit in Masters later.

How To Find Extra Place from Oddschecker Golf

Many bookies provide an extra place in such a big tournament. You can check each bookmaker’s site individually, but the easiest way to find the Key Bookmakers’ offer & term is by checking the Oddschecker Winner Outright Table. As seen from the below image, you will see the “Place Number” & “Place Term”;

betting golf majors, each way term

The standard place is 5, thus the bookmakers showing 6 or more numbers are the ones offering extra place(s). The Place Term condition is either 4 or 5. 1/4 means your place odds is 1/4th of your horse’s Win market odds. So, needless to say, 1/4 is better odds than 1/5.

The full list (42 Bookmakers) that offer an extra place in the 2018 Masters Tournament is;

  • 10 Places  (1/5 odds): Coral / Sky Bet
  • 8 Places  (1/5 odds): 10Bet / Bet365 / Betfair / Betway /  Netbet / Paddy Power / Sportnation
  • 7 Places  (1/5 odds): 21Bet / Black Type / BoyleSports / Bruce Betting / Dabblebet / Dafabet / Genting / Mintbet / MyClubBetting / Toals / William Hill
  • 6 Places  (1/4 odds): 12Bet / 138Bet / 32Red Sport / 888sport / BetBright / BetEast / Betfred / Ladbrokes / Sportingbet / Totesport / Unibet
  • 6 Places (1/5 odds): 188Bet / Betbright / Betfred / BetVictor / bwin / Sportingbet / Titanbet / Totesport / Vernons / Winner


Betting Golf Majors – Process Of Maximizing Profits


Player Selection Tactics


As a fundamental principle of matched betting, we need to Minimize Qualifying Loss by selecting the tightest odds gap between the bookmaker & exchange.

Use Oddschecker

You have to eventually compare those gaps for each player though, it’s logical to make a preliminary selection by choosing the bookmaker that offers the best odds displayed in the above Oddschecker.

Use Betting Exchange (s) with Lower Commission Rate

You need to compare bookies’ odds shown in the Oddschecker with Lay Odds at Betting Exchange such as Smarkets & Matchbook. We prefer to use these exchanges rather than Betfair due to far lower commissions.

In fact, we have been enjoying 0% commission in both Smarkets & Matchbook at this moment in time thanks to the Oddsmonkey offer.

Oddsmonkey is a premium matched betting subscription service, if you’re interested, suggest going through our full review of Oddsmonkey Review.

Anyhow, the lay market of Smarkets is like the below – Win Market;

betting golf majors, smarkets lay oddsr

And Place Market (you can change its background colour based on your preference);

betting golf majors, smarkets place 5 place

Keep Tracking

Since odds always change, what you can do is during the 3-4 days before Tee Off (Golf Tournament starts Thursday & lasts 4 days ending on Sunday), regularly check the updated odds. Oddschecker indicates the trend of each player’s odds such as Pink: Drifting & Blue: Shortening. This may give you certain insight into when you place the bets.

Use Advanced Software

Oddsmonkey we said above, provides you with a lot of excellent software which increases your matched betting efficiency & profitability. For extra place offers, we use Oddsmonkey Extra Place Matcher;

betting golf majors, oddsmonkey matcher

Click The Image To Enlarge

It’s advanced software that captures the best opportunities (means minimum qualifying loss) of extra place offers. In the above example, the first 2 Betfair Sportsbook (Pat Perez & Francesco Molinari) shows even qualifying profits, but the lay stake will be big £2,000 due to extremely long back odds of 201.

Some of you may want to avoid such a big liability. 888Sports Rickie Fowler’s case is a quite common example. £10 Each Way Bet (means £20 stakes in total) creates £1.43 Qualifying Loss. If he hits extra place you will win £71.07, of which the effective odds are 47, pretty good considering Fowler’s 26-win odds.


