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Best 7 Reduced Juice Sportsbooks July 2024

Best Reduced Juice Betting Sites Meaning


Reduced juice sportsbook or low vig sportsbook is the betting site that lowers the charging fee, which enables you to maximize your potential returns on your sports wagers.

The juice, vigorish, or over-round are sportsbook’s commission (profit) embedded in the odds structure, the same concept as the casino house edge. Therefore, you can expect to win bigger or lose less for every bet at reduced juice sportsbooks, which will have a significant impact on your profitability in the long term. 


Reduced Juice vs Bonuses

The reduced juice sportsbook may;

  • Provide you with only reduced juice with completely no bonuses, or
  • Allow you to select between a Reduced Juice mode account or Bonuses mode account (or hybrid)

The difference between the reduced juice and bonus comes from how each sportsbook allocates its expenses, for full details, suggest reading Beat The Bookies By Knowing Secret Of Odds.

We compare the pros & cons between Reduced Juice and bonuses later. 



List of Top 7 Reduced Juice Sportsbooks 


Here is a quick list of our World’s Best 7 reduced juice sportsbooks based on July 2024 review;



Reduced Juice Sportsbooks Reviews 



Cloudbet – High Limit Sharp Crypto Sportsbook with Reduced Juice (Zero-Margin Bet)

cloudbet new logoSnapshot
  • Cloudbet was founded in 2013 and licensed by Montenegro & Curacao eGaming, providing both Sportsbook & Casino – all Crypto Arcade games are provably fair
  • Claims “Welcomes professional sports punters, offers betting limits up to 10 BTC for major markets. Contact the trading team ( to review and agree on raising limits for additional events“.
  • Competitive odds are enhanced by Zero-Margin Bets (reduced juice), which apply to the first 1000 players placing a bet on the selected games. See how Zero-Margin works where you can locate odds comparisons with other major crypto sports betting sites. 
  • Accept 23 cryptocurrencies including DOGE, LTC & DASH.  
  • Only e-mail & password setting is required to open an account, basically, an anonymous account since No KYC request unless suspicious activity is detected. 
  • Restricted Countries: UK, US, Hong Kong, and Singapore

Clouldbet Sign-Up Offer

Claim 100% 1st Deposit Bonus of up to 5 BTC + 100 Free Spins (GEM Exclusive Offer)

Enjoy Loyalty Club benefits and enjoy Various Ongoing Offers such as Tuesday Free Spins, Wednesday 50% Buy-in Discount, Thursday Reload Bonus, & €40,000 Tournaments, etc.  

Cloudbet offers Reduced Juice for selected games, called Zero-Margin Bets;cloudbet zero margin bet


5Dimes – Best Sports Market Coverage & Reduced Juice or Bonus Package

5Dimes LogoSnapshot
  • 5Dimes was founded in ‘96 in Costa Rica and obtained the best-reputed offshore sportsbook position & racebook with the most extensive market coverage & wager type as well as casino.  
  • Withdrew from the US market temporarily and restarted the rest of the world operation with a rigorous IOM (Isle Of Man) license in 2021.
  • Famous for Welcome High Rollers & Reduced Juice (105 pricing, 50% discount over standard 110)
  • For funding, use a credit card, Interac (Canada Only), bank wire, cashier’s check, P to P, and Bitcoin.   
  • Restricted Countries: Many, so go Sign Up page and if you’re not Geo-Blocked, you are likely to be accepted. 


Looselines (Costa Rica) – Reduced Juice Parlays & A lot of In-Plays

looselines logoSnapshot
  • Looselines was founded in 1998, licensed in Costa Rica as a sister site to Jazz Sports, and established a favourable reputation by providing Sports, Horse Racing, ESports & Casino with a prompt Payout policy.
  • On top of the famous Reduce Juice Line offer, incredible parlay payout, a wide range of in-play betting & live streaming is available.    
  • Accept BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH & DASH as well as Card, Skrill & P to P.
  • Restricted Countries: Basically None.


