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OddsMonkey Review 2024 – Can You Go Full Time?

OddsMonkey Review Key Summary


Oddsmonkey is a matched betting subscription service, founded in Aug 2011 by software developer Paul King. Paul created Oddsmatcher software and originally provided it to Outplayed (ex Profit Accumulator) (see our review) though decided to start a full-fledged package service on its own in April 2016.

OddsMonkey have helped way over 150’000 matched betting members on their individual profit journeys and claim;

We pride ourselves on providing best in class customer support and tools to make each and every member’s matched betting experience as valuable and profitable as possible with maximum efficiency. 


Oddsmonkey Flash Sale: Aug 19th – 26th

Oddsmonkey is launching the BANANA BONANZA sale, which includes the following Discount Offer:

  • Premium Annual Subscription: £149.99
    All Access Annual Subscription: £199.99
    All Access monthly *first month discount : £24.99 (£49.99 after that)
    FREE OddsMonkey MUG or Water Bottle!

Go to the exclusive page for more details;

oddsmonkey bonanza sale


Make a Living Oddsmonkey


“Can I go full-time OddsMonkey?” is one of the most popular questions we receive. The result of the poll about “Matched Betting Full Time Job” in the Oddsmonkey forum gives you a good insight into the notion. The result shows;oddsmonkey full time job poll

The sample size is not big but at least 100+, which means statistically viable and 23% of the members are actually “make a living matched betting using OddsMonkey service”. 

And, in the forum, there is a thread of Full Time Matched Betting; Oddsmonkey Review Forum Fulltime ThreadThe members talk about £10,000 – £30,000 yearly Oddsmonkey earnings. 

We are personally not for this notion but suggest it be an Extra Income as explained in 3 Smart Ways To Make Fast Extra Money Online. However, for those who consider it, Oddsmonkey must be one of the right choices, so see our review or start a free trial


OddsMonkey Snapshot


The below table covers OddsMonkey key information;  

Is OddsMonkey Legit?Yes, operated by Dotnetpages Ltd / Company number 07711804 / Companies House filing history
Main ServicesTutorial: Full training guides & videos  /  Offer: Daily offer calendar  /  Software: Matchers for Odds (Oddsmatcher), Dutch, Racing, Tennis, Each Way & Extra Place, Acca Finder & Acca Builder (4 types)  /  Tools: Profit tracker, 16 Calculators & 15 Spreadsheets
Casino & BingoCasino Hub: Low risk £500-600 new account & £100 reload offers constantly available / Bingo: Focus on guide
Forum 5000 unique visitors, 50+ new users reaching the forum daily, over 1,000 new posts a day, with around 50+ topics created. 
Exchange 0% CommissionTeamed up Smarkets, Matchbook & Betdaq to constantly offer Zero commission. 
Actual Earnings£300 per month – full-time student Connor / £650 per month – housewife Ailsa / £1,400 per month – full-time job holder Gavin 
Pricing£19.99 a month or £180 for the year – see the latest
Is Oddsmonkey safe?Even if you pay a full annual fee of £150, you will recover it within a few days, so, a pretty good risk & reward ratio. 
Free Trial Yes, register here – you can earn up to £45. 
Money BackYou can cancel a subscription at any time and get your money back within the first 30 days (Refund T&C).
Alternatives to OddsmonkeySee comparisons of 3 services (Oddsmonkey vs Outplayed (ex Profit Accumulator) etc). 

*Since you have come to Oddsmonkey, I assume you understand matched betting though, just in case you don’t take a look at matched betting for dummies



Oddsmonkey How does it work / How to use 


Probably, the David’s story (self-employment Oddsmonkey real user) will give you a good insight into how Oddsmonkey work as a second income;



Interview with the Founder Paul King – Competitive Edge


I communicated with Paul to get his opinion about OddsMonkey’s core strengths over the competitors as well as his overview of Matched Betting industry & Oddsmonkey’s vision. Let’s start up with Competitive Edges as follows (I’ll introduce the other comments in the appropriate sections later), the blue part is my question and the green parts are Paul’s answer;Oddsmonkey Review - List Of Competitive Edge Over Competitions Testified By Founder Paul Illustration


OddsMonkey vs Outplayed (ex Profit Accumulator) vs Profit Maximiser


1) What would you think makes OddsMonkey stand out in the matched betting industry?

