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Northern Monkey Punter Review – Hall Of Fame Tipster By SBC Proofing Service

Northern Monkey Punter Review


Northern Monkey Punter is The Best Tipster Chosen By The Reputable Proofing Service SBC for 4 Consecutive Years!! 


Is Tipping Service Worth?


There are a few Extraordinarily Great Tipsters who can bring about Outstanding Profit that exceeds top financial investments including offshore hedge funds.

But unfortunately, it’s Extraordinarily difficult for Ordinary People to find such Extraordinarily Tipster. Well, if you are lucky enough to find the one, you have a large chance to live off of it. For the detailed rationale behind it, read How To Make Living Sports Betting.

Again, unfortunately, such lucky doesn’t usually happen.

Self-Claim experts manipulate their performance and many rating sites fail to make objective evaluations affected by affiliate relationships. As a result, many punters disappoint with the poor tipping results.

Genuine Proofing & Rating Service

Therefore you need reliable rating service that provides you without any distorted numbers.

Smart Betting Club (SBC) has all abilities to locate such gems through their 100% Independent (means no affiliate relationships with tipsters) Proofing Services & Strict Review. Please take a look at our Full Review On Smart Betting Club.

BTW, we have recently updated 3 Methods To Eliminate Fake Tipsters & Select Genuine Best, where you can also confirm the authenticity of SBC, Just for your information.

Hall Of Fame Rating

SBC set Hall of Fame (HOF) ratings based on longevity and consistency of profits.

The tipsters that are rewarded HOF rating are seen no obvious reason why these profits won’t continue in the short to medium term.

Very often a Hall of Fame rating has been won over a long period of time, with the majority of tipsters listed within this having a track record dating back several years. The below is a HOF rating list and Northern Monkey is one of them;

Northern Monkey Review, SBC Hall Of Fame

I will share the case study excerpted from the SBC article (I put my own notes & highlighted the key points in red), which demonstrates why SBC’s selected tipsters are So Good by using Northern Monkey Punter as the Gold Winner of Both Best Horse Racing & Best Overall Tipster in 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 Smart Betting Club Awards. 


Revealed: The Anatomy of a ‘Hall Of Fame’ tipster


Our aim of Smart Betting Club is simple – to help you make money from your betting, whether it be for the first time ever or by increasing the profits you are already making. 

One way (amongst many more) in which we can do this is by pointing you towards the best tipsters in the market, the ones who are provento make long-term profits.

What makes the best, the best?

If you were to sit down and think about what exactly you would want from a tipping service you would pay for, I would imagine your wish list would look something like this:

  • Excellent results – after all, you want to make money!
  • Proven over the long term – you don’t want to be investing in anything that might just be a flash in the pan with some lucky recent results that make them look good.
  • Affordable – big fees can eat into your profits in a big way!
  • Good explanations behind each bet – it’s always nice to know exactly why you’re putting your money down.
  • Odds availability – something that is massively important and often overlooked, you need to know that you can match the results the service is claiming.

We don’t feel that asking for the above is asking for too much!  But sadly, there are so many so-called expert tipsters that fail to put a tick in these boxes.

The good news is, there are many that do…


A case study: Northern Monkey Punter


northern monkey SBC award


Northern Monkey Punter is a long-time favorite of our members and regularly received elite Smart Betting Club Hall of Fame services. It was voted as Best Horse Racing Tipping Service and Best Overall Tipping Service (all sports) for 2016 in our annual member’s poll.  That’s quite a thing, but then when you consider it won both prizes in the 2015 vote too.

Why don’t we break NMP down?  That way, we’ll be able to see the anatomy of an SBC Hall of Fame tipster.

Long-term success, a proven edge, low fees…

Although primarily a flat racing specialist, this year’s Cheltenham Festival witnessed Northern Monkey build quite the ante-post portfolio.  It was clear that he had spent a huge number of hours analyzing form, and the results for his subscribers were spectacular:

But remember what we were saying about not wanting to pay up to what might be a short-term flash in the pan?  Well, Northern Monkey has been proofing his bets to us here at the SBC since 2010.  We have six years of proven results which have provided an excellent long-term Return On Investment of 12%.

