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Smart Betting Club Review 2024 – Inside Analysis Of Ultimate Tipster Rating Service

Smart Betting Club


Smart Betting Club is probably the best & most reliable independent Tipster Rating Service based on constant Proofing. 

Our Smart Betting Club Review examines if this subscription service is worth paying by revealing specific information inside the membership (you may check Smart Bet Guide to see how to use it practically). 

Can the tipsters really help you make money by taking you to the next stage of Matched Betting / Arbing (see what it means)? 

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating” so, download Smart Betting Club Magazine Free, which gives you a taste of the unique content as an introduction.


Smart Betting Club Inside Membership Review


We initially made SBC full review in 2017 and we constantly update it regularly by retaining the valid original parts such as the interview with the founder.


Service Overview


Smart Betting Club (SBC) was founded by Pete Ling in 2006 and often appears in the established media such as;the sun-bbc radio5-gambling insider-bettingexpert

Smart Betting Club tag line says “How to Make Money Betting Online”. They provide an independent, honest review and assess tipster services as well as strategy ideas, designed for the ordinary punter.

Make it clear that SBC is Not a tipping service. They review and rank tipster services through constant proofing and report to the members. They have expanded the service into how to choose the right bookmakers, interviews with professional gamblers and topics like the best mobile phones and tablets for betting etc.

SBC claim that they are funded by the members’ fee and no affiliate with the tipsters or no advertising of bookmakers. Therefore they are 100% independent and always on the punters’ side.

Our review focuses on if SBC’s service is worth it to our readers.

Harsh Reality

 As briefly said at the beginning, there are a handful of SKILLED tipsters who can consistently generate tips of value bet that can allow the punters to be profitable for the long term or even to live off (check the benchmark of living off sports betting).

The hardest part is the extreme difficulty for ordinary people to locate such an excellent tipster. Almost all Self-Claim Tipping Experts manipulate past results and many Tipster Rating Sites may give their biased opinions affected by affiliate relationships with the tipsters.

Consequently, a lot of punters are disappointed with poor tips.

From this perspective, SBC’s claim of a 100% independent rating should be a solid base to provide at least objective & reliable suggestions.

So, check the Analysis of the Inside to examine how such good achievements can be made.


Smart Betting Club Inside Menu & Each Content (all 11 Categories)


Once you start subscribing, you will see the menu (Platinum Package) as below;sbc review menu

Our Smart Betting Club Review intends to share the SBC Inside as much as allowed, which may still be a bit overwhelming.

SBC says the question most people have when they join is: How do I find the best tipsters? 

Therefore, we believe that showing specific examples of content along with the SBC User Guide is the most comprehensive way to explain what the membership provides. So, here we go;


1. Download The Latest SBC Magazine (PDF)

Every other month SBC produce the Smart Betting Club main magazine containing new tipster service reviews alongside specialist strategies and interviews. You are able to access very rich content including interviews with many big names.

This will give you the proprietary technique they use behind the scenes to make a lot of money. We feel value on such insight as well as constant review of rising tipsters. You can download every available magazine in pdf format as below image;SBC Magazine List


2. Download The Latest Tipster Profit Report (PDF)

The Tipster Profit Reports are the best place to find out about the ongoing performance standards of tipsters that SBC has reviewed in either the SBC Magazines or Best Tipster Guide Reports.

In each Tipster Profit Report, you can find updated ratings, comparative tables, written performance updates etc.

As seen from the below contents of the Tipster Profit Report, you will get the latest analysis of the best tipsters including Smart Betting Club Hall of Fame Tipsters.

All the top tipsters are independent and some are not exposed to the public due to membership control. Obviously, this bi-monthly report is very powerful intelligence which helps the members periodically update / re-balance their tipster portfolio if necessary;

SBC tipster profit report index

You will see the comprehensive performance list showing each tipster’s profit. Bear it in mind that the profit amount is displayed after fees, therefore Net Profit, which gives the readers the realistic return as shown in the below table that includes Smart Betting Club Hall of Fame Tipsters;sbc tipster profit annualized returns ranking

The important point is that all the figures are based on real tips verified by SBC’s own proofing service.

