How To Guarantee Profit from Bet365 Feature Race 4/1 Offer & ITV Racing Offer

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How Many Times Did You Back a Winner & Miss Refund in Bet365 Feature Race 4/1 Offer & ITV Racing 4/1 Offer?

No More Disappointment,

We Show You How To Guarantee Profit from Every Bet365 Feature Race & ITV Racing – Even Your Horse Loses!!

Bet365 Feature Race Preface

Firstly, Please Avoid Prejudice of Betting = Gambling. We Do Bet but Don’t Count On Luck. Rather, we do 6 Advantage Playsadvantage play, keyboard based on mathematical edge to beat the bookies, casino & bingo. When it comes to Sports Betting & Horse Racing, we use Matched Bettingsports matched betting, full guide / Sports Arbitrage / Value Bets On Proven Tipsters to lock-in profit or consistently earn extra income for long-term. With that said, one of our policies is “Betting On Luck Is For Losers, Stop Gamble Betting But Bet on Only +EV (Expected Value)To Win Reliably. It is effectively our way to promote Responsible Gambling, and we strongly support GamCaregamcare logo being explained in about us.

We use various methods & many customized spreadsheets to calculate mathematical advantage over the bookies’ offers to secure Guaranteed Profit. The technique for Bet365 Feature Race & ITV Racing is just 1 of them.

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What Are Bet365 Feature Race 4/1 Offer & ITV Racing 4/1 Offer

Bet365 has been running 2 On-going key horse racing promotions, which are ITV Racing 4/1 Offer & Feature Race 4/1 Offer. The offer itself is completely identical. ITV Racing 4/1 offer is for the races televised on ITV that is every Saturday & big meetings – ITV Racing Broadcasting Schedule) ;Bet365 ITV 4/1 Race

The Feature Race 4/1 offer is available on two races per day when there is no scheduled live ITV racing. Means, Bet365 offers this 4/1 offer effectively every day; Bet365 Featyre 4/1 race

You can profit from every single one of these races, regardless of the result. We will show you how.

Bet365 Feature Race Offer – How To Extract Money Effectively

In this document, I use Bet365 Feature Race as an example, but all the methods we discuss here can perfectly apply to Bet365 ITV Racing Offer, because as said these 2 offers are completely identical.

Bet365 Feature Race 4/1 Offer T&C

Bet365 says “Back any single winner at 4/1 or more on a bet365 Feature Race and you can have a risk free bet to the same stake (up to £50) on the next bet365 Feature Race. This offer applies to the FIRST single bet placed by a customer on each bet365 Feature Race. ”


  • You need to place 2 consecutive races with your own money.
  • The first race: £50 (as a maximum refund amount) bet to be placed over the odds of 4/1 (5.o) even after a dead heat or Rule 4. So even if you take the early price, the SP (starting price) must be over 4/1 to qualify.
  • If your horse wins in the 1st race, your next bet in the 2nd race will become Risk Free Bet. It means you will receive refund as £50 cash credit if your horse loses, you will not be given the £50 credit if the next horse wins again, you only get it after a looser as specified below;

Bet365 Feature Race T&C also says;

“If your risk free bet also wins at odds of 4/1 or more, you qualify for a risk free bet on the next bet365 Feature Race. Keep backing those winners and we’ll keep giving you risk free bets! If your risk free bet loses, your stake (up to £50*) will be refunded to your account.

Sounds nice, but understand carefully, this means when you have a winner you will not receive £50 refund until you have a loser, even if you find 10 winners in a row.

4/1 Requirement

Bet365 used to require 5.0< odds at SP (Starting Price), and the current T&C is not clear. But obviously they have changed it into “The price you take”. Just FYI.

Matched Betting As A Basic Method

As briefly said at the beginning, we use Matched Betting as an underlying concept to make Bet365 Feature Race & ITV Race Risk-Free or Lock-In Profit. If you’re already familiar with matched betting, just skip this section.

