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Live Betting Tennis, Many Smart Punters Lose Money, Is It So Tough? Shouldn’t Be!! We Show You Best Tactics & Tips To Win in Actual Examples.

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How to win Tennis Live Betting

Our aim of playing Sports Betting is to gain extra money consistently by focusing on how to effectively cash-out bookmakers’ various Free Bet offers. We use Matched Betting, probably the most popular Advantage Play in the UK, to lock-in profit or consistently earn extra income for long-term. 

Bookmakers offer a lot of promotions related with In-Play Tennis Betting. However, even experienced matched bettors seem to struggle with extracting decent profit, then give up. Why is that? One of the biggest problems is the extremely fast move of live tennis betting odds.

This guide aims to show you how to win tennis live betting by sharing how in-play tennis odds works (actually, the basic principle & approach applies to other sports such as Football In-Play Bet as well) and the advanced tennis betting strategy to minimize qualifying loss or even generate qualifying profit in the marched betting process. 

Bookies’ Offers Related With Live Betting Tennis

Without exception, major bookies like William HillPaddy Power & Skybet provide you with live tennis betting (BTW, Live Betting is the same meaning as In-Play). And many of them give you attractive offers related with live betting tennis in various occasions all through the year.

Let’s See Real Examples Of Live Betting Tennis Offer

Typical examples are;

Ad-Hoc Base in Big Event

You will find a lot of offers in mega events like Tennis Grand Slam , namely Australian Open in mid January, the French Open in May and June, Wimbledon in July, and the US Open in August and September. The example is; Dabblebet – Place £10 x 3 In-Play bets on any day at the Australian Open, Get £5 Free Bet Every Day live betting tennis, dabblebet australian open Tennis big tournaments are run by Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) for Men & Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) for Women all year round. For detail schedule, see ATP World Tour & WTA Calendar. Means you will enjoy tennis live betting offers consistently like below;

Weekly Base

Unibet – Join the In-Play Free Bet Club & get a £10 In-Play Free Bet every week when you place five or more £10 In-Play bets on Football, Cricket, Tennis & Darts.Live Betting Tennis Unibet

Every Day Base

Vernons – A free bet worth £5 will be awarded if any 5 consecutive Tennis bets, each on a different event, worth £5 or more are placed in play on any Tennis matches.Live Betting Tennis Vernons 2

Our Underlying Method To Lock-In Profit

Matched Betting Concept

These offers will create Guaranteed Profit via Matched Betting. Just in case you’re not familiar with this Risk Free Method, you can find the details in Matched Betting For Dummies. But, very briefly, how we construct matched betting for say the above Unibet offer to aim at tasty risk-free profit is;

  • 2 transactions, Back (bet on win ) £10 on Player A in Live Bet at Unibet & Lay (bet on NOT win) appropriate £ stake (use Free Calculator to decide the amount) on the same Player A in Live Bet at Exchange such as SMarkets.
  • Then, you cover all outcomes, therefore regardless of the outcome, your losing & winning will cancel out each other. In the real practice, usually, the back & lay bets are not perfectly offset due to the odds difference & exchange commission. Therefore you make a small loss called Qualifying Loss.
  • You repeat the same bets 5 times and receive £10 Free bet.
  • Again, you repeat the exact same process but using the free bet for the back bet at Unibet. Then, this time free bet value (minus qualifying loss) will become your net profit. You can do this process every week.
  • Success factor is how to minimize the qualifying loss by selecting the player whose odds gap (between Paddy Power & SMarkets) is the narrowest. For the detail step-by-step process, please see Place Qualifying Bet Section in Matched Bet Starting Guide (2) – How To Sign-Up & Place Qualifying Bet.
Obviously, betting exchange makes important role in matched betting. This report shows all top 4 betting exchange latest welcome bonuses & how to extract cash risk-free from each bonus. As you can easily imagine, the more betting exchange accounts you have, the more you get matched betting opportunities. Therefore, try to increase your exchange accounts as many as possible. In case your residential country is not allowed to sign-up these exchanges, use this solution

BTW, many people think matched betting is only for UK & Ireland. Completely Wrong, everybody in the world including US citizens can make matched betting decent profits by using this approach. Besides, there are 5 common types of bookmaker’s offer which allow you to lock-in profits via matched betting, see details in this guide where we use various bookies in the whole Europe.

