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Betfair Alternatives For People Who Can’t Access Or Seek Better Options

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Betfair Exchange Alternatives 


Betfair alternatives are Betfair White label provided by bet brokers (BetInAsia & Asianconnect) and the 3 other established Betting Exchanges of Betdaq, Smarkets & Matchbook.

We cover the following key topics;

  • Why do we need Alternatives to Betfair?
  • Betfair Alternatives For Those Who Seek Additional Exchange (s)
  • Betfair Alternatives For Those Who Can’t Access Betfair



Why do we need an Alternative to Betfair Exchange?


Betfair – the No.1 Betting Exchange


Betfair (owned by Flutter Entertainment plc) is the world-leading betting exchange providing;

  • the Largest Market Coverage
  • the Highest Liquidity

Please note that liquidity is a very important factor to assess the betting exchange. Liquidity is a measure of the amount of money that is being bet on that event. A betting exchange is Not against Bookmaker But Peer To Peer.

If participating players are not there or limited, you will face a real risk that you will not get your bet matched at the odds you want. Remember you can only take what is there.


Betfair – 2 Problems


So, what’s wrong with Betfair? Now, let’s get into our key subject in this report – Betfair Alternatives!! Why & Who Need Them? There are 2 key issues related to Betfair;

  • The Highest Commission of 5-7%: for advantage players especially for sharp price takers like Betfair traders, matched betters & arbitragers who scalp small profits from many betting, the commission is a critical element that affects a lot in the long-term.
  • Geographical Limit: there are many countries where Betfair doesn’t have a license to operate or pull out for reasons.

Betfair Commission By Country

The current Betfair commission, called MBR (Market Base Rate) are;

  • MBR 5% – United Kingdom (see how to get 2% commission) / Ireland / Italy / Gibraltar / Malta / Denmark
  • MBR 7% – Albania / Armenia / Croatia / Monaco / Serbia & Montenegro / Slovakia
  • MBR 6.5% – All other countries
betfair alternatives, mbr

Betfair Operating Countries

You can find if Betfair is available in your country by checking Betfair restricted countries like below;betfair restricted countries


2 Groups Seeking Betfair Alternatives


Then, naturally, there are 2 groups who look for Betfair Alternative site;

  • Those who already have access to Betfair but seek for another exchange (s) mainly for a lower commission or expand the options to lay
  • Those who can’t legally / physically access Betfair thus look for Betfair Alternatives (Cloan) 

Let’s see the solutions for each group.


Betfair Alternatives Solution For Those Who Want Additional Exchange(s)


I assume many of you who already have a Betfair account and come to this page, may be aware of the other major betting exchanges. But in case you have used only Betfair so far, it’s a good opportunity to expand your options with much lower commissions.


3 Other Big Betting Exchanges


Smarkets, Matchbook & Betdaq Latest Commission & Brief Profile

The below commission rates apply to all the jurisdictions each exchange operates;

  • Smarkets: 2% net winnings, the newest but currently the most serious Betfair contender by eroding Betfair’s market share rapidly mainly because of its competitive commission, continuous efforts of expanding the market coverage & increasing liquidity. Their current operating countries are limited to UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Malta, Jersey, IOM, Guernsey, Gibraltar, New Zealand, Chile, Brazil & USA Colorado (Indiana is coming soon). Very good Betfair alternative.
  • Matchbook: For UK & Ireland 2% net winnings, for the rest of the world 4% net winnings. Matchbook license was temporarily suspended by UKGC in 2Q ’20 but lifted in 3Q ’20. They accept all the countries except France, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Hungary, Slovakia, Australia, Canada & the USA.  Market coverage & liquidity are similar levels as Smarkets, so it’s also a good Betfair Alternative especially in the countries where Smarkets is not available.
  • Betdaq: 2% to net winnings. It used to be the biggest contender to Betfair though after being taken over by Ladbrokes, its reputation has been deteriorating rapidly, see the Betdaq Terrible Feedback.

For full details of the 4 Bet Exchanges including Betdaq vs Betfair etc, please go How to make money from Betting Exchanges.

If you know all of these details but have not yet opened any of them and If you reside in the countries where you can sign-up directly, go 4 Best Betting Exchange latest Sign-Up Offers & Specific instructions to extract cash from them.



