Casino Bonus Hunting Guide – 7 Key Tactics To Beat Online Casino with +EV

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Casino Bonus Hunting Instructions Full List
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Casino Bonus Hunting (Not Bonus Abuse) Introduction

Gambling is For Losers. We use Advantage Gambling (Play), means We Don’t Count On By Chance but Solely Rely On Mathematical Advantage. Therefore Online Casino Bonus Hunting is Not Just Fun for Us but Juicy Sure Money Making On The Side. The 6 Advantage Plays 6 Advantage Play Feature Image we employ is probably the Only Surest Method To Beat Bookmakers & Casinos For Ordinary People. For Sports Betting, we use Matched Betting / Sports Arbitrage / Value Bets On Proven Tipsters to lock-in profit or consistently earn extra income for long-term.

When it comes to Casino, we solely resort to EV – Expected Value Betting to overcome casino’s house edge. People often confuse Bonus Hunting with Bonus Abuse. Remember, bonus abuse is something you don’t use bonus according to its T&C, for example you use the same bonus in multiple accounts etc. We don’t abuse bonus but use mathematical edge and extract bonus in cash.  

With that said, allow me to reiterate that one of our policies is “Betting On Chance Is For Losers, Stop Gamble Betting But Bet on Only +EV To Win Reliably“. It is effectively our way to promote Responsible Gambling under the regulation. And we strongly support GambleAwaregambleaware logo being explained in about us.

We would like our readers to exploit such reliable money making opportunities as many as possible. We employ abundance of customized tactics to get maximum return from various Online Casino games & bonuses. Sharing this Casino Bonus Hunting Guide – 7 Key Tactics To Beat Online Casino with +EV is one of our efforts to achieve those visions. 

In this report, we share 3 Strategies & 4 Specific Tactics To Extract Cash from Casino Bonus Based On The Risk Level. You Will Find The General Guidance & List Of The Tactics here. 

Casino Bonus Hunting General Guidance

Firstly, please realize the harsh reality.  As long as we play casino games without advantage such as bonus, we can’t beat the casino in long-term due to the house edge. Don’t get me wrong, I said long-term. In short term, you may win because of the variance but theoretically it’s impossible to win in long-term.

Therefore, we don’t gamble, means we don’t count on chance, we don’t count on variance, but rely only on mathematical advantage derived from bonus. Enjoying the thrill of casino game is not our scope. We never waste the juicy bonus opportunities by gambling them, but focus solely on how effectively we can extract cash via Casino Bonus Hunting Activities & Make Real Profit.

The Underlying Concept – EV (Expected Value)

The underlying rationale behind our strategy is EP (Expected Value). We take up only the bonus opportunities with Positive EP. By doing so, we can turn casino’s house edge into our own edge. Therefore it’s Impossible for us Not To Win for long term, means we will be definitely profitable.

Our 3 General Strategies & 4 Specific Tactics based on Risk Level will show you specifically How To Beat Casino Bonus.  I hope you will find all the instruction Very Comprehensive & Useful. In case, you have any questions, never hesitate to shout, click to the face icon on the right;

Let’s start up with basic knowledge;

Online Casino Brief Summary

    • Huge Market – According to Casino City, there are supposed to be well over 2,000 on-line gaming (casino, bingo & lotto etc) sites. Its market size has been grown rapidly driven by sports betting & casino, and is expected to grow further as the below Statista chart shows;grown sports betting & casino
    • Bonus Availability – Nearly all of those on-line sites offer Welcome and / or Loyalty bonus. This business model should not be obsolete in foreseeable future. Because unlike the land casino this massive bonus offer is the most powerful marketing weapon to differentiate themselves in the fierce competition.
    • Mathematics – We never do gambling but what we follow is simple mathematical logic expressed in Positive EV (Expected Value). It allows you to rake money from bonus based on probability as an Advantage Play.
    • Risk – Unlike Matched Betting or Arbitrage Betting, it’s not always 100% Risk Free, depending on the type of bonus. We focus on No Risk & Very Little Risk bonus opportunities though we also cover High Risk bonuses extraction for experienced players only.

We cover more statistics & mathematical rationale with specific tactics on 3 most popular casino games in General Strategies Report.


