Online Casino Bonus Calculator – 2 Advanced Software To Beat Wager Requirements

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If You Want To Make Serious Money From Online Casino, Advanced Casino Bonus Calculator Is The Only Solution, Not For Newbies But For Seasoned Players!!
Unfortunately You Can’t Beat Casino Consistently Due To The House Edge Unless You Take Advantage Of Casino wagering requirements diceBonuses. Then How to Beat Wagering Requirements is at least What Every Player Needs To Know But That’s Not Enough. Check How The 2 Most Sophisticated Casino Bonus EV Calculator Can Make Difference & Take Your Casino Bonus Hunting To The Next Level!! 

Casino Bonus Calculator Introduction

There are many casino bonus EV calculators online, but most of them are not providing you with the accurate EV, which may mislead you & cause the unexpected loss of your own deposits. Why? We show you the reasons and the solution to resolve those issues in this report. Before going into the details, let me briefly talk about our underlying concept・・,

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which is Advantage PlayAdvantage Play Guide – Probably it is the Only Surest Method To Beat Bookmakers & Casinos For Anybody. Casino Bonus Hunting is regarded as one of Advantage Plays that don’t count on luck but on mathematical advantage. 

Remember, it’s theoretically impossible to beat the casinos in long-term due to the house edge (you may win in short term due to the variance). The only chance you can keep winning is making the best use of their bonus. That’s why we focus on Bonus Tactics when it comes to Casino Strategies.

With that said, one of our policies is “Betting On Luck Is For Losers, Stop Gamble Betting But Bet on Only +EV (Expected Value)To Win Reliably. It is effectively our way to promote Responsible Gambling under the regulation, and we strongly support GamCaregamcare logo & BeGambleAware being explained in about us.

As our name GEM (Global Extra Money) implies, we strive to help Our Readers From All Over The World to Make Extra Income Consistently & Reliably. Providing the Online Casino Bonus Calculator – 2 Advanced Software To Beat Wager Requirements is one of our efforts to achieve that vision. 

Incidentally, we have issued :

In these documents, you will find the specific methods that enable people from almost all countries to make the best use of the lucrative offshore advantage gambling opportunities you may have overlooked. I have to stress that especially the above Bitcoin Betting will pave the way for all US citizens and those who can’t access to online bookmakers to make thousands of extra income risk-free, Very useful, worth your time to check.

In Short, except 8 Countries (Cyprus, Poland, North Korea, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia) where on-line gamble is legally prohibited, all of you can make profit from matched betting, see the above report for full details.

This Is Not For Newbie But For Seasoned Casino Advantage Player

Lately, many people who started bonus whoring come from Matched Betting because matched betting subscription service like Oddsmonkey (Review) & Profit Accumulator (Review) extended sports betting into this area. In case you are a casino bonus newbie especially come from matched betting, bear it in mind that Casino Bonus Hunting is neither a risk-free nor guaranteed profit. But with the right strategies (remember casino game is all about simple mathematics), you can make profits consistently. Suggest you go through the below basic strategies first;

Low Risk & High Risk Bonus

We define the low risk bonus as follows;

Low Risk-Bonus

We consider low risk as the risk that the probability of losing your own money (deposits) is low. So, the popular “No Deposit Bonus (NDB)” like 888 Casino £88 Free is a part of this category. As a matter of fact, casino bonus no deposit is completely risk-free because you don’t have to use your own money. However, it doesn’t mean you can make money from it and the harsh reality is that without proper tactics, people end up with just wasting time due to the hefty Wager Requirements attached to every NDB (see 32Red Playthrough Requirements).

Yes, the risk mainly comes from Wager Requirements (WR) that Casino imposes before you can withdraw your bonus winnings, and the casino bonuses we categorize here are the WR with less than several times, which are often offered by bookmakers / betting exchanges like Betfair or Paddy Power‘s below image;paddy power bet & get casino offer

Although this type of bonus doesn’t guarantee profits every time, but you can expect decent returns as long as you take logical approaches. Suggest you access to the below instructions before you pursue high risk bonus hunting as the core subject in this document;

High Risk-Bonus

As you imagine, High Risk casino bonuses are the ones that requires high WR, like “100% matched deposit bonus up to £100 with 40x WR”. It means, when you deposit £100, the casino will give you £100 bonus. But you have to stake £4,000 = bonus x 40 or possibly £8,000 = (deposit + bonus) x 40 (depending on T&C), before you can withdraw any winnings generated from playing with the bonus. Although such high WR can be beaten by hitting a big win, it’s still tough hurdle to achieve profits. 

