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How To Gamble With Bitcoin 2023 Guide

Gambling With Bitcoin


Online sports betting or casino with bitcoin are becoming a popular form of gambling mainly due to cryptocurrency’s secure, cost-effective & anonymous nature.


Key Reasons Why You Gamble with Cryptocurrencies 

Sports bettors can enjoy additional or unique bonuses for cryptocurrency deposits offered by many crypto sportsbooks and US punters can access the world’s top offshore sportsbooks via bitcoin deposits & withdrawal.

bitcoin bonus boost

Those who bet casinos can enjoy Provably Fair games based on the Bitcoin blockchain. 

provably fair bitcoin games

So, gamblers around the globe obviously make the most of many cryptos benefits including security, efficiency & privacy that can separate accounts from existing banking and e-wallet platforms.


How does Bitcoin Betting work?


Thanks to Bitcoin’s ability to form instantaneous global transactions in a highly secure and anonymous way, gambling sites using bitcoin are a natural movement in the industry.

There are folloowing 2 types of crypto gambling sites;

  • Crypto Exclusive Bookmakers 
  • Conventional Bookmakers that accept Cryptocurrencies on top of fiat currencies (hybrid bookmakers)

For the specific list of the sites, check;

Cryptocurrencies for Gambling

The most popular cryptocurrencies accepted in the gambling sites are Bitcoin, Ethereum & Lightcoin as below;

most popular cryptocurrencies for betting

However, many gambling sites have expanding altcoins like;

Cloudbet now offers a range of cryptocurrencies to play with – BTC, ETH, BCH, USDT, USDC, PAX, PAXG, LINK, DAI, DASH, DOGE and LTC. And we’re constantly adding more…(now accepts 23 cryptocurrencies)


Crypto Gambling 3 Winning Formula (Sports Betting Advantage Play)

Despite the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and blockchain, its underlying technology, will most likely hold a key to the new age in global finance and it’s worth exploring how sharp punters exploit its full potential.

We GEM provide you with the following Advantage Gambling techniques which enable you to gain risk-free extra income from bitcoin and sports betting;


    Is It Legal To Gamble with Cryptocurrency?


    Although the legal status varies from state to state & some jurisdictions (such as Argentina and Russia) severely restrict or ban foreign currencies, Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies are completely deregulated and the majority of the countries don’t make the usage of bitcoin itself illegal.

    This means, there is basically no restriction on using Bitcoin to fund betting sites (actually any online merchants).

    However, UK Gambling Commission views cryptocurrencies as crypto-assets rather than currencies and they require evidence of fund, which makes it difficult for any gambling sites to obtain licensing of crypto funding.

    BTW, Wiki Legality of bitcoin by country or territory shows the world as;

    bitcoin legality by country

    The key issue is whether online gambling is legitimate in the jurisdiction you reside in and whether the operator holds the relevant license. 

    For this matter, you need to check with the laws and rules of where you live as they also vary by location.

    However, simply put, except for 8 countries in the world (Cyprus, Poland, North Korea, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Brunei & Cambodia), and as long as you play with the regulated gambling sites that accept cryptocurrencies, players have little worry about gambling online.

    For further details, go to How To Make Money From Offshore Sports Betting With 3 Advantage Plays.


    Tax On Bitcoin Gambling


    When it comes to tax, this is absolutely depending on the jurisdiction. Any gambling gain in the UK is not subject to income tax even a Professional Gambler doesn’t need to even declare (also see further details in the above report).

    However, you may be liable to CGT (Capital Gain Tax) if your holding bitcoin’s price increases, but only on disposal, check the details in HMRC Policy Paper.

    As a general rule, bitcoin gambling is taxed in the same way as any other form of gambling. This means, if you don’t need to pay taxes on your gambling winnings, the same rule applies to your crypto gambling winnings, the below shows some examples;

    Country not imposing a tax on gambling winnings;

    Austria / Belgium / Bulgaria / Denmark / France / Germany / Ireland / Italy / Malta / Sweden / The UK / Canada / Australia etc.

    Countries imposing a tax on gambling winnings;

    Spain / The USA / Mexico / China / India / Ethiopia etc.

    For further details, go to How To Make Money From Offshore Sports Betting With 3 Advantage Plays.

    Given the sensitive nature of the subject, anyhow, suggest you consult your tax specialist for any cryptocurrencies-related decisions.



    How to Gamble Online with Bitcoin – Process


    We have drawn 5 Stages of the Bitcoin Betting process;

    • 1. Buying Bitcoin (With Your Fiat Currency) with Bitcoin Wallet
    • 2. Finding Bitcoin Gambling Operators (Sportsbook / Casino)
    • 3. Funding Bitcoin & Betting (Use 6 Advantage Play Methods to Get Guarantee Profits)
    • 4. Withdrawing Winnings
    • 5. Selling Bitcoin (Converting Into Your Fiat Currency)

    We use BetOnline (this sportsbook is hybrid, which means accepting both fiat & cryptocurrencies) videos as real examples (see also World 24 Best Offshore Betting Sites Offers, where you find a full list of excellent offshore sportsbooks that accept cryptocurrency).