Evaluation Based On Obtainable Odds

Every report shows a comprehensive performance summary by each tipster in numbers. Their rating is based on a scale of 1 (very bad) to 5 (very good) on everything from customer service, risk and odds availability.

Actually, the odds of availability are critical. Many tipsters’ own performance claim or other rating service shows the return based on unrealistic odds that obviously inflate the result. SBC’s careful verification ensures the reliability of their rating.(suggest you take a look at an interesting case study of finding genuinely, winning tipsters that quote realistically achievable odds.)

Secret Betting Club Review, Rating Criteria

BTW, just for you to feel the flavour of the quality of their report, Download the Free PDF HERE where you find the review of the unique auto-pilot ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ football system.


3. Use The Tipster Ratings Index & Hall of Fame Listings (Online)

In each Tipster Profit Report SBC keep an online Key Facts page containing all the information the members need to follow that tipster such as the price and the suggested points betting bank. The members can also find a link to each individual tipster page via the Tipster Ratings Index section, where they can find the latest details on those tipsters’ SBC rate as the best and in the SBC Hall of Fame. SBC recommend Tipsters with one of the following 5:

  • 5) Strong Buy – We fully recommend this service as one to follow
  • 4) Speculative Buy – We recommend this service although with some noticeable caveats
  • 3) Hold – If you have a current subscription to this service, we recommend you continue to follow. Those of you without a subscription to the service, should not start following
  • 2) Watch – A tipster we need to observe further. We do not recommend anyone joins and if you do have a subscription, we recommend you proceed with extreme caution.
  • 1) Sell – We do not currently recommend it. If you hold a subscription, we recommend you stop following.

Tipster Rating summary table is shown below (Sports tipsters);

sbc tipsters rating oct 2019

4. Read Rowan’s Bet Diary Pro (Online)

The Bet Diary Pro was introduced in January 2015 aiming to communicate some of the practical realities of following tipsters to make money betting.

Secret Betting Club Review, Rowan PhotoGo Bet Diary where you see the profitable punter & SBC writer Rowan Day’s honest ongoing betting journey including the tipsters he follows, and his performance. This diary gives you some of the practical realities of the following tipsters.

Rowan could be your role model for making money with tipsters if you are new in this area. You can see the diary in a free public area, but once you become a paid member, you get the Exact Identities of each of the tipsters he follows to make money betting. We discuss further details about Rowan’s report in Smart Bet – Winning Formulas for Global Punters


5. Content Index & Back Catalogue (Online)

To find out which tipsters and services SBC have discussed in the past or reviewed, the members can also visit Content Index, which provides a quick at-a-glance rundown of our past editions and their contents. You can then access the past report(s) you would like to read via our Back Catalogue page.sbc contens index


6. Read The 2 Pro Betting Fundamental Guides (PDF)

In case you are new to betting professionally, 2 ‘Pro Betting Fundamental’ Guides will help you understand everything from betting banks to staking plans to handling losing runs.

sbc 2 initial guides


7. Betting Restrictions & Betting Exchange Tipsters 

No need to mention, bookies’ notorious stake restriction is the biggest stumbling block for smart punters’ long-term profits.

Therefore, punters are looking for tipsters that make a profit away from traditional bookmakers and SBC’s Betting Exchange section where you will find the Betting Exchange Friendly tipsters information below;

sbc exchange friendly tipster list


8. Advanced Tipster Analytics

SBC introduced a new, deeper set of Advanced Tipster Analysis for all SBC reviews using Monte Carlo Simulations.

This replicates the profile of any given tipster service with over 90 million data points rather than analysing 1000 or 2000 live bets. The analytics can help to answer key questions like:

  • Is a betting record more likely to be based on luck or skill?
  • What kind of losing runs or drawdowns might you realistically expect?
  • How do their live results compare to their simulation results?
  • Have they benefited from some freak results and outliers that are unlikely to be replicated?
  • What size betting bank do you REALLY need?