Under such offers, the bust out rate (the probability of losing your initial deposit) is quite high. Statistically, it is supposed to be 80 – 90% of the time. Then, is it worth? 

Yes, if you play only the offers with positive EV (Expected Value), you will end up in profit over time and so it is a case of trusting EV and having a big enough bankroll to see out the losing streaks. As said, one big win often can put you back in profit and only players who are able to select the right offers with right strategy & tool are eligible to enjoy making a lot of money.

Since we focus on the tool in this report, in case you’re not familiar with the strategies on the high risk bonus hunting, suggest go through How To Win Casino High Risk Bonus Big by Mathematical Bet (Member Only)high risk casino bonus feature image, where you can also find the summary of success tips like ‘Best Bonus Type’ & ‘Best Game Selection’ for High Risk Bonus Hunting.

Strategy Difference Between Low Risk & High Risk Bonuses

We use different tactical approach between the low risk & high risk casino bonus hunting as follows, just FYI;

  • Low Risk: Aim to bet as many as possible with the lowest stake amount to avoid the variance as much as possible by selecting low house edge game such as Blackjack, which will enable you to achieve the EV as close as possible.
  • High Risk (1): Play High Variance Slot that is set as high probability of big win, take the same approach of the smallest stake as many as possible.
  • High Risk (2): Bet High Stake selecting High RTP Slots, not necessarily low or high variance, which theoretically increases the EV although busting rate increases while average wagering amount decreases. 
*The High Risk Strategy (1) & (2) are the possible directions you can simulate in the advanced calculator to determine the best fit approach to individual casino offer. 
Suggest you watch the below video demonstrating how you can simulate & how you make money from the high risk casino. The video is one of the training materials of EV Maximiser (see the details later) prepared by Mike Cruickshank, the founder of Profit Maximiser, Mike permitted me to publicize it here;

Casino Bonus Additional Benefits

Needless to say, the main purpose of casino bonus hunt is to make money. However, people can also use it for;

Mug Betting

Matched bettors or sports arbers who are afraid of bookies’ account restriction should play casino regularly, which is a proven method to deter gubbing. Why? Suggest you take a look at the following 2 guides for details – One is Before Restriction, The Other One is After Restriction;

How Much Can You Make From Casino Bonus Hunting?

See the correspondences between Robert Cockburn from (see the details later) & me as below;

My Question: 

Can you give me the idea of Predicted Earnings Range Per Month in the LONG-TERM (I mean eliminate short term variance thus estimated EV range) with simple calculation formula / rationale when people follow your guide and take every offer you list in the program?

From CasinoCalculator: 
Expected earnings vary massively as you mention based on variance. There are usually around an EV of £100 on the calendar each day. However, this doesn’t include new customer offers which, when played correctly based on our training, can be extremely profitable in the long term. Some casino bonus hunters report multiple four-figure profits a month on a regular basis. Others, who have access to multiple accounts, can make a lot more than that. If we base the calendar offers on £100 EV/day then that would be £3k/month + any EV from new customer offers which may have an EV of £50-£120 each. Once the NCO’s are done, they are done, but members will get emailed targetted reload offers which will add even more EV. I think £3k min would be the safe answer based on the EV of calendar offers but a lot more (on average in the long term) is possible.
casino bonus profits prediction cartoon

This is just an indicative prediction.

Don’t Trust Every Calculator

Can’t We Find A Simple Answer?

Let me repeat what I said previously that “if you play only the offers with positive EV (Expected Value), you will end up in profit over time and so it is a case of trusting EV“. You can make profits, actually big enough profits from this high risk bonus hunting, but it really depends on whether you can gauge the accurate EV of each casino bonus. But is it so complicated?

It seems that many casino players simply want to know;casino various bonuses

Given the T&C of XXX Offer, if I start with £XXX and spin £X on Slot Game XXX, What will be the average profits I would make when I complete WR?

Can’t we find the correct answer easily?

Let me quote Rob’s answer to this question;

I’m not sure there is a definitive answer to your question. The average profit a player will make depends on a number of variables in the offers they participate in. Wagering requirements, bonus type, cash/bonus stake sizes etc, all have an effect on the EV. As there is no definitive answer, I would make the point that this is one of the benefits of being a member of – If users do not calculate the EV of an offer based on these variables then there is a good chance that they could be reducing the EV or even making it -EV by playing it incorrectly. Our training teaches members how to maximise EV of casino offers and the calculator determines the EV based on our advice, the terms of the bonus and the players’ preferences.

That’s right. When it comes to especially high-risk casino bonus hunting, you need to gauge the accurate EV by taking unique variables of each offer as many as possible into consideration in order to assess profitability & identify an appropriate approach. 

