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Enhanced Bets and Odds Boost Guide

What are Enhanced Bets / Odds Boost?


The definition of Enhanced Bets a.k.a. price boost is the inflated (better) odds offered by a bookmaker as a promotion. The enhanced bets can be used both for existing customer and new customer odds like the below Betfair (you may want to use Betfair Alternatives) enhanced odds example;Betfair enhanced odds

Such a price boost offer often creates the condition that the boosted odds become GREATER than the lay odds in Exchange, Smarkets, etc).

This means, it creates the opportunity for you to implement Arbitrage Conditions, which will bring you an instant guaranteed profit. You can lay off the bet at a betting exchange such as Betfair for an instant cash profit regardless of the result.

Remember, the difference between enhanced bets and arbitrage is that for enhanced bets, bookies intentionally boost the price. On the other hand, arbs are created by market inefficiency, meaning arbs are the results of bookmakers’ simple mistakes or slow of their traders’ price adjustment.

The key point here is that you basically don’t need to worry about being gubbed by capturing the enhanced bet opportunities unless you take all the options aggressively. Always try to be modest.

Simply put, you can often Lock-In Profit From Enhanced Bets With No Risk via the standard Matched Betting method or with Special Technique depending on the offer.



Matched Betting for Odds Boost – Quick Recap


How Matched Betting Works for Enhanced Odds


We don’t gamble but use Matched Betting technique to lock in profit from the enhanced odds offer. Just in case you’re not familiar with it, Matched Betting For Dummies will be of your help. But just briefly, matched betting is doing;

  • 2 transactions of Back (bet on win) at Bookmaker & Lay (bet on NOT win) at Betting Exchange like Betfair or Smarkets so that you cover all outcomes.
  • Regardless of the outcome, your losing & winning will cancel out each other. In real practice, usually, 2 bets are not perfectly offset due to the odds difference & exchange commission. Therefore you make a small loss called Qualifying Loss.
  • However, in the case of Enhanced Bets using boosted odds, as described before, your back odds are often higher than lay odds. It’s a condition of arbitrage and you will get instant profit.
  • Very simple and easy.

BTW, there are 5 common types of bookmaker’s offers that allow you to lock in profits via matched betting. Please find more details in this guide.

Besides, many people imagine matched betting is for only UK & Ireland, wrong, Check;

  • this approach enables everybody in the world including US citizens to make decent profits from this risk-free betting technique
  • for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland residents, suggest this program that focuses on these 3 countries
  • when it comes to Australia, this service is supposed to be the best.

Betting Exchange

As seen from the above process, the betting exchange plays a critical role in matched betting. There are 4 established betting exchanges as below;

Betfair (see Betfair Alternatives)Betfair Exchange Logo
BetDaq (Warning)Betdaq Exchange Logo

This guide shows all top 4 betting exchange updated sign-up bonuses & how to extract cash risk-free from each bonus.

Remember you will have more guaranteed enhanced bet opportunities if you have more betting exchange accounts. Thus, try to increase your exchange accounts.

In case your residential country is not allowed to sign-up for the above 4 exchanges, use this solution



3 Types Of Enhanced Bets & Calculation Formulas


Let’s discuss how we guarantee a profit.

The price boost is calculated as a qualifier in the calculator as it’s basically a straight arbitrage bet – see the below free calculator mode setting;matched betting calculator mode setting We can categorize the Enhanced Bets Offer into popular 3 types, which are;

  • Modest Enhanced Bets
  • Big Enhanced Bets like Double or Treble
  • Big Enhanced Bets Provided in the form of Free Bets


1. Modest Enhanced Bets


The modest level of enhanced bets like below is the bookie’s daily offer which often gives you a simple arbitrage condition; enhanced bets, horse racing best odds guaranteed Let’s see how 14:30 Mussellburgh Wick Powerl goes, the 188Bet’s enhanced odds is 2.88;price boost mussellburgh 188bet

While Smarkets Lay Odds is 2.58; enhanced bets, smarkets lay odds

Since Smarket’s lay odds are lower than 188Bets due to the boosted price means it’s an arbitrage opportunity.

You can make an instant profit no matter whether Wick Powell wins or loses. If you bet £100, your guaranteed profit will be £10.25 as follows; enhanced bets, calculation table

While I’m writing this document, I received an e-mail from Stan James, which is considered an Enhanced Bet of this type.