Live Betting Tennis Odds Issues

Any punter who ever placed in-play bet must be aware of the following 2 facts;

  • Odds Change In Flash – Especially Live Betting Tennis, the odds never stay the same long enough to even press the button during the play, it also moves dramatically every time score changes.
  • Long Lead Time Until Bet Acceptance – Usually you are enforced to wait long time patiently after you click the bet placement button until the bet is finally accepted. This long lead time applies both to Bookies & Bet Exchanges.

Because of these frustrating Live Betting Tennis nature, it’s very difficult & stressful to complete your intended back & lay betting successfully.

In the first place, you may not be able to calculate proper lay stake when odds change in flash. Secondary, while waiting for the bookie’s bet acceptance, the lay odds may change thus the planned lay stake will have become obsolete and lose money.

The typical bad situation is, say you back A player at 1.7, then before you get lay off at 1.75 as you planned, A player’s lay odds sharply increased to 2.5, 3.5, 4.5 even within the same game and never get down until the match ends at 12.0 odds. You could leave it un-laid or lose a lot.

Key Tips To Win Live Betting Tennis

Under such extremely intense circumstances, you need certain discipline & technique to manage successful Backing and laying. I will share several best tips to do it by using LeoVegas Live Betting Tennis site example.

BTW, the latest LeoVegas in-play tennis offer is Australian Open. Bet £20 x 4 In-Play at odd of 1.25<, you get £10 Free Bet up to 10 Free Bets / week, thus theoretically up to 20 Free Bets. This is a tasty offer if you can manage Live Tennis Betting betting tennis, leovegas australian open offer So, what are the key points?

Identify Your Targeting Player / Match

Firstly, when you look for the appropriate matches, you may want to target at any players between 1.3 and 2.5. And compare the back odds with lay odds at Exchange such as Smarkets. Given the drastic odds movement, preferably back Favorite because even you have un-laid bet, there is relatively high chance to get shorter odds later in the game.

If you back underdog and if the things go wrong, odds may never come back but get longer endlessly. I use the Lauren Davis vs Naomi Osaka match at WTA Birmingham, and Lauren Davis is a favorite.

How To Minimize Risk

After you identify the game, the simplest & most effective method to reduce the risk is placing both back & lay at the time the odds are stable. There are 3 such occasions in Live betting Tennis. They are 1. Just Before Game starts 2. Change Ends (Court Change) Interval 3. Set Interval. I’ll elaborate on each as below;

  • Just Before The Game Starts – There is a calm period after the players come into the court/do obligatory 10 minutes pre-match practice and before the 1st official serve is played. It depends on the each bookmaker though, I often observed that during the time the players are doing the warm-up practice, the betting mode is changed into LIVE mode. Once you confirm the LIVE mode in the bookie, you have some time to place the bets under steady odds.

The below shows LeoVegas Tennis betting mode which changed into LIVE mode during the players’ pre-match warm-up period;

Live Betting Tennis LeoVegas Before Game
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Let’s look at Lauren Davis Lay Odds in SMarkets. It’s 1.68, means we can even create arb condition which can be happened occasionally. You can place both back & lay in calm & quite environment at this stage;

Live Betting Tennis SMarkets Lay Before Game
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  • Change Ends (Court Change) Interval – players change ends after the odds numbered game finishes, namely 1, 3, 5, 7, & 9 etc. There is a short interval (around 1.5 – 2 minutes) when both players sit in the chair to take a break. This is also the period you can place the bets without being annoyed by fluctuating odds so much;

