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Best VPN for Betting – Why Sharp Needs Privacy

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When Do Smart Punters Use Quality VPN for Betting? 

We Share How You, As an Advantage Gambler can Make The Best Use of The Best VPN (NordVPN) To Make Risk-Free Income, See Also Very Important Warning!!

What is a VPN?


Don’t get confused between VPN & VPS. A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, while A VPS often used as VPS Hosting that is Virtual Private Server. These two are completely different things. VPS is a place to host your website, where you have root-level access to the server while still sharing the hardware. On the other hand, a VPN is a way to Browse the Internet Securely and Anonymously, namely Privacy Protection.

So, the one we often refer in Forex Trading and EA (Robot) report is VPS.

And, the one we discuss in Offshore Betting like the below reports is VPN:

Why Do People Need VPN for Betting?


Gambling activities such as Sports Betting, Casino & Bingo are subject to the law of each country/jurisdiction you reside. However, people can access to online betting sites freely via the internet, therefore most of the online Sportsbook & Casino employ Geo-Blocking, means they restrict the access only to the people from where they accept.

Why Sharp International Punters Want to access to other Countries’ Betting Sites?

Professional Punters, often called “Sharp” who continuously beat the bookies (these people are said to account much less than 5% of all punters) use Value Bets methods or Value Bet With Hedging including Matched Betting & Sports Arbitrage (for summary strategies, check the above Offshore Betting Report). They need both Soft Bookies that provide generous promotional offers like Free Bets and Sharp Bookies that provide you with the best odds such as Pinnacle as well as Betting Exchange.

Pinnacle Sports Review feature image
Pinnacle Full Review For Professional Punters

Needless to say, all of them are Geo-Blocked thus you need something that can access to them by masking your true IP address. Yes, that something is a VPN.

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Betting Exchange – Essential for Sharp Punters

VPN & Proxy

When it comes to Online Privacy by masking your IP address, you may also have heard “Proxy”? Yes, both VPN & Proxy server give you Privacy Protection though, how they accomplish the task is very different.


A proxy is a server that sits between your computer and the internet. It will hide your IP address, so the website you’re accessing will see the IP address of the proxy server, and not your real IP address.

Nord VPN proxy server set up


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) sets a local network privately by installing the software on your operating system. It will establish a secure tunnel with the VPN server as an Encrypted Connection that includes any web browsing, downloading & uploading files, and streaming movies etc.

Nord VPN set up illustration

VPN or Proxy

So, simply VPN will allow you to get much higher levels of protection, security, and anonymity than Proxy.  For those who are actually concerned about their privacy online, then a VPN is the best choice.

For Advantage Players, How to Specifically Utilize VPN for Betting

Then, what are the main purpose of using a VPN for you as the Sharp?

Anonymity 1 – International Access

Firstly, see if you live in the country / jurisdiction where Juicy Bookmakers or betting exchanges don’t allow you to open an account / even to access to their site by being blocked by Geo-Restriction as seen from the above Betclic image.

Then via VPN, you can physically access and sign-up to earn Guaranteed Extra Income by playing Matched Betting (see Instructions) or Sports Arbitrage (see Cheatsheet) without risk (see all our 6 Advantage Guide that includes Casino & Bingo


You need to remember, the above method requires a careful arrangement. Let me quote what I said in How to Make Money from Offshore Sports Betting with three Advantage Plays as below;

Some betting advice sites suggest VPN access to sign up offshore bookies. Yes, you may be able to physically access, register & bet. However, bookmaker’s KYC (Know Your Customer) policy will enforce you to verify your account with ID (Passport / Driving license etc), Address Proof (Utility Bill, Bank Statement etc) & possibly Deposit Method Proof (Credit / Debit card Both Side).
Some bookies ask for it right after registration, some may not ask until you start withdrawal. In case you fail to verify, your account will be suspended & your winnings could be confiscated, which is a disaster. So, don’t believe rogue site’s unfounded story lightly. Unless you have a reliable person who allows you to use the above personal information willingly (probably only immediate family or extremely close friend), you’d better forget about this approach.

GEM – How To Make Money From Offshore Sports Betting With Three Advantage Plays

This KYC requirements are getting tougher as shown in William Hill’s latest Selfie Demand;

vpn for betting william hill selfie kyc
William Hill KYC Request

Let me reiterate that unless you have a reliable person who allows you to use the above personal information willingly, forget about taking any risk and use Bet Brokers.