Pinnacle – Welcome Any Professional Punters, Reduced Juice Exclusive Sportsbook

Pinnacle Sharp Punter Friendly Best BookmakerSnapshot
  • Pinnacle started in 1998, licensed in Netherlands Antilles, often described as the world’s best sportsbook for professional punters
  • Officially welcome educated professionals – See this page where you find “Welcome Professional” policies, Encourage arb trading on their site.
  • The first mover of high volume with a low margin (reduced juice) business model.
  • Probably the highest wagering limit in the industry.
  • Restricted Countries: Many, see the full list in Pinnacle T&C 1.1.3
  • *Since this is Must Have for all Sharps, if you reside in restricted countries, suggest you take a look at Our Solutions – you can use Pinnacle White Labels (which means you in effect access to Pinnacle odds) supported by Pinnacle Solution.


BetAnySports – Tookover 5Dimes US Business, Reduced Juice or Bonus Package

betanysports logoSnapshot
  • BetAnySports (BAS) was established in 2002, licensed in Costa Rica, and since then has been famous for its flawless fast payout and excellent customer service. 
  • BAS took over the 5Dimes US operation (that constantly ranked within the top 3 by many review sites) & its successful business model of extensive sports coverage/wager type, high roller welcome & low juice offer.  
  • You need to select either the Reduced Juice package (default set) or the Free Play Bonus Package (contact the support).
  • Restricted Countries: Many, so click the Sign-Up Page, and if you’re not Geo-Blocked, you’re most likely accepted.

BetAnySports Account Reward Choice

Select Reduced Juice Rewards (default set), the Most Popular & Most Profitable Offer for Long-Term

Or, if you prefer a bonus, contact Customer Support via Live Chat to inform promotion code “GEM” Then you get an Exclusive Bonus of “55% of the deposit up to $1000 free play” + 15% Kickback on all of your over losses of entire categories (Sports, Casino & Lotto) & Racebook Cashback.


Sportbet – Sister Site of 5Dimes with Reduced Juice Parlays logoSnapshot
  • Sportbet was founded in ‘96, licensed in Costa Rica, and developed as a sister site of 5Dimes by offering the most extensive market coverage, good odds & wager type of sports & horse racing as well as a casino.  
  • 30% Super Saver (107 pricing) that can also apply to Parlays and attractive loyalty offers are popular.
  • For funding, use a credit card, Interac (Canada Only), P to P, or Bitcoin.   
  • Restricted Countries: Many, so go Sign Up page and if you’re not Geo-Blocked, you are likely to be accepted. 


BetOnline (Panama) – Reduced Juice Only for Limited Event/Time 

Betonline Worldwide Acceptance BookmakerSnapshot
  • BetOnline was founded in ‘91 (online from 2001), is fast-growing in the US, and accepts almost all countries in the world with the business principle of “1st priority Service over Sales”.
  • Betonline regularly offers Reduced Juice bets for limited events & periods.
  • High wagering limit – worth noting that they allow re-bet on the same game which effectively allows you to circumvent limits.
  • Excellent promotion especially permanent offers called “lifetime reload bonus”, yes you read it right “Lifetime” for both Fiat Currency & Cryptocurrency deposits plus various ongoing offers like Odds Booster
  • On top of the Crypto deposit shown on the right, those who prefer Fiat Currency ($), enjoy a 50% Welcome Bonus (code “BOL1000”) & 25% Reload Bonus (code “LIFEBONUS”) Go PROMOS page
  • Restricted Countries: Australia, France & Panama
  • Casino: Welcome Offer100% Deposit Bonus up to $3,000 (1st 3 deposits up to $1,000 each) Use code “BOLCASINO“.

BetOnline Bonuses

“100% Cryptocurrency Deposit Bonus Up To $1,000” Use Code ‘ CRYPTO100 ‘ Claim Offer Now!!