Best Low Cost Horse Racing Service tableYou might worry that such a successful tipster might be charging huge subscription fees, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Northern Monkey continually rides high in our “Best Low-Cost Horse Racing Service” table that can be found in the SBC’s Tipster Profit

The report issued regularly to all members. With all this plus every single bet, Northern Monkey advises accompanied by a detailed rationale that explains why the horse is being tipped, you can see that all the boxes in our essential checklist of what makes a great service have been ticked.  That is, all apart from one – that of odds availability.

Better Results Than The Tipster Himself?!?

We find, from our analysis, that there are certain tipping services that are only too happy to shout to the rooftops about their massive profits.  And it is often true that they did advise their members to back the winners they claim.

What they don’t tell you though is that the odds they’ve used to record their results are likely to have been completely unobtainable by the vast majority of their members

If a tipster uses a standout price, being offered by just the one bookmaker, or perhaps two, it doesn’t take much before those odds are slashed as a flood of wagers suddenly hits that book. 

A horse tipped at 6/1 can very easily be 7/2 just a minute or two after the tipster sent his email out, and this makes it impossible for you to get anywhere approaching the results boasted about in those flashy ads!

At the Secret Betting Club, we take this issue very seriously. When we review a tipster, we conduct a thorough analysis of odds movements at various time intervals after the bets have been released. 

This practice is quite rare for the usual proofing service.

This means we can provide you with a true picture of exactly what level of profit you can reasonably expect to make, and not some pie in the sky figure you’re never going to get anywhere near.

In our latest Tipster Profit Report, we showed members that Northern Monkey Punter’s odds recording policy is so fair that anyone who can place his bets within 15 minutes of receiving the email each day can reasonably expect to boost their ROI by a massive 4%!

To give that context, that’s an extra £578 per year profit to Northern Monkey’s own official results if working with a £2,000 bank.

Now, we can see that every box has been ticked.

If you are interested in the Northern Monkey Punter service, then all SBC members are welcome to take up an exclusive anytime 2-week trial of their service to sample what they offer.

This is part of the unique Tipster Discounts & Deals we negotiate on behalf of our members (read more on them here)


Northern Monkey is a proud and long-standing member of our revered Hall of Fame tipping services but is only one of a number of tipsters who meet our strict criteria.  

As you have read, we put tipsters through many stringent tests before we include them on our list of the best tipsters in the industry.

You can find out who these tipsters are, and read all our analyses on each and every one of them, simply by signing up to the SBC today. 

Best of all, you can sign up totally risk-free due to our 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you find that our service is not for you, then you can get a full refund.  This means you have everything to gain and nothing to lose in joining our exclusive club!

So if you are looking to find out who the very best tipsters are to follow and start making serious betting profits, then sign up for a Secret Betting Club membership today.

(Source: SBC Article)



Northern Monkey Punter Snapshot

Northern Monkey Punter logo

This is a snapshot of Northern Monkey Punter;


My name is Wayne (aka the Northern Monkey) and I have run my NMP service since 2010.

I initially started my working career as a research scientist but am now a professional horse racing journalist and have been a member of the Horserace Writers And Photographers Association (HWPA).

My work has appeared in many national newspapers and in 2014 I wrote a popular and highly profitable Saturday column in Racing Plus that showed a (+67 % ROI) during the turf season.

Saturday column in Racing PlusWhat started as a little side project through my daily job turned into one of the most profitable tipping columns in print in the industry during 2014.

The most pleasing thing about the column, which was titled ‘Inside Track’ and was run in conjunction with form base gurus Proform, was that the results were extremely profitable to the industry starting prices – not inflated by unobtainable prices to restricted stakes.

The column covered a whole host of big meeting winners in races like the Spring Cup, International Handicap, Northumberland Plate, Old Newton Cup, Portland, Skybet Dash, and Great St Wilfrid.

I also tipped up the autumn double by advising Big Easy in the Cesarewitch and Bronze Angel in the Cambridgeshire.

Despite its high level of success, at the start of 2015, I gave up writing the column to concentrate on sending out my bets solely through my NMP service, though my time writing for the paper was a great experience and the high level of profit my column produced (especially as it was mostly to SP) showed I can stand against anyone in the industry, writing a professional and profitable tipping column in the national press.