However, the boosted odds will be paid in Free Bet which I explain in the below sections (see how I pocket the lock-in profit from this offer at the bottom); enhanced bets, price boost advertising


2. Big Enhanced Bets like Double or Treble The Odds


This big price boost is often used for a big event or Welcome Offer to new customers; enhanced bets, double boost golf


Some of you may wonder if your bet loses you will not enjoy the benefits of the enhanced bets.

Don’t worry, we can use the OverLay technique for the double or treble the odds offer to lock in the profit no matter the outcome of the event will be.

Actually, in the above 1., the calculator automatically used the OverLay method. The only point you have to be careful of is that work out the correct enhanced odds to calculate the correct Lay Amount and Guaranteed Profit.

Calculation Formula

Double Formula

The formula you need to use is;

Correct Doubled Odds = (Bookmaker odds x 2) – 1

The reason is UK bookmakers use fractional odds, while we matched better use decimal odds. When you find bookie’s odds of 5.0 as the normal odds to be doubled, it is 4/1 in their term and they double it to 8/1 which is 9.0 in decimal. So, don’t make simple x2 calculations in decimal but use the above formula.

Treble Formula

Besides, if it becomes treble,

Correct Trebled Odds = (Bookmaker odds x 3) – 2

Because, 5.0 odds = 4/1 x 3 = 12/1 = 13 decimal odds

Standard Formula

So the bottom line is;

Correct Enhanced Odds = (Bookmaker odds x multiplier) – (multiplier -1)

Anyway, the offer over The Treble The Odds is quite unusual, thus you need to remember only the 1st 2 formulas or its simple calculation principle.

So, whenever you receive Double (or greater) Odds (receive in cash Not Free Bet), you apply the above formula to calculate the correct enhanced odds.

By entering the correct odds in the Matched Betting calculator, you will automatically know the lay stake you have to bet. And of course, how much profit (or loss, quite unlikely) will be.

I’ll show you the 2 concrete examples with Free Bet Paid case below since it’s more complicated.


3. Big Enhanced Bets Given in the form of Free Bet

enhanced bets, double odds tennis example

For such big boosts, bookies often pay you the boost not in cash but in the form of a Free Bet. Then you need a slight modification to calculate the correct odds as follows;

Correct Enhanced odds = Normal Odds + FreeBet Value and Free Bet Value = Odds Difference (Enhanced Odds – Normal Odds) x 0.8

As usual, we assume we can extract at least 80% of the free bet value, therefore we use x 0.8. I’ll show you the full process instruction by using the case of Treble The Odds Paid in the form of Free Bet as below;



Step By Step Instruction On How To Grab Instant Profits


Modest Price Boost Case – Process


We already showed you the basic process using 188Bet, which is the simplest case. Let’s see the other example of Price Boost Betdaq (betting exchange offer) as follows; enhanced bets, betdaq t and c It says 20% Boost On Net Winnings On Champions League Semi-Finals (Max Boost £20). Key points are;

  • It says Net Winnings, which is calculated as Total Winnings – Total Loss, thus if you already win any of the subject events during the promotion period, you may not want to bet further to avoid losing risk.
  • Betdaq is a betting exchange, so you can both Back & Lay to join the offer though, the simplest way is to Place a Back bet rather than lay because usually the back odds in exchange is good and the calculation is easy.
  • This is the Price Boost on Net Winnings and the Boost will be given in Free Bet, the calculation is a bit complicated. However, since you now understand the basic concept of enhanced odds, you should not feel any difficulty. So, let’s calculate;

Winning Boost Calculation Formula

We can get the final odds as follows;


Boosted Winnings Value in Free Bet = Stake x (original odds – 1) x % boost x 80%

Final Boosted Odds = (Winnings from Original Odds + Boosted Winning Value in Free Bet) / Stake + 1


Let’s use Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid. We assume a £100 stake in backing Bayern Munich because, as seen from the below Betdaq odds, the backing Bayern Munich is 2.14; enhanced bets, betdaq boost While, the lay odds at Matchbook is 2.12. It already creates arbitrage; enhanced bets, matchbook cl lay odds Then, we can calculate the final back odds as;

Boosted Winnings Value in Free Bet = £100 x (2.14 – 1) x 20% x 80% = £18.24

Final Boosted Odds = (£114 + £18.24) / £100 + 1 = 2.32

So, let’s input these numbers into the calculator – I use the Trickybet calculator which works exactly the same as the Bonus Bagging one I have used, both are free.

