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Find List Of Top Offshore Sportsbooks Lucrative Offers & How To Extract Cash From Online Sports Betting Sites Legitimately & Safely!!

You may have never thought of using Offshore Betting Sites so far. If so, we would say you have missed a lot of opportunities to earn extra income consistently Even Risk-Free. Why & How? In this report, we show you the list of Best Offshore Betting Sites together with the abundant resources to explain the solid rationale behind it as well as the reasons why it can apply to Everyone In The World including US Citizens.

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Best Offshore Betting Sites Offers

We list the following 4 types of offshore betting sites;

All the bookmakers we list here are rated A+ in many reputable review sites. One of the key aspects that has led to their success over the decades is their financial standing. So, when it comes to your any concerns related to the offshore business, the bookies listed here are the least ones you need to worry about, in short the payout from these bookies are basically ultra speedy & flawless.  

Anyhow, before going into each list, strongly suggest take a look at;

, where you will find the Specific Instruction on How You Can Win, Even Generate Guaranteed Profits Risk-free by making the best use of these bookies, worth your 5 minutes reading.

BTW, all the bookmakers we list in this page accept Bitcoin (BTC). 

Now, let us show you the list;

Generous Promotional Offers Without Country Restriction (Accepting All Players In The World)

The 2 Offshore Betting Sites in this category are Suitable For Matched Betting & Sports Arbitrage & Value Bet On Proven Software / Tipsters (Handicappers) / Systems.

BetOnline (Panama)

Betonline Worldwide Acceptance BookmakerSnapshot
  • BetOnline was founded in ‘91 (online from 2001), fast growing in the US and accept all countries in the world with the business principle of “1st priority Service over Sales".
  • Never Heard Any Account Restriction, relatively high wagering limit – worth noting that they allow re-bet on the same game which effectively allows you to circumvent limits.
  • Excellent promotion especially permanent offers called lifetime reload bonus, yes you read it right “Lifetime" for both Fiat Currency & Cryptocurrency deposit.
  • On top of the Crypto deposit shown in the right, for those who prefer Fiat Currency ($), enjoy 50% Welcome Bonus (code BOL1000) and 25% Reload Bonus (code LIFEBONUS) 

BetOnline Sign-Up Offer

“100% Cryptocurrency Deposit Bonus Up To $1,000" Use Code ' CRYPTO100 ' Claim Offer Now!!

+ 35% Crypto Reload Bonus For Life!!
On EVERY Qualifying Deposit Use Code “CRYPTO35"

Sports Betting (Panama)

Sports Betting BetOnline Group Bookmaker LogoSnapshot
  • Sports Betting belongs to BetOnline Group and basically follow all BetOnline principles by accepting all countries in the world. 
  • Various promotional offers available, including the same Lifetime Bonus as BetOnline. However, limits could be lowered for obvious professional players.
  • Most of the customers are said to come from USA.
  • One of the fastest paying offshore betting sites, same as BetOnline.
  • In fact, everything is identical to Betonlie (can even describe Betonline Clone site), so if you’re satisfied with Betonline, strongly suggest you register Sports Betting as well to double all the promotional benefits. 
  • For the offer, on top of the Crypto deposit shown in the right, for those who prefer Fiat Currency ($), enjoy 50% Welcome Bonus (code SB1000) and 25% Reload Bonus (code FORLIFE) See Promotion Page

Sports Betting Sign-Up Offer

“100% Cryptocurrency Deposit Bonus Up To $1,000" Use Code '100CRYPTO’ Claim Offer Now!!

+ 35% Bonus For Life!!
On EVERY Qualifying Deposit Code “35CRYPTO"

Generous Promotional Offers Without Account Restriction

The 3 Offshore Betting Sites in this category are Suitable For Matched Betting & Sports Arbitrage & Value Bet On Proven Software / Tipsters (Handicappers) / Systems

Bookmaker EU (Costa Rica)

Bookmaker eu Sharp Punter Welcome Snapshot
  • Bookmaker EU was founded in ‘85 (online from 2000), the biggest offshore betting site (especially the one for US market) providing Very Competitive odds with the slogan of “All line starts here".
  • Officially declares “cater to professional & recreational gambler alike”, the manager I spoke said “We never fear professional”.
  • Various promotional offers available including welcome bonuses 25 – 100% & reload bonuses 10 – 25%, depending on either cash or crypto and level of rollover requirements.
  • Restricted Countries: France & Costa Rica.

