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Value Betting Software – Ultimate Guide & List

value bets finder feature imageAdvantage Play

What’s Value Betting?  

Value Betting means placing bets that have a better chance of winning than implied odds set by bookmakers, which is the essence of consistent winning for the long term. 

“The House Always Wins” is the standard saying in the gambling industry. It’s simply based on the fact that the bookmakers/casinos set a marginal edge over the players. Means what the bookie’s payout to customers is always smaller than the actual chance of the event happening.

As a result, they will make guaranteed money in the long term even they lose in an occasional huge jackpot. Why? Because they own a mathematical edge, called House Edge in Casino & Over-round in Sports Betting.

Value Betting, on the contrary, is the player’s ability to identify such mathematical edge against a bookmaker or another user on the exchange.

Simply put, in Sports Betting, when the selection’s probability of happening is less than it should be, namely Under-round condition, then it offers value. For full detail about this subject, go Beat the Bookmakers By Knowing How They Make Money. 

So, we can define Value Bet as the bet priced for less than it’s worth, and it is the fundamental of profit that nobody can beat. That’s why it’s very important for the punters to locate Value Bet.betting probability

In summary, the advantage play we use is all about taking bookie’s edge away from them and give ourselves the edge by identifying the value bet.

How To Calculate Expected Value (EV) For Sports Betting

We gauge the edge of sports betting in the form of EV (Expected Value) for every opportunity, which is calculated as;

EV = (Winning Amount x Winning Probability) – (Losing Amount x Losing Probability)

Winning or Losing Amount = (Stake x Decimal Odds) – Stake

Winning or Losing Probability = (1 / Decimal Odds) x 100%

Let’s use a popular & simple coin toss example. The true decimal odds of the coin toss should be 2.0 because the probability of head or tail is 50%. Then;

EV = (£100 x 1.0 x 50%) – (£100 x 1.0 x 50%) = £0

But assuming you get 2.1 odds and bet £100 on it, then;

EV = (£100 x 1.1 x 50%) – (£100 x 1.0 x 50%) = £5

The result indicates that you will make an average profit of £5 for every £100 bet. Because in this case, the implied probability of 47.6% (1/2.1) is lower than the true probability of 50%, means Under-round, thus you will constantly win in long-term, which is a Value Bet.

As long as we find Positive EV that gives us Long-Term Value, we think it worth pursuing.

What’s Value Betting Finder / Software?

No Value Betting Without Excellent Value Bet Finder.

How To Find Value Bets & What Is Value Betting Software?

A Value Betting Finder is a software which is designed to automatically locate sports events where bookies provide inaccurate prices in the bettor’s favour, namely Overvalued Odds that is Value Bet.

Each Value bet software has its own algorithm to locate the value bet though, one of the standard ways is to look at the odds on betting exchanges.

In the above coin toss example, head or tail is 50:50 that is 100% Sure True Probability. However, who can predict 100% in Sports Betting? Bookies are good at doing it with a good database or employing the 3rd party specialists.

But their Implied Probabilities are not necessarily close to the true probability. Actually, they are often remote, because they need to inject the margin (over-round) & balance the book.

On the other hand, the odds in betting exchanges are based on the mass collective wisdom including sharp punters’ bets and they react faster than soft bookies to new information such as starting lineup (imagine if a key player is absent due to sudden accident, the true odds will be changed immediately).

It is a way to spot value odds before the bookies adjust.

Value bet software uses betting exchange data to identify when there is a weakness in the bookmakers’ odds. It identifies areas where the bookmakers’ odds don’t tally with the exchanges and highlights these to the bettor.

Benefits Of Value Betting Software

The obvious benefit of Value Betting Finder is convenience by saving a lot of time & effort. It’s impossible for us as a human to scan hundreds of thousands of bets to seek the value even we have a value bet calculator.

As with any form of software, value bets finder gives us great efficiency and practically, we can’t make great profits from value betting without high-quality software.

