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Profit Maximiser Review 2024 – Is Betting Mastermind Better?

What is Profit Maximiser?


Profit Maximiser (PM) is a matched betting package service created & administered by Mike Cruickshank. The members can access the full of risk-free and low-risk opportunities with a unique method of instruction based on mathematical logic.

On top of Profit Maximiser, Mike created a variety of matched betting package services depending on your needs, and we also cover their brief profile in this review to help you make the right choice. 

The below table covers Profit Maximiser key information;  

Is Profit Maximiser Legit?Yes, operated by Mike Cruickshank Publishing Ltd / Company number 08087258 / Companies House filing history
Main ServicesTutorial: Training guides & videos  /  Offer: Daily offer calendar  /  Software: Oddsmatcher  /  Tools: Dozens of unique Spreadsheets & Calculators
Casino & BingoDaily offers ranging from low risk to advanced level. 
Forum 6,200 members registered in Profit Maximiser Facebook private forum. 
Exchange 0% CommissionTeamed up with Smarkets to regularly offer Zero commission. 
Actual Earnings£300 – £1,000+ per month depending on the time you spend including casino offers. 
Membership cost£97 + VAT = £116.40 annually
Is Profit Maximiser safe?You will recover the entire annual cost within a few days, so, a good risk & reward ratio. 
Free Trial No free trial but £1 trial for 14 days – Go to this page.
Money BackCan get your money back within the first 30 days.
vs Outplayed (ex Profit Accumulator) & OddsmonkeySee the below analysis & comparisons of the 3 services

*Since you have come to the review of Profit Maximiser, I assume you understand matched betting though, just in case you’re not really familiar with it, take a look at matched betting for dummies



Who’s Behind of Profit Maximiser?


The Engineer Who Developed Matched Betting Market


Mike Cruickshank is a math genius, a well-organized, meticulous person.

Mike Cruickshank

He had been doing bonus hunting (a free bet, free spins & loss refund, etc) for years and came up with proprietary tools to turn the uncertain gambling offer into solid income opportunities and earn a living. Mike started sharing his unique methods with Bonus Bagging (mainly sportsbook welcome bonuses, see our review). Then he added the Profit Maximiser. It’s simply an advanced version expanding the opportunities into casino, bingo & spread betting areas as well as tons of ongoing offers which bring much bigger profits.

So, Mike’s primary scope is cashing out the numerous bonus offered by sportsbooks, casinos & bingo sites based on the arbitrage concept with basically zero or limited risk. The Profit Maximiser provides the subscribers with a unique structure of Education & Instruction & Collective Wisdom. These allow you to implement the entire process easily with confidence. 

Mike’s Bonus Bagging is probably the first mover that commercialized these services. Matched Betting has been getting popular in the UK & Ireland over the last decade.

I personally observed Mike’s contribution to the growth is pretty big by creating such an organized matched betting subscription service including matched betting automated software, which can make the whole method easier & safer. 

Our Profit Maximiser Review reveals the best way to use Mike Cruickshank Products including Betting Mastermind!!



How does Profit Maximiser Work?

Suggest you watch the below 4 minutes of Mike’s Induction Video. It’s a bit old information that’s why some of the contents are obsolete, however, it’s good enough for you to understand the basic features of Profit Maximiser. 



Profit Maximiser vs OddsMonkey & Profit Maximiser vs Outplayed (ex Profit Accumulator)


For detailed comparisons, strongly suggest you check how you should choose the best servicesmatched betting software feature image




Mike created several product ranges, namely Bonus Bagging, Profit Maximiser, Each Way Sniper, Betting Master Mind & EV Maximiser.

Our suggestion are;

  • If you’re at the entry point of matched betting, you may consider Bonus Bagging, why? See the answer.
  • If you seek a full package of matched betting services, you may want to choose Oddsmonkey or Outplayed (ex Profit Accumulator) rather than Profit Maximiser, why? see the above guide.
  • For those who consider making a living matched betting and thus seek a complete full package service including very advanced betting methods, definitely, you should choose Betting Mastermind.
  • For the experienced matched bettors whose soft bookmakers’ accounts are restricted, you want to use Each Way Sniper & EV Maximiser (EV Maximiser is an advanced casino tool), thus you can use it anytime once you get used to it the casino activities.