Bookmaker EU Sign-Up Offer

Promotion Code: ' bb878 '
“25 – 100 % Crypto Currency Deposit Bonus Up To $500 or 15% Cash + 50% Casino up to $1,600"

+ 10 – 20% Cash Bonus (15 – 25% Crypto) on Every Reload


5Dimes (Costa Rica)

5Dimes Extensive Sports Market CoverSnapshot
  • 5Dimes was founded in ‘96 (Online from 2000), run by one of the sharpest bookmakers the industry has ever known, many bookmaker review sites rank 5Dimes within top 3 constantly.
  • Welcome high rollers & low juice up to 102.
  • Probably the most extensive sports market coverage & wager type offered in the industry – you will find any sports event market all over the world / beware that their restriction policy on price trader seems to be tighter lately although we have never heard any real restriction so far. 
  • For the offers, several reward plans are available but you can chose only 1 reward. Reduced Juice Reward is a default setting for new account and if you chose any other reward such as Free Play, you need to request it to the customer service (via Live Chat or Tel) within 24 hours after the deposit. 
  • Restricted Countries: UK, France, Portugal, Hungary, Ukraine & Costa Rica

5Dimes Offer – For Value Better Select Reduced Juice Rewards (default set), the Most Popular & Most Profitable Offer for Long-Term 

For Matched Better, Select Free Play Rewards: 50% Initial Deposit Bonus Up To $520 & 20% Reload Bonus Up To $500 or alternatively Select Cash Back Rewards, so suggest carefully read Rewards & Promotions T&C.

Intertops (Antigua & Barbuda)

intertops logoSnapshot
  • Intertops is one of the oldest sportsbook (back to 1983) officially founded in ’98 and known as one of the most mobile friendly online bookmaker sites. 
  • Various promotional offers available including welcome bonus and regular parley free bet offer which you can lock-in profits via special methods (+ currently simple sign-up $20 free bet can also optionally be chosen).
  • Restricted Countries: UK, France, Austria & Australia.

Intertops Sign-Up Offer

Select from 3 choices of 200% up to $50 Bonus, 100% up to $100 Bonus & 50% up to $200 Bonus

+ Every week $50 Parley Free Bet Offer (if lose 1 option out of 4) and occasionally 10% reload bonus


Betcris (Costa Rica)

Betcris logoSnapshot
  • Betcris was founded in ’85 (Online from 2000), Betcris’s “CRIS" stands for “Costa Rica International Sports". 
  • Known for never showing professional players the door and welcomes sharp action.
  • Offers among the largest payout limits in the business, same level as Bookmaker.EU & even Pinnacle.
  • Loyalty Offers with each level gain access to better odds with higher payouts
  • Restricted Countries: Many (see the list), Betcris is suitable for Latin American (Central & South America) Players. 

Betcris Sign-Up Offer First Sports Bet Risk Free Between $10.00 and up to $100.00

+ Loyalty Program Earn $3000 USD or More Per Year.

Bodog (Antigua and Barbuda)  

bodog logoSnapshot
  • Bodog was established by Calvin Edward Ayre in 1994 who has licensed brand to various companies including Mohawk Morris Gaming Group (but terminated in 2011) that operates Bovada which is exclusive for US citizens (probably the most popular online betting site in the US market – see details at the bottom of this report).
  • Bodog is said to limit the professional punters but actually never heard of real limitation.
  • Bodog is a soft bookie, slow odds adjustment good for matched betting or arbitrage.
  • Restricted Countries: Bodog originally focused on Canadian market but have gradually expanded into Europe & Latin America based on the brand-licensing model and difficult to catch up the latest status. So click Bodog and if you’re not blocked then assume you are allowed to open an account (Asian players may be navigated to bodog88 & for US Citizen who seek Casino, Ignition can be a solution). 
  • If the right box will not navigate to Bodog page, Click HERE

Bodog Sign-Up Offer “100% Deposit Bonus Up To $200" 

+ Reload Offers, No standard bonus but often run special offers such as Survivor Bonus in NFL etc.

