3 Most Popular Casino Games – Technique to Rake Cash from Risk Free Bonus

Casino Risk Free Bonus – Step By Step Process To Extract Cash by 3 Most Popular Casino Games

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We Show You the Technique & Process of 3 Most Popular Casino Games to Extract Cash from Online Casino Risk Free Bonus!!
You May Have Missed so Many Profitable Opportunities of Casino Risk Free Bonus. Not Any More, We Show You the Logical Way to Beat the Casino Bonus by Using 3 Most Popular Casino Games.
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Three Most Popular Casino Games – Introduction

Firstly, our priority to play online casino is not enjoying gambling but to gain extra income by focusing on how to cash-out the bonus from the casino sites as quickly & effectively as possible. Gambling is For Losers. We use Advantage Play. We Don’t Count On By Chance but Solely Rely On Mathematical Advantage. 

Three Most Popular Casino Games Technique is a part of the series of Step-By-Step Instructions about “How to Turn Casino Bonus into Real Cash Effectively". For the full List Of Instructions, please see Casino Bonus Hunting Guide, where you can find several unknown casino bonus tactics.

You may also want to check Advantage Play – Probably The Only Surest Method To Beat Bookmakers & Casinos For Anybody because our methods Never Count On Chance (gambling) but Solely Rely On Mathematical Edge. This information gives you an overall picture of our strategies based on Expected Value (EV) Betting as an underlying mathematical concept.
With that said, one of our policies is “Betting On Chance Is For Losers, Stop Gamble Betting But Bet on Only +EV To Win Reliably“. It is effectively our way to promote Responsible Gambling. And we strongly support GambleAwaregambleaware logo being explained in about us.

In this article, we concentrate on the specific guide explaining Technique To Rake Cash From Risk Free Bonus with 3 Most Popular Casino Games.  

What Exactly is Casino Risk-Free Bonus?

I’m sure many people might have seen the advertising such as William Hill. It says “£20 Cashback” in casino section like below image when you use sportsbook.  However, I guess many people overlooked it without knowing how lucrative such offers are. Don’t be confused this cashback with the cashback you can receive from cashback sites which we explain in How to Guarantee Real Cash from Casino Bonus Cashback Sites. The cashback here is the offer from the casino. casino-wh-cash-back-100

Casino Risk-Free Bonus Basic Features & Benefits

  • This promotion is used both for New & Existing CASINO Customer.
  • In case the site provides both Sportsbook and Casino, even it says Only For New Customer, usually as long as you have Never Played Casino Game, You Will Be Considered To Be A New Customer. Means You can get Double Bonus by firstly getting Sportsbook Welcome Offer then getting the Casino Offer Second (NOT Vice Versa).
  • This offer gives you 100% Risk Free Bonus Clearing Opportunity with Positive EV (Expected Value) although it’s Not Profit Guaranteed.
  • Probably, you may only need less than 5 minutes to complete the process. 


Three Most Popular Casino Games – Specific Process

In this document, I will explain the process by using 3 Most Popular Casino Games. Namely Roulette, Blackjack & Slot. If you want to know the basic tactics for the each game, please go Casino Bonus Strategy – How To Beat Online Casino With Expected Value Betting.

The above report also explains the reasons why we select these 3 games. This report is effectively the Practical Demonstration of How To Extract Cash from Risk Free Bonus based on Real Offers with Step-By-Step Process of the 3 Most Popular Casino Games. 


Now, let’s move to the specific explanation of popular casino games. Please be noted that Casino frequently change the offers so, you may find the examples I use in this document no longer available. However, the approach & process must work basically the same as I show you here as long as the offer is Risk Free Bonus. So, focus on mastering the general tactics of 3 popular casino games without being bothered by each unique offer. If you feel uncertain or face any problems with new promotion, don’t hesitate to shout – click the face icon on the right.

For those who are seeking quick practical guide for the best casino sign-up strategy, see 5 Most Profitable Casino Sign Up Methods – Stay Away From No Deposit Bonus , which instructs how to sign-up online casino smartly & avoid wasting a lot of the juicy bonuses.