, and displays a table;

sbc advance analytic table


9. Tipster Savings (Online)

If you’re looking for a bargain, then check out the tipsters who offer exclusive special terms for Smart Betting Club subscribers via the Tipster Savings page.

The discount comes in a few different forms such as Smart Betting Club Coupon Code or Special Link as following examples;

sbc discount by link


sbc discount by email

So, with only this discount, £81.99 of SBC’s Annual Cost can be covered.

The below shows the tables indicating the available SBC discounts;

Sports (Other Than Horse Racing) Tipsters

sbc discount sports list

Horse Racing Tipsters

sbc discount horse racing list


10. Follow Top Tipsters For Free (Online)

You can often follow several top-performing tipsters both via email and through access to the SBC Forum. Full details on each of them can be found in the Free Tips section like PGA Profit as an example;sbc free tips


11. The Betting Insight Section

Long-term betting success is not just based on finding the best, most profitable tipsters but on educating ourselves to fully understand and cope with the challenges.

It covers topics ranging from handling losing runs, to understanding value betting, to the psychological issues at play when we bet, it is designed to help you build the best platform for sustained betting achievement. A few article examples are;

sbc betting insight articles



Insider Voice


Interview With Pete Ling, the Founder

As a part of our Smart Betting Club review, we conducted a short interview (Q&A by e-mail) with Mr Pete Ling, Secret Betting Club Review, Pete Ling Photoa founder of SBC. The below shows the exact script of it;

Q1. We understand that your tip proofing is the numerical base for any past achievements of each tipster. Your Tipster Proofing Service Page indicates how you do via forum though, this is mainly for new/little-known tipsters who start proving their ability, correct? How would you do proofing for the many established top rating (including HOF tipsters)? Besides, how would you let the public verify your proofing? Is there any raw data publication on all the daily tip proofing for each tipster?


The proofing process for each tipster is very detailed and does take time, with the majority of experts choosing to do so privately via email. We don’t publish the raw data and instead choose to analyse this ourselves and publish our findings in the review. In terms of the forum – this is generally a mixture of SBC members and experts I invite onto the forum. Some are new, yet some are very well established like Rooster Tips which has a 25% ROI+ since 2014 betting on racing.

Q 2. The Profit & Loss Betting Table in your Award report shows that in 2016, 15.5% of the members made over £10,000, which may allow people to spend modest life considering the UK’s median household income (2 adults) of around £24k. What’s your insight or idea about “make living sports betting using your service”? Is it practical or just something people should better forget?


It’s important to bear in mind here that there was no ceiling to the over £10,000 question. So someone ticking this box might have made as little as £10,001 or as much as £100,000. It would likely include people like Billy who has made $1 million in bettings over the past 5 years (link to our interview: punter_1m_tipsters)
Personally – I think relying solely on sports betting income is a risk, simply due to the way it fluctuates. If you made £24,000 over a year, this would not be £2000 each and every month in a regular pattern. It’s likely it might well be more up £5000 one month, down £1000 the next and so on. If you rely on betting as your only income, it also puts more pressure on you, especially during a bad run. Far better in my eyes to mixing your betting up with other income streams unless you are a very heavy roller! 

3. Some of our members come from matched betting/arbitrage. We position Value Betting based on Top Proven Tipsters as one of our Advantage Gambling because we are able to have a mathematical edge over the bookies for the long term. However, for those who get used to the Risk-Free / Lock-In Profit approach, stepping into any bet without risk hedging seems to be a huge jump mentally. How would you suggest to these people? What would be the pros (& cons) of betting on top tipsters compared with matched betting / arbing?


Well, the pros are that you will likely make a higher edge than if simple arbing or matched betting. Some racing tipsters particularly are able to return a much higher ROI than I have noted from arbing.

I envisage the number of matched betting opportunities are likely to reduce substantially in coming years as bookmakers tone down their offers in line with coming legislation as well.

I might be wrong but I also note that with matched betting, there is a limited shelf like to offers and accounts you can use. At least with tipsters either using Asian bookies or the exchanges, there is no end in sight to how long you can make a profit.