+ 35% Crypto Reload Bonus For Life On EVERY Deposit Use Code “CRYPTO35”

+ Add a 5% boost on your Crypto Deposits.

As seen from the below NHL example, BetOnline offers Reduced Juice for limited events/time;betonline limited NHL reduced juice



How Reduced Juice Works


Reduced Juice Calculation – How Much Can You Save? 


You as a player want to get a minimum of $100 for every $100 you place. On the other hand, the sportsbook wants you to have a higher risk of more than $100 to win $100 by seeking the optimized juice, namely the possible highest odds yet enticing you to place action. 

The industry standard juice requires a player to risk $110 for every $100 they would want to win on a wager, which means 10% is the margin taken by the sportsbook. 

Let’s see the NFL point spread example.

Below are the odds Jazzsports offers, which indicate a 10% margin for both +3.5 & -3.5;

jazzbet juice example

While Pinnacle odds 6% for +3.5 & 5% for -3.5 as below, means average 5.5%;

pinnacle sports reduced juice example

Therefore, at Jazzsports, placing a bet on the Bills for a $100 profit will cost you $110, whereas, at Pinnacle, the same profit comes at only a $105.5 (average) risk to you. Specifically, you save $1 when you bet on the Cardinals or $8 when you bet on the Rams, the average $4.5 saving.

You have to risk less money to win the same amount. To put it another way, you get a better return relative to your stake on all winning bets.

However, don’t jump to the conclusion that Jazzsports is a bad sportsbook, on the contrary, it’s one of the best offshore sportsbooks with excellent bonus offers (check World 19 Best Offshore Betting Sites Offers). 

See the Reduced Juice vs Bonus later, which shows how you should select. 

How Each Reduced Juice Sportsbook Present the Offer 

As a type of sportsbook that offers reduced juice, 

BAS (BetAnySports) Example

BAS says;

The Less Juice Package
Why pay full price when you can pay half? Choose from less juice options on NFL, NCAA football, Canadian Football, NBA, NCAA basketball, WNBA, MLB, NHL, grand slam tennis, PGA golf and special events. Less Juice options are generally posted on the day of the event. 

35% Free-Play Bonus
Sportsbook Free-Plays Earn up to $700 in Free-Play bonus based on the method and amount you send.

* BTW, if you prefer Free-Play Bonus, contact Customer Support via Live Chat to inform promotion code “GEM” Then you get an Exclusive Bonus of “55% of the deposit up to $1000 free play”, Just FYI.


Looselines Example

Looseline shows that it allows you to select the account mode as;

looseline reduced line or bonuses

Looselines explains the type of bonuses specifications as;

By choosing Reduced Juice as your preferred line type, your line value will be automatically adjusted to -105 juice on sides and totals for NFL, NCAA and NBA regular season.
By choosing the Dime Line as your preferred line type, your line value will be automatically adjusted to -110 juice, with improved teaser payouts.
By choosing the Progressive Line type, your line value will be automatically adjusted to -110 juice, with larger cash bonuses.

So, you can also get bonuses even in the reduced juice package though, the sports covered by the reduced juice are limited in comparison to BAS.


Cloudbet Example

Cloudbet Zero-Margin Bet says;

Cloudbet is offering zero margin odds on various competitions, guaranteeing you the best prices in the world for your favourite sports including NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MMA, soccer and tennis.
Simply keep your eye out for highlighted events marked with yellow boxes. That means you get to enjoy the fairest pre-match odds on that specific event.
For each selected sports event, we will offer 1000 customers odds with zero margin: we’re giving up our commission on these bets to ensure you get the best possible odds and maximise your winnings.

Cloudbet shows a Zero-Margin game as below;cloudbet zerobet odds interface

As explained, the first 1000 players placing a bet on the above event will enjoy zero margins. Once the quota is full, odds will display as normal so you know that they are betting with regular margins now.




Reduced Juice vs Bonuses


Naturally, reduced juice negatively affects a sportsbook’s bottom line, thus as explained above, the reduced juice sportsbooks don’t offer bonuses at all or ask players to choose the account mode to maintain profitability.