The 1st Most Popular Casino Games – Roulette

Example – William Hill Offer

casino-risk-free-wh-3 The offer says;

Explore the best online slot games, as well as Vegas exclusive slots, with a 100% Cashback up to £20! PLUS! You don’t have to be new to William Hill to take advantage – only new to William Hill Vegas.


  • As said, in case you have not registered Sportsbook yet, go William Hill and register to firstly claim Bet £10 Get £30 Free Bet, before accessing to this Casino Offer. Allow me to repeat that because once you register in casino first you will lose the entitlement to get sportsbook welcome bonus. When it comes to how to rake the sportsbook bonus, see Matched Betting Step-By-Step Instruction (2)special Report by GEM
  • If you’ve already registered in sportsbook, then go to T&C page to understand the required condition of this offer. Never ever save time by Skipping the T&C because each promotion set different requirements. This case specifies Only 48 Hours Period as the period you are entitled to play & lose;
    Casino Risk Free Bonus – Step By Step Process To Extract Cash by 3 Most Popular Casino Games T&C
    Click To Enlarge
  • Deposit £20 or if you are already a member of sportsbook and have fund in your main wallet, you can use that fund without making additional deposit for the casino play; Casino Risk Free Bonus – Step By Step Process To Extract Cash by 3 Most Popular Casino Games William Hill Risk Free Offer
  • Although the site copy and visual image (above) may give you the perception that you need to play slot to claim the offer. In fact, NOT NECESSARILY, you can chose your preferred game. The Slot’s house edge is the highest among the 3 most popular casino games. If you want to know more about house edge of casino especially the top 3 lowest house edge games, Go Smart Ways To Use Top 3 Lowest House Edge Games To Extract Casino Bonus. In this example, we use Roulette, as you would agree 1 of the most popular casino games.
  • Open the game roulette under the VEGAS section (make sure it’s not the live version as that won’t qualify for the refund). casino-risk-free-wh-7
  • If available, suggest you use Demo version to practice a few times to avoid any careless mistakes.
  • We use “Double” tactics, means betting on The Even Money Bets namely;
    • Red or Black
    • Even or Odd
    • Low (1 – 18) or (19 – 36),because it is the lowest house edge.
  • The simplest & easiest way is to place the whole £20 on the color red or 0r black like below;  William Hill Roulette Double
  • If the bet wins then you make £20 profit, you can withdraw straight away or keep it in your main wallet to use Matched Betting for sports betting. In this case you don’t need any refund.
  • If the bet loses then you will receive the refund of £20 as cash within 48 hours. This is done automatically. The cash refund can be withdrawn without any WR. So, it’s entirely Risk Free although No Profit is Guaranteed.

The above is Doubling tactics. Alternatively you can chose Treble Tactics like Number 1st 12 or 2nd 12 or 3rd 12 and bet £10 each in 2 choices which gives you the return of £30 as below image; William Hill Rouleete Treble

  • If you lose you get £20 refund, if you win, you may stop to walk away with £10 profit or another bet of £15 each to 2 choices. The results will be either $20 refund when you lose or £25 profit which you can withdraw £45 in total immediately (this is what I personally did successfully).
  • Some may wonder why we bet entire £20 stake rather than placing as many bets as possible with minimum stake, which is our basic strategy to reduce the variance. Yes you can do that by setting auto play as shown below;

casino-risk-free-wh-77 You can play 200 spins with minimum stake of £0.1 out of total £20 fund.  This obviously helps lower the variance thus make your final result to house edge (you need to chose the roulette that offers very small stake). However, this tactics applies to Minimizing Your Loss in the Bonus you’re given. For example, if offer is something like “Receive £20 bonus after Deposit £20” which requires roll over (WR), then Yes you should avoid variance risk and bet as many as possible. However, what we need to do in this case is Maximizing Profit Without Risk, therefore we count on Luck to get Winning with minimum effort. Having said, it took me less than 5 minutes to complete the entire process to gain Risk Free £25 profit, not bad, isn’t it?