    Although we show the sports betting process, casino betting works the same.


    Betonline logo black

    Established in: 1991

    Licensed in: Panama

    Product: Sports, Casino & Poker

    Restricted Countries: Australia, France & Panama

    Accepted Crypto: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, USDT & other 7 coins

    Bonus:100% Crypto Deposit bonus up to $1,000 (code:CRYPTO100) & 35% Crypto Reload bonus for life (CRYPTO35) Plus 10% Boost to these bonuses when you deposit Cryptocurrencies


    Claim 100% Bonus

    Note: Not anonymous since full KYC is required.  Its sister site Sports Betting provides you with the same bonus (only with different codes) so you can effectively double the bonuses. 


    1. Buying Bitcoin


    Firstly, you need to purchase Bitcoin. To do this you need a Bitcoin Wallet / Exchange where you buy bitcoins to fund the Bitcoin sportsbook. A bitcoin wallet is exactly like Paypal where you load money onto it. You can use it for shopping or sending to / receiving from other people’s wallets.

    The only difference is that the money is not kept in your fiat currencies such as USD, EUR & GBP but is converted into Bitcoins. And you can’t physically withdraw your Bitcoin but you need to exchange it back to your original or preferred fiat currency.

    Bitcoin Exchange for Sports Betting

    Firstly, you need Cryptocurrency Exchange to buy Bitcoin (don’t be confused with Betting Exchanges like Betfair (suggest use of Betfair Alternatives), Smarkets & Matchbook). 

    We list the following 2 established Bitcoin Exchange;

    Coinbase (Not Anonymous)

    coinbase logo

    • Coinbase is said to be “The Most Beginner Friendly Bitcoin Exchange” in the world since it was founded in 2012, located in San Francisco USA. If you reside in the USA and store in a USD wallet (on top of a BTC wallet), your fund is insured by FDIC in case Coinbase becomes insolvent.
    • You need to go through basic KYC (Know Your Customer) and you can connect your bank account, credit/debit card & PayPal to buy Bitcoin and sell & withdraw into them.
    Changelly (Almost Anonymous)

    changelly logo

    • Changelly is one of the most trusted anonymous bitcoin exchanges/wallets founded in 2013 and is currently licensed in Malta.
    • Changelly’s trading algorithms are integrated into large and reputable trading platforms, like Binance & Bittrex, so they can pick & provide the best exchange rate possible in the span of milliseconds.
    • You need to submit an only e-mail address and nothing else, and you can use a credit/debit card to buy Bitcoin and sell & withdraw into them.
    • Start HERE to enjoy Semi-Anonymous Condition.

    Watch the below video (suggest you click Enlarge icon in the video to watch full-screen mode for a better view) prepared by BetOnline, which explains how to create a bitcoin wallet using the above Coinbase ;

    Bitcoin Wallet

    A Bitcoin wallet is a software program in which you store, receive & send Bitcoin.

    The bitcoin exchange lets you convert “real money” like US dollars to Bitcoin and many exchanges including Coinbase provide a wallet. But KYC process is a must for bitcoin exchange.

    And, some of the wallets assure completely anonymous, thus people who concerned about strict privacy may want to use a separate bitcoin wallet from a bitcoin exchange. 

    Actually, Betonline’s 2nd tutorial video shows how to create a new bitcoin wallet and send the fund from Coinbase to it as below;


    2. Identifying Bitcoin Sportsbook Operators


    There are plenty of Bitcoin online bookmakers on the market. However, as cautioned, you need to be careful about selecting reputable bitcoin betting sites.

    Make sure to see our list first (for Sports Betting full list in Bitcoin Betting Sports 29 Top Sites & for Casino List of Best Anonymous Bitcoin Casinos & Bonuses) rather than shopping around to take other less known sites, and do further due diligence by yourself if you feel necessary.


    3. Funding Bitcoin & Placing a Bet

    Funding Bitcoin betting sportsbook

    Using Bitcoin to fund your accounts and place your bets is basically the same as you funded your account with cash or a bank card. However, bear in mind that;

    • Conventional Bookmaker Accepting Bitcoin like BetOnline: You will place a bet in your chosen fiat currency like $ / € / £ and they just accept BTC as one of the depositing methods, which means although you fund BTC into Sportsbook, your BTC will be automatically converted into your fiat currency in the account.
    • Bitcoin Exclusive Bookmaker: Your BTC funding from your wallet will be deposited & stored in BTC without any conversion, and you will bet in BTC on their platform.