Final Player Selections – Spreadsheet


Don’t worry, even if you don’t have such software, we prepared the Customized Extra Place Scalping Spreadsheet for you to calculate the lay stake & check the predicted profit/loss.

In fact, even if you use advanced software to identify the best players, you can summarize all your choices in this spreadsheet which will give you a clear overall picture of your entire betting.

Scalping Spreadsheet

It looks like this;

betting golf majors, spreadsheet sample

All you need to do is filling the info in the Yellow part, then the rest is done by the calculator. You can see how much will profit when you hit the extra place jackpot. The effective odds indication may help you if each bet is worth pursuing.

Anyhow, the below instruction is included in the spreadsheet for your convenience;

betting golf majors, spreadsheet instruction


You can download it Free in the above Scalping & Dutching Extra Place document or GEM Matched Betting Spreadsheet Archive.

A Few Tips

How many players you want to cover is entirely up to you, but you need to consider;

  • The Effective Odds – the bigger, the better, if it’s smaller than win-back odds it’s not a value opportunity, so try to avoid
  • The Total Qualifying Loss – the smaller, the better, if it’s bigger than the expected return when you hit the extra place, you may reconsider the whole selection (see more guide on this subject in Key Notes).

The final spreadsheet based on my selection is;

betting golf majors, spreadsheet final

The bookies with green colour provide us with a separate offer (which means I combined the individual offer & extra place offer), red with the best odds among all the bookies, and purple with the largest extra place offer.

Key Notes

On top of the above tips, I took the following tactics;

  • I prioritized the bookies providing separate promotions, which allows us to combine the individual offer & extra place offer. It makes the whole bet more efficient & effective. Basically, no bookies allow to combine multiple promotions though, the extra place offer is usually not considered as the promotion. Therefore, you can receive double the benefits.
  • Needless to say, I allocated the bookie for the appropriate player based on the nature of the offer. This means favourites for the winner or 2nd refund offers fewer favourites players for missing the cut or larger extra place, etc.
  • Then, try to take the best odds as many as possible by tracking odds constantly to capture the narrowest odds gap. Given the above tactics, the Coral 10Places offer should apply lower rank players, but Dustin Johnson’s odds suddenly jumped from 9 to 13 (it went back within 5 minutes). Thus I grabbed it immediately which eventually gave me a good jackpot. I understand that many of you are too busy to check continuously but suggest you do it at least a few times a day, which will hugely increase the chance to grab better odds.
  • As a rough guideline, you may not want the qualifying loss to exceed 10% (well, it must be the absolute maximum) of your total stakes although even 1 extra place jackpot usually makes up enough. In my case, £30.46 is a predicted qualifying loss against a £230 E/W bet, which means the total stake is £460. So, 6.6%.
  • I covered 15 players. The total lay liability in the exchange was £400.68 in the win market & £80.82 in the place market that came from Henrik Stenson. The winner is only 1 in golf, No Tie 1 because the playoff determines a final winner. So regardless of the number of players you lay, the ceiling of the liability is the single highest one. For further details, see the next section.

The Technique To Reduce Exchange Commission & Liability

Many of the matched betting newbies worry about huge liability & commission at the betting exchanges when they bet on so many players at one time. But, don’t worry, as shown in the above spreadsheet, although we bet on 15 players with £230 back odds on quite long odds, the total liability is only £400.68, as briefly explained.

For full rationale & instruction on this technique, take a look at Lay Betting Strategy To Reduce Exchange Commission & Liability.

This time, we don’t need to worry about the exchange commission due to 0% comes from the Oddsmonkey offer, but even a 2% commission will affect you a lot when you place a big lay stake. So the above technique will be helpful (in any case when you do scalping like here, you can automatically use the technique), so suggest you spare a few minutes to go through it.