Q 4. Obviously, the best tipsters control the size of the membership. Some of my members said that the best tipsters are always full. We observe a lot of excellent tipsters in your reports though if many of them close the door to new members, it’s no point in just keep envying the membership. How practical can your members subscribe to these top-rated tipsters? What’s the average waiting time for your Hall Of Fame Tipsters?


The idea that all the best tipsters are full is a bit of a myth I am happy to bust! Of the 22 Hall of Fame tipsters, only 2 are currently closed to new members in order to protect odds. Those 2 are also amongst the most expensive and suited realistically only to the more advanced gambler with a larger bank so it’s not an issue for most punters.

Q 5. Based on your over 10 years of service experience in the industry, what could be the most profitable strategy for using tipsters? Any quick suggestion that works best for the long-term say, developing a diversified portfolio to minimize the risk of focusing on a few best tipsters to maximize growth etc.? Or can you list the name of your reports that may answer this question?


Developing a diversified portfolio is certainly essential across both a variety of sports but also markets and strike-rate. The last point is important as some punters struggle if aiming for the higher ROI tipsters who maybe only win every 1 in 10 or 15 bets. This can create long losing runs and dramatic ups and downs of performance, which can take its toll on your mental enjoyment of betting! Far better to mix it up so have a few solid, low ROI experts that tick over, a handful at the more extreme end who offers the possibility of a higher risk/reward, alongside a good number that falls in the middle.

Finally, I would also recommend being aware of your approach to risk and the length of time you want to ‘invest your money for. Just as you might for a portfolio of stocks and shares, you would balance it out with a mix that suited your goals over a set time period – it’s important to apply this to your betting too.

Q 6. Finally, we are the supporter of your Betting Better Campaign. Can you kindly update the progress? Any request you want our members to follow?


The main developments at this time are in relation to the issue of disputed payouts and delayed withdrawals. The Gambling Commission has really started to flex their muscles on this and it’s already improved with more improvement likely to come.

The days of bookies playing hard and fast with how they treated customers is over. In terms of restrictions, this is a much tougher nut to crack but I remain optimistic some kind of min bet ruling might be on the agenda in the future. It’s certainly a topic being discussed more and more these days. It is also encouraging to see how the punter-friendly firm, Black Type have fared since launch as they openly have committed to laying bets from all punters.



How Much Money Can You Make from SBC?


Smart Betting Club Members’ Profit


When it comes to let me show you how much money people make from SBC, the best tipsters rating & betting system review service is as follows;

From Members’ Statistics Based on Smart Betting Club Awards

SBC conduct Smart Betting Club Awardssbc 2021 awards image every year, which are made up of the following 3 parts;

Part 1 – Best Tipster Awards (SBC Members Only) • Best Horse Racing Tipster • Best Sports Tipster • Best Overall Tipster • Best Tipster Newcomer

Part 2 – Website, Podcast & Bookmaker Awards (Open to All Votes) • Best Free Tipster • Best Betting Website • Best Bookmaker • Worst Bookmaker • Best Betting Exchange • Best Betting Podcast • Best Betting Writer The top 3 for each category were awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze medals based on the percentages of votes.

Part 3 – 2020 In Numbers (SBC Members only) Part 3 gauges members’ betting experiences during 2020 with a special section dedicated to just how much SBC members won or lost last year. Answering this question was completely voluntary and anonymous.

When it comes to Members’ Profit / Loss in 2020, the results were 64.22% of you made a profit betting during 2020, which was down from 79.06% in 2019;sbc member profit and loss

SBC commented;

There is no doubt that 2020 was a year like no other with the global pandemic pausing all sport from March onwards for several months. Even when sport did return from June 2020, we saw strange patterns across several sports with a lack of form and new conditions to contend with.

Let’s see the breakdown by profit or loss range.

The largest proportion – 18.35% of the members made a profit of between £1000 and £2,999, while the best performance – those hitting over a £10,000 profit was made by 15.06% of all respondents. Noticeably a good proportion of the members – 54.13% to be exact, made a profit of at least £1000 during 2019.

sbc member profit and loss breakdown

Unlike the casino games of pure chance, sports betting is effectively a contest of both luck and skill. Skilled punters will surely beat the bookies in the long term. Well, it’s easier said than done, but looks the majority of SBC members keep doing it.