Got 3,991/1 in a six-fold accumulator

I have written form previews that have appeared in the Racing Post (betting shop edition) and my work has also appeared on well-known racing websites (including one of the main racing broadcasters and main odds comparison sites) and in course racecards.

On 26th August 2015 I went through the entire six-race card at Musselburgh and tipped up winners at SPs of 11/10, 11/4, 11/2, 3/1, 5/1, and 9/4 – this returned 3,991/1 in a six-fold accumulator!

In the past I have participated in the tipping competition run for members of the Horserace Writers And Photographers Association (HWPA), finishing fifth in their yearly tipping competition in 2011 and fourth in 2013 (with the second most number of winners tipped up over the year) – up against the top media pundits in the industry from the likes of Timeform, Sporting Life, The Racing Post, and Racing UK, etc.

Northern Monkey Punter Tips Guide

Click the below +Northern Monkey Punter Tips Guide to expand the information of key guideline of the tips, which include the expected profits;

Northern Monkey Punter Tips Guide

Northern Monkey Punter – General Service Information

E-mail Frequency

All bets are advised via a daily e-mail. We have a bet most days, including Sundays during the turf season, though when the racing quality is poor we will have a day off.

If there are no bets on a given day I will still send out an e-mail (usually the night before) to give members a heads up that this is the case.

The majority of e-mails are sent out between 8.30 am and 10.30 am each morning, though, more specifically, most arrive between 8.30 am and 8.45 am.

I keep Saturday mornings free as my morning off so will send the bets for Saturday in an e-mail on Friday evening – usually, this is around 10.30 pm.

I have a Twitter account for the service, @NMPunter, and normally issue a Tweet five minutes before an e-mail is due, just to give members a bit more of an accurate idea as to when to expect the e-mail.

Relaying/sharing tips

I politely ask that the bets issued on the service aren’t relaid on to a third party or reproduced on any other website. Indeed, passing on any information sent in my e-mails is a breach of the website terms of use on my homepage.

I need to control how many members are receiving the e-mails to ensure the prices hold up for as long as possible and we aren’t oversubscribed.


All bets are provided on a pt 0.25 – 3 pt scale to give some idea of the confidence and perceived value behind the bets. ‘Pts’ is merely a term used for betting currency because it ensures results are relative for members, many of whom stake at differing levels depending on their own personal situation.

The average stake, based on thousands of advised bets, is around 1 pt. A 1 pt bet may be advised as 1 pt win, in which case you will only yield a return if the horse wins the race, or a 0.5 pt each-way bet, in which case half of the stake is divided between the horse winning and the other goes onto the horse placing.

The place terms differ between races depending on the number of runners and the type of race. With a 0.25 pt EW bet, 0.5 pt is staked in total, while with a 1 pt EW bet, 2 pt is staked in total, etc.

If a bet is advised as 0.5 pt EW and 0.5 pt win, a total of 1.5 pts is staked on that horse. For the 2016 results I broke the profit figure down and looked at the profitability of each stake size:

Profit breakdown by stake strength:

Stakes of < 1 pt: 271.78 pts staked. +12.20 pts profit (+4 % ROI)

Stakes of 1 pt: 359 pts staked. +44.59 pts profit (+12 % ROI)

Stakes > 1 pt: 187.95 staked. +20.89 pts profit (+11 % ROI)

These figures suggest the average and above-average bets yield the most profit/have a better ROI, and that the weakly fancied bets do in fact yield a lower return on investment than the stronger ones.

This provides a justification for having a staking scale rather than just backing everything to 1 pt level stakes.

One thing to consider with the staking figures above, however, is that for the purposes of calculating them, I took the original stakes as they were advised in e-mails and not grouped stakes together when bets on the same horse have been topped up (often this may have been because a horse was first backed ante-post before a draw was made and we then maybe topped upon them again after confirmation of a good draw etc).

So, for example, you had a bet like The Tin Man going down as a series of 0.5 pt EW bets when, cumulatively, we effectively had a maximum bet on him as we had 3 x 1 pt singles (as well as various multiples).

Such results served to boost the profit figure of the ‘average’ or ‘below average’ bets and taken away profit that should really be in the ‘above average’ column.

Despite this caveat, for the purposes of pinpointing some general figures, I think the numbers tell us what we needed to know all the same.

Bets of all stake strengths have proven profitable and the staking scale serves a purpose. It is entirely down to each individual member how they convert the advised pts into real-life betting currency.