The software usually requires almost no complicated input from you and a very straightforward process. It does everything so that all that you need to do is just placing the bet when the software alerts you. I

f you already started Sports Arbitrage and have been familiar with an arbitrage bet finder (a.k.a. sure bets finder), then you will find value bet finder very similar to it.

The biggest differences are that value bets software can show far more & could last longer opportunities than the arbitrage bets, because there only has to be deviations in odds on one outcome of the game.

How It Works for Value Betting

The easiest way is to watch the video prepared by Trademate Sports (probably one of the most established Value Bets Finding Software – see the details later).

The video explains the standard process of the software which may generally apply to many available value bets finders in the market although the detail quality varies among software.

How Many Stakes Do You Need To Bet & How Much Money Can You Make?

Stake Size – Kelly Criterion

We use the so-called Kelly Criterion, which calculates the optimal stake for maximum growth of your bankroll, proportional to the perceived value of the bet.

This stake size or allocation is, in fact very important element of value betting.

Unlike Matched Betting or Sports Arbitrage where you hedge risk, value betting has downswings and variance risk. Therefore you need to be very disciplined to stick to the determined formula rather than a haphazard approach being affected by emotion.

Every sharp punter follows this Kelly Criterion;

In probability theory and intertemporal portfolio choice, the Kelly criterion, Kelly strategy, Kelly formula, or Kelly bet is a formula used to determine the optimal size of a series of bets in order to maximise the logarithm of wealth.

In most gambling scenarios and some investing scenarios under some simplifying assumptions, the Kelly strategy will do better than any essentially different strategy in the long run (that is, over a span of time in which the observed fraction of bets that are successful equals the probability that any given bet will be successful).

It was described by J. L. Kelly, Jr, a researcher at Bell Labs, in 1956. The practical use of the formula has been demonstrated.Kelly Criterion - Wiki

Simply, it’s a mathematical formula to calculate the ideal stake amount for any particular bet based on the EV, which applies to the bettor’s betting bank.

rebelbetting value betting earning calculator

How To Calculate

The Kelly Criterion formula is: (bp – q) / b = f 

b = the Decimal odds -1 p = the probability of success q = the probability of failure (i.e. 1-p) f = the stake amount Let me use a coin toss again as an example of Kelly Criterion; Assuming you are betting on a coin to land on heads at 2.00.

But, if the coin is biased and has a 52% chance of ending up on heads. In this case: p= 0.52 q = 1 – 0.52 = 0.48 b = 2 – 1 = 1 f = (0.52 x 1 – 0.48) / 1 = 0.04

Therefore the Kelly Criterion would recommend you bet 4%. A positive percentage implies an edge in favour of your bankroll, so your funds grow exponentially.

Optimum Setting

It’s not recommendable to follow the stake calculated by the Kelly Criterion Formula without adjustment, why? Watch the video;

In short, using 100% of Kelly leads to higher variance and steeper draw-downs under the condition of constantly changing odds. Lowering the Kelly stake sizing, together with having a set max bet size, is a good way to manage this risk.

The value bets finder being listed in this article set 30-50% as the default setting which of course you can change.

The point is you don’t need to calculate to determine your stake size for every bet but the value bets software will automatically suggest you the optimal stake.

However, as the video shows if you have huge open bets you may want to adjust a bit – see How To Adjust Your Bankroll While Betting To Reduce Variance.

How Much Money Can We Make? – Value Betting Calculator For Earning Prediction

You may want to take a look at How To Make A Living Sports Betting – Full Assessment of 3 Methods where you will get a good insight on how much income you may earn from Matched Betting, Sports Arbitrage & Value Betting respectively.

All actually depend on the level of your commitment though, when it comes to value betting, as another benchmark, let me use the stat from RebelBetting Value Betting software which has been recently launched (see the details later).

rebelbetting value betting earning calculator

It says;

A group of beta testers has secretly been using ValueBetting since May 2018. They have placed over 12.000 real bets using the service and their results have been impressive, achieving a staggering 14% profit per month on average. One of our beta testers, Mike, achieved an impressive 400% gain in 4 months.RebelBetting Value Betting

Gathering various feedback from our members as well as available data found in forums etc looks 10% – 20% is a reasonable return using a value bets software.