Betfair Alternatives Solutions For Those Who Can’t Access To Betfair


Alternatives to Betfair Caution – VPN (Virtual Private Network)


For those who can’t access Betfair because you live in the country Betfair doesn’t operate, this is an important caution.

Betfair restricts many countries due to their own company policy & business interest. Some betting advice sites or forums suggest VPN access to sign up Betfair.

Yes, you may be able to physically access, register & bet. However, Betfair’s KYC (Know Your Customer) policy will enforce you to verify your account with ID (Passport / Driving license, etc), Address Proof (Utility Bill, Bank Statement, etc) & possibly Deposit Method Proof (Credit / Debit card Both Side).

betfair kyc

They may ask for them right after registration or may not ask until you start withdrawal, depending on the individual case. If you fail to verify, your account will be suspended & your winnings could be confiscated, which is a disaster.

So, don’t believe the rogue site’s unfounded story lightly. Unless you have a reliable person who allows you to use the above personal information willingly (probably only immediate family or extremely close friends), you’d better forget about this approach. If you have such a reliable source then see Best VPN For Betting – Why Sharp Needs Privacy.


Betfair White Label


However, Betfair has started actively exploring missing profit opportunities in those restricted countries by providing a White Label solution.

Flutter Entertainment plc, a holding company of Paddy Power Betfair & PokerStars (the biggest poker room in the world) describes the key figures & liquidity as below;

flutter entertainment whitelabel features

Means people can enjoy exactly identical Betfair platform under re-branded site. It’s typically described as “Powered By Betfair” in the site where Betfair white label approach is used.

We share 3 companies that use Betfair white-label in this report as you see the details below. BTW, 9Wicket, Fair999 & Betmantra which used to provide Betfair White Label are no longer in operation, so bear in mind that this industry is fragile, just FYI.

orbit betfair


The companies that usually offer Betfair White labels are so-called bet brokers. And most of them seem to be SMBs (small & medium-sized businesses) but are collecting a lot of money from punters all over the world. Therefore, any of their mismanagement may put your money in danger.

For example, BET IBC providing Betfair White Label is alleged to vanish a customer’s 64K winnings. For further details, read Honest Opinion About Bet Broker & How To Use Them Safely & Smartly, which includes several warning signs related to the bet brokers & the detail of the BET IBC Issues.



List Of Betfair Alternatives Powered By Betfair Exchange (Betfair Whitelabel)


Now, we are listing 2 Bet Brokers providing Betfair White Labels, which we have not received any particular issues with but obtained good feedback from our members, and established a good reputation in the industry.

Therefore, we feel comfortable sharing with our readers.




BetinAsia was founded in 2011 and looks to expand its share steadily thanks to an outstanding and fast dedicated Customer Support service as a “Crypto-friendly” brokerage.

BetInAsia Logo

Key Features

  • License & Regulation: Yes & Regulated by CGCB (Curacao Gaming Control Board) with License #: 365/JAZ & Sub License #: GLH-OCCHKTW0710132018
  • Customers’ Fund Protection: They answered as “CURACAO GAMING LICENSE binds us to operate in a secure way and holds us accountable” and BetinAsia’s T&C says “Subject to the prior provisions of this section, our entire obligation to you for any loss or damage arising in association with this Agreement shall be restricted to the lesser of the number of fees actually received from you in the previous six months, or five thousand pounds (£5,000.00).”
  • Contact: Avlonos, 1, Maria House, 1075 Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Restricted Countries: the US, UK, Sweden & France
  • Bookmakers Covered: Pinnacle (PS3838), Singbet, BetISN, SBObet, MAXbet (Former IBC Bet) and 18bet
  • Betting Exchange Covered (commission): Betfair (3% on winning), Betdaq (1.5% on winning), Matchbook (1.25 on both winning & losing), Turf7 (also limited to horse & greyhound racings 1.25% on winning) & Citibet
  • BetinAsia offers a Betfair White Label (commission 3%) – Orbit not levy Premium Charges.
  • Fee / Charge To Client: None
  • Minimum Transaction & Cost: Depositing is free of charge except for card deposit (3%). The minimum deposit is €100 or the equivalent in other currencies. The minimum withdraw is €100 as well. For all payment methods, except Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple, one free of charge withdrawal every 30 days. All other withdrawals within the 30-days period will cost 2% of the withdrawn amount. The 2% fee applies to all withdrawals with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple.
  • Minimum Stake per Bet: €5 except for Skype betting service, where the min bet is €1.000.

