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Bingo Bonus Hunting Guide

 Is Bingo Bonus Hunting Worthwhile?


You can play bingo for fun.

However, honestly speaking, from the perspective of simple probability theory, it’s almost impossible to make a profit from bingo sites in the long term. Why? 


Online Bingo – Harsh Reality & Value of Bingo Bonuses


Despite the rapid popularity of the Bingo game, people need to realize the hard fact that Bingo is extremely low RTP (Return To Player).

RTP is essentially defined as the amount of money that is theoretically paid out to a player over a long time.

Online casinos’ RTP is around 90%+. The balance (100% – 90%) of around 10% is the profit margin for the Casino, often called House Edge.

According to Bananas for Bingo, the reality of online bingo RTP is 40-50%. This means over half of your bingo play will lose, see the below infographics;

Online Bingo Winnings Probabilities



Bingo Bonus Hunting Instructions – Bingo Market Quick Overview


Bingo Bonus Hunting Brief Summary

  • Big Female Market – According to Quora, over 100 million people worldwide play bingo, and 50% of them play daily. 80% use On-Line Bingo. 85% are women playing more at the time of work like feeding the baby, cooking, etc. to come out of stress. So it’s absolutely a female-dominated market as opposed to the male-dominated land casino. This means, for women, the On-Line Bingo must be a good entry to start Advantage Plays.

Online Bingo Worldwide Market

  • USA – 85% of the online bingo industry’s revenue comes from U.S. players. In a nutshell, unlike casinos, online bingo is generally considered to be legal in the US. Therefore, it opens up a good opportunity for US players to enjoy advantage play. However, the law differs among each state, thus suggest you double-check your local government for detailed regulations.

  • Limited Software – Unlike an online casino, there are only a handful of software providers despite the huge number of bingo sites. The benefit of it is that if you get accustomed to only a few site layouts & methods to beat the bonus, you can repeat the same.

  • Winning Theory – Bear in mind that, unlike the Matched Betting & Sports Arbitrage, we can’t cover all the outcomes of a bingo. Therefore, as explained above in EV calculation (see further details in Casino Bonus Hunting) we should use statistical advantage over the bingo sites. This means it’s not entirely risk-free as matched betting & sports arbitrage, but we count on the probability theory to stack the odds in our favour

In summary, Bingo is a very popular game dominated by women. It’s fun but realistically, almost all players definitely lose money given the extremely high house edge in the long run. 

The only way to make money is to take advantage of juicy bingo bonuses based on mathematical advantage expressed in EV (Expected Value). 

No More Lose in Online Bingo!! Find 3 Unique Methods in Our Bingo Bonus Hunting Guide To Make Real Cash Profits From Bingo Bonuses Without Gambling!!



(1) Bingo Bonus Hunting Method – EV Approach 


Given the similarity of the offer, we take more or less the same approach for bingo bonus hunting as Casino Bonus Hunting, see the details in “Types & Requirements Of Online Casino Bonuses”.

The biggest benefit of Bingo Advantage-Play (see the Wrap-Up section at the end) in comparison to the Casino Advantage Play is that usually, you see much lower WR (Wager Requirements) before the withdrawal.

It is often just 1x rather than a hefty x30 in Casino, which can dramatically increase your profit retention % out of the bonus.

Free Bingo Bonus – Expected Value

So, the EV (Expected Value) of Online Bingo when you use promotion can be;

EV = Bonus – (Deposit + Bonus) x Bingo House Edge (%)


EV = (Deposit + Bonus) x Bingo RTP (%) – Deposit

Assuming you have a Welcome Offer such as Deposit £20 and Play £80 (means Bonus is £60 as a 300% deposit bonus), then;

EV = £60 – (£20 + £60) x 50% = £20


EV = (£20 + £60) x 50% – £20 = £20

Both formulas give you an identical result as the 100% return to your deposit. So, it’s still worth pursuing as long as you use the proper technique to use the bonus.