For your own prediction, you can use RebelBetting Value Bet Calculator for Earning Prediction by playing around the number of bets per day, average stake size, number of days you bet per month etc (these are the factors of your commitment level) as shown in the above image.

Besides, you can see my own actual statistics recorded by using Trademate Sports software later.

Value Betting – Issue & Solutions

Soft Bookmaker

Keep betting on value is a professional act, and bookies especially Soft Bookies don’t like it because they know they will lose to us without fail in their business model. BTW, what’s SOFT bookie?

Broadly speaking, there are 2 types of bookies of Soft & Sharp bookies, Just in case, you are not familiar with it, take a look at Beat The Bookies – Secret Of Odds.

However, very quickly, we can characterize each bookie as;

  • Soft bookies: Targeting Casual Punters – Run a lot of promotion / Odds adjustment is relatively slow / Impose account restriction (gubbing)
  • Sharp bookies: Targeting Professional Punters – Highly competitive odds / High staking limit / Never impose account restriction

You may also want to take a look at List of 35 World Worst Betting Sites That Quickly Restrict Your Account Why do they do? Let me quote Richard Flint, chief executive of Sky Bet;

We run a business, not a public service. We run it to be a commercial success. We must have the ability to say no to customers who we believe will be unprofitable for us in the longer term. A tiny proportion of customers were affected and that 97% went unrestricted, Contrary to myth, we don’t close accounts simply because a customer is winning.Bookmakers are urged to rethink closing down winning punters’ accounts

In short,  it may be just a matter of time that soft bookies clamp down on your account of value betting by limiting your maximum stakes.

Avoid Bookmaker’s Radar

Although I said it would be a matter of time, there are many ways to delay or even completely avoid such account restriction/closing.

Despite the fact that a few nasty cases exist like All bets are off! IT worker tells how British bookies froze his account because he was winning TOO MUCH, as the CEO of Sky Bet said they don’t close the account just because you keep winning.

The key is your betting behaviour such as “consistently beating the starting price of their selections ” which is a typical case for value bettors.

Each bookmaker has own unique monitoring criteria to assess your betting activities though we already identified key assessment elements and we have prepared the following 2 guides;

We believe the above 2 guides will help you keep exploiting unfair bookies, means will enable you to make money on the side reliably for long-term.

The good part of Value Betting Without Risk-Hedge (, which is what you do using value bet finder tools) can be a relatively less limitation as the Canadian member of Rebelbetting said as;

Value bets stay longer and are faster to take. You also need a much smaller bankroll as the bets are smaller. Taking smaller bets probably helps not getting limited quite as fast. Claude,Canada, September 2018RebelBetting Value Bet

Focus On Sharp Punters

Even if you get restricted all your soft bookies, don’t worry, sharp punters are your permanent buddy. You can keep winning there, suggest checking List of 20 World Best Online Bookies That Never Restrict Your Account.

Sharp bookies are often in Asia / Caribbean regions, and if you reside in the country/jurisdiction where those bookies don’t accept, you can use Bet Brokers – see Honest Opinion About Bet Broker & How To Use Them Safely & Smartly for the full details.

Lastly, let me quote Richard Flint again;

On minimum bet commitments – we already lay bets to win £100 for anyone in the show on major races, I know the charter calls for this to be £500. I’m happy to discuss where in the middle we might meet.Racing Post - News Betting Restrictions

And after BetVictor, Betfair Sportsbook and William Hill’s online operations, they actually offer Minimum Bet Guarantee, which is a good step in the right direction and one that could encourage more operators to follow suit. Not bad news for value bettors.

List Of Best Value Betting Software

As said at the beginning, let me introduce 2 Value Betting Software, which we believe the most reliable & workable in the industry based on the feedback from our own members’ real experiences.