Bet Broker Honest Opinion Feature Image
List Of Best Bet Brokers With Very Honest Reviews

Anonymity 2 – Access From Same Household “Gnoming”

multi accounting gnoming creature

Your bookmaker’s account can be restricted in a way of Gubbed (promotion restricted) for Matched Betting or Stake Limited for Sports Arbitrage because you’ve taken too much value from them. Then, what you can do is Multi-accounting – also called ‘gnoming’ – means to hold more than one account with the same bookmaker. This could be done using your own details, a family member’s, or a friend’s. Nothing between your account and the new account should be connected in any way. To achieve that, again, carefully taking the above Bookie’s KYC requirements into account. You need a different postal address, different bank accounts & different IP address. Needless to say, VPN will give you the solution to the IP address.


Having two or more active accounts by the same person usually violates bookmaker’s T&C. One of our members reported a dreadful story related to this multi-accounting as follows;

Thank you for your E-mail.

Please note that as a Company procedure, while being an active customer regular reviews of your activity were conducted. After a more thorough inspection led by our Anti-Fraud team they reported a detection of Multi-accounting – a non-recreational activity deemed in conflict with both our General and Promo terms and conditions. You were found to be sharing the same login numerical pattern (IP) with other account(s) registered with the Company, which is not allowed according to site’s T & C.

Please refer to the attached screenshot, where you can find more detailed information regarding the case.

You may find 18bet’s Terms of Use by following the link:

Since your account activity breached the terms and conditions on the site, by purposely bypassing our general rules (Section “Account and Personal Information”), in an attempt to defraud the site, your deposits for the amount of 150 € have been returned to your ecoPayz account with number “XXXXXXXX”, bringing your lifetime Profit/Loss on the site to 0 €. The access to your account will remain terminated.

18bet Team

Our Member`s e-mail received from 18Bet

Our member said around EUR1,000 of his winnings were confiscated, and he even had never created multi-accounting. This is a terrible incident, we now give a warning to this unfamiliar 18bet. Anyhow, if you do gnoming, it’s safe to close the current account before opening up the 2nd one although it’s not literally multi-accounting.

Anonymity 3 – Avoid Bookies Network Radar

bookies radar

If you’re labelled as A Sharp by one bookmaker, you might get restricted by other bookies when they can identify you. It is said that bookies work together to list unwanted players.
So, if there’s a history of sharp betting from a particular household, then they may not accept you to take values from them.
This applies not only to existing customers but also to new signups, which can be automatically refused if the prospective customer is in their blacklist.

Since they obviously use an IP address to identify the sharp, using a VPN will help you avoid such radar.


Bookies use several key personal information such as names, postal addresses, bank accounts & e-mail addresses etc. to develop such blacklist. So masking IP only doesn’t secure to avoid their radar. You may check this bookmaker clone list that table the group of bookies providing the same odds. It does not necessarily mean they share the information, but it may help you pay extra care when you open a new bookmaker account after you are gubbed by the specific bookmaker in the same group.

Anonymity 4 – Popular Benefits

Aside from those specific purposes of betting, there are many other well known VPN benefits such as;

  • View restricted streaming services that are blocked from your country (like Netflix).
  • Your traffic is never logged and cannot be traced, which could be a benefit when using Torrent or streaming services.
  • It’s not widely known that airfares can be cheaper when bought from a different country. The flights are exactly remains the same, but the country that you view the ticket vendor’s website from can be changed via VPN.

Free Or Paid VPN

free vpn vs paid vpn

There are many free VPNs. What’s wrong with them? Are paid VPNs really worth?  Since this is important, let me list the elements you need to pay attention why you prefer paid VPN;

  • VPN Protocols (Security) – Most free VPN services provide only PPTP VPNs, which is insecure.
  • Paid VPN use PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, SSTP and even SSH to tunnel your connections securely.
  • VPN Connectivity (Availability) & Connection Speed – Nobody wants to face unexpected disconnect, then availability is important. Using a free service usually means that it is already overused by other people. And, usually free service servers are not able to support a lot of connection at the same time due to a lack of bandwidth.
  • VPN Support – Free service usually does not provide any support to solve your connection.
  • VPN Servers / Nodes location – Free service gives you a limited choices while paid VPN provider gives you an abundance of access like 100 servers in 50 countries.
  • Free services have to pay for their overhead costs somehow. That revenue sometimes comes in the form of selling your browsing activity to third parties for advertising purposes.

A paid service will protect user interests and sensitive data at much higher speeds, whereas a free service could outsource to a third party to write its code, monitor systems and operate servers.  There is a significant difference especially connectivity & speed and suggest use paid VPN unless you don’t mind facing frequent frustration.

Which VPN Is The Best? Answer Is NordVPN

nord vpn locations

Why Is NordVPN The Best?