BetinAsia Service Options

  • Basically 3 options: You can choose in the registration page
  • Skype Betting – It’s a convenient betting service where BetinAsia’s dedicated service team will help betting 9 AM to 9 PM CET 7 days a week. (BTW, their Support working hours are 8 AM – 23 PM CET).
  • Bookmaker / Exchange Single Account: If you want to use only your preferred bookies, you can tick the box individually through the above registration page. You can select Orbit Exchange as Betfair White Label in this service, as shown below
  • Black – It’s an integrated betting platform that covers 5 bookies & 5 exchanges in 1 account. When choosing the event, it shows all available bookies’ odds, then you select the best odds & the highest limits in all major Asian bookmakers. It looks like;

betinasia platform image

Betfair Alternatives

Orbit Exchange (Betfair Alternative Link) – Restricted Countries (UK, Portugal, Netherland, Spain, Australia, United States, Singapore, Italy, India, France, and Turkey) and it looks as below;

betinasia orbit screenshot

A Few Comments about BetinAsia

  • Betinasia is proud of the excellent customer support & instant handling of the fund deposit/withdraw requests without fees.
  • Black as a white label of Mollybet platform is easy to use, multi-channel interface showing real-time updated best odds so that users can place aggregated orders at the highest liquidity in milliseconds. This solves many problems associated with poor liquidity, price movements, and manual execution errors.
  • A low minimum stake is beneficial for small bettors, moreover, its high limit stake is obviously fit for high rollers & professional bettors. We understand that for the large syndicate and professional punters Black offers two APIs of Pull API & Push API, which makes it possible for the customers to use different algorithms and betting tools to automatically place the bets.





Asianconnect88 is one of the oldest bet brokers, established in 2002. They are licensed & operated in Curacao Netherlands Antilles. Many people in our members have been using Asianconnect for a few years and all of them gave us quite positive feedback including flawless quick payment processing. oldest Bet Broker, Asianconnect Logo Why are we listing Asian Connect in this report? Because they provide the players with Orbit Exchange (Betfair White Label) and Fair Exchange (Betfair White Label).

Asianconnect Key Features

  • License & Regulation: Yes & Regulated by CGCB (Curacao Gaming Control Board)
  • Customers’ Fund Protection: They answered as “The gaming license requires us to hold sufficient funds in our bank accounts to honor all customer winnings.”
  • Contact: Asianconnect N.V. Dr M.J. Hugenholtzweg z/n UTS-Gebouw Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles    Tel 44 203 289 5500 (Europe) / 63 917 805 3399 (Asia)
  • Restricted Countries: US, Philippines & Singapore (UK Players Accepted Only If use Bitcoin for deposit/withdrawal – means Asianconnect don’t reject UK registration but accept deposit only in BTC, in case you are Geo-Blocked, use VPN)
  • Bookmakers Covered: Pinnacle / SBOBet / MaxBet (Former IBC Bet) / Bet ISN / Sing Bet – No Commission To Bookies Required
  • Betting Exchange Covered: Orbit Exchange – 3% Commission (Restricted Countries: Portugal & USA)
  • Fee / Charge To Client: None
  • Minimum Transaction & Cost: Minimum deposit for all money gateways is €10, Asianodds account £/€100, & Skype Betting £/€150. Fee for Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Neteller & Skrill Deposit is Free. 1st Withdrawal every month is Free & 1% for the subsequent withdrawals.
  • Minimum Stake per Bet: £/€ 2 – 10 depending on each bookmaker

Service Options of Asianconnect

  • Basically 3 options: You can choose in the registration page
  • Bookmaker Single Account: If you want to use only your preferred bookies, you can tick the box individually through the above registration page. You can select Orbit Exchange for Betfair Alternative;

asianconnect available services including orbit exchange

  • Asianodds – It’s an integrated betting platform that covers 6 bookies in 1 account (Orbit Exchange & 9Wickets are not included). When you chose the event, it shows all available bookies’ odds, then you select the best odds. The interface looks like this;
Betfair Alternatives