Many betting software in the market are produced by tech guys, namely programmers but the both we are listing here are designed & produced by the team of professional punters (both are coincidentally poker players) & developers. As a result, they are very user friendly and practical.

Trademate Sports

trademate sports logo

Trademate was founded by childhood friends Messrs Jonas Gjelstad & Marius Norheim in 2014. Many of our members reported “Consistent Earnings Without Any Single Losing Month”.

We examined Trademate Core by ourselves and we now feel it’s a Genuine Long-Term Solution especially for Matched Bettors who are fed up with Gubbing.  

Interview With CEO

We conducted an e-mail interview with Mr Marius Norheim, CEO & Co-founder of Trademate Sports (Note is added by me). We designed the questionnaires of which answers will not be duplicated with the info publicized in their website. Hope, you will find a lot of useful insight about Trademate Sports;
trademate sports ceo photo
Joshua: Firstly, can you explain what sort of legal structure you set up for your business and tell us your ambition of Trademate Sports?
Marius: Just a normal privately-owned company from Norway. Our goal is for Trademate Sports to be the best service for professional sports bettors and traders.
Giving them an edge over the bookies with the value bets we identify and provide the tools they need to make money from sports betting. Also, we want to educate our customers on sports betting, how they can stop losing and start winning from the bookmakers.
We have written a lot of articles and made many videos explaining everything from fundamental betting concepts such as “What is the 1×2” to “bankroll management and stake sizing strategies such as the Kelly Criterion” (note: watch the above video).
Joshua: In “Why We Do”, you said “The problem with sports trading and exploiting value on the European bookmakers is that they will eventually limit anyone who wins over time. This has happened to all of us, so one way to look at it is that through providing this service to you we are able to get back the at the bookies and at the same time indirectly getting a cut of the profits through our subscription fee. Or in other words, it’s a win-win. “, can you elaborate on this, in particular for “indirectly getting a cut of the profits through our subscription fee “ ?
Marius: In an ideal world we would charge our customers by taking a cut of their profits. But then they could just not register the trades we are showing them, still getting the full value of our product, but without us getting any income. Instead, we charge a fixed subscription fee. It gives pretty much the same end result. However, the benefit for you, is that if you are a high roller with a large bankroll or just do really well, you’ll keep more of the profits for yourself.
Joshua: When it comes to the bookies’ restriction, there are many sharp bookies in Caribbean & Asian regions, does your system cover them?
Marius: We support SBObet, IBC/Dafabet, Pinnacle, Betfair Exchange, Matchbook, Smarkets and Betdaq in Trademate Pro, the version of our product made for professional sports bettors and arbers. None of those bookies limits winning players and they have high betting limits for players.
Joshua: Does your service apply to International Players as long as their jurisdiction permits on-line gambling legitimately?
Marius: Yes. Trademate Sports can be used by anyone in any country, but to get the most out of our service, you would have to have some bookies you can use from your country. How many one can use varies from country to country and you would have to check which you can use for yourself. The more the better.
Joshua: Is it possible to share the total number of your subscribers & geographical allocation?
Marius: The majority of Trademate Sport’s customers are based in Europe, more specifically the Nordics, but we have customers from all over the world these days. So I guess one could say that we are global.
Joshua: The more your subscribers increases, the quicker the value bet opportunity will vanish, or the easier the bookies will identify your subscribers as sharp, thus the quicker their accounts will get limited. Do you set the optimum number of subscribers or any thought about this issue?
Marius: If it does become a problem in the future we will set a cap on subscribers yes. But we are far away from reaching that limit anytime soon. If we ever get there we’ll make Trademate Sports into an exclusive invite-only product for professional sports bettors.
Joshua: Regarding your software, can you tell us what are the biggest edge over your competitions, or why do people have to take your service rather than others?
Marius: Versus competitors doing matched betting and arbitrage betting our method of beating the bookmakers is value betting. Which is the superior method. We have written this article which explains the difference between value betting and arbitrage betting.
And this article, which explains why our view is that value betting is the superior method (note: for this particular point, you may also want to read our above article of 3 Advantage Gambling in Sports Betting – Guide For Ordinary People To Beat Bookies) and why we built our company around it.