All I advise my members is to never bet more than they can afford to lose and to stake small, to begin with, whilst getting a feel for how the service works.

Once an appreciation has been gained about the service’s modus operandi and the winning and losing runs have been experienced, it may then be more appropriate to increase stakes later down the line.

Betting bank size

I would recommend using a ‘betting bank’ to follow the selections, i.e. a pot of money that is put aside solely for betting and won’t be dipped into day-to-day for routine expense.

I would recommend a bank of 80 – 100 pts, depending on your attitude to risk. It is my aim, each season, to double my starting betting bank, i.e. aim to achieve 100 % bank growth (return on capital).

I try not to worry about a bad month or two and take the view that it is our performance over the year as a whole that is most important – the long-term results cannot be skewed by good or bad fortune as they can often be in a small time frame, such as one month.

Expected Profits

Based on thousands of bets placed since 2010 we know the service has a long-term edge of 11 % in terms of a return on investment, i.e. for every 100 pts outlaid we’d expect to yield 111 pts, i.e. a profit of 11 pts.

As a result, over the course of an entire year, I aim to turnover between 650 and 700 pts, all staked out of the original 80 pt betting bank, thereby aiming to finish the season with a bank as close to 160 pts as possible.

We have often had losing runs where we will lose about 20 – 30 pts from the betting bank. The worst losing run we have ever had was -59 pts. It is thus necessary to have a betting bank in place to buffer against those inevitable losing runs.

Cyclical Results

We have tended to find results are cyclical and, in terms of winning runs, the profit often arrives in clumps. We have had months where we have made 30 pts, 40 pts, and 50 pts, for example, but much depends on the time of year.

We are more likely to experience a purple patch in the summer than in the winter. We might have 8 – 10 pts in play on a busy Saturday in the summer, but during the week maybe 1, 2, or 3 pts may be staked per day depending on how good the racing is.

Outside of the summer, our betting activity is reduced and our betting turnover is lower. Whilst first getting familiar with the service and its losing runs, a betting bank closer to 100 pts may be preferable.

Recorded odds

I settle the bets at the lowest quoted in the range in each e-mail. If a horse is listed at prices of 6/1, 11/2, and 5/1 in an e-mail then it goes on the official record at 5/1.

If you can pick the emails up as soon as they are sent and take the top prices, then that is a bonus!

As my service has gained popularity over the years and the membership base has grown, the pressure on prices has increased and the quoted prices won’t hang around for as long as they used to. I would say you need to be backing the prices within 10 minutes of the e-mail being sent, otherwise, they will have gone.

The prices do often sometimes recover in the afternoon if they have been cut swiftly in the morning.

Cut off odds

Members often ask me what my advised cut-off odds should be if they miss the advised prices. Generally speaking, I would take anything down to 6/1 if a horse had been sent out at the lowest advised odds of 8/1, I would take 12/1 for a horse that has been 16/1 and I would take 16/1 for a horse that had been 25/1, just to give a few examples.

For win-only selections, I would take 7/4 for one that was 9/4 and 11/4 for one that was 7/2.

It is a tricky balance because, long-term, taking prices lower than those advised eats into the value edge and puts a dent in the profit figure, but, on the flip side, missing out on a winner during the middle of a barren run can be psychologically detrimental and many would rather have something on all bets for completeness, even if not the full stake, in cases where the odds have been trimmed, providing the odds shift isn’t ridiculous.

Best odds guaranteed

I would strongly advise members familiarising themselves with the ‘best odds guarantee’ (BOG), and offer whereby bookmakers let you take a price at the time you strike your bet, but will pay you out at bigger odds if the horse drifts and goes off at a bigger price at SP.

Bet 365, Sky Bet, Bet Victor, Ladbrokes, Paddypower, Coral, and William Hill are some of those firms offering BOG to online customers, while Betfred and Stan James offer it online after a certain point in the morning.


I usually send out a couple of multiple bets a week as these have proven a good way of bumping up the annual profit for relatively small stakes.

They are a great bit of fun, too, and add an element of excitement to the season – given some of the potential returns can be huge – even for small stakes.

Most multiples I send are doubles, which may win only or each way. With a win only double, things are pretty simple.