Always Ranked Within Top 3

Because, in almost all review sites, NordVPN is ranked within the best 1 – 3 like the PC News below;

nord vpn comparison with competitions

The price comparison among major VPN is;

Price Reflecting Its High Quality

nord VPN price comparison

Not Only Value for Money but Extremely Valuable Solution

Nord VPN is not an economical solution. However, they periodically provide you with 70-75% discount, which allows you to pay ONLY $3.49 per month. Check the site via this link to see if you are lucky enough to get such huge discount. If you can grab this discount, then you will get Not Only Value for Money but Also Extremely Valuable Solution for The Top Quality VPN.

Nord VPN Latest Price

NordVPN Key Features Summary

nord VPN logo image

Nord VPN, located in Panama provides you with very uncommon Security Features as follows;

  • Panama has no data retention laws. Nothing is logged, not your IP or your traffic.
  • You can sign up using an anonymous email service and pay with Bitcoin to be totally anonymous.
  • Won’t leak the IP of your DNS (common among other VPN providers)
  • Won’t leak your IP using WebRTC (common among other VPN providers)
  • Killswitch and Wifi protection so you can’t accidentally surf without VPN if the service temporarily goes down.
  • Military-grade AES-256-CBC encryption

Then, let’s see a few serious functionalities as follows;

  • Number of locations: 61
  • Maximum devices supported: 6
  • Dedicated IP
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Very easy to switch country or change settings among Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox and macOS
  • Very High speed. VPN always decreases your maximum network speed but with NordVPN, you will not experience any difference even if you’re streaming HD video.
  • 24/7 customer support, including live chat.

NordVPN Media Exposure

A lot of big media talks about Nord VPN, which proves its trustworthy high quality, so don’t waste your time to shop around the VPN but take it when you can grab 75% price discount.

Nord VPN media exposure

NordVPN Latest News & Offer

NordVPN announced that for this Christmas, we are very proud and happy to introduce our limited Special Offer. 
This enables you to save 80% and get two amazing gifts: 3 extra months on top of the 3-year plan and the NordPass password manager (worth $194.61). Grab it Now;nord vpn 80% off

Best VPN for Betting Wrap Up

Firstly, don’t take KYC (Know Your Customer) Policy of Legitimate Gambling Sites Lightly by believing the irresponsible sites implying VPN can solve all the solutions to access to restricted Bookmaker & Casino.

However, as long as you have reliable resources to clear the KYC process, yes high-quality VPN such as Nord VPN will pave the road to the guaranteed income from Advantage Gambling.

Good Luck!!

Joshua Walker 

Editor GEM (Global Extra Money) 

GEM Basic Strategies

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Many people automatically believe Betting = Gambling. No, it’s Not Correct, gambling is to play games of chance for money. We Do Betting Activities for money but We Don’t Count On Chance. Instead, we do 6 Advantage Plays based on mathematical edge to beat the bookies, casino & bingo. We can rake those bonuses in real cash without (sports betting via matched betting) or with very limited (casino & bingo) risk. With that said, one of our policies is ” Betting On Luck Is For Losers, Stop Gamble Betting But Bet on Only +EV (Expected Value) To Win Reliably”. It is effectively our way to promote Responsible Gambling. And we strongly support GamCare being explained in about us.
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For outside UK, there are many jurisdictions that apply the same rule as UK & Ireland, for details, take a look at How To Make Money From Offshore Sports Betting With 3 Advantage Plays, which is being explained in the next section.


Advantage Plays for International Players

You may have already started at least 1 advantage play, most probably matched betting or sports arbitrage. However, just in case you have not, and are wondering if you can pursue such advantage gambling online from your country (because it’s one of the common inquiries we receive) , strongly suggest take a look at How To Make Money From Offshore Sports Betting With 3 Advantage Plays. In this document, you will find the specific methods that enable people from almost all countries to make the best use of the lucrative offshore advantage gambling opportunities you may have overlooked.
In Short, except 8 Countries (Cyprus, Poland, North Korea, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia) where on-line gamble is legally prohibited, all of you can make profit from matched betting, see the above report for full details.
More importantly, it also covers our progressive approach of our 3 advantage plays, which is relevant to the tactics to avoid being gubbed, or after being gubbed because we include how to use offshore bookies that never restrict account (these points are of course covered in this report as well).
Very useful, worth your 10 minutes reading.


Trustworthy Bookmakers

All the bookmakers we list not only in this article but also in our entire site are needless to say legitimate and being regulated by UK Gambling Commission or prominent gaming control board such as International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR), North American Gaming Regulators Association (NAGRA) & Gaming Regulators European Forum (GREF) etc. So, basically they are remote from scum, fraud or any wrong doing. However, too much winnings could cause a big headache for everybody such as Bet365 over £1m payout Megan McCann court battle, so Be Modest, Just FYI.