You need very specific & sharp calculator to determine if the bonus is going to pay enough to make it worth your while.

There are several casino calculators available online, but when it comes to the application to High Risk Bonus Hunting, there are only a handful of software that give you the correct numbers because of the following 2 factors;

Variables Input & Simulation Size

Most of the free online casino calculators you find online ask you to just only input your deposit and bonus amounts and what the wagering requirements are, means those only calculates how much you need to wager. It is probably OK for very low risk bonus

casino free calculator
standard ev calculator
bonus wagering calculator
, but they are not valid for high risk offer. 

EV varies depending on many variables (even only for the type of bonus, there are Cashable, Post Wager, Cashback bonus, and Sticky bonus) which are all deciding factors as to whether or not a casino bonus will be profitable in the long term.

Let me quote the explanation of Mike Cruickshank in this regard as follows;

It’s pretty simple, really. Consider the information that you’ll use when making your calculations on a casino EV calculator:

  1. The deposit plus your bonus
  2. The required wagering amount
  3. The Return to Player Percentage (RTP = the house edge) for a particular slot

Here, the only thing that you’ll get is the calculation which pertains to your average wins and losses, once you’ve done wagering.

This means that you can even get a loss prediction of far more than you’ve actually wagered! That’s because a simple casino calculator is unable to factor in that the player can bust out of offers. It also can’t figure in the spin size or stake.

In addition, what about when you increase your bust out chances (and thus increase the offer EV) by significantly upping the stake?casino bonus profits prediction

Suppose you don’t spend as much time completing an offer by increasing your bust out frequency. Overall, doesn’t this earn you a higher profit margin for the time you’re spending?

Here’s another big deciding factor — the variance of the slot you’re using. For a high accuracy result, you need to include the slot variance as well as the RTP. Unlike the EV Maximiser, you’re not going to find this option in a simple casino calculator.

With the EV Maximiser, you’re going to get a far more accurate response based upon variables that are specific to what you can actually choose to do. Plus you’ll be running 100,000 simulated spins in approximately 10 seconds.

And, most importantly, you’ll be able to see the predicted results that will depend on the size of your stake.

So, obviously we need to input much more variables data than simple standard EV calculator demands, see Casino Calculator Input Table (will elaborate on this calculator later) as below, quite impressive, isn’t it?Casino Calculator Variables Input

Besides, as Mike explains, the standard EV formula is inaccurate when applied to high-risk casino offers or offers with wagering above x1 (means it’s better to have accurate EV even for some low-risk casino bonus as well) due to the formula’s assumption that you will always complete the WR. In order to correct this issue, we have to use Monte Carlo Method, which is a technique to help make decision by measuring most or all of the potential outcomes through hundreds of thousands to millions simulations. Monte Carlo Method

Obviously human can’t do it manually, we need an advanced casino calculator that is designed to perform this method. 

Slots Details 

As Mike also explains in the above, Slot makes a critical role in casino bonus hunting. On top of the WR, casino usually imposes game restrictions. You may be able to play any casino game with your bonus but only specific ones can contribute to the WR. And the most widely used casino game to play with bonuses is online slots, and the contribution of slots to WR is usually 100%. Therefore, using slots is an efficient way to complete WR. 

RTP (Return To Player) Data Base 

Online Slots are designed to pay out a certain amount, a.k.a. RTP (Return to Player) that is a fixed % but varies between slots. Say slot A has an RTP of 95%, you expect £95 pay out out of £100 wagered. As you know that this doesn’t mean that you receive back £95 for every £100 wager every time due to the variance. It means, you may receive a lot more or a lot less but you will receive £95 on average in long-term.

It’s very important for you to compare RTP & Risk (Variance) on the slots to decide which slot you play for WR. In order to do that, you need comprehensive slot database. It’s almost impossible for individual player to compile all those figures due to the large amounts of available slot games. The best way is to use the data base conveniently summarized for this purpose such as EV Maximiser as below (it has 900 slots data as of now);

EV Maximiser Slot Database


Now, it’s high time to introduce 2 high quality advanced tools to take your casino bonus hunting to the next level. 

EV Maximiser

Mathematical Bet EV Maximiser
EV Maximiser is Mike Cruickshank’s advanced software exclusively for Casino Bonus Hunting. Mike is a mastermind of gambling math and the founder of Profit Maximiser (see our review), which triggered a boom of matched betting in UK/Ireland & Europe. This calculator has a large slot data base as well as built-in major casino games like below;EV Maximiser Multiple Games

So, EV Maximiser can be used for any kind of casino offers and be suitable for any players in the world.