Expected Value

We can calculate the EV (for the simple Red or Black case) as follows; EV (Expected Value) = Winning x Probability – Losing x Probability EV = £20 x 0.486 – £0 x 0.486 = £9.73

Note 1

Probability of 0.486 is calculated by 18 (numbers of red or black) divided by 39 (38 numbers + 1 of Green Coloured “0”). The green colour is so-called House Edge which is 2.7% for this European Roulette – Single “0” (1 divided by 37 = 2.7%) while American Roulette has “0” & “00”. So the house edge is 2 divided by 38 = 5.3%

Note 2

By the way, if you are already a sports book customer you may have received the e-mail or perhaps you encountered the page showing big bonus amount offered by casino like William Hill Vegas 100% Bonus up to £300; william-hill-vegas-100-welcome-offer Don’t be seduced by it until you become a seasoned advantage player. This type of bonus is Not Risk Free and requires different mindset & strategies from the examples in this document. So, make sure you start up with these risk free or low risk opportunities then access to Online Casino High Risk Bonus Clearing. Even for those who are ready to go, ensure you read the T&C carefully.



2nd Most Popular Casino Games – Blackjack

Example – Ladbrokes

will-hill-risk-free-ladbrokes-example This is an offer to Existing Users. I received the below e-mail for Risk Free Casino Bet; casino-risk-free-lad-1


  • It’s no way to miss this opportunity, it’s totally risk free up to £10 loss and the profit is no limit, so I opted in as instructed; casino-risk-free-lad-2
  • I use Blackjack which is famous for 1 of the most popular casino games with very low house edge. I show you how to play widely known Perfect Strategy that allow you to achieve the very low house edge for long term. I will not explain the rule of Blackjack because it’s pretty simple. You need to beat the dealer with the cards closer to number “21”. Regarding the Perfect Strategy, all you need to do is to follow the below Perfect Strategy Chart. It indicates your specific action in each card numbers both in your & dealer’s hand. In the online casino game, you don’t have to feel any pressure to make decision but take your time as long as you want. So you can check exactly which action such as Hit (means get new additional cards) or Stand (means no more card and leave the dealer to take action) by referring to the table before you take action every time;
    3 Most Popular Casino Games Blackjack Perfect Strategy Table
    Click To Enlarge
  • As explained in the Online Casino Beat Bonus General Strategy, you need to select Single Deck game. We start up by clicking Deal button to get the card; casino-risk-free-lad-4
  • We receive the cards. The below case is that our hand is 6 while the dealer’s card is 9; casino-risk-free-lad-7
  • Look up your hand of 3 & 3 along the left vertical edge and the dealer’s up card of 9 along the top in the table, the action is “H” means Hit, then the result is; casino-risk-free-lad-8
  • Next case shows that our hand was originally “9 & 2 = 11” & the dealer was “10”, so I made D (Doubling the stake & Hit), then result was; casino-risk-free-lad-dd-winVery simple as that. Just follow the table, once you play several times you will get used to the table and you may be able to play without referring to the table every time which can save your time. However, until then, suggest you ensure every action follows the table. When you reach say doubling your original stake like £20 in this case, you may walk away and withdraw the £10 instant profit or use it for Matched Betting in the sports book. In case you lose all the £10 fund, Ladbrokes will refund full £10 into your account soon.

Obviously, the easiest choice is always like this; casino-risk-free-lad-12 Allow me to emphasize that using this strategy does not guarantee you will win. However this is the most statistically sound way of playing Blackjack and ending up the theoretical house edge in long-term.