As long as we understand, Profit Maximiser (PM) & Outplayed (ex Profit Accumulator) (PA) dominated the full-package service market, and after you rejuvenated your service last year obviously you are a rising star by taking a significant share of the market from them. PA as a market leader has taken several countermeasures by reducing price & adding optional tools into the standard package, and as of now PA’s offer – fee (annual) & software tools are more or less the equivalents to yours.
So, can you elaborate on or list the specific competitive edges you think you offer to your customers compared with PM & especially PA?
1a) We try and set ourselves apart in a few different ways from our competitors. The main areas being detailed below…Oddsmonkey Review - List Of Competitive Edge Over Competitions Testified By Founder Meet The Members
  • Customer support – We are passionate about ensuring our customers receive an exceptional level of support and assistance when necessary.  
  • We have worked hard to build a team of industry experts that share my original ethos of always putting the customer first and ensuring that we make the process of learning and using our software as easy and pleasant as possible.  
  • You can see the current OddsMonkey team and read a little more about them here.
  • Amazing software – I developed the first OddsMatcher software, which made the process of matched betting quicker and easier, in 2009.  
  • Since we relaunched OddsMonkey as a full matched betting service in 2016, we have assembled an extremely talented in-house technical team that allows us to support the existing software and also to innovate by enhancing existing tools and developing new software and features to ensure that our customers have as many ways as possible to earn regular guaranteed profits every month.  
  • You can read more about how and why I created the original oddsmatcher on our bloghere.  The nature of working with so much 3rd party odds data means that there’ll always be the occasional technical issues that crop up, but by having our own in-house tech team, we’re able to respond quickly to any problems as soon as they arise.
  • Open and friendly Community – We pride ourselves on hosting a community forum that is friendly and helpful for beginners, advanced matched bettors, and everyone in between.  
  • We have dedicated staff that are available in the forum between the hours of 9 am-9 pm ready to help out with any specific questions from our customers.  As well as our own staff, we are fortunate enough to have some extremely knowledgeable premium members who are on hand to help out other members, swap stories, and share successes – it really is a great place to meet people that are interested in matched betting and discuss making money using our software.  
  • We do not prohibit the discussion of other matched betting websites as we welcome feedback if it can be used to improve our own service. Historically we have been advised that some customers preferred a way that a competitor’s tool worked (which was charged as a separate product at considerably more than our monthly fee) and we took this feedback on-board and used that feedback when designing a new version of that particular product.  
  • I’m pretty sure you can’t discuss OddsMonkey on our competitors’ forums. We feel this is a strong indication that we are dedicated to being the best at what we do, and are not interested in deleting genuine posts or comments just because they mention a competitor’s website.
You can see from our Alexa traffic ranking here that we’ve seen a dramatic increase in traffic since our relaunch, we feel this is a great indication of how we’ve moved from just being a software company to now being offering a complete matched betting service to our customers, and the response to this has been amazing. 
Paul's Answer

OddsMonkey Review – 5 Key Competencies 

Now, we will list up & analyze the outstanding benefits of Oddsmonkey (OM) while quoting Paul’s comments as follows. 


1) The Lifetime Price Commitment 


Lifetime Price Guaranteed

Since I heard a lot of rumours about Oddmonkey’s lifetime price guarantee, I sent the below inquiry before making the further Q&A shown in the above; “I‘m reviewing your service and will publish it on my site. As a part of listing your core strengths, I am very curious about your price commitment.  I understand you have kept your old £5.00 per month to the customer who had started subscribing to your original odds matcher even after you renewed your business & started providing the current full-packaging service, am I right? It’s based on your principle of rewarding your loyal customers which will apply to the existing members. This means you will not change the price but freeze the current price of £15 / month to the existing members even if you introduce any price hike in the future. Do I understand correctly? Please confirm, add your comments or amend my understanding if I’m wrong. I’ll copy & paste your whole answer in my review.

Below is the immediate answer I received (in the screenshot) from Paul;

Oddsmonkey Review Price Commitment From Paul

I really like his commitment to loyal customers. So, if you sign up while the price is £15.00 per month and they increase it at some point in the future, you’ll continue to pay £15.00 per month for the lifetime.  


2) The Highest Quality Oddsmatcher – Better Profits


Efficiency is a key criterion for the paid service. Matched Betting is all about scalping profits by capturing good opportunities as many as possible. Oddsmatcher is a very basic tool but makes a significant difference in this regard.

Although you can start Matched Betting even without oddsmatcher, and there are a few decent Free Software I used in my instruction documents, usually free software’s update is 20-30 minutes behind. This is critical especially for short-lived odds such as horse racing.

Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher is needless to say Real-Time with almost No Bugs or Technical Glitches. It actually supports Paul’s comment;

The nature of working with so much 3rd party odds data means that there’ll always be the occasional technical issues that crop up, but by having our own in-house tech team, we’re able to respond quickly to any problems as soon as they arise.Paul's Comment

How Efficient? – Free Bet Extraction Rate

Let me put it this way. We generally assume 80% extraction from Free Bet, and yes it is average as long as you use Free Matcher. However, the paid service matcher will improve it to 85%, and Oddsmonkey’s oddsmatcher makes me constantly achieve over 90%. Assuming you get £/€1,000 Free Bet per month, 10% extraction improvement is worth £/€100 additional income per month.