You can also read this article from Vida, a Danish long-time arbitrage bettor (arber) and why he decided to switch from arbitrage betting to value betting. To sum it up value betting is better than arbitrage and matched betting because The ROI per bet is higher and they occur more frequently. Combined this results in higher profits. Also, it is trickier to sport value bettors for bookmakers so accounts last longer and the potential lifetime earnings are higher. Versus other competitors within value betting, I don’t know exactly how their algorithms work, but I know that our customers have achieved an avg. ROI of 2.6% per bet vs the soft bookmakers over more than a million bets over the last 2 years.
Also, our tool is easy to use with great design and nice value adds such as odds comparison, analytics tools to analyse your data and general bookkeeping of your stats. We produce world-class educational content. You’ll be hard-pressed to find better articles or videos helping you improve as a sports bettor anywhere else online. With a focus on also making the advice actionable. Make sure to check out our blog And youtube channel It is also worth mentioning, that unlike our competitors we are completely independent from all bookmakers. Not receiving any form of affiliate revenue from them.
Joshua: Many of our members come from Betting with Hedge, namely Matched Betting & Sports Arbitrage, what would you suggest the successful mindset to move into without hedge?
Marius: You need to be able to handle the variance that comes with value betting. The ROI per bet is higher, they occur more frequently and it is trickier to spot value bettors for bookmakers, as it only requires an edge on one side of the game. So one can turn over the bankroll a lot faster and achieve higher profits. The only downside is that the variance is higher. So you need to be able to handle the variance and stick through it if you hit a downswing. If you’re expected value is going up, it will pay off in the long run. But it can take you a couple of thousand bets to get there.
Joshua: You offer 3 choices of Trademate Core, Nordic & Pro. Here, just talk about Core & Pro. For Core, you require “The minimum recommended starting bankroll is €1.000. One should start with a higher bankroll and it is highly recommended to spend at least 10 hours a week trading. ” & “The recommended minimum starting bankroll is €20.000, but the higher the starting bankroll the better. With a large bankroll, it will be easier to get high turnover, while keeping the stake size within reasonable risk ranges. Also, it is highly recommended to spend at least 20 hours a week trading, resulting in 250+ trades a week. ” for Pro. So, by following what is required, realistically, how much monthly net earnings (means after your subscription cost) can the subscriber expect (long-term average) based on your past stat in Core & Pro respectively?
Marius: The ROI per bet is rather fixed, on the softs our users are achieving an avg. ROI of 2.6% per bet, on the sharps it is 0.5% avg. ROI per bet. The most active Trademate Customers manage to place 500 bets per week or 2000 bets per month But to calculate the expected profits, it really depends on your starting bankroll, bet size and number of trades you get in (the time you put into it). So to answer this question we wrote an article, which includes a spreadsheet, which you can copy. Then you can insert your own numbers. Note that you need to make a copy of the spreadsheet before you can edit it. Simulations & The Variables Involved In Making A Living From Betting (Note: for this particular point, you may also want to read our article of Make A Living Sports Betting)
Joshua: Can you share the best tactics to achieve the above earnings, which may include stake size (adjusted Kelly Criterion?), minimum value% etc.?
Marius: By far the most important factor for how much profits one can make from value betting is the number of bets you place. In this article, I explain the tactics I use myself with Trademate Sports and the reasoning behind them. I use the a fractional Kelly Criterion for stake sizing (30%): Setting Up Your Tradefeed Presets
Joshua: What are the challenges in your future business & any improvements area / project you plan to pursue?
Marius: Bookmakers kicking out winning players. If there where minimum bet laws as part of increased regulation for bookmakers that would be great for players. We like to keep our company strategies to ourself, but if you are a part of our email list or have done a free trial of Trademate, you’ll get notifications whenever we launch new features or have special offers.
Joshua: You ask for subscription fee in advance up to 3 moths level. Do you have any refund plan in case some unforeseeable event makes you close your business? If you have, how do you secure the fund to use for refund as a contingency? Or is all the subscription fee non-refundable once they are paid to you?
Marius: New customers can start off with a free 7 day trial before signing up for a subscription. I’d recommend starting out with Core Monthly. We also launched a value guarantee program, so if you are not profitable in the first month you can get a second month for free. But if you are planning on doing value betting for the long-run, which you should if you are serious about making money from sports betting. Then you should commit for a longer period of time and a Quarterly subscription because it reduces your cost per month. As a company, Trademate has been around for almost 5 years and is here to stay for many years to come, so that won’t be a problem. As a general principle we do not issue refunds, quite simply because a) we have the value guarantee program and b) we have monthly costs to pay which we can’t get refunds on ourselves. But if you ask nicely and within a couple of days after your subscription renewed we’ll help you out 🙂