Let’s use the same example of Lauren Davis. Despite the fact she is a favourite, she lost the 1st set. Anyhow, now the 3rd game finishes, so the players are changing court & taking a short break in the chair. The below shows LeoVegas odds;

Live Betting Tennis LeoVegas Game Interval
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The SMarket lay odds is as below. Although, Laura’s odds becomes longer than Naomi, still tighter. It’s often the case for favorite until the game result becomes obvious. You can chose these odds which is not ideal but decent (4.7% loss) in the stable odds condition;

Live Betting Tennis SMarkets Lay Game Interval
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  • Set Interval – Between the sets, there is relatively longer interval (2 – 3 minutes) which gives you enough time to place back & lay under the steady odds.

Let’s keep using the same match, wow, Lauren Davis has made a good recovery. She won the 2nd set and now her odds downed to 1.74;

Live Betting Tennis LeoVegas Set Interval
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The Lay odds is not good but yet acceptable (6.8% loss) to place both back & lay in the stable odds condition. During this whole interval, both back & lay odds didn’t change at all;

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These are basic but the safest way to avoid big loss in Live Betting Tennis.

Improve Profit with Risk

If you have stomach to absorb a bit of risk for a better profit, the below is 1 way;

  • Back the Favourite during Opposition’s Serve. You may have large chance that the Favourite lose the game. Then the favorite has better chance to win in the favorite’s own serve in the following game.
  • You may want to do it when the odds numbered game finishes. Means the opposition’s serve should be the odds numbered game.
  • If you back at the end of the opposition’s service, the gap with the lay odds would be 0.1-0.3, and it would possibly change into Arbing Condition if the favorite service progresses well.

Let’s use the Lauren Davis example. Recall the above Game Interval status. In the 3rd game, Lauren lost in the Naomi Osaka’s serve and the odds were LeoVagas 2.8 while SMarkets 2.9.  Assuming you place the back bet at this stage while leaving the lay bet open during Lauren’s service game (the 4th game), the result of lay market was;

Live Betting Tennis SMarkets Lay Risk Game Interval
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Yes, Lauren won as expected and the lay odds downed to 2.44. So it generates arbing condition of 2.8 : 2.44. Off course, it may backfire and result in loss, in fact Lauren lost the 1st set as you know. So, it’s not low risk approach.

Live Tennis Streaming

In Live Betting Tennis, it’s essential to keep watching Live Stream to feel the game progress. Several major bookmakers such as Bet365 & Betfair give you free live stream as below (you can watch it without placing a bet as long as you have balance fund in your account) ;

Live Betting Tennis Bet365 Movie
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Ensure you’re placing the odds during the interval by confirming the players’ real break in the live stream. Because occasionally, there could be slight time gap between the real game & odds display both in bookmaker & exchange.Live Betting Tennis Bet365 Movie Interval When you notice that the game is about to resume, then don’t bet after that;Live Betting Tennis Bet365 Movie Interval Finish

Mobile Live Betting Tennis

For Live Betting Tennis, Mobile Betting requirement has been increasingly popular. In fact, the above LeoVegas Australian Open offer also requires In-Play via Mobile. If you are comfortable with the Mobile Betting, it’s OK. However those who prefer larger PC screen, there is a solution.  Use Spoofs & Mimics User-Agent strings to disguise your PC brower as a Mobile Brower, which you can actually see the mobile interface in your desk top as below;

Live Betting Tennis Chrom Mobile Conversion
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Free Bets Tactics

In case your free bet is also required to place In-Play, again try to chose Favorite when the odds goes longer.

The basic theory of the free bet is that the longer the odds, the better the profit. However, when it comes to Live Betting Tennis, suggest avoid any odds bigger than 7 or 8 (even 6). It’s simply because this seems to be a sort of threshold level to maintain the reasonable gap with lay odds.

Any odds bigger than this level (especially when you back under dog) often go much longer to 10, 15 & 20 very quickly. And the widening the gap with lay odds would be exponential. It means the lay odds move much faster like 15, 30 & 50 etc. Under such circumstance, the odds tend to never come back, in other words under dogs often lose energy to fight back from that level.