The 3rd Most Popular Casino Games – Slots

Example – Apollobet (no longer exists)

Basically identical New Player offer as William Hill


  • I used Apollobet (this site does no longer exist but what you see below is viable as an example). The T&C is;
    3 Most Popular Casino Games – Technique To Rake Cash From Risk Free Bonus Apollo Slot
    Click To Enlarge
  • As indicated in the T&C, as long as you never played & received bonus in casino & games, then OK. Means although you already registered & took the welcome bonus in Apollo Sports Book you’re still eligible. So make sure don’t take this offer unless you start Sports Book first.
  • I will show you the Slot process here. The Slot is said to be a King Of Casino, so definitely 1 of the most popular casino games. It requires 20 place bets as the condition to receive Loss Refund. Then slot’s small stake availability fits this case (Blackjack often set £1 as minimum stake and some Roulette doesn’t have very small stake offer).
  • You see a list of slot games as below; Apollo Slot List
  • Recall the basic tactics of Slot – Select High RTP (Return To Players) & Take Smallest Stake x Largest Lines (see Casino General Strategy for details). I also attach the “List of The Highest RTP Slots" at the end for your convenience.
  • What you need to do first is examining the each game. You may already have been familiar with some of the slots, then you can skip. But in case you don’t know the RTP %, you may want to review it on this occasion. So, click the game you want to check, and always use NON Real Mode at this stage for safety; Apollo Casino Opt In
  • Go “Info” at the bottom left;
    • Check the basic Payout Rules; Apollo Slot payout Rules
    • Payout Lines; Apollo Slot Payout Lines
    • Very importantly, RTP; Apollo Slot RTP Explanation
      As long as I review, the lowest RTP of the Apollo Slot Games is 95.14% of Super Graphics and the highest is 95.86 of Over The Rainbow  Apollo Slot Raonbow RTP, which is not bad considering the evaluation standard of;
      Superb: 98% < / Excellent: 97% – 98% / Great 95% – 97% / Acceptable 93% – 95% / Low: > 93%
      So, I decided to play Over The Rainbow; Apollo Slot Over The Rainbow
  • Before starting with the real money, always practice a few times in Fun Mode to get familiar with how it works. You may check how to set the lowest stake. In this game the payline is preset so you can’t chose; Apollo Slot
  • You can also chose how Auto Spin works, the Apollo asks you to do minimum 20 stakes to be eligible for Loss Refund. So, you may want to set say 25 spins as a auto-spin to ensure to satisfy the requirement; Apollo Slot Machine Explanation
  • Then, play with Real Mode.
  • As long as you get any profit, means your balance becomes over £5 you can stop it, but you may want to keep playing at least double it (£10) or bust (your £5 loss will be 100% refunded and you can withdraw).
  • In my case, after 20 minutes of play I got bored (I’m not a gambler). And coincidentally I found a good arb opportunity in Sportsbook, thus stopped with the balance of £9 (just £4 profit), and used the whole £9 for sports arbitrage, which resulted in around £10 total profit in betfair. Means effectively transfer the Apollo balance to Betfair with small profit. Not a big earning but not bad for 30 minutes job.
  • Again, it is all up to you. You may keep playing to achieve big winnings, even you lose £5 deposit you will get full refund of it, thus Risk Free.

Most of the offer under this category is small amount. However, you don’t have any reasons to miss them because it’s NO RISK. As long as you chose the Good RTP Slots, then your Productivity should be HIGH , means your earnings / hour is reasonably high.

Now, as mentioned, I’m attaching the highest RTP slot list as follows;

List Of The Highest RTP Slots

For your convenience, some of the extremely low House Edge slots of which RTP is over 99% are;

