Comprehensive Strategies To Turn Free Bingo Bonus Into Cash

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Ladies, We Hate Being Hated By You, But We Have To Let You Know The Reality. Unfortunately You Can’t Win Online Bingo Consistently Due To Huge House Edge. However, Good News Is You Can Still Make Good Profit If You Know The Strategies To Extract Free Bingo Bonus!!

Free Bingo Bonus – Introduction

This document is a part of our Specific Instructions about How To Turn Free Bingo Bonus Into Real Cash via Advantage Play. For the full list of our online free bingo guides, take a look at Bingo Bonus Hunting GuideBingo Bonus Hunting Guide Feature Image, where you can find several unknown bingo bonus tactics including certain loophole of the software.  Although we play bingo, we don’t gamble. Instead, we do Advantage Playsadvantage play, full list, which is based on mathematical advantage rather than counting on by chance to beat free bingo sites. Our underlying rationale is EV – Expected Value Betting, which you will find the details later.

With that said, one of our policies is “Betting On Luck Is For Losers, Stop Gamble Betting But Bet on Only +EV (Expected Value)To Win Reliably. It is effectively our way to promote Responsible Gambling under the regulation, and we strongly support GamCaregamcare logo & BeGambleAware being explained in about us.  We, Global Extra Money (GEM) would like our readers to exploit those reliable money making opportunities as widely as possible. Sharing the “Comprehensive Strategies To Turn Free Bingo Bonus Into Cash" is part of our efforts to achieve that objective.

Online bingo that started in mid ’90 has been growing rapidly by mainly attracting young female (surprise?). Let’s quickly see a few statistics;

Free Bingo Bonus – Background, Harsh Reality & Expected Value

Bingo Markets

There are over 100 million bingo players throughout the world. And, as seen from the below infographics prepared by, the number 1 market is US that is supposed to account for 85% of Online Bingo revenue. 50% of players play almost every day by spending £100+ every month. As opposed to the traditional hall bingo, majority ages come from below 50, and notably over 80% are female (see the bottom for the details).

Online Bingo Worldwide Market

Key Points

The key points here are;

  • Online bingo provides good opportunity to rake generous bonus for US citizens who may be restricted to the online gambling
  • The same applies to Female who tend to be hesitate to access to online gambling Bingo Bonus Description


Online Bingo – Harsh Reality & Value of Promotion

Despite the rapid popularity of the game, people need to realize the hard fact that is low RTP (Return To Player). RTP is essentially defined as the amount of money that is theoretically payed out to a player over a long time. Online casinos’ RTP is around 90%+. The balance (100% – 90%) of around 10% is the profit margin for the Casino, often called House Edge. According to Bananas for Bingo, the reality of online bingo RTP is 40-50%. Means over half of your bingo play will lose, see the below infographics;

Online Bingo Winnings Probabilities

Free Bingo Bonus – Expected Value

So, the EV (Expected Value) of Online Bingo when you use promotion can be;

EV = Bonus – (Deposit + Bonus) x Bingo House Edge (%)


EV = (Deposit + Bonus) x Bingo RTP (%) – Deposit

Assuming you have a Welcome Offer such as Deposit £20 and Play £80 (means Bonus is £60 as 300% deposit bonus), then;

EV = £60 – (£20 + £60) x 50% = £20


EV = (£20 + £60) x 50% – £20 = £20

The both formulas give you an identical result as the 100% return to your deposit. So, it’s still worth pursuing as long as you use proper technique to use the bonus.

How Much % Of Free Bingo Bonus We Need

Free bingo bonus ranges 50% to 500%. Calculating from the above EV formula, the break-even is 100% free bingo bonus. Anything with a bonus over 100% will theoretically provide you with positive expected value. But, to ensure the profit, suggest you primary take up 200% + free bingo bonus.

Free Bingo Bonus – Basic Strategies

Without exception, online bingo offers you Welcome Free Bingo Bonus. And our aim is to cash-out those free bingo bonus before losing all of them with simple gambling (allow me to reiterate, bingo is a very tough game to win given the only 60% RTP).

Online Bingo Welcome Bonus

Once you start playing, you will soon realize that despite the huge number of online bingo sites, many sites have similar graphics, the same bingo rooms and the same promotions. This is because they are part of a bingo “network". Means, multiple sites act as doorways to a single game, leading to larger pools of players in chat rooms and more sizable pots to win a.k.a. White Label Gaming.