I should not forget to share their fantastic data presentation, which automatically gives you very comprehensive analysis on your betting activities.

Actual Trading – My Own Experience

The below shows my past 2 weeks trading results using Trademate Software with the following conditions;

  • No of Bookmakers: 25 (several of them are gubbed accounts, but only restricted from promotion, thus free to bet even large stake)
  • Period: 2 weeks
  • No. Of Bets: 547 (so, average 40 bets per day, but heavily skewed toward the weekend, majority of the bets: football 1x2 )
  • Starting Bank: GBP2,800
  • Profits: GBP599 thus 21.3% Total Fund Growth with an average 4.6% ROI
  • Comments: I tried several betting patterns such as big stake with fewer bets focusing on big value etc. The bigger value opportunities tend to be longer odds means you are more likely to face more variance. The best performance I experienced was following 1.3 - 2.0 odds range with 25% of Kelly Criterion stake allocation. So try it by yourself for Free for 1 Week!!
trademate sports trading log

Click The Image To Enlarge

How To Start

A Free 7 Days Trial
  • Go A Free 7 Days Trial and “Sign Up” at the right top button to register.
  • Then, you click “Upgrade” button to activate your free trial.
  • After you validate your registered e-mail, you will automatically enrol & experience the trading feed for 7 days free.

trademate sports free trial

  • You need to upgrade to the paid subscription after the expiry.
  • Firstly, you may want to take a 1-month plan in order to further monitor your progress while examining the best fit for your lifestyle as well as your risk tolerance.
  • Once you feel comfortable to go for the long-term, you may want a 3-month plan.
  • Remember, your profits are directly correlated to your turnover. The more bets you place, the more you’ll earn in the long-run.

RebelBetting Value Betting Software

value bets finder rebelbetting logo

RebelBetting is famous for the Best Sports Arbitrage Software (see our RebelBetting Full Review) and they just launched a brand-new Value Bets Software. Needless to say, their proven technology has been well integrated into this Value Betting Software.

What's the biggest advantage over the Trademate Sports? Cheaper monthly subscription fee and an AutoSurf technology that automatically logs you into your bookmaker account finds the correct match and highlights the odds, very efficient & risk-avoiding system (for making a careless human error).

Trademate Sports also provide you with this system though, it doesn't apply to all the bookies but only the ones indication "Betslip", which is around half of the covered bookies.