Let me briefly explain the individual product. 



Mike Cruickshank Product Line-Up 


Betting Mastermind


mike cruickshank betting mastermind logo

  • See: Service details & No specific offer currently
  • The software accommodates: All possible needs
  • It is really a full-fledged service that can accommodate up to very complicated betting needs, so it’s for a newbie to advanced matched betting players and can be used for restricted accounts 
  • This means, for those who seriously consider making a living matched betting, this must be the best product. 
  • See how large the range of software Betting Mastermind provides in comparison with Odds Monkey & Outplayed (ex Profit Accumulator) as below;

The available software range is much larger than OM & PA as below;betting mastermind service comparisons

Since the above comparison was as of 2018, some of the info is outdated such as Mobile App (both OM & PM already included this service in their current package). 

However, the services marked by the blue part (including the ones marked in red, which are Casino Software) are distinctive from the other 2 providers.

Betting Mastermind is all services in one package, thus quite costly but for those who exploit all the sports advantage plays, it’s worthwhile. 2 payment choices are available as below (30 Days Refund Guarantee);betting mastermind price options


Each Way Sniper


mike cruickshank each way sniper logo

  • See: Service details,  the price & offer is £1 trial for 14 days followed by £99 + VAT (£118.80) for 12 months access
  • The software accommodates: Each Way Arbing / Extra Places / Extra Place Dutching
  • It is for advanced matched betting players and can be used for restricted accounts
  • So, for the people who face many bookmakers’ account restrictions, it’s the product you want to focus on. 
  • See how this service can be effectively used in our special report on 21+ Methods to Make Money from Restricted Betting Accounts.


EV Maximiser (Casino Bonus)


mike cruickshank ev maximiser logo

  • See Service Details & no offer  
  • The software accommodates: The estimated value / Chance of busting / Profit per hour and the average amount of wagering complete / A slots machine database with over 800 machines including the house edge and variance level of each game
  • This is not the Risk-Free category and is for very advanced casino players with very high-risk tolerance, so unless you feel comfortable, put it on the back burner  
  • See how this service can be smartly used in our special report of Online Casino Bonus Calculator – 2 Advanced Software To Beat Wager Requirements, which includes detailed EV Maximiser Review.


Bonus Bagging


mike cruickshank bonus bagging logo



Profit Maximiser Review Conclusion


So, how you would like to use Mike’s product or you use Oddsmonkey or Outplayed (ex Profit Accumulator) depends on your needs, so again suggest going & check “Matched Betting Software & Subscriptions – Best 3 Deals & How To Chose”.


Profit Maximiser – How To Start


If you start matched betting with Bonus Bagging, you may want to continue Mike’s way of guidance, the Profit Maximiser is obviously the next choice.  

Permanent Offer – £1 Trial for 30 Days

In case, you would like to take Profit Maximiser, an ongoing offer is;

£1 Trial – Profit Maximiser Provide You With 30 Days Trial at Just £1!! Check If It’s For You With Your Own Eye!! Make The Most From It!! Click This Entire Box!!

How does It work? No brainer, you will be navigated to the site after clicking the above box where you will find the below icons;Profit Maximiser Trial Buy Now Then, chose £1 trial.

After 30 days, a 1-year subscription of £97 will be automatically charged to you, therefore make sure you cancel it within 30 days if you don’t want to continue.

Allow me to stress that when it comes to the Casino category, Mike seems to do a very good job. His rationale for every casino offer is clear and EV Maximiser is an essential tool for high-risk casino offers. Remember, this area is Not Risk-Free. But for those who want to bring their extra money activities to the next level, going into this advanced casino sector is a natural move. 


Hope this review will be of your help though, I’m sure you still have a lot of questions so don’t hesitate to contact us. I’ll try to answer within 24 hours.



Good Luck

Joshua Walker (bio

Editor – Global Extra Money (GEM)


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