How Efficient? – No Opportunity Loss

The filter function is next to none. As seen below, you can filter almost all imaginable criteria to search for the opportunity that meets the conditions of each bookie’s offer.Oddsmonkey Review Oddsmatcher

If what you’re looking for is currently not available, you can save your filter and set Alert e-mail. It’s very convenient for regular offers, say Bet365 Bore Draw.

It’s an everyday offer thus you filter “Football” and “Correct Score & HT/FT”, and you may want to set Profit Requirement & Minimum Liquidity based on your preference. Then, you will receive an e-mail when the opportunity arises.

There are many weekly loyalty-free bet clubs that can be simultaneously pursued with other offers such as a Red Card refund or Bore Draw refund. What I do is combine these 2 offers, which means I place Football bets required by the weekly free bet club.

If I hit Red Card or Bore Draw then get a refund, even if not I can fulfil the weekly free bet requirements. Since I want to minimize qualifying loss, I set the match rating to 95% & Set Alert.

BTW, your bet that gets a refund from another offer is not usually counted for the loyalty offer, just FYI.

It saves hours of scouring the sites and allows you to cover so many more events that you wouldn’t have done otherwise.


3) The Widest Range Of Software – Capture Every Opportunity


On top of the Oddsmatcher, Oddsmonkey provides you with several advanced tools to capture earning opportunities in the major type of offer or sports categories. Namely, ACCA Matcher / Finder(Football), Racing Matcher (Horse Racing), Each Way Matcher (see the next section for details), and Tennis Matcher;

Oddsmonkey Review Software List

Click To Enlarge

Since Tennis Matcher is a tool provided by only Oddsmonkey, let’s take a look at how it works. It’s extremely useful in major tennis events such as grand slams.

Many bookies conduct promotions intensively, and the below Betfair (you may want to use Betfair Alternatives)’s Profit Guaranteed Offer of “Place 5 Bets & Get A Free Bet” for French Open is one of them; Oddsmonkey Review Tennis Matcher Betfair OfferTennis Matcher displays all the major offers by the bookie, and when you chose Betfair, the current best opportunity (the tightest odds match) is shown as below;

oddsmonkey tennis matcher

So, the above table gives you 2 arbing opportunities, which means qualifying profit rather than loss. This software will greatly help you save time to identify profitable opportunities when you have a specific bookmaker’s offers in mind (or you will find the ongoing offers in the matcher).


4) Each-Way & Extra Place Matcher – Sustainable Long-Term Income


Each Way Matcher

All the matched bettors are aware that the biggest obstacle to achieving sustainable long-term profit is Bookies’ Account Restriction a.k.a. Gubbing.

Each Way Betting is just a standard way of betting that is not related to bonuses or offers. Therefore you can keep placing an each-way bet after your account is gubbed.

Each Way Arbing (in case you’re not familiar with it, find it more in Each Way Arbing – The Way To Guarantee Profit Even In Your Restricted Account ) is the way you can completely exploit your gubbed account. As remarked in my document, one of the hardest issues is finding the opportunity.

Each Way Matcher will constantly provide you with the Arbing Opportunity as below;

oddsmonkey each way matcher

Like all the other software, when you click Open Calculator, the specific instruction, namely how much stake you can stake in which bookmaker at what odds as follows;

oddsmonkey each way matcher calculator

Extra Place Matcher

When it comes to Extra Place Opportunities, we have a Spreadsheet on How To Make Profits from Extra Place Offers EVEN in Your Gubbed Account With Lay Calculator.

However, Oddsmonkey’s software is far more efficient. The software is like below; The image speaks volumes. For every race where bookmaker(s) offer an extra place, the software list the highest profitable horse with specific stakes (back, lay win & place) in which bookie & exchange(s).

The top row info indicates you will incur £1.33 qualifying loss but if “Havre De Paix” finishes the extra place of 5th your profit will be £91.17. The effective odds are 69.5, which is absolutely worth pursuing.

Extra Matcher always provides you with such juicy opportunities. That’s the value of OddsMonkey paid service. Try Free


5) Coverage of Bookies & Dutching Software – International Players


Many sites introducing matched betting say matched betting is for UK/Ireland only. Therefore most of the players outside the UK/Ireland seem to give up, which shouldn’t happen.