You add both selections to your bet slip and it is one bet, costing one unit stake. An option should appear on the online bet slip to place a double once both selections have been added.

If the first horse wins, your stake and winnings are combined and then automatically transferred onto the second horse by the bookmaker. You need both horses to win a return.

For example, if we wanted a 0.5 pt win double on Borderlescott at 5/1 in the 2.00 at York and Sole Power at 4/1 in the 3.00 at Newmarket, the calculation would be as follows… 0.5 pt goes onto Borderlescott at 5/1.

If he wins you get 5 x 0.5 pt = 2.5 pt, plus the original 0.5 pt stake = 3 pt, which then rolls onto Sole Power. 3 pt x 4 = 12 pt, plus the 3 pt stake that had rolled up from the first winner, meaning a total of 15 pts would be returned from the bet from the initial 0.5 pt stake.

The profit, therefore, would be +14.5 pts. If Borderlescott had won and Sole Power had lost, you would have lost the original 0.5 pt stake.

With each-multiple things are a little trickier to work out but, in essence, you are placing two bets, costing two unit stakes, one on the two horses to win (i.e. the same as the Borderlescott and Sole Power example above) and the other is on the two horses to place.

The place odds are 1/4 or 1/5 of the normal win odds. If one selection wins and the other places, for the place part of the bet you still only get paid out at the place odds, not a mix of the win odds on one and the place odds for the other.

With an each-way double, you can still yield a profit even if both selections don’t win, depending on the place odds and if both selections place.

The following website is ideal for working out your bet returns, especially for any each-way bets: I settle the multiples covering normal day-to-day selections at SP to ensure everyone has access to the prices.

For the ante-post bets, SP isn’t appropriate, so I settle them at the generally available odds to ensure members are getting realistic access to prices.

In 2016 the multiple bets showed a -1.7 pt loss from 97.10 pts staked, however, almost all of those doubles were settled at SP (the exceptions were ante posts which are settled at the lowest general odds) even though the prices on some selections shortened considerably.

Even to the lowest advised odds, the multiples would have shown a profit for members. We also had some near misses – like Brando in the Wokingham and Growl in the Stewards’ Cup and Ayr Gold Cup – that, collectively, were worth over 200 pts profit to us.

Had the multiples involving those horses had gone in, they would have paid for two or three new betting banks!

Avoiding account restrictions

Some members don’t like placing big multiples on their online accounts for fear the potentially large returns may be a threat to the life of their account. For such members, I would advise placing such bets with cash in the shop, whenever is practically possible.

It means there won’t be an electronic trail of the bets against your name on your account and it will be harder for firms to link you with other service members as receiving information from the same source.

I appreciate not everyone can access shops, especially those based internationally, but, whenever possible, I use them myself for such multiples to try to extend the life of my accounts.

Other general advice I have, in terms of try to avoid account closures, is to split stakes up as much as possible, ideally so that the liability with any one firm is no more than a few hundred pounds for the singles.

Bookmaker traders are less likely to feel uncomfortable dealing with such smaller bets.

I would try and stake to a consistent level if you can, and if you plan on upping stakes on a certain account, to do so gradually.

Sometimes, if a trader sees an abnormally big bet on an account they think the punter has access to inside info. Often, such business is not business they feel comfortable taking if the horse is then gambled on and wins.

I would also advise avoiding betting in the early markets – the ones priced up at 5 pm the day before racing. Firms make most pricing mistakes in those embryonic markets and are more likely to close the shrewd punters that try and exploit them.

Bookmakers are very clever these days and use cookies and software such as IEsnare to monitor their customers.

They log the IP addresses that members access their accounts from, so even if your own account is closed and you were using the account of a family member, if it is from the same IP address you could be easily linked and both accounts could quickly be shut.

Building up an account history with a firm is always useful. A new account that opens, wins £1k on the first bet and stakes high from the outset is less likely to last than an account that is used to small, sensible stakes, say £25 per bet (providing it isn’t seen as being used from a ‘bad’ IP address).

Betting close to the maximum level allowed on your account (there is sometimes the option to click ‘max’ on the slips on some sites to see what the maximum level that firm will allow you to get on) draws in the attention of traders and is something to bear in mind if you are wanting to stay under the radar.