  • Goblin’s Cave (Playtech) – 99.3% RTP Reels/Paylines: 3×3/3 Min/Max bet: £0.10/£5.00 Goblin Cave Slot Image
  • Ocean Princess (Playtech) – 99.1% RTP Reels/Paylines: 3×5/5 Min/Max bet: £0.10/125.00Expected Value Betting Ocean Princess Slots RTP Data
  • Ugga Bugga (Playtech) – 99.1 RTP Reels/Paylines: 3×10/10 Min/Max bet: £0.10/£250.00 Expected Value Betting Ugga Bugga Slots RTP
  • Mega Joker Jackpot (NetEnt) – 99% RTP Reels/Paylines: 3×3/5 Min/Max bet: £0.10-£1.00 Expected Value Betting Mega Joker Jackpot Slots RTP
  • Nemo’s Voyage (WMS) – 99% RTP Reels/Paylines: 5×4/40 Min/Max bet: £0.40/£200.00Expected Value Betting, Nemo
  • Ooh Aah Dracula (Barcrest) – 99% RTP Reels/Paylines: 5×3/10 Min/Max bet: £0.10/£500.00Expected Value Betting Ooh Aah Dracula Slots RTP
However, you may not always find these slots in casino sites, or even if you find, some casinos limit the WR contribution or entirely exclude from the WR contribution. Then, you may consider;
  • Blood Suckers (NetEnt) – 97.6% RTP Reels/Paylines: 5×3/25 Min/Max bet: £0.01/£50.00 Expected Value Betting, Blood Suckers Slot RTP
  • Jack & The Beanstalk Slot (Netent) – Up to 97.2% Reels/Paylines: 5×3/20 Min/Max bet: £0.20/£100.00 Expected Value Betting, Jack & The Beanstalk Slot RTP
  • Jurassic Park Slot (Microgaming) – 96.67% RTP Reels: Reels/Paylines: 5×3/20 Min/Max bet: £0.30/£75.00  Expected Value Betting Jurassic Park Slot RTP

BTW, the RTP of the most popular slots you can find in almost every casino (excluding blockbuster title or celebrity such as The Dark Knight or Michael Jackson King of Pop etc) are;

    • Starburst (NetEnt) – 96.1% RTP Reels/Paylines: 5×3/10 Min/Max bet: £0.10/£100.00

Expected Value Betting STARBURST Slot RTP

    • Gonzo’s Quest (NetEnt) – 96.0% RTP Reels/Paylines: 5×3/20 Min/Max bet: £0.20/£50.00 

Expected Value Betting, Gonzo

Just For Your Information.

EV Maximiser – Slot Machines Mathematical Bet Simulator

BTW, when it comes to Slot Machines, there is an excellent simulator called EV MaxmiserMathematical Bet, EV MaximiserThis is the product of Mike Cruickshank, the founder of Bonus Bagging & Profit Maximiser. Click the above image then you will be navigated to the video Mike explains about how it works. Simply, it does all the calculations to work out;

  • The estimated value
  • Chance of busting
  • Profit per hour and average amount of wagering complete
  • A slots machine database with over 800 machines including the house edge and variance level of each game
It’s a very useful tool and essential for casino bonus raking. Remember, this is an advanced strategy with high risk, so unless you feel comfortable, put it on back burner.

But if you are ready for it, you may want to make the best use of “Best Crypto Casinos & Bonuses Latest List" to be a HNWI with 100 BTC for your retirement (see what it means in the list).


Caution – Never Skip Boring Thing “Checking T&C"

I know it’s cumbersome & boring to read T&C of every new offer. But strongly suggest you do, because skipping it may lead to costly mistake. I received the below offer from Real Deal Bet by e-mail; popular casino games real deal bet email As a glance, it looks like the offer we discuss in this document. However, when I look at the detail T&C;

RealDealBet 100% Up To £20 Cashback Bonus T&C
Click To Enlarge

There are a few points we have to pay attention;

  • Firstly it says “The Cashback Bonus amount awarded shall be 20% of the Customer’s total net loss (total losses minus total winnings) on Any Casino Games during the Promotion Period at RealDealBet Casino and RealDealBet Mobile Casino“, so is this refund 100% cashback to the loss or 20%? It’s a big difference. Obviously, it’s the point we have to confirm before taking this offer.
  • Secondary, it says " The Cashback Bonus amount must be rolled over twenty-five (25) times before the winnings amount is transferred from the Customer’s Casino Bonus Account to the Casino Cash Account, and is withdrawable.“, so actually it is NOT CASHback, but a Freebet that requires WR. Although x25 is not so hefty but still a big burden, thus EV (Expected Value) will be much lower than we anticipated originally.
  • Besides, so many other restrictions such as minimum cashback, maximum withdrawable amount, and % contribution to WR.

If you misunderstand any of the above, the final result would be an unpleasant surprise, so allow me to reiterate that don’t save your time to read the boring T&C.

William Hill Scratch Card


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GEM Contact imageThank you for reading, and please contact us (or Click Face Icon) if you have any question or concern.

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