    So, we show you how these work in BetOnline another video. 

    Placing a bet with Bitcoin

    When it comes to placing a bet, it’s again Bitcoin-exclusive bookmakers that are no different than the conventional online sportsbooks. For Conventional Bookies accepting BTC, as explained above, you will bet in your fiat currency so everything is the same.

    You can locate a list of sports events on their website, select the one you want which will be shown in the bet slip and finally place the bet.


    4. Withdrawing Winnings & 5. Selling Bitcoin (Converting Into Your Fiat Currency)


    Withdrawing BTC to your BTC Wallet and converting it into your fiat currency to receive it in your bank account/credit or debit card is exactly the opposite process of what you have done in the above 1. – 3.


    Bitcoin Betting Whole Process

    The below BetUS tutorial video shows the entire process of bitcoin sports betting (this sportsbook is also a hybrid type accepting both fiat & cryptocurrencies), which will be a good wrap-up for you.


    BetUS offers a 200% welcome bonus, which is probably the most generous in the industry, so it’s worth checking, a brief summary is;

    BetUS – Most Generous Bonuses Bitcoin Sportsbook

    BetUS LogoSnapshot
    • BetUS was founded in 1994, licensed by Costa Rica, and claims “Get Paid Immediately Every Time” based on the promise of ultra-fast payout.
    • Accept BTC, BCH & LTC. 
    • The interface of the site including mobile is uncluttered & comprehensive, thus very easy to navigate, and good for beginners, and casual players.  
    • Various promotional offers are available. On top of the Crypto deposit, for those who prefer Fiat Currency ($), get a 100% Sports Bonus up to $2,500 + 25% Casino Bonus up to $625 – Use code “JOIN125” See Promotion Page
    • BetUS TV provides you with free picks & predictions on major sports.
    • Restricted Countries: Click HERE and if you’re not geo-blocked, you’re most likely accepted.

    BETUS Sign-Up Offer

    Your 1st 200% Crypto Sign-Up Bonus up to $2,500 – 150% Sports Bonus up to $1,875 & 50% Casino Bonus up to $625, use code “JOIN200”  

    + Up to 50% Re-Up Sports Bonus & Extra 25% Casino Re-Up Bonus on Every Crypto Deposit (If your primary interest is Casino, BetUS offers 250% Casino Welcome Deposit Bonus Up to $5,000 use code “CAS250” as well as various Daily Promotions like Slots Tuesday – 250% deposit up to $1,000)

    Horse Racing: Regularly provide unique offer such as “Money Back for 2nd or 3rd” – see the tactics to lock-in profits. 




    Bitcoin Betting Sports Pros & Cons


    Finally, let me recap the pros & cons of bitcoin betting. 


    Pros for Bitcoin Betting


    • High-Security Nature: Bitcoin Transaction is highly secured, and Anonymous / Pseudonymous Sign-Up Condition (many Bitcoin exclusive sportsbooks don’t ask for KYC documents) enables any players even from the countries where online gambling is prohibited or still legally grey area such as the USA to start it. Above all, you hardly worry about identity theft & any fraud.
    • Quick & Cheap Withdrawal: As you know many sportsbooks offer free deposits but charge a hefty fee on withdrawal. But given the absence of any middleman, basically blockchain transaction doesn’t cost you and very quickly typically takes only minutes.
    • Better Offers: Low transaction costs of BTC together with the much lower costs of developing a cashier section reduce service costs, which allows casinos to provide a competitive betting environment. This means you may often find more generous promotional offers on top bitcoin betting sites.


    Cons For Bitcoin Sports Gambling


    On the other hand, there are 3 cons.

    • Volatile: Its price bounces up and down every day because it’s still largely traded speculatively. The price may become stable eventually, but at this stage, it is still at high risk.
    • Uncertainties: Bitcoin is yet experimental, thus are still a lot of uncertainties. It is not a household payment method but just only a limited number of places accepting it as a payment method. Importantly, although Bitcoin is Not Regulated currently and Difficult To Regulate, nobody knows how each government controls it in the future, check Your guide to cryptocurrency regulations around the world and where they are headed.
    • Scam: Many people may view anonymity & un-traceability as an advantage. But naturally, it will invite a lot of rogue sites. Given the lack of legislation and ease of scamming people, it’s inevitable to make careful DD (Due Diligence) before you chose sports betting sites that accept bitcoin. In the above list, we select only the sportsbooks with good tracking records (past performance can’t guarantee any equivalent future though) and have best in class reputation in various forums & review sites.


    Bitcoin Esports Betting


    Lastly, if you’re interested in Esports betting;




    Good Luck On Your Bitcoin Betting!!


    Joshua Walker (bio)

    Editor – Global Extra Money (GEM)


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