EV Maximiser Introductory Video

Suggest you watch Mike’s Introductory Video, which will give you a good insight on how it works. Click the below screenshot, then you will be navigated to the video;

EV Maximiser Tutorial Video


You will go through full training via Video like the above one in the following menu (Never Miss Cashable Bonus since it’s the most popular bonus); EV Maximiser Training

How To Use Calculator With Slot Database 

Let me show you a training video example which is 32Red case in “Cashable bonus – bonus credited instantly”, it shows how you can use slot database to simulate & determine the best approach;

Advanced Strategy

I’ll share just 1 more video related to the advanced strategy, which is 2 Tier Betting. This video explains its concept & how it works.  But you need to watch 2 Tier Betting Example video to see how you implement it properly by avoiding careless mistakes. 


Summary Of Key Advantages

We can highlight the following benefits you expect from EV Maximiser;

Customized Simulation Of Your Offer With Extremely High Accuracy 

As repeatedly said, there are so many variables you need to consider, some of them are;

  • What type of bonus is it?
  • Amount to deposit
  • Max bet size
  • Which games are restricted when using a bonus?
  • Game weighting
  • Wagering requirements
  • Are the winnings limited? etc.

And, the calculator should have the ability to take all these parameters into account and provide you with the results that allow you to decide;

  • Is it worth doing? : you can judge based on accurate EV together with cash per hour info (see the next Time Calculation).
  • Is it within your risk level? : you can evaluate based on the above EV plus the chance of busting % (also see the Knowing Bust Rate). The higher the bust rate, the riskier the offer. If you aren’t comfortable with the level or risk then try lowering the stake / variance of the game to work out the EV.

And, YES, EV Accumulator can do everything with extremely high accuracy based on million’s simulation, which is the highest sophistication in the industry. 

Time Calculation 

The EV Maximiser provides you with the productivity information. Say an offer gives £30 EV & 70% bust rate, which looks like a good deal. But if it requires 10 hours to complete, what do you say? Definitely it is not worth your time. No standard calculator shows such information. 

Knowing Bust Rate 

One of the most stressful situation is facing losing streak without knowing how much more you will lose until you complete WR. EV Maximiser tells you how many times you will likely bust out on the offer before making a profit, which gives you good emotional tolerance. Remember that a decent slot can have a bust rate of 60-80%, you won’t be discouraged when you hit multiple bust rates. That’s because you’ll know enough to expect a big win that will balance out the expected EV. This is why it’s so important to keep track of the EV for the casino offers that you’re engaged in and not just profits and losses. This will allow you to track the accuracy of the numbers that you’re expecting.

Very Specific Slot Prediction

Despite the fact that Slots are the most efficient games to be used for High Risk Casino Bonus, people tend to hesitate use slots given its unpredictable nature coupled with the fact that standard EV calculators are not able to provide specific prediction. However, the EV Maximiser has the ability to specifically show how each slot offer can be be profitable based on slot machine database (900 slot machines RTP & Variance entries, which are all pre-programmed) This fact gives you enough confidence to go for it. 


It is £49.99 + VAT, which is just one-off payment (although the payment is £, this calculator can be used for any casino bonuses offer anywhere in the world).

EV Maximiser Pricing
Considering the possible returns you can expect from the calculator, this is absolutely value for money.

Casino Calculator

casino calculator logo
Casino Calculator was developed by the team at ABC Betting Ltd whose founder is David Archer. After owning and running a large number of betting shops, David ventured into the world of affiliate marketing where he owned a portfolio of betting-related sites with the largest and most notable being Robert Cockburn, Head Of Marketing answered a few key questions from me, which you can find in various sections in this report. 


You will receive good training on casino bonus related to key subjects as below;

Casino Calculator Training

Calculator Quality

As briefly shown previously, the range of the variables you can input into the Casino Calculator is very vast & highly sophisticated. I use the Beating Bonus Calculator in my How To Win Casino High Risk Bonus Big by Mathematical Bet, which is relatively sophisticated. But Robert list the following edge of his calculator over the Beating Bonus Calculator

  • This calculator only includes known games. Not slots which is what most will be using casino bonuses and an EV calc for.
  • It also doesn’t factor in time taken or what kind of bonus it is
  • Our calculator includes 4 types of bonuses (with some variation in those types too). Blended wagers, Refund on losses = cash used first, wager then bonus, win bonus.
  • Our calculator has multiple different paytables (BJ, Roulette Low, Roulette High, Slots (Low/Med/High), Bingo) that allow us to simulate almost any bonus
  • Our calculator can account for win caps, sticky bonuses, whether cash bets count towards rollover or not.
  • Our calculator calculates EV/hour
  • We have some advanced features like withdrawing after wagering and accounting for withdrawal fee.
  • We don’t require the user to know Standard Deviation and Final Bet : Initial Bet ratio. We have the tables built in

Offer List

Every day, the program updates the Offers in the List Format by New Customer Offers & Existing Customer Offers and in the Calendar Format. 