The important thing is there are only few bingo software used among this networks. This gives us the edge that once you master the method to overcome the particular software, you can apply the same approach to many other sites.

Quick Summary

As some are already explained in Bingo Bonus Hunting Guide, our basic strategies to make profit are;

  • Sign-Up Strategy: Cashback Site First & Sportsbook Sign-Up First (Don’t sign-up Bingo Site directly unless you already explored these 2 opportunities, which will give you big guaranteed profit risk-free).
  • Rake The Bonus Strategy: For 2 Big Bingo Network/Software, Use Loophole Tactics for Dragonfish Bingo and Little Known Lucky Numbers Tactics for Virtue Fusion
  • Reload Bonus Strategy: Chose Only Large Enough Bonus To Ensure Real Profit
  • Security Strategy: Follow Our Precautionary Measures To Avoid Any Unpleasant Surprise
  • Bingo Game Strategy: Follow Our Specific Directions – See the Bingo Game Strategies & Tips Later.

Free Bingo Bonus – Strategic Process & Tactics

For the list of all methods, please see the Free Bingo Bonus – Relevant Information List at the bottom of this document. Here, let me quickly share general process & tactics as follows;

  • After you finish reading this document, Firstly, start up with Bingo Bonus Cashback Approach. Don’t sign-up any bingo site directly before you explore bingo cashback opportunities. Check the Cashback sites listed there and chose the bingo sites you can receive cashback by signing-up via Cashback Sites, which guarantees profit with completely Risk Free.
  • Secondary, access to the specific tactics document of each bingo network, namely Dragonfish Bingo & Virtue Fusion Bingo. Understand how each network (software) works and how we turn each free bingo bonus into real cash by making the best use of Loophole & Little Known Tactics.
  • Thirdly, start sign-up to rake the bonus. However, if the site is run by big Sportsbook operator, which is often the case of Virtue Fusion Bingo, sign-up Sportsbook FIRST. Why? See the above Virtue Fusion Bingo tactics paper.
  • Fourthly, when you clear the bingo bonus, pursuing the free bingo bonus one by one. Not try to rake multiple bingo sites simultaneously. Why? Read the Dragonfish Bingo tactics papers for the details, but keep the below points in mind;
  • Since all the bingo sites are very sensitive to the activities that exploit their bonus offers they often change the T&C. Therefore, it’s imperative to check the latest rules before you start using the method & depositing your money.
  • Importantly, your apparent free bingo bonus hunting activities may instantly show red flag and your account could be closed as being labelled bonus abuser. Thus, take a careful approach explained in the each instruction.
  • Lastly, make sure you pick the reload-offers of which % is large enough for you to turn it into the real cash by gauging EV (Expected Value). For this particular instruction, please also see it in Dragonfish Bingo tactics paper.Online Bingo Winnings


Free Bingo Bonus – Game Strategy & Tips

There is no tactics to win 100% in bingo. But, in order to increase the rate of winning, you may want to follow the below tips;

  • Purchase More Bingo Cards in Fewer Bingo Games.

Unless you play bingo for fun, forget about playing around many games. The winning theory dictates that the option to buy a lot of bingo cards in 1 game would be the best bet. It’s based on the simple concept that assuming there are total 100 bingo tickets sold and you bought 80, then your winning probability is 80%. If you own only 1 card, your chance to win is only 1% theoretically.

  • Select Guaranteed Prize with Fewer Player Room

Make sure you select the game of guaranteed prizes, because there are many bingo rooms that offers prize based on the amount of sold bingo cards. Fewer players room is no need to explain, less competition more chance to win, the similar notion of the 1.


Good Entry Point To Advantage Gambling For Ladies

Finally, as shared at the beginning, online bingo is dominated by female with the amazing contribution of 83% – see the below infographics. One notable feature of online bingo is the chat functionality that fosters a sense of community and interaction between players. This is one of the biggest reasons to attract ladies. Surely our basic aim is making money rather than pleasure though, since many women hesitate to access to the gambling category (although we are not gambling here), this may be the proper entry point for you ladies to be familiar with the advantage play and start raking the cash which you have never thought of. Bingo Female Dominance Market Infographics


Free Bingo Bonus – Relevant Information List

The below documents are the full list of Free Bingo Bonus related instructions;

For Full Index of Our Guides, Go;
List Of Special Reports – All Information are Based On OurIntensive Research & Professional Analysis

If you have any inquiry or need any help from us, please contact us anytimeGlobal Extra Money Contact (don’t worry, we will not charge you any fee, everything is free here).

Good Luck!!

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