Then, when it comes to the selection between reduced juice and bonuses, how can you determine?


Who Should Take Reduced Juice


Reduced juice may suit;

  •   Experienced / Seasoned Punters 
  •   Value Bettors

The newbies tend to focus on winning, but all bettors lose. The break-even win rate for wagers at -110 odds is 52.4%, while around 51% for bets at -105 odds.

Experienced punters with high betting frequency & volume can clearly understand the concept of “Saving yourself 5% on each bet both from losing & winning bet will have a significant impact on your overall profit or loss in the long haul”. 

BTW, we set 57% as a winning target to examine How To Make A Living Sports Betting – Full Assessment of 3 Methods, check it if you’re interested. So, even those who can earn enough to live from sports betting lose well over 40% of the bet, which means there are a lot of opportunities to limit losses for sharps with reduced juice. 

As claimed by the Pinnacle Sports site below, the unique features of reduced juice sportsbooks are 1) Low Margin 2) Higher Strake Limit 3) No Account Restriction, all of which are liked by heavy bettors rather than newbie/casual bettors.

pinnacle sports reduced sportsbook features


Value Betting Opportunities

Unlike matched betting (see the next “who should take Bonus” section) & sports arbitrage which guarantees profits, you need a winning system based on Value Betting to achieve constant winnings in the long term. 

Find the below 4 systems, the first 2 are Value Betting Finding Software, then followed by Human Tipster rating service, and finally Human & Machine Integrated System;

Trademate Sports Value Bet Finder Software – For Worldwide Players

Trademate is a Value Bet Finding Software, founded in Noway in 2014. We examined Trademate Core by ourselves and we now feel it’s a Genuine Long-Term Solution for everyone seeking solid monthly extra income. Check our review and their site

We strongly urge all US bettors to check Value Betting USA – Trademate US Sports Software Assessment which shows how we achieved over $12,000 in pure profits with $3,600 starting bank after placing 5,000 Bets based on LLN (Law of Large Numbers) theory.
trademate sports logo

RebelBetting Value Bet Finder Software – For Worldwide Players

RebelBetting is famous for being the Best Sports Arbitrage Software and they extended their expertise into Value Bets Finder. Their proven technology has been well integrated into this Value Betting Software. See our review and check their sitevalue bets finder rebelbetting logo

For starting guide, go to RebelBetting Value Betting – Method To Double Your Capital Within 3 Months.

SBC (Smart Betting Club) Human Tipster – For The Players in UK / Europe

SBC is not a tipster but a tipster proofing & rating institution and probably the most reputable rating service supported by a frequent quotes by media in this industry. Their primary region is UK & Europe. Take a look at our Secret Betting Club Review – Inside Analysis Of Ultimate Sports Betting MethodSmart Betting Club Logo

You may find Smart Betting Club – Formulas of Smart Bets Profits for Global Players will be useful to start.

ZCode System Human & Machine System – For The Players Anywhere In The World

ZCode is probably one of the most successful sports investing systems in the world with global betting tips. ZCode system comprises Computer Automated Tips based on a huge database & Human Expert Tips. Take a look at; ZCode Review – Full Inside Analysis / Founder Interview / Secret Of Winners Worldwide.

ZCode System Review, Logo Brown

Strongly suggest you go through ZCode System Updates & Proven Model To Start, which gives you the step-by-step process to make $1,500 profits every month on the side. This guide also includes a 75% permanent subscription discount link which is occasionally activated, so check if you’re lucky to use it today.


Who should take Bonus? 

Bonuses may suit;

  •   Newbie & Recreational (Casual) Players
  •   Matched Bettors

A punter who chooses a sportsbook with a bonus will have a larger bankroll at the beginning, which can help you practice betting and increase your confidence. 