RebelBetting Value Betting Software - Quick Start Manual

The below gives you a brief process of how to use RebelBetting Value Bets Finder from Value Betting Quick Start;

Just follow the step of;
  • Enter your current bankroll at the top.
  • Pick a value bet in the list and press the Bet button
  • Our AutoSurf technology automatically logs you into your bookmaker account, finds the correct match and highlights the odds. Enter your credentials under Options / Bookmaker Setup.
  • You double-check the bet, enter your stakes and confirm the bet.
  • Log your bet.
  • Done!
This short video explains the basic betting process: 

Hints and tips
  • Make sure your current bankroll is updated at least every day, which ensures the kelly stake sizing is correctly calculated and it is especially important in a downswing.
  • Don’t bet on the highest odds simply because they give the highest value. Higher odds are more unlikely to result in a win and this will increase the variance.
  • Very high value % has a larger risk of being a palpable error. It’s better to check if other bookmaker’s odds are similar. Palpable errors are not as dangerous as when arbitrage trading since you will just get your money returned. But it might still look suspicious to the bookmaker.
  • To reduce variance, set a maximum odds to bet on. For instance up to 3.0 – 3.5. Have an even lower max-odds to further reduce variance. For instance, don’t bet on value bets with odds higher than around 2.5. This is of course all depending on how much variance you are willing to take.
  • Set a maximum stake realative to your bankroll.

RebelBetting ValueBetting Software & Price

They offer 1 product with €79 monthly & €356 for 6 months (€59/month);

rebelbetting value betting latest price

I'm discussing full RebelBetting Value Betting review in this guide, where you will also find "Workable Countries" & "Proven Model to Double Your Funds in 3 Months" + 1 Month FREE Link

Alternatives To Value Betting Software

What you may, however, find is that some bookmakers may be able to identify that you are using bet finder software. As we’ve noted, the software can do things that people cannot, certain bookmakers’ own software can identify when your betting patterns are unusual by the following software.

So for those who prefer human, the below shows 2 best options;

Human Tipsters

SBC (Smart Betting Club) - For The Players in UK / Europe

This is not a tipster but a tipster proofing & rating institution and probably the most reputable rating service supported by a frequent quote by media in this industry. Their primary region is UK & Europe. Please take a look at our Smart Betting Club Review – Inside Analysis Of Ultimate Sports Betting Method.

  • Their Hall Of Fame Tipsters (top 22+ tipsters) are the results of SBC’s over decade’s proofing & rating work, of which rating criteria are very strict. Therefore, their top-rated tipsters have large chances to be sustainable for the long-term in the future.
  • Many members report over £10,000 profit last year from SBC service, strongly suggest read the above our review for full details.

Combination of Human & Software

ZCode System - For The Players Anywhere In The World

This is probably one of the most successful sports investing system in the world. Their priority sports area is US 4 Major sports (also cover soccer & horse racing) but being used by the customers worldwide. ZCode system comprises Computer Automated Tips based on huge database & Human Expert Tips. Please take a look at; ZCode Review – Full Inside Analysis / Founder Interview / Secret Of Winners Worldwide

  • All of their tips are publicized in the private site & forum, thus being verified by thousands of members.
  • Actually, their records are verified publicly all the way back to 1999 by back-testing and also forward testing, of which significantly large database prove authentic & reliable numbers.
  • The tips are produced based on the analysis of over 800 parameters and their rating on all different strategies enables the members to choose the best-fit tactics from 120+ available systems.
  • All of their quoting prices is Pinnacle, which gives a good base for better profit in the long-term.

Value Betting Software - Conclusion

As said before, we GEM recommend Progression Approach for Advantage Plays, means startup with Guaranteed Income (Betting With Hedge), namely Matched Betting & Sports Arbitrage, then move into Betting Without Hedge, which is what we have discussed here.

Matched Betting may come first because even your account restriction is usually so-called Gubbing which is banned from only promotional offers.

Means you still have large chances to bet without stake limit, which is well fit for Value Bets. However, if you exploit sports arbitrage, your account could face stake limitation which also limits your earning possibilities in value bets.