You can download the SBC 2021 Award Free Report, which shows Part 2 information. Just sharing a flavour of Part 1, the best Horse Racing Tipster & Sports Tipster are shown below;

Best Horse Racing Tipstersbc 2021 award horse best tipsterBest Sports Tipster

sbc 2021 award sports best tipsterYou can see the details by joining SBC.



How To Start SBC Comfortably & Safely


Unlike the other advantage plays such as matched betting or arbitrage, betting on a proven tipster is not producing Guaranteed Profit from every bet.

This means, people may face losing streaks, which could distress those who can bear limited risk tolerance.  For such punters, the below approach would be useful;


SBC Hall Of Fame Tipster Case Study Bearing Minimum Risk


During the 1st month, set up a very limited bank such as £100.

You can start the best independent tipster based on the SBC Tipster Rating by making the best use of the SBC exclusive discount. Let me use the actual tips produced by 1 of the SBC Hall Of Fame Tipsters. I use the above £100 bank for this case.

SBC Hall Of Fame Tipster Tips Case Study

You receive the tips & comments (the rationale behind the tips) like below by email every morning Mon-Sat;

Summary of bets (scale 0.25 – 3 pts)

  • 3.05 Catterick – Becky The Thatcher 13/2 Bet 365, Paddypower, Coral, 6/1 William Hill, Betfred, 0.25 pt EW
  • 3.55 Leicester – Blakeney Point 2/1 Coral, Bet 365, Ladbrokes, William Hill, Betfred, 0.75 pt win
  • 4.10 Catterick – Only Orsenfoolsies 12/1 Paddypower, 11/1 William Hill, Betfred, Coral, 0.125 pt EW
  • 7.30 Newcastle – Muatadel 13/2 Betfred, 6/1 Bet 365, William Hill, Paddypower, 0.25 pt EW and 0.25 pt win
  • 0.5 pt win double on Blakeney Point (3.55 Leicester) and Withold (Cesarewitch ante-post)
  • 0.25 pt EW double on Becky The Thatcher (3.05 Catterick) & Only Orsenfoolsies (4.10 Catterick)

(Link to Cesarewitch market:

I will settle these at SP and the general 12/1 (including with William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral and Betfred), respectively, for the top double. There is some 14/1 for Withold with some of the small online firms but the proper firms go 12/1.

Comment Example

3.55 Leicester 

BLAKENEY POINT returned to winning ways over 1m4f at Newbury last time and kept on well in the finish. He has been raised 3lb for that performance but when you consider the horse he beat into second, Danehill Kodiac, has since come out of that race and won the Group 3 Cumberland Lodge Stakes at Ascot last weekend, it looks like a very good performance indeed.

Roger Charlton’s charge has winning C&D form in the book, enjoys a bit of cut in the ground and with My Reward in the line-up to do the donkey work for him up front, he has plenty in his favour here as he bids to notch a quick double.

Dance The Dream isn’t the sweetest of travellers but —–

All things considered, we’ll play the safe hand here and side with Blakeney Point in view of that strong Ascot form boost. There seem to be no negatives with him and Roger Charlton seems to have his string in good order at present, so let’s also have a little double on him with his stablemate, Withhold, who we are on ante-post for the Cesarewitch this Saturday.

The five-day entries for that Newmarket race came in yesterday and we now only need one horse to come out on Thursday for Withhold to get a run (the max field size is 34). If he declares but is balloted out on Thursday then we would still get the stakes back for missing the cut.