Casino Bonuses – Types & Requirements

From Casino Bonus Hunting perspective, it’s easy to understand if we categorize the bonuses into For New Players & Existing Players.

For New Players

Welcome or Sign-Up Bonus is often the most generous bonus (but remember generous always requires caution as explained later) and typical types are;

  • 1) No Deposit
  • 2) Risk Free Bonus
  • 3) Matching or Percentage Deposit

As you assume, 1) offers Free Trial like “Just sign-up and you get £10 bonus without making any deposit”. 2) asks for your initial deposit, expressed like “Deposit £50 and play, if you lose we refund all your loss”. So if you win you can keep it but any loss will be compensated by the casino. 3) also requires your initial deposit to get bonus such as “200% matching bonus” or “50% percentage bonus” means if you deposit £200 you will get £400 matching bonus or £100 as the percentage bonus etc. It is very common welcome offer. 1) & 2) are usually small amount but often Risk Free. On the other hand 3) attracts you with very high bonus amount but requires hefty Rollover (called WR see below). This exposes you to a substantial risk of losing even your own deposit.

WR (Wager Requirements)

Once you receive welcome bonus, you are often required to bet certain amount before you can withdraw. It is a Rollover Requirement or a.k.a WR – Wager Requirement. It’s expressed like 20x, means you need to bet 20 times of either (Deposit + Bonus) or (only Bonus) depending on the bonus. The casinos offer very generous high amount bonus by expecting you to lose all your bonus and deposit as well in the process of completing such hefty amount of betting. Unfortunately most of the players meet the casino’s such expectation. How efficiently we complete the WR is one of the key points for Casino Bonus Hunting.
100% signup bonus 10x wagering

For Existing Players

There are various incentives to increase your loyalty such as;

  • 1) Reload
  • 2) Loss Refund
  • 3) Loyalty / High Roller etc.

1) works the same as the above Matching & Percentage Deposit Bonus. Means it demands WR before you can withdraw any related fund. You find those offers in regular basis such as weekly or monthly. Regarding 2), the concept is the same as the New Customer Offer 2) but just for the existing players. The money is awarded back to you who lost during your gambling sessions. It works like you lose $200, get $100 back as 50% loss refund case – the range depends & usually 20 – 100%. For 3), many casinos have loyalty clubs / VIP or High Roller programs which reward to the amount you bet. Since you can’t get meaningful reward unless you make sizable bet (most likely with a lot of loss), it is not our scope.

50% weekly reload bonus

3 General Strategies

We prepare the below 3 overall but very practical & useful strategic documents. Therefore, suggest you take a look at them before going into the specific tactics;

4 Specific Tactics Of Casino Bonus Hunting

We share 4 tactics to rake bonuses to the maximum retention rate – the order is basically based on the degree of Risk Level, which are;

See the brief explanation for each tactics as follows;

A. Guaranteed Casino Bonus Hunting – via Cashback Site (No Risk & Guaranteed Profit)

Our approach to New Player Opportunity is attempting to explore the 3rd party, namely Cashback Sites. We suggest everyone should explore Cashback System first before taking up the Casino’s own welcome offer with the following 2 benefits;

  • Cashback offer often doesn’t require any WR but just deposit, or even if any, it’s quite low such as 1x
  • It’s often the case that the cashback system is independent means even you firstly register Casino via cashback & get cashback, you can still get Casino’s own welcome bonus separately.

Cashback System

There are many established Cashback Site such as Swagbucks / EBates in USA or Topcashback / Quidco in the UK, and you can sign-up On-Line casino via their sites to get attractive cashback.


Tactical Directions

The key required elements are Deposits & WR, so what you need to do are;

  • Chose the offers that don’t require any WR but only depositing, then you have guaranteed profit provided by cashback company. You don’t need to play game with your deposit, after you receive the cashback you withdraw the deposit.
  • Chose the offers of which cashback amount is bigger than your deposit. Then, even if you are required to rollover, no matter how big the WR is, you have guaranteed profit. Because even you lose all your deposit, still the cashback amount exceeding your deposit will be remained.

For specific step by step instruction, go How To Guarantee Real Cash from Casino Bonus Cashback Sites

B. 0 Risk Bonus Clearing – No Deposit Requirement (No Risk & Almost No Reward)

Zero Risk, what’s the difference from the B) Risk Free? Essentially, both are No Risk. However the expected return here is much lower than C). This is known as NDB – No Deposit Bonus, which has been increasingly popular.