Let’s see how you will select an offer & how you examine with the Calculator.

Offers List Format  

The page shows all offers / new customer offers / existing customer offers (reload offers) as below. 

Casino Calculator Offers

Let’s see the new customer offer, Casino Heroe’s 100% Deposit Bonus. When you click ‘Info’, you will be navigated to the offer details;

Casino Calculator Offers Details

Based on the T&C, you input the key variables into the calculator. After the instant 200,000 simulation (within a second), you will see the Results as below;casino calculator Casino Heroes simulation results

Calendar Format – Daily Offers

Let’s see another example from Calendar Format list where you check all the available offers each day like below;Casino Calculator Calendar

Let’s pick Bet365 20% refund offer, click the box with the arrow in the above screenshot, you will be navigated to the offer details;Casino Calculator Bet365 Offers Details

In order to visit Bet365 offer page, click ‘Claim Offer’, then you will be taken to the page conveniently;

Casino Calculator Bet365 T & C Details

After you input key variables based on the offer’s T&C, the calculator will show you the above Results;

casino calculator bet365 simulation results

How To Read Results

See the following that gives you better understanding of the above key results;

  • Chance Of Profits & Chance Of Cash Bets Profit: The difference is applicable for the kinds of offers where you can make profit with cash or bust and then make profit with bonus. It’s calculated as a percentage of simulations that end in a net profit (or that end in a net profit without touching bonus).
  • Max Advised Risk: Given the chance of profit/busting. Max risk is calculated so that if someone were to bet their whole bank the advised increments their chance of busting out completely would be very small. The exact chance figure used depends on the profitability of the offer (ie, a risk £100 offer with an EV of £2 has a lower acceptable risk than a risk £100 with EV of £300). There are also some sensible mins/maxes in place so that we aren’t advising people to risk more than 7.5% of their bank even on a really profitable offer that has 80% chance of profit.
  • Bust Rate: This is not appeared in the Results but simply = 100% – chance of profit %


There are 2 options of Essential: £59.99 / year and Essentials & Daily Offers: £69.99 for the first month and £9.99 / month. Unlike EV Maximiser, it’s a subscription service therefore not a one time payment but yearly or monthly fee is charged based on the best offers listing & updating which gives you a good value. The difference between the 2 options are number of new customer offers and the availability of reload offer. 

Casino Calculator Pricing


As repeatedly said, high risk casino bonus hunting is not for everyone but for only handful of math experts who are not necessarily able to compute any complicated formula but can identify & use the proper calculator. 

Assessing & selecting the right offer is the key factor of success, and no human being can manually compare several offers, identify which slots game to play and know exactly how to proceed through hundreds & millions of simulation.

Only the advanced highly sophisticated casino calculator being listed in this report can achieve the above and give you the best possible chance of getting winnings you can withdraw.

So, many of you wonder which Casino Bonus Calculator to use, what I would suggest are;

  • EV Maximiser: Any Player In The World & Matched Bettors who want to pursue casino offers, and appropriate especially for those who are currently subscribing matched betting package services that list available casino offers. 
  • Casino Calculator: Any Player In The World But Suitable for UK players since the majority of listed offers are aimed at UK Residents, and also appropriate especially for those who are not interested in matched betting but focusing on casino offers, gubbed in many sports bookies or don’t subscribe matched betting package service. 

Finally, let me summarize the essentials to succeed in high risk casino bonus hunting as follows;

  • Chose a reputable casino rather than taking any attractive offers relentlessly to avoid any unpaid situation.
  • Don’t save time to read and understand the T&C of each casino offer which are basically unique in each offer.
  • Given the relatively high stake amount involved, check any unclear requirements in the T&C via Live Chat or E-mail and save those scripts in case for any unpleasant surprise.
  • Select the offer that gives you enough statistical advantages based on the accurate EV assessment that include Time Efficiency to decide it worthwhile.
  • Use the right casino bonus EV calculator that allows you to make right decisions. 

Hope this report will help pave the way for you to make additional income on the side successfully.

Good Luck!!

Joshua Walker – Publisher of GEM (Global Extra Money)