How Much % Of Free Bingo Bonus We Need

Free bingo bonus ranges from 50% to 1,000%. Calculating from the above EV formula, the break-even is a 100% free bingo bonus.

Anything with a bonus over 100% will theoretically provide you with a positive expected value. But, to ensure the profit, suggest you primarily take up 200% + free bingo bonus.

For (2) & (3) methods, I’ll use the UK scenario. Because a similar approach may apply to many bingo bonuses hunting worldwide.

The 1st method is making the best use of available Cashback Sites, exactly the same method as Casino, and the 2nd method is Unique Techniques for two major online Bingo Software Providers (which also form bingo networks).

bingo bonus hunting, guide



(2) Bingo Bonus Hunting Method – Cashback Sites


Cashback Service (Risk-Free)


For the underlying principle, please take a look at Casino Bonus Cashback Sitesto see the details.

The key tactic here is You Need To Choose the cashback offer which is Bigger than the deposit requirements such as “£30 cashback for a £20 deposit” which makes this opportunity Risk-Free.

Because even if you lose all the deposit of £20 after playing the x1 WR, you will be a £10 profit from the cashback, and of course, any winnings will also add to the profit.

For Specific Instruction to; How To Extract Guaranteed Profit From Bingo Cashback.



(3) Bingo Bonus Hunting Method – Bingo Network Unique Tactics


On top of the above Cashback system, you can increase your profit from bingo bonus hunting by applying specific techniques toward the major Bingo Software Networks.

As said at the beginning, there are a few key software technology providers/networks that share the same jackpots and offer the same promotion including the bonus structure in the On-Line Bingo industry.

The key players are Virtue Fusion and Cassava (operated by 888Sports).

They are aware of our techniques and thus try to block us. In fact, our particular tactics on Virtue Fusion is no longer valid but the Cassava method can still be used.

So, don’t wait and use it as long as it works. 

Cassava (Dragonfish) Bingo Sites (Not Risk-Free)

Loophole & Caution

Cassava provides service to around 100 bingo sites and is by far the largest bingo network. There is a certain loophole in their system which we can exploit to extract the bonus very efficiently.

We instruct two specific methods to do so. However, unfortunately, a few bingo-related programs shared the methods in public places.

And a number of players have used the approaches, which triggered some Cassava site owners to change the system or take collective measures.

However, the methods are still workable on several sites. Therefore, we decided not to publicize the method but share it only among our readers; Dragonfish Bingo Loophole – Make Smart Profit.



Bingo Bonus Hunting – Wrap Up


Advantage Play


Lastly, allow us to share our betting principle. We do bet but we DON’T gamble, instead, we do Advantage Play means, we never rely on chance but count on mathematical & statistical edges to beat bingo sites, as explained above. 

With that said, one of our policies is;

Betting On Chance Is For Losers, Stop Gamble Betting But Bet on Only +EV To Win Reliably

, and it is effectively our way to promote Responsible Gambling under the regulation, and we strongly support GambleAwaregambleaware logo & GamCare being explained about us.

Therefore, we would like our readers to make a real profit from the generous bingo bonus by knowing the specific method to extract cash from them.

This Bingo Bonus Hunting Guide is an introduction to our series of Bingo Bonus Hunting Instructions to achieve our above vision. 

Good Entry Point To Advantage Gambling For Ladies

As shared at the beginning, online bingo is dominated by a female with an amazing contribution of 83% – see the below infographics;

Bingo Female Dominance Market Infographics

One notable feature of online bingo is the chat functionality that fosters a sense of community and interaction between players. This is one of the biggest reasons to attract ladies.

Surely our basic aim is making money rather than pleasure though since many women hesitate to access the gambling category (although we are not gambling here).

This may be the proper entry point for you ladies to be familiar with the advantage play and start raking the cash which you have never thought of.


Free Bingo Bonus – Relevant Information List

The below documents are the full list of Free Bingo Bonus-related instructions;


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Good Luck!!


Joshua Walker (bio)

Editor - Global Extra Money (GEM)