Orbit Exchange looks like this;

orbit powered by betfair

A Few Comments on Asianconnect

  • Asianconnect is very responsive, and it’s been around reasonably long enough (15 years) to prove the trust & reliability to a good level.
  • Low minimum deposit & stake per bet requirements are beneficial for small bettors.
  • One of our members originally knew this bet broker in the interview done by ZCode (some of the info are outdated, thus use the info in my report here if you find any discrepancies). He said he had earned €45,000+ over the last 1 year from ZCode & asianconnect bookies mainly Pinnacle. BTW, on this occasion suggest see the ZCode Full Review, that is probably 1 of the best betting system of US 4 Major Sports. For these particular betting tactics, contact us for any inquiries.




Betfair Alternatives – Warp Up


Let me wrap up;

  • Betfair is the best betting exchange, but there are 2 issues of the highest commission & geographical limitation to access
  • 3 Other Bet Exchanges of Smarkets, Matchbook & Betdaq (its reputation is questionable now) provide lower commission which will improve your long-term profits significantly as well as expand good laying options.
  • A Betfair White Label of Orbit Exchange accommodates the needs of players who can’t legally access Betfair with the Betfair identical market & liquidity.
  • Betfair & Betting Exchanges are essential for sports betting advantage plays, which people from all over the world can pursue (see the next Appendix section).
  • Orbit Exchange Restricted Countries are; via BetInAsia – the US, the UK, Sweden & France / and via Asianconnect – the US, Philippines, Singapore & Portugal.
  • So, with Orbit Exchange, we can cover all countries except the USA. Needless to say, UK residents can use Betfair itself freely.  In the US, Betfair used to say that US players can use the Betfair platform under the TVG brand in the 3 states of Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey though, currently, we see neither any lay options available in TVG (or Fanduel owned by Flutter Entertainment, the parent company of Betfair Paddy Power) nor any means to access to Betfair itself all over the USA.
  • For the US citizens, suggest using this method for Value Betting, this method for Matched Betting, and Dutching Method with Caribbean Bookies for Sports Arbitrage as explained later, just FYI.  



Appendix – Betfair & Betting Exchanges Are Essential For Advantage Plays


Alternatives to Betfair Exchange – Our Principle


On this occasion, allow us to share a bit about our betting principle. Many people automatically think of Betting = Gambling. Big Misconception. We do bet but don’t count on luck. Instead, we do 6 Advantage Plays based on mathematical edge to beat the bookies, casino & bingo.

When it comes to Sports Betting, we use Matched BettingSports Arbitrage / Value Bets On Proven Systems / Software / Tipsters to lock in a profit or consistently earn extra income for the long-term.

With that said, one of our policies is ‘Betting On Chance Is For Losers, Stop Gamble Betting But Bet on Only +EV To Win Reliably‘, and it is effectively our way to promote Responsible Gambling under the regulation, and we strongly support GambleAware & GamCare being explained in about us.


What Are The Direct Benefits of Alternatives to Betfair For Each Advantage Play?


When it comes to Sports Betting, we employ the 3 methods by making the best use of betting exchange as follows;

  • Matched Betting; Extract bookies’ free bets Risk-Free by covering all the outcomes with Lay bet at the exchange
  • Sports Arbitrage; Expand the profit-making opportunities by backing at the exchange of which odds are far better than conventional bookmakers even after the commission.
  • Value Bet On Proven Systems / Software / Tipsters: Again, utilize the very competitive back odds at the exchange (see the below screenshot of oddschecker for how good the odds are) to improve the profit for long-term;

oddschecker betting exchange better odds

As you see, the Best Betting Exchanges are essential to construct profitable advantage plays.


International Players


As our name Global Extra Money (GEM) implies, we would like our readers to exploit such reliable money-making opportunities worldwide. And providing solutions for Betfair Alternatives especially for those who can’t access Betfair is part of our efforts to achieve that vision.

Relating to the worldwide application, we have issued :

In these documents, you will find the specific methods that enable people from almost all countries to make the best use of the lucrative offshore advantage gambling opportunities you may have overlooked.



Hope this information will help you expand sure bet options.


If you have any inquiries or need any help from us, please contact us anytime (don’t worry, we will not charge you any fee, everything is free here).


Good Luck!!


Joshua Walker (bio)

Editor – Global Extra Money (GEM)