I use the tricky calculator here simply because I can show you all 3 cases in the 1 screenshot conveniently; enhanced bets betdaq calculation As seen, we can lock in £7.24 Profit regardless of the outcome of the match (even if you don’t get the 20% boost because Bayern loses).

If you want, you can play around with the profit by keeping the deal Risk-Free. This means if you believe Bayern will win, then do Under Lay to get a maximum profit of £15.36 while losing nothing when Bayern loses.

If you feel comfortable with Real Madrid’s win, then do Over Lay to get £13.71 profit with 0 losing risk when Real Madrid loses.

BTW, don’t forget to add a 2% commission to Back Bet since Betdaq charges commission on both the back & lay bet. The reason why we set 0% commission on Matchbook lay bet is we are receiving 0% commission both from Matchbook & Smarkets thanks to the offer of Oddsmonkey (see our Full Review). 


Big Enhanced Odds – Process


Let’s use 888Sport enhanced odds which offers Treble The Odds to New Customers in the form of; enhanced bets, 888sport enhanced odds free bet enhanced bets, 888sport enhanced odds

It’s no brainer, simply matched betting Qualifying Process bet with just setting Overlay shown in 4);

  • Firstly, check the bookmaker’s T&C thoroughly as usual;enhanced bets, 888sport enhanced odds t and c
  • Go to Oddsmatcher to find the sports event with the closest back & lay odds by selecting 888Sport as the bookmaker, the below is the finding;enhanced bets, 888sport enhanced odds matcher
  • Selected the best one (at the top) of Horse Racing Yarmouth at 14:25 Fast Sprint as a winner with the exchange of Smarkets, of which the standard calculating page is;enhanced bets, 888sport enhanced odds calculation

Do Calculate Properly

We need to recalculate the 888Sports Treble Odds with the formula;

  • Correct Enhanced Odds = (Bookmaker odds x multiplier) – (multiplier -1)
  • Free Bet Value = Odds Difference (Enhanced Odds – Normal Odds) x 0.8
  • Final Correct Enhanced odds = Normal Odds + Free Bet Value

Putting the numbers in the formula;

  • Correct Enhanced Odds = (5.0 x 3) – (3 – 1) = 13
  •  Free Bet Value = (13 – 5) x 0.8 = 6.4
  •  Final Correct Enhanced Odds = 5 + 6.4 = 11.4

enhanced bets, 888sport enhanced odds calculation table

Then, re-input 11.4 in the 888sport odds rather than 5.0, the calculation will be;

    • So, you will lock in Profit of £11.99 no matter the outcome of this horse racing by Overlaying £22.44 rather than standard matched betting of £9.84
    • All you need to do is go to 888Sport and place a bet;
    • And going to Smarkets to place a Lay bet;enhanced bets, 888sport enhanced odds smarkets lay

That’s it. People often feel they have to win therefore choose the short odds because the Free Bet will be given only your selection wins (Treble The Winnings), but not, with the above process, you Lock-In Profit from this welcome offer.

enhanced bets, 888sport enhanced odds treble

BTW. bookmakers frequently change their offers, see 888Sports’ latest welcome offer, FYI. 


Special Case


As briefly mentioned, while writing this document, I received the enhanced bets offer by e-mail from Stan James (BTW, StanJames was taken over by Unibet);enhanced bets, stanjames price boost With the explanation of; enhanced bets, stanjames t and c

So, it’s not the exact Double or Treble but we can lock in a profit by applying the price boost method here. Let’s calculate the value of this offer. The Stan James Odds are;

enhanced bets, price boost indication

Smarkets (Exchange) Odds are; enhanced bets, newcastle smarkets lay odds So I bet £20 on Newcastle (don’t forget you can bet Fullam that is even higher odds, but I chose Newcastle because the exchange odds are closer), We receive a net return of £20 + Free Bet £10 Free Bet value = £10 x 0.8 = £8

Therefore the total return is £28 which is 2.8 odds We use the matched betting calculator and input £20 stake, 2.8 odds bookmaker enhanced odds, and 2.08 exchange odds as follows;

enhanced bets, matched betting calculation

Now, I lock in £6.64 Profit by doing the overlay of £27.18 no matter whether New Castle wins or loses. I placed bets as follows; enhanced bets, bet place at bookmaker enhanced bets, lay bet place smarkets Smarkets odds decreased to 2.06 from 2.08. Therefore my guaranteed profit slightly increased to £6.9 from £6.64. This is how it works.