Please see my question & answer from Paul as follows;

4) What about your view on the overseas market? Nearly half of my GEM’s registered members are from the outside UK. So far, matched betting is pretty much UK/Ireland opportunity, but there are many bookies that offer attractive promotions, even in the absence of an Exchange, arbitrage or Dutching method that can be applied. Would you have any chance to expand your service to prospective customers outside UK/Ireland as a next stage, if so how?

4a) We actually have a fair few overseas customers already, there are some European countries that have access to the same Betfair as the UK (i.e. not ring-fenced like the Italy market).  It’s definitely something that we will be exploring in the future, but we’re currently focused on meeting the huge demand from the UK since our relaunch. So far, this has involved scaling our systems and support teams to ensure that the level of service we provide to our customers continues to operate at a very high standard.Paul's Answer
Actually, in the Oddsmonkey forum, although it is not as active as other threads, there is a dedicated section of Non-UK as below;oddsmonkey forum non UK

Importantly, Oddsmonkey’s oddsmatcher traces around 130 Bookmakers which is by far the largest coverage in the industry. It includes many outside UK/Ireland bookies such as Australian (William Hill au, Ladbrokes au, Bookmaker au, etc), Asian (SBO) & Caribbean (BetOnline & Bookmaker. eu, etc).

So, on top of the European members Paul mentioned, it paves the road for many other international players. Actually, outside UK/Ireland, there are several excellent bookies that don’t gubb you, which you will find the details in the List of Sharp Sportsbooks for Professional Punters and World 14 Best Offshore Betting Sites Offers that list their latest offers. 

Needless to say, Oddsmatcher finds every opportunity for those bookies. Even in the areas where the betting exchange is not available, the Dutch Search constantly finds you opportunities of matched betting when the bookies offer any promotions or arbing as follows;

Oddsmonkey Review Dutching Search for International Players

Click To Enlarge

Oddsmonkey’s bookies’ coverage is the largest including outside UK/Ireland. Coupled with available tools, they can provide international bettors with a decent matched betting opportunity.



Oddsmonkey Review – Conclusions


Judging from all the above competitive edges analysis, OddsMonkey is obviously worth the money as probably the top matched betting service. And I would personally feel it could last for a long time as long as they have a Customer First Culture with an Open Mind, which is reflected in their forum policy & the way of continuous improvement.

Let me quote Paul’s comment again for these particular aspects;

We do not prohibit the discussion of other matched betting websites as we welcome feedback if it can be used to improve our own service. Historically we have been advised that some customers preferred a way that a competitor’s tool worked (which was charged as a separate product at considerably more than our monthly fee) and we took this feedback on board and used that feedback when designing a new version of that particular product.  

I’m pretty sure you can’t discuss OddsMonkey on our competitors’ forums. We feel this is a strong indication that we are dedicated to being the best at what we do, and are not interested in deleting genuine posts or comments just because they mention a competitor’s website.Paul's Answer


Lastly, let me show you Paul’s comments regarding the Matched Betting Industry Forecast below;

2) Could you share your view on how the matched betting industry will evolve in long term? You may want to include possible threats & opportunities such as bookies’ business model change (from heavy reliance on promotional activities to Pinnacle approach?) or Law Enforcement on Banning Gub etc.

2a) This is obviously a difficult one to answer categorically as no one can accurately foresee any upcoming changes in gambling laws or bookmaker customer acquisition strategies, but what we can say is that the free bet/promotion model has been the preferred strategy for the majority of European bookmakers for over 30 years, and this has increased since the advent of the internet.  
Matched Betting and advantage gambling has been in existence for over 15 years and, while it has grown dramatically over the last 2 years, it still represents an extremely small fraction of the new players acquired by bookmakers each month.
Pinnacle has always been the exception to the rule, and I’d personally be very surprised if other bookmakers chose to adopt the same model, but even if they did it would open up new opportunities for our customers to make guaranteed profits using our current and future software products.  
Pinnacle used to be one of our most popular bookmakers before they withdrew from the UK, and we expect them to be very popular once again when they re-enter the UK market in the coming months (so they tell us).
Paul's Answer

I agree with Paul. As I said in my Beat The Bookies By Knowing How Your Enemy Makes Money – Secret Of Odds, given the success of the promotion-driven model, it’s quite unlikely that the bookies will cease the offers.

This means the matched betting industry will have a large chance to keep growing. Oddsmonkey has alternative methods to keep making money even if the bookies change their business model to the Pinnacle Model.

So, whatever the way you utilize Oddsmonkey, you will surely make an additional income with basically risk-free, start a free trial.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. I am a live subscriber to their service and will make my best to answer your concerns.


Good Luck!!


Joshua Walker (bio

Editor – Global Extra Money (GEM)