Sometimes, after a big win, having a few ‘mug’ bets, whether it be a few spins on the online roulette table or in silly football markets such as scorecasts, can help slowly build up a betting history (even if only to throwaway stakes) and may trick some traders into giving you a bit more time on your account if they think you are a mug punter!

Win only vs each-way betting

I am often asked whether it would be advantageous to back my selections win only – as I have traditionally backed most selections each way, sometimes even down to 10/3.

Each-way betting can be viewed as a form of insurance that is taken out to smooth out variance.

For members staking decent amounts of money, and perhaps using horse racing betting as an investment strategy rather than a hobby, reducing the volatility may be something regarded as a positive.

Whenever I (and other members, who have fed back to their comparisons to me) have looked into win vs EW betting in the past, though, backing win only has always boosted profit (win only is a more efficient way of staking).

On the flip side, however, it lengthens losing runs, and a lot more patience is required when waiting between winners.

I recently performed a comparison on the 2016 results and compared the bets as they were advised in e-mails (a mix of win only and EW bets) versus backing everything to the same overall stake, but win only (so a 0.5 pt EW bet would become a 1 pt win bet etc).

The profit increased from +77.66 pts to +137.75 pts profit from 818.73 pts staked. That assumes you managed to get the full win stakes on at the same price as EW though which, in practice, may not always be possible if bookmakers knock the full win stakes back.

Whether you end up adjusting the advised stakes slightly to suit your own preference is something I will leave down to your discretion but I will only record the service’s official results – at the end of the month spreadsheet – as they are sent out in my e-mails, and not to any alternative staking strategy.

I would recommend using a higher betting bank if betting win only compared to if betting win and each-way as the bets are sent out – to reflect the higher risks posed by longer losing runs.

For example, in the 2016 results, we had losing runs where around 28, 17, 26, and 24 pts were lost to advised stakes. When staking win only, the losing runs were around 28 pts, 28 pts, 27 pts, and 32 pts – so not massively greater, but two of the runs were bigger all the same.

Increasing betting bank (which can be done by reducing stake size) would have implications for the return on capital figures following the service – it may take longer to double the betting bank, for example, because you might have reduced your standard betting unit to reflect the greater risk from going win only.

Betting exchanges

I politely request that my members don’t hoover up the liquidity on the exchanges or leave unmatched money on the exchanges immediately after e-mails are sent in the morning as this destroys the markets and often means even those betting with bookmakers can’t get access to advised prices (bookies cut their odds below those on the exchanges to avoid leaving themselves open to arbing opportunities).

The exchanges are websites like Betfair (suggest use of Betfair Alternatives) and Betdaq, where punters are betting against themselves, rather than a bookmaker, and all money traded is publically available for everyone to see.

As per my homepage, my service is geared to members using bookmaker accounts and those solely restricted to using betting exchanges (perhaps if they have had their bookmaker accounts closed) are unlikely to get the most out of the service, nor replicate the headline profit figures.

Members who only have access to Betfair (suggest use of Betfair Alternatives) would be best suited following another service which is geared towards members getting bets on close to the off and/or to Betfair (suggest use of Betfair Alternatives) SP.

Twitter alerts

If you are interested in receiving text notifications from Twitter before a tips email has been sent out you can sign up by following the steps below.

I am merely using Twitter as a tool to assist my members and don’t accept responsibility for any use or problems that may arise from using Twitter.

I have looked on the Twitter site regarding the cost of receiving text alerts and their policy states “Twitter does not charge for this service.

Standard message and data rates may apply”, You may not be able to receive text notifications depending on which country you live in or depending on your mobile phone network but this can be checked out from within your Twitter account.

How to receive tip notifications via Twitter

If you don’t already have one, you can open a Twitter account by visiting When you are signed up visit the following link…!/NMPunter …and click the ‘follow’ icon.

Make sure you have mobile phone notifications turned on by navigating to your username on the top bar and click on your username to prompt a drop-down menu.

Select ‘settings and select the ‘mobile’ tab where you can activate your mobile to receive tweets by following the simple instructions on the screen.

Once you have enabled your mobile then navigate back to the NM Punter page and next to where you clicked follow there is an icon of a mobile phone. Click this to turn it green and then whenever a Tweet is posted on my page, you will now receive a notification.



Northern Monkey Punter Full Review

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