How To Lay Confusing Enhanced Odds Offers


Need to confirm the availability of the exchange market


There are a few confusing enhanced bet offers for which we often received inquiries. Therefore, we clarify those for you do not make mistakes or avoid overlooking them.

Firstly, you need to check Betfair for any complicated markets. Smarkets & Matchbook also offer some of the related markets but liquidity is low.

Some of the offers are effectively handicapped bets (it works under the condition of a clear favourite). And remember, there are 2 types of handicap betting, which are Asian Handicap & European Handicap.

Detail aside, the biggest difference between these 2 handicaps is the treatment of “Draw”.

In Asian Handicaps, Get a Refund in Draw, But in European Handicap Draw is Possible means you will win or lose when the draw occurs.

Let’s see the specific offer, we assume Chelsea vs Crystal Palace match;

Chelsea To Win By 2 Or More Goals (against Crystal Palace)

  • 1. Go to “Crystal Palace +1” market & Choose an option to lay “Chelsea -1” (this is European Handicap)
  • 2. Go Asian Handicaps and lay “Chelsea -1.5” Don’t choose to lay “Chelsea -1” as you do in European Handicap. If Chelsea wins by just 1 goal then it is a draw and the exchange will void your bet & just refund, which means you will lose the back bet stake in the bookmaker.

Chelsea To Win By 2 Goals

I know, it’s confusing, but remember it is not the same as 2 Or More Goals. Chelsea must win by exactly two goals. Go “Crystal Place +2” and lay “Draw” in European Handicap

Chelsea To Win & 3 or More Goals

Betfair usually provides the “Match Result and Over/Under 2.5 goals” market and lay Chelsea Over 2.5 goals.

Chelsea To Score Over 3 Goals

English grammar, says OVER 3 goals, so 3 is not included, which means you will lose if Chelsea scores exactly 3 goals your back bet at bookie loses. Therefore, go to the “Chelsea Total Goals” market and lay 4 goals or more.

Chelsea To Win to Nil

  • 1. Go Betfair and lay in the “Chelsea Win to Nil” market
  • 2. Go “Match Odds and Both Teams to Score” Market (Betfair (suggest use of Betfair Alternatives) or Smarkets) and lay Chelsea/No.

Hazard To Score & Chelsea To Win

Betfair usually provides an “Anytime Wincast” market and you lay Hazard/Chelsea.


Customized Lay Market


Bookies are creative enough to produce various boosts which you can not usually find in the lay market. Matchbook offers a customized lay market via the Oddsmonkey forum; enhanced bets, matchbook custom lay This will obviously generate more opportunities to lock in profit instantly.


Today’s Price Boost Offers – Announcement Page Link Index


In fact, many matched bettors earn decent income even only from enhanced bet offers. Therefore, suggest you start capitalizing on many bookmakers’ price boost offers you may have overlooked.

Below is the list of Price Boost Offers including enhanced multiples by key bookmakers that regularly do Price Boost Offers;



Enhanced Odds Conclusion


Enhanced Accumulators Strategy 

When it comes to Enhanced Multiple Bets such as Double or Triple Bets and ACCA (Accumulators), please take a look at 3 Methods Of Laying Enhanced Accumulators & Acca Bonus To Lock-In Profit, just FYI.


Our Betting Principle


Finally, allow us to talk a bit about our betting principle. We have provided you with an enhanced odds & odds boost guide to lock in profits. This is because we would like our readers to earn guaranteed extra income as much as possible.

You may think betting is gambling which definition is counting on luck. However, we never rely on chance but on mathematical edge to beat the bookies, casinos & bingo, with the method of Advantage Plays.

We use Matched Betting / Sports Arbitrage / Value Bets On Proven Systems & Tipsters to lock in a profit or consistently earn extra income for the long term. It is effectively our way to promote Responsible Gambling based on the regulation, and we strongly support GamCare being explained in about us

BTW, in case you’re a sharp casino & game bonus hunter, strongly suggest taking a look at the List of 52 Best Bitcoin Casino Bonuses and for those who appreciate the highest privacy, go to the List of Best Anonymous Bitcoin Casinos & Bonuses, just FYI.


Hope all our information will help you expand sure bet options. If you have any inquiries or need any help from us, please contact us anytime (don’t worry, we will not charge you any fee, everything is free here).



Good Luck!! 


Joshua Walker (bio

Editor – Global Extra Money (GEM)