Just in case you’re completely new to this concept, suggest take a look at Matched Betting For Dummies – 9 Essential Things You Should Know Before Staking Any Real MoneyMatched Betting For Dummies - 9 Essential Things You Should Know Before Staking Any Real Money. But allow me to recap how it works very briefly by using Bet365 Feature Race 4/1 Offer.

We show you the detail process with the real example later, thus here please try to understand the concept.

Matched betting is all about turning bookmaker’s offer often in the form of Free Bet into Real Cash Profit. The simplest example is Bet XX Get YY Free Bet. So, first we have to Bet XX, which is so called Qualifying Bet. It involves;

  • 2 transactions of Back (bet on win) Horse A (odds is 5<) at Bookmaker & Lay the same Horse A (bet on NOT win) at Betting Exchange such as Betfair or Smarkets so that you cover all outcomes.
  • No matter what your Horse A’s result, your losing & winning will cancel out each other. In the real practice, usually 2 bets are not perfectly offset due to the odds difference & exchange commission therefore you make a small loss called Qualifying Loss. For full details of this process, take a look at Matched Betting Starting Guide: Welcome Bonus (2): Place Qualifying Bet;Free Matched Bet Starting Guide (2) – How To Sign-Up & Place Qualifying Bet
  • However, if your Horse A wins, your next Feature Race will become Risk-Free.
  • Then you repeat the same transactions, but this time your bet is Risk-Free, means if your horse loses you will get Cash Refund (not free bet thus more value, that’s one of the benefits of Bet365 Feature Race offer). Therefore when your horse loses, the whole stake – qualifying loss (both first race & 2nd race) will become your net profit.
  • Success factor is how to minimize this qualifying loss.
As seen from the above process, betting exchange is essential for matched betting. For further details, suggest you click the below box to expand the information;

Bet Exchange Sign-Up Strategies With Real Example

£2,500 Risk-Free Opportunities

BTW, Matched Betting is all about making the best use of bookmakers’ promotion, thus you need to open up bookies account as many as possible.  All online bookies are in fierce competitive situation thus advertise tasty offers to attract your sign-up including Bet365. However, Don’t sign-up directly, Click + To See Little Known Smart Method;

How To Earn £2,500 Risk-Free Cashback


Instruction Of 3 Approaches & Each Process

There are 3 approaches to tackle this offer, which are;

  • Standard Matched Betting Approach
  • Risk Free Approach
  • Lock-In Profit Approach.

I’ll show the process for each approach by using the real race I bet which is;Bet365 Feature Race Schedule

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1. Standard Matched Betting Approach

Simply to find the horse at 5.0 over odds and close between Bet365 & Exchange. Back the horse at Bet365 and Lay Off at exchange like Betfair or SMarkets. My 1st race was Catterick at 14:15 and the below shows Bet365 Odds for this race; (Read More --)

2. Risk Free Profit Approach

Next approach is Risk Free Approach. What we're going to do is Overlaying up to the level where I achieve break-even when my horse loses. The Tricky Bet calculator effectively calculates at the same time as below; (Read More --)

3. Lock-In Profit Approach

The last approach is not only to make it Risk Free but to Guarantee Profit. We can do it by further overlaying as shown in the calculator. (Read More --)
Bet365 Fearure Race Lock-In Profit Spreadsheet

We have customized Spreadsheet which automatically calculate the Lock-In scenario as follows;

Bet365 Feature Race Lock-in Profit Calculator Spreadsheet

The advantages of this spreadsheet are;

  • Since it is set in optimised formula for lock-in scenario, it will instantly calculate the best profit.
  • Bet365 Feature Race offer is a consecutive offer, and it’s good to have 2 races scenario in advance. This calculation allows you to know how much lay stake do you need to do with the best profit by combining the 1st & 2nd races.The profit & loss shown in the Race 2 already includes the loss comes from the Race 1, so that’s the aggregated Profit (or loss).

For those who prefer lock-in approach, suggest download it in 3 Best Ways To Lock-In Profit on Bet365 Offers.