Golf US Masters Matched Betting – Final Results


Masters Final Leader Board


The final leaderboard shows;

betting golf majors, masters leaderboard

Dead-heat Calculation

The green part is the player hitting the extra place jackpot in the bookies with 6< place offer and the pink part is the one in 9< (actually 10) bookies.
T5 or T10 stands for Tie5 or Tie10, meaning multiple players are ending 5th place or 10th place at the same score.
When it comes to the calculation of profit/loss (both back & lay), we use Dead Heat Rules under such conditions.

Place Market – Back Winnings At Bookmaker

So, how should the winnings in Back Bet at Bookmaker be calculated under Dead Heat Rules? It changes only Stake Amount (reduced) and the odds & place terms are Not Affected. So, the formula is;

Your Profit = (No. of Places Remaining / No. of Tied Players) X Stake X Place Odds

Let’s see the T5 case. I bet £20 E/W on Rory Mcllroy at 12 odds in Genting that offer 7 Places 1/5. In this case,

  • 1st – 4th are determined and Genting Place’s offer is 7, so the No. Of Remaining Place is 7 – 4 = 3
  • No. Of Tied Players (means Involved in the Dead Heat) is 4
  • The stake is £20
  • Place Odds is (12 – 1) / 5 + 1 = 3.2
  • My Place Winnings = 3/4 x £20 x 3.2 = £48
Place Market – Lay Bet Loss at Betting Exchange

Then, what about the Lay Bet at a betting exchange? We use the formula of;

Your Loss = {(Stake x No of Places Remaining / No of Tied Players) x (Odds – 1)}- {Stake x (No of Tied Players – No of Places Remaining) / No of Tied Players}

Again, let’s use the previous Rory Mcllroy case, which is £20 lay bet at 3.7 odds in Place market in Smarkets;

  • Smarkets place is 5 and the first 4 places are already decided. This means, the No. of Place Remaining is 5 – 4 = 1
  • No. of Tied Players is 4
  • Place Lay Odds is 3.7
  • So, The Loss = {(£20 x 1/4) x (3.7 – 1)}- {£20 x (4 – 1)/4} = £2

Unlike horse racing, golf usually results in a few dead heat. Therefore, suggest you understand how to calculate back win & lay loss.


US Masters – Summary of Winnings


betting golf majors, golf ball

I will not show the detailed calculation but just the net winnings (means after deducting qualifying loss) from each bookmaker;

Extra Place Jackpot

  • Genting Bet: £43.78 (Rory Mcllroy T5 – Shared by 4 Players 7 Places 1/5 Term,)
  • Winner: £38.89 (Bubba Watson T5 – Shared by 4 Players 6 Places 1/5 Term)
  • 188Bet: £39.32 (Henrik Stenson T5 – Shared by 4 Players 6 Places 1/5 Term
  • Coral: £22.33 (Dustin Jonson T10 – Shared by 2 Players 10 Places 1/5 Term)
  • Total Net Profits = £144.32

Individual Promotion

  • Betway:  £214.85 (Jordan Spieth the 1st round leader but finished 3rd, so won the win market both bookmaker & exchange and deducted qualifying loss)
  • William Hill: £12.3 (Arbitrage profits from 7 super-boost odds during 4 days, of which bets were not included in the above table but separately placed )
  • Betstar: £5.6 (In-Play free bet final cash value)
  • Genting: £7.5 (Rory Mcllroy top 5 finished, the qualifying loss was already deducted in the above extra place jackpot calculation & free bet final cash value)
  • All the other offers (Tournament Winner, 2nd, 3rd or up to 5th finishes, Tiger Woods Win, & Miss The Cut Refunds – couldn’t place at a few bookies such as 138Bet due to the predicted unacceptable qualifying loss) failed and qualifying loss was deducted in the final calculation.
  • Total net profit: £240.25

Total Profit = £144.32 (Extra Place) + £240.25 (Individual Promotions) – £14.19 (Other Players’ Qualifying Loss) = £370.38



Betting for Golf Majors – Conclusion


Golf Tournament vs Horse Racing


Let me show you the comparison between Golf Tournaments & Horse Racing;