Provide Everything Professional Punters Need Without or With Limited Promotional Offers

The 3 Offshore Betting Sites in this category are Suitable For Sports Arbitrage & Value Bet On Proven Software / Tipsters (Handicappers) / Systems.

Pinnacle (Netherlands Antilles)

Pinnacle Sharp Punter Friendly Best BookmakerSnapshot
  • Started 1998, probably the world best bookmaker for professional punters
  • Officially welcome educated professional – See this page where you find “Welcome Professional" policies, Encourage arb trading in their site.
  • Famous for low juice operator in the industry means the most competitive offer to achieve high volume with low margin business model.
  • Probably the highest wagering limit in the industry.
  • Restricted Countries: US / UK / Ireland / France / Spain / Germany / Netherlands / Denmark / Poland / Slovenia / Chech Republic / Syria / Sudan / Turkey / Singapore / Korea / Philippines etc (see the full list in Pinnacle T&C 1.1.3
  • *Since this is Must Have for all Sharps, if you reside in the restricted countries, suggest you take a look at Our Solutions – you can use Pinnacle White Labels (means you in effect access to Pinnacle odds) supported by Pinnacle Solution.

SBO Bet (Philippines / Isle Of Man)

SBO Bet Asian Handicapping Specialist BookmakerSnapshot
  • Founded in 2004, said to be the punter’s dream same as Pinnacles mainly because high stake limit
  • Welcome professional punters and allows arbitrage (bet one side only per match)
  • Very competitive odds especially for Asian Handicapping
  • Basically no promotional offers except welcome bonus which renew regularly
  • However, if you reside in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand & Vietnam, you will enjoy regular loyalty programs as well as 100% initial deposit bonus. 
  • Restricted Countries: US / UK / Ireland / France & Territories / Spain / Germany / Netherlands / Belgium / Denmark / Greece / Poland / Slovenia / Chech Republic / Syria / Sudan / Somalia / Libya / Ivory Coast / Nigeria / Turkey / Iran / Iraq / Afghanistan / Singapore / North Korea / Taiwan / Hong Kong / Philippines / American Samoa etc – Since SBOBet is a Geo-Blocking site, so if you can’t access to SBOBet Home, means your jurisdiction is not allowed. 
  • Better To Have for all sharps, and for those who can’t access due to the country restriction, consider Our Solutions.

US Customer Exclusive  

There is a good offshore Betting Site exclusively for US

, which can be used For Matched Betting / Sports Arbitrage. However, the account restriction risk is high, thus see the 2 guides of How To Avoid Restriction & What To Do After Restriction at the end of this document.

Bovada (Kahnawake Quebec Canada) 

Bovada Bookmaker for US PlayersSnapshot
  • Owned by Mohawk Morris Gaming Group (MMGG) that rebranded Bodog as Bovada in US Operation in 2011, and has become one of the most respected online betting brand in US.
  • Bovada is only the full service offshore betting site exclusively for US citizens (however, they currently don’t accept new registration from Delaware, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Utah and Washington State).
  • Bovada is a soft bookie, slow odds adjustment good for matched betting or arbitrage, but their line is later than most of the other sites, so not suitable for value bettor who seek the best price at early stage.
  • Their 4.9-6.9% fee for credit card deposit is a heavy burden, so bitcoin will be a solution.
  • If the right box will not navigate to Bovada page, Click HERE

Bovada Sign-Up Offer “100% Deposit Bonus Up To $250" or “50% Bitcoin Deposit Bonus Up To $500 with Code 'BVSBITCOIN50’ " 75% UP TO $750 BTC Bonus with Code 'BTCSWB750’

+ Regular Reload Offers Like Cross Service (Poker & Sports etc) Promotions & Survive The Season Awards etc.


WagerWeb (Costa Rica)

  • WagerWeb was established in 1994 (Online from 1999), famous for its great customer service & excellent live betting offers. 
  • Accept US, Canada & a few South American countries. 
  • Bitcoin transaction is very smooth (deposits are credited before network confirmation) and payout is always Free.
  • Various promotional offers including Sports Weekly Cashback and 100% Bitcoin Bonus on Deposit Up to $500 as welcome bonus on top of the cash bonus explained in the right.
  • Unique promotion feature is that you can choose your percentage, rollover terms & maximum bonus based on your betting priorities. 