Let’s see a few examples of bonuses;

BAS (Bet Any Sports) offers Free Play as an alternative to the Reduced Juice mode. The promotion section explains;

Sportsbook Free-Play
Receive up to $700 in Free-Play to use in the Sportsbook. The amount of your bonus is based on the amount of your deposit. The deposit can be done using any of our available methods and must be between $100 and $2000. The Free-Play bonus equals 35% of the deposit amount.

* BTW, you can get our exclusive offer of a “55% welcome bonus up to $1000” if you use the “GEM” code which you need to inform via live chat. 

BetOnline offers a wide range of generous bonuses (both welcome & reload) like the below;

betonline first deposit crypto bonus

betonline crypto reload bonus


No-Risk Matched Betting 

As seen from the above examples, you can get a lot of free money from bonuses (see World 19 Best Offshore Betting Sites Offers which enable you to collect well over $15,000 bonuses altogether). 

You can use these bonuses for just practice & fun though, we suggest taking a smarter move to guarantee the profits from them via matched betting technique. 

Matched betting is all about placing a bet with the sports and then eliminating all of the risks by placing an opposite bet with the betting exchange (or with other sportsbooks, a.k.a. Dutching betting technique) to scalp the bonuses & free bet effectively (see Matched Betting For Dummies for details). 

We have prepared a special guide Sportsbook Rollover Bonus Strategy – Underlay Betting to rake the bonus requiring rollover effectively. 

For the players outside the UK/Ireland especially where people can’t access the betting exchange, use Betfair White Label (see Betfair Alternatives For People Who Can’t Access Or Seek Better Options) and suggest checking;

If you want to use Cryptocurrencies funding for matched betting, the Bitcoin Matched Betting guide (we use the BetOnline example) must be useful. 


Conclusion – Best Reduced Juice Sportsbooks


Historically, the reduced juice sportsbook represented by Pinnacle has been well-known among Sharps who use mathematical value betting.

5Dimes was a pioneer to establish reduced juice wagering together with the bonus choice in the USA. Although 5Dimes withdrew its operation from the US, BAS (Bet Any Sports) tookover its renowned business. 

For European & the UK/Ireland punters reduced juice sportsbook was not available, thus not popular at all though Looselines now can accommodate pro punter’s needs. 

Don’t forget BetOnline can accommodate the UK/Ireland & all European countries (except France).

BTW, you can take 5Dimes & Sportbet reduced juice services anywhere except “American Samoa, Australia, Brazil, France, Guam, Hungary, Iran, Japan, North Korea, Panamá, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States Minor Outlying Islands, United States of America, US Virgin Islands, Vietnam“.

You may like bonuses but you’re free to have multiple bookmakers’ accounts.

It might be worth your while to try out the reduced juice wagering and realize its value of it. 



Reduced Juice Sportsbook FAQ

– They are the same meaning. Juice, Vig (Vigorish) & over-round are fees charged by the sportsbook. So, you will pay the smaller cost for each wager in both reduced juice and low vig bookmakers. 
– It mainly depends on the requirements of bonus such as a rollover. But, in general, the more you bet, the more you save with reduced juice, so if you’re a heavy bettor/high roller, reduced juice may be more beneficial. 
– Pinnacle sports is the best for professional punters while BAS (Bet Any Sports), Looselines, 5Dimes & Sportbet are also top-notch reduced sportsbooks that give the option of bonus package selection. 
– Obviously, sharp experienced punters like the reduced juice bookmakers. However, it’s worth it for any casual players who usually prefer bonuses to try out the reduced juice wagering to see the real value of saving the cost on every bet. 


If you need any assistance from us, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


If you use cryptocurrencies for sports betting, suggest taking a look at the List of Best Bitcoin Sports Betting Bookmakers, and Stake regularly offers Risk-Free bets, just FYI. 

Incidentally, in case you want to be a sharp casino & game bonus hunter, strongly suggest taking a look at the List of 52 Best Bitcoin Casino Bonuses and for those who appreciate the highest privacy, go to the List of Best Anonymous Bitcoin Casinos & Bonuses, just FYI.


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