  • From a purely financial viewpoint, Horse Racing could be better. Because the probability of Tied results is much smaller. You also need much less betting coverage – Horse Racing is around 15 runners while around 100 participated players in Golf Tournament. This means, if you cover the top 30%, you need 30 players vs just 5 horses. Your cash will be stuck both in bookies & exchanges for the entire 4 days for golf, whereas less than 30 minutes for horse racing.
  • However, you also need a bit of fun in matched betting. All through the 4 days, you may get excited or feel a thrill whenever you check the leaderboard. Besides, as said before, you have enough time (3-4 days before tee-off) for planning & constructing the scalping. It’s good for newbies to prepare & practice.

Well, in any case, for Major Golf Tournaments like Grand Slam and Big Horse Meetings such as Cheltenham / Grand National Festival, where massive promotions come out, you should take the approach explained in this document.

You can also do scalping more often in Golf PGA tours. And for Horse Racing, you can do it almost every day if you like to make online extra income regularly.


Our Advantage Play 


On this occasion, allow us to share a bit about our betting principle. Many people automatically think of Betting = Gambling. Big Misconception. We do bet but don’t count on luck. Instead, we do 6 Advantage Plays based on mathematical edge to beat the bookies, casinos & bingo.

When it comes to Sports Betting, we use Matched Betting / Sports Arbitrage / Value Bets On Proven Tipsters to lock in a profit or consistently earn extra income for the long term.

With that said, one of our policies is “Betting On Chance Is For Losers, Stop Gamble Betting But Bet on Only +EV ToWin Reliably“. 

It is effectively our way to promote Responsible Gambling. And we strongly support GambleAware being explained in about us.

We would like our readers to exploit such reliable money-making opportunities as much as possible. We employ various customized tactics to get the maximum return from each offer. Sharing the Guide of Betting Golf Majors is one of them.


Golf – Value Betting


In this guide, we focused on the Risk-Free approach, however, you can take Value Betting which is based on the Law of Large Numbers (LLN).  this means you will be profitable in the long term mathematically.  

SBC published a free 34-page guide “Golf: How To Win Betting”, which is one of the most comprehensive betting guides. It includes their reviews on the golf betting tipsters and strategies they used to turn a profit last year, including one free tipster that made over 700 points profit!

Do free download the guide, use Download Link (just fill in your email in the box as the below image shows);

SBC Free Golf Guide


When it comes to the bookmakers, World 19 Best Offshore Betting Sites Offers & Best 7 Reduced Juice Sportsbooks will be helpful.


Bitcoin Betting

Cryptocurrency betting represented by Bitcoin has become a major stream, especially for international players because it can circumvent some geographical restrictions, so suggest you go through;



Works Internationally


BTW, Golf Masters or Majors are huge events that attract global attention. Although we use UK Bookmakers’ Offers in this document, as long as you reside in the jurisdiction where online gambling is permitted and you can access similar bookies’ offers, the method introduced in this guide should work. Incidentally, we have issued:

In these documents, you will find the specific methods that enable people from almost all countries to make the best use of the lucrative offshore advantage gambling opportunities you may have overlooked.


Long-Term Solution


Finally, if you take too much value from bookmakers, you will face Account Restriction a.k.a. “Gubbing”. Therefore, we have prepared the following 2 guides; We believe the above 2 guides will help you keep exploiting unfair bookies, means will enable you to make money on the side reliably for the long term.


BTW, if you happen to be a sharp casino & game bonus hunter, strongly suggest taking a look at the List of 52 Best Bitcoin Casino Bonuses and for those who appreciate the highest privacy, go to the List of Best Anonymous Bitcoin Casinos & Bonuses, just FYI.



If you have any inquiries or need any help from us, please contact us anytime (don’t worry, we will not charge you any fee, everything is free here).


Good Luck!!


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Editor – Global Extra Money (GEM)