WagerWeb Sign-Up Offer " 50% Cash Bonus or 75% Free Play on Deposit (Minimum Deposit $100)"

+ 1% Weekly cashback on VOLUME on your Sportsbok and Live Betting if you chose Elite Bonus.


Top Offshore Betting Sites Sign-Up Offers – How To Extract Cash From Them

Now, let’s talk about how to turn the above offers of online betting sites into real cash.

Advantage Gambling

Firstly, Betting is Not Necessarily Gambling, we do bet but Don’t Rely On Luck / Chance. We do 6 Advantage PlaysAdvantage Sports Betting Guide based on Mathematical Edge to Beat the bookies, casino & bingo sites. When it comes to the Sports Betting, we use Matched Betting, Sports Arbitrage & Value Bet On Proven Software / Tipster (Handicapper) / System as the underlying methods to extract profits Reliably with Completely Risk-Free or Limited Risk.

With that said, one of our policies is “Betting On Luck Is For Losers, Stop Gamble Betting But Bet on Only +EV (Expected Value)To Win Reliably. It is effectively our way to promote Responsible Gambling under the regulation, and we strongly support GamCaregamcare logo

Our name of GEM (Global Extra Money) implies we want our readers to exploit extra money opportunities which are a risk-free or sure win in long-term All Over The World as you see in the next section.

Global Application

Allow me to repeat that in case you haven’t, suggest go through :

In these documents, you will find the specific methods that enable people from almost all countries to make the best use of the lucrative offshore advantage gambling opportunities you may have overlooked. I have to stress that especially the above Bitcoin Betting will pave the way for all US citizens and those who can’t access to online bookmakers to make thousands of extra income risk-free, Very useful, worth your time to check.

In Short, except 8 Countries (Cyprus, Poland, North Korea, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia) where on-line gamble is legally prohibited, all of you can make profit from matched betting, see the above report for full details.

US Players Online Sports Betting Latest Status

For US Citizens in particular, regarding the US Gambling Law, long-awaited sports betting legalization just started. On 14 May 2018, the Supreme Court struck down PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 1992), federal law which opens the door to legalizing the $150 billion (estimated by American Gambling Association) in illegal wagers on professional and amateur sports that Americans make every year. Means, US bettors will no need to count only on vegas sports betting, no longer be forced into the black market to use illicit gambling websites. Watch the below CBS news;

However, US Major Professional & Amateur Sports Leagues including NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA and NCAA have yet opposed to sports betting legalization (although NBA Commissioner Adam Silver publicly wants sports gambling legalized). So, despite the fact that American Gambling Association has agreed to forward the bill to Trump’s administration, looks it may take time until Congress seriously put it into action.

But, now US Players must have better confidence to use Trusted Offshore Betting Sites that accept US Citizens represented by, Bovada, 5Dimes, BetOnline, Intertops & BookmakerEU as discussed in best sports betting sites reddit. The only remaining issue related to legislation is UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Act) though, it’s completely resolved by Bitcoin. Suggest take a look at the above Bitcoin Betting – Ultimate Way To Lock-In Profits From Anywhere In The World, which will give US Citizens specific instructions on how to make thousands of risk-free extra income with real examples, so make sure you take time to check the contents, it’s really worth.

Full List of World Best & Worst Online Betting Sites

The offshore sportsbooks we have introduced in this document comes from the following 2 full lists (the bookies here are of course from best bookies list). These lists are important for advantage players, so whenever you have time, go through;

List Of Betting Exchanges & Alternatives For Those Who Can’t Access

And, in case you are not familiar with the betting exchanges, the below 2 documents will be of good help;

For those who can’t access to the 4 key betting exchanges, don’t worry, you can use bet brokers, but you need to take a cautious approach given their small business operation. The following 2 documents will help you select the right one(s);

Account Restriction Strategies

Although the bookies we list in this document hardly restrict your account, their policy could change. If you keep taking too much value from the bookmakers, you may be gubbed, means your betting account will be restricted. Actually, it’s just a matter of time before most of the soft bookies limit your account if you do matched betting without any precautionary actions. So, we have prepared the following 2 guides – One is Before Restriction, The Other One is After Restriction;

We believe the above 2 guides will help you keep exploiting unfair bookies, means will enable you to make money on the side reliably for long-term.


If you need any assistance from us,Contact UsGlobal Extra Money Contact

Good Luck!!

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