So, eventually it's up to you though, let me briefly summarize the comparison between Sports Arbitrage & Value Bets Finder as follows; Basics

  • Sports arbitrage is betting on all outcomes of the match while Value betting is taking advantage of a single incorrect odds, that is higher than expected probability. Therefore, in Value betting, you place one bet, but in Sports Arbitrage you need to place two or three bets.
  • Sports Arbitrage comes with theoretically No-Risk while Value Bet faces risks of losing with variance.
  • The average value percentage (ROI% per bet) is higher for value bets than arbitrage bets.
  • In Sports Arbitrage, you will need more complicated money management with 10+ bookies by distributing & tying your capital among them, on the other hand, Value Betting requires much fewer bookies.
  • Value Bets opportunities occur more often than Sports Arbitrage bets because there only has to be deviations in odds on one outcome of the game.
  • Bookmakers tend to spot Arbitrage bettors easier than Value Bettors because it requires the market to be too high on all sides of the game.
Sports Arbitrage Risk
  • The potential risk is that the other odds changes after the first bet placement, leaving one side uncovered.
  • Palpable errors & voided bets will leave the outcome uncovered elements would leave you exposed on one side of the arbitrage.
Value Betting Risk
  • There is an inherent risk and variance because you only bet one side of the match, you will often lose the bet. It is variance.
  • Means in value betting, you will experience downswings thus you must be prepared to lose several matches in a row without freaking out.
Summary Comparison
  • Value betting takes less time and is less complicated with less start-up bank. You will achieve higher profits with higher ROI & more opportunities but face variance that requires your higher losing-tolerance. You can expect less account limit, means longer earning period possibly life-time.
  • Sports Arbitrage is theoretically No-Risk betting so-called Sure Bet. Thus you don’t need to worry about any losing bets. But it requires more complicated betting process & money management and could be short-lived by facing bookies’ account limit easily.

Simply put, if you are ready to accept variance, you should go for Value Betting rather than Sports Arbitrage. Your earnings will last longer without being limited by the bookmakers because you will look more like a casual punter. As a matter of fact, it’s easier to focus on the largest leagues, and bet smaller stakes, which is what you do in value bet, simple as that.

Advantage Gambling Principle

Lastly, allow us to share a bit about our betting principle. Many people automatically believe in Betting = Gambling. No, it's Not Correct, gambling is to play games of chance for money.

We Do Betting But We Don't Count On Chance. Instead, we do 6 Advantage Plays based on mathematical edge to beat the bookies, casino & bingo.

We can rake bookies' numerous bonuses in real cash without (sports betting via matched betting) or with very limited (casino & bingo) risk, and via Sports Arbitrage / Value Bets On Proven Software, Tipsters (handicappers) & Systems we lock-in profit or consistently earn extra income for long-term.

With that said, one of our policies is "Betting On Luck Is For Losers, Stop Gamble Betting But Bet on Only +EV (Expected Value) To Win Reliably".

It is effectively our way to promote Responsible Gambling. And we strongly support GamCare being explained in about us.

As our name GEM (Global Extra Money) implies, we strive to help Our Readers From All Over The World to Make Extra Income Consistently & Reliably. Providing the Tactics & List Of The Best Value Bets Finder is 1 of our efforts to achieve that vision.

Value Betting Software For International Players

We have introduced 2 Best Value Bets Finding Software in this Value Bets Finder guide. And they (Coincidentally Both Of Them are from Scandinavia) cover key online bookmakers & betting exchanges all over the world.

Means, as long as you live in a country where online gambling is legitimate, you are most likely to make the best use of them. And, in fact, there are only 8 Countries (Cyprus, Poland, North Korea, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia) that legally prohibit online betting. Strongly suggest take a look at :

In these documents, you will find the specific methods that enable people from almost all countries to make the best use of the lucrative offshore advantage gambling opportunities you may have overlooked.

I have to stress that especially the above Bitcoin Betting will pave the way for all US citizens and those who can't access to online bookmakers to make thousands of extra income risk-free, Very useful, worth your time to check.


Hope these will help for your Consistent Long-Term Betting Earnings.

If you have any inquiry or need any help from us, please contact us anytime (don't worry, we will not charge you any fee, everything is free here).


Good Luck!!

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