No Deposit Bonus

888Casino no deposit bonus

This tactic applies to the case of No Deposits Required, such as the above 888Casino of “30 FREE SPINS“ “£10 Free No Deposit Bonus“ & etc. Because you don’t need to use your own money but can receive the bonuses, so it’s the safest among all the available bonuses. But surely they set maximum winnings like £50.  The biggest issue is extremely high WR toward any winnings before you can withdraw (off course you can’t withdraw your free bonuses as you know). Usually 40X over, often 100X which gives you very slim chances to retain any winnings after you complete the full WR.

For specific step by step instruction with the list of the current offers, go How To Make No Deposit Bonus Whoring Worth Your While

On top of 888Casino, LeoVegas also offer No Deposit Bonus, so you may try these Most Trusted Best Online Casino in Europe.

C. Almost No Risk Bonus Clearing – No or Very Few WR (No Risk & Decent Reward)

The offer we discuss here applies to both New (Initial Deposit) & Existing (Reload Deposit) Players. It’s often given in the form of Loss Refund, as called Risk Free Bonus.

Loss Refund


There are many type of loss refund promotion and the refund % though, essentially you need to search the offers that are;

  • 100% Refund
  • No WR requirements or Up to x1 WR of bonus

It applies not only to this type of offer but to all offers that don’t avoid boring stuff. It’s reading T&C of each offer before depositing money & play to avoid any unpleasant surprise down the road.

For specific step by step instruction, please see 3 Most Popular Casino Games – Technique To Rake Cash From Risk Free Bonus

D.With High Risk Bonus Clearing – High WR (High Risk & High Reward)

Deposit % Matching Bonus

This is by far the most popular or standard type of Casino Promotion. It offers high % of bonus with high WR like below Mr Green (x 35);
mr green casino welcome bonus

There is No Risk Free method or you can’t manage with very low risk, but need to prepare for substantial risk. Having said, it’s not for newbies (although the promotion itself target at new players as well) but for those who are familiar with Advantage Play. People are required to possess High Emotional Tolerance as well as Strict Discipline of Money Management.
Let’s talk a bit of mathematical review if these are worth.

Expected Value

The safest technique attempting to achieve profit is playing the Low House Edge games represented by Blackjack (0.5 – 1%) & Slots (2 – 3%). Theoretically you will lose those % out of your total wagering amount based on the WR (for the comprehensive logic behind it, please go Casino Bonus Strategy – How To Beat Online Casino With Expected Value Betting).
Let’s use the real Coral Offer.  That is Deposit £10, Get £50 Bonus and x24 WR on bonus, means £1,200 wagering before you can withdraw. Let’s use European Roulette of which house edge is 2.7%.
For this case, we can use the below EV formula;
EV = Bonus – WR x Casino House Edge (%)
EV = £50 – £1,200 x 2.7% = £17.6 So, still positive. However, the 2.7% house edge is based on many samples. In other words, variance is your enemy to achieve that %. So you need to reduce variance by playing as many as possible. If WR is $1,200, play $0.1 x 12,000 (don’t worry you can set automatic play) rather than $1,200 x 1. This will ensure the final loss would be closer to the house edge based on The Law Of Large Numbers in mathematics. It is true of any form of gambling. So critical direction: Low House Edge & Low Variance & Large Numbers of Bet

For specific step by step instruction with the list of the current offers, go Mathematical Bet – Specific Process To Beat Casino High Risk Bonus

For those who desire to make serious money from high risk casino games, use this advanced tool, not for newbies but only for experienced players 

Online Casino Ultimate Sign-Up Methods

5 Key Tactics

People should know the best casino sign-up strategy before taking up popular No Deposit Bonus (NDB) easily. I would urge you to firstly take a look at 5 Most Profitable Casino Sign Up Methods, which covers;5 key casino sign-up tactics

Specific Casino List

You may want to explore the following 4 lists of the best gambling sites which can satisfy each player’s unique needs;


Hope these info will help you make casino gambling into reliable trading.

Good Luck!!GEM Joshua

Joshua Walker

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