Actual Result

As seen in the below official record, the top favorite “Halcyron Days” won and my “Caprice Danglais” finished 5th. Bet365 Feature Race Winner Sportinglife

Therefore, at this stage,

  • Standard Matched Betting Approach lost £2.43.
  • Risk Free Approach just resulted in break-even.
  • Lock-In Approach made £3.92 profit.

Bet365 Feature Race & ITV Racing Offer – Conclusion

This time, the result supports Lock-In Profit Approach. However, there is no right or wrong when it comes to the choice. Let me evaluate this offer in the form of EV (Expected Value) as usual.

Expected Value

For the lock-in method approach, we already know its Positive EV because it’s a guaranteed equal profit of £3.92 no matter what the final outcome to be.

For the Standard Matched Betting Approach & Risk Free Approach. Since it’s Bet & Hope concept. For calculating EV, we can use the below calculation formula;

  • EV = (Outcome A x Probability %) – (Outcome B x Probability %)

Outcome is the possible 2 scenarios I attach for each approach. Outcome A is Receiving Refund in the next race, which means my horse Wins in the 1st race. Outcome B. is Not Win.

Probability in the above case is calculated based on the odds of my horse. The odds of “Halcyon Days” is 6.o. The implied probability of win is 16.7% (1.0 / 6.o x 100). Then not win is 83.3%.

Standard Matched Betting Approach EV = (£37.57 x 16.7%) – (£2.43 x 83.3%) = £6.27 – £2.02 = £4.25

Risk Free Approach EV = (£24.7 x 16.7%) – (£0 x 83.3%) = £4.12 – £0 = £4.12

EV will fully depend on the odds. Shorter and Tighter (between Bet365 & Exchange) odds will bring about better EV. The above example shows better EV of Standard Matched Betting Approach than Risk Free Approach mainly because of its relatively tight odds (6.0: 6.2). When the odds gap becomes wider the qualifying loss becomes bigger. Thus, the Risk Free approach will give you better EV. The most important thing is to chose the horse with the narrowest gap between Bet365 back odds & the Exchange lay odds as a basic but critical theory. Just as a reminder.


All the approaches show Positive EV. The choice mainly depends on individual’s preference. With our approach, Bet365 Feature Race Offer & ITV Racing Offer are absolutely profitable. You don’t always win. Say, you may not get refund from the 5 races in a row but the refund of the following 2 races will make the whole 7 bets profitable. So don’t be fooled by variance. As long as you keep taking the positive EV offers like this, you will make a lot of money. You don’t need to believe me but believe the mathematics.

Bet365 offers this promotion every day when the horse racing happens, multiple races on ITV televised day like 10 races on Saturday, and 2 featured races on the day without ITV broadcasting. So there are hundreds of qualified horse racing you can bet, and assuming you pocket average £5 per race, you could make thousands every year.

However, if you bet all the races, you are most likely to be gubbed. So, many people say up to around 70%. It means if there are 20 qualified races in 1 week, on Saturday they often offer nearly 10 ITV races, you may not want to bet more than 15 races. Just a guideline without any guarantee.

Avoid Gubbing

Suggest you take a look at 23 Smart Tactics To Avoid Bookie’s Account Restriction & Solutions After Being Gubbedgubbed, 23 feature image In this document, you will find full list of daily precautionary activities including mug bet based on how bookies identify you as a smart punter and actions even after your accounts are gubbed. Very useful.

Appendix – Sky Dogs 2/1 Offer

By the way, Bet365 offers the below Sky 2/1 dog race offer which works exactly the same as the above horse race,Bet365 Dog Race 2/1 Offer

This case requires minimum odds of 2/1 (3.0) over and the maximum stake is up to £100. Although number of races is less than horse racing, it’s obviously worth exploiting by using the same methods.

If you have any inquiry or need any help from us, please contact us anytimeGlobal Extra Money Contact (don’t worry, we will not charge you any fee, everything is free here).

Good Luck!!

Joshua Walker – Publisher of GEM (Global Extra Money)