Actual Bet Placement

So assuming you start up with £100 bank, 1 point the tipster suggests is £1 stake. The below shows the placement of the bet based on the actual odds I could obtain;

  • 3.05 Catterick – Becky The Thatcher: £0.50 (£0.25 EW) – 7.0 Bet365
  • 3.55 Leicester – Blakeney Point: £0.75 Win – 2.88 Coral
  • 4.10 Catterick – Only Orsenfoolsies: £0.25 (£0.125 EW) – 12.0 Paddy Power
  • 7.30 Newcastle – Muatadel: £0.5 (£0.25 EW) and £0.25 Win – 6.5 BetFred & Bet365
  • 3.55 Leicester Blakeney Point & Cesarewitch ante-post Withold: £0.5 Win Double 4.33 & 13.0 William Hill (SP)
  • 3.05 Catterick Becky The Thatcher & 4.10 Catterick Only Orsenfoolsies: £0.5 (£0.25 EW Double) – 6.5 & 10.0 Coral
Actual Results

The below shows the actual results;

  • 3.05 Catterick – Becky The Thatcher: £0.50 (£0.25 EW)Lost £0.50
  • 3.55 Leicester – Blakeney Point: £0.75 Win Won £1.41
  • 4.10 Catterick – Only Orsenfoolsies: £0.25 (£0.125 EW)Lost £0.25
  • 7.30 Newcastle – Muatadel: £0.5 (£0.25 EW) and £0.25 Win – Lost Win But Won Place Won £1.25
  • 3.55 Leicester Blakeney Point & Cesarewitch ante-post Withold: £0.5 Win Double Won £27.65
  • 3.05 Catterick Becky The Thatcher & 4.10 Catterick Only Orsenfoolsies: £0.5 (£0.25 EW Double) – Lost £0.5

Total Profit / Loss on this day: Profit £29.06 (Even without the big win from the double, it generated a Profit of £1.41)

How was it? Feel Comfortable? I didn’t make any cherry-pick but just used the tips I received on the day I was writing this review.

Since we assumed a tiny £100 bank, it’s just £29.06 profit. If you had used £2,000 bank, then the profit would have been £581.20 by staking £60, which is pretty good. Of course, you can’t get such results every day, but the proven Hall Of Fame (HOF) tipsters’ achievements show the graph rising to the right in the long term like the below one of this tipster;sbc nmp cummulative results The fundamental requirement is patience against variance. Let me quote what Pete said;

Don’t Be Deterred When You Lose – You Will Make It Back

Despite what some may say, successful betting is not about making a guaranteed profit every day or week. There should never be any ‘lucky last race’ to try and turn a bad day around. Real success betting comes to those who DON’T worry about short-term bad runs of form. After all losing runs happen to EVERY punter and its how you deal with them that matters most. One quote in a book on trading I read recently jumped out at me, where one successful stock market expert explained how he handled losing: “It never bothered me to lose, because I always knew that I would make it right back” So, if you have a profitable method or tipster that works, then look at what they make over the long-term – which often means evaluating their performance over months and years (and not days or weeks) Just as you wouldn’t join a gym on January 1st and expect to have a body like Cristiano Ronaldo on February 1st, so too must you do the same when betting. Be realistic and look for steady gains, not instant results. Top Tip: Read Rowan’s Free Bet Diary throughout 2020 on the tipsters he has followed profitably for the past few years. Not all of the tipsters he follows win every month, yet over a longer-period, they have continued to make him a tidy profit.


SBC Free Sign-Up


Anyhow, suggest you sign-upfor free. Download the above 4 FREE SBC Expert Betting Reports immediately to see the quality of their service.


SBC Price


If you’re satisfied with the free trial, the subscription price is that from 2019, Annual, Bi-Annual & Quarterly Membership Options are Available and Each membership option provides instant access to the entire Smart Betting Club service. So, you can start your profitable betting journey Very Handy Now.

The below shows the summary of what you get from each membership;

SBC Latest Price 2021


SBC Money Back Guarantee


SBC says;

Sign-up for a year-long Smart Betting Club membership and if you don’t like what you see, you can get your money back at any time during your first 30 (Quarterly & Bi-Annual subscribers) 90 days (Annual subscribers) as a member.

No questions asked!sbc money back guarantee



Smart Betting Club Review – Conclusion


Take Your Betting To The Next Level


On this occasion, allow us to explain the reason why review Smart Betting Club (SBC).