If you back the favorite around 4 -6, there is a large chance that you will see arbitrage opportunity when you take the risk explained previously. It also depends on the game progress, that’s why it’s important to keep watching live stream to feel the tide of the game.

Live Betting Tennis – Wrap Up

Having explained, Live Betting Tennis is not for matched betting newbies. However, given the abundance of bookmakers’ offers related to the Live Betting Tennis, it 's absolutely wasting opportunities if you avoid Tennis Live Betting. So, for the seasoned matched bettors, with the methods I listed above, you may obtain even better profitability than the Non Live Betting.

Therefore, I can’t see any reasons to hesitate it. BTW, I was seeking some useful information related to Live Betting Tennis before writing this post. Then I found an interesting comment & data in OLBG Forum. A member said “Just bet in-play on women’s tennis, back the one that lost the first set. Too many times do the women lose the first set 6-0/1/2 and then win the next by the same score" The other person agreed by sharing the below stat;

Live Betting Tennis 1st Set Loss 2nd Win
Click To Enlarge

Well, the list contains Men though, yes looks that actually happens a lot. The point here is in case you have un-laid match under the unfortunate odds change and the lay odds doesn’t seem to improve in the 1st set, don’t be panic. You may consider waiting for the 2nd set. Then possibly you can get even arbitrage condition with profit.

The key is don’t give up. Actually, the above Lauren Davis vs Naomi Osaka case applied to it. The favorite Lauren lost the 1st set but won the 2nd. Do you want to know the final result?

Live Betting Tennis SMarkets Match Result
Click To Enlarge

Lauren lost the match. So, don’t be too greedy, whenever you find a decent lay odds, complete the lay off & matched betting.

Live Betting Tennis Related Opportunity

Finally, since we discussed “1st set lost but bounce back" condition, let’s talk about other opportunities related with this concept. In the big event like Grand Slam, a few bookmakers provide you with the tasty offer (not In-Play) such as Betway;betway australian open offerIt claims;

Australian Open Double Winnings Place a Match Winner bet on any Men’s and Women’s Singles match in the Australian Open, and if the player you back loses the first set but wins the match, we’ll double your winnings with a Free Bet up to £/€/$25 Betway Promotion Page
So, although the above Lauren Davis couldn’t finally win, given the data women often loses the 1st set but comes back, there seems to be a good probability you can hit the offer & get double winnings.

Caution – Tennis Retirement Rule

When you do Tennis matched betting, never ever forget that you need to check if the bookmaker’s tennis retirement rule is same as the exchanges (basically all 4 exchanges use the same rule of “1st Set Complete"). Otherwise you should not use matched betting because you will expose yourself to the risk of loosing both bookmaker & exchange.

Betway’s tennis retirement rule is “Bet Completed", therefore you’d better not do matched betting. Instead, you can use Dutching Betting. For the step by step instruction, take a look at; Dutching Betting – Awesome Technique To Win More & Reduce Risk, where you can also find the details about what’s the difference of tennis retirement rule & impact on your profit.

Benefits Of Dutching

There are a few benefits of Dutching compared with matched betting, like no need to pay exchange commission. One of the biggest advantages is that you can combine the other bookie’s offer. For example, Bet365 use the same retirement rule as Betway, and they offer Early Payout of “Bet settled as a winner if the player you back goes 2 set up" that will potentially bring you a huge profit.

For further details of this offer, suggest see Paddy Power 2 Up & Bet365 Early Payout Offer – How To Make Massive Profit. The point is you can effectively combine Betway & Bet365 juicy offers smartly. Although there is no guarantee to hit the offers, the risk/reward rate would be very high. So, let’s keep exploiting the best & efficient way to rake cash from juicy bookies offers. 


If you have any inquiry or need any help from us, please contact us anytime (don’t worry, we will not charge you any fee, everything is free here).

Good Luck!! 

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