Because we don’t count on chance. Rather, we do Advantage Plays based on mathematical edge to beat the bookies.

One of our policies is “Betting On Luck Is For Losers, Stop Gambling But Bet on Only +EV (Expected Value)To Win Reliably.”

It is effectively our way to promote Responsible Gambling, and we strongly support GamCare & GambleAware being explained in about us

When it comes to Sports Betting, we suggest Matched Betting or Arbitrage Betting as the starter because we can win every bet safely, yes you read it correctly, we can’t lose unless you make a human error, therefore they are no longer gambling.

However, these techniques are all about scalping small profits due to their risk-hedging nature. Besides, the recent rapid popularity of matched betting makes many bookies tighten control in various ways, typically, restricting the accounts by labelling them “Bonus Abuser”.

This means the 2 approaches could be more short-lived down. Given the circumstances, Value Bet generated by Proven Tipster will take your betting to the next level with much better Efficiency (bigger profit with less time) for the longer betting club review image

Obviously, the KFS (Key Factor Of Success), and the most difficult part of this method is how to locate the Real Proven Tipsters.

Thus, Smart Betting Club as the tipster rating service comes in and that’s why we review SBC. 

BTW, for the punters outside UK & Ireland, we separately issued SBC Success Method for Global Players, so suggest taking a look at it.


Quality of Data & Report


We have access to their reports. Honestly speaking, all the documents are well presented with top quality. Especially, the tipsters’ ratings are comprehensive & reliable based on the accumulating data since 2006 (this is the year SBC actually started the service).

The common 2 parameters of ROI – Return on Investment & ROC – Return on Capital are employed all throughout the review. ROI represents how much you have to risk to make a profit while ROC indicates the growth of your betting bank size.

These simple parameters allow you to understand what you expect from each tipster and make an easy comparison among the listed tipsters.


Long-Term Solid Income


Our observation confirms that SBC is designed to offer every member the ability to become professional punters through unbiased tipsters’ ratings & practical strategies of how to make the best use of them.

If you’re from matched betting / arbing, it’s high time to pay attention to this arena and move to or at least start doing it. As you are all aware, it’s just a matter of time before “be gubbed” in the Soft bookies namely promotion-oriented bookmakers’ accounts. If you keep taking too many values or keep winning, your account in the soft bookies may face “limited”.

However, as Pete says “At least with tipsters either using Asian bookies or the exchanges, there is no end in sight to how long you can make a profit.“, which is very true.

Please see the List of 20 World Best Online Bookies That Never Restrict Your Account or Best 7 Reduced Juice Sportsbooks for the specific name of the Sharp Bookies and Honest Opinion About Bet Broker & How To Use Them Safely & Smartly for those who can’t access the sharp bookies due to the geographical restriction.

In fact, the UK/Ireland bookies are notoriously famous for instant account restriction, on the other hand, offshore bookies mainly located in Caribbean Region hardly limit your account even the soft bookies, see World’s 19 Best Offshore Betting Sites Offers

As our name GEM (Global Extra Money) suggests, our mission is to provide our readers with methods of generating income On The Side. However, we feel that SBC is a very serious service that gives you all the ability to make ends meet if you seriously commit, although we never suggest you quit your day job.

Our Smart Betting Club Review Concluded that SBC is a Must Service For Those Who Want To Beat The Bookies For Long-Term (including Those Who Seek the Next Stage Of Matched Betting or Sports Arbitrage), the subscription fee is definitely worth paying.


Hope this Smart Betting Club Review will help you really take your betting activities to the next level by revealing how the reputable tipster rating service makes a great role to identify the true best tipsters, which might even pave the path for living off sports betting.

BTW, we have recently updated 3 Methods To Eliminate Fake Tipsters & Select Genuine Best, where you can also confirm the authenticity of SBC, Just for your information.

If you have any inquiries or need any help from us, please contact us anytime (don’t worry, we will not charge you any fee, everything is free here).


Good Luck!!


Joshua Walker (bio)

Editor – Global Extra Money (GEM)


BTW, we GEM deal with 6 Advantage Play as follows;