ZCode Member’s Real Experience to Turn USD400 to USD30,000

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Is ZCode really workable? The member discloses the real story of how he turned $400 to $30,000 in a short period. 

Before starting ZCode story, suggest you check if huge Zcode Discount link is currently working (it’s not a ZCode free trial, much better than that, see how it works), if it is working, you’re lucky thus try to capture this opportunity before it becomes deactivated. Caution: there seems to be a few Zcode phishing sites aiming to steal your card information, thus strongly suggest you clear cache & cookies (see how) before you click the above link.


ZCode is a sports betting system based on both computer and human-generated tips which have proven to be one of the most successful sports investment in the world. You may want to visit “ZCode Review – Full Inside Analysis & Founder Interview“, which explains how it works.

BTW, we also issued “ZCode System Updates & Proven Model to Start” where you can find the Zcode latest news & the safest model to earn $1,500 every month, very useful, probably more practical than the podcast below for the starters, just FYI.

In this guide, we focus on Zcode members’ true stories. 

Zcode – The Powerful Testimony By Real Voice

A new Canadian member talks about the success story of betting in Soccer (Football) mainly in Brazilian League using ZCode Las Vegas-based Sports Betting System. 

Podcast – Member “John” Interview

John is a ZCode member who, in a short time, has developed a very successful soccer system. John (the Duffman) is proof that with the right tools and hard work you can be very successful. He started here at ZCode with about $400 starting bankroll. He has grown that to just over 30 thousand dollars in a short time. Now he’ll share all the secrets to making that sort of profit. ZCode Real Experience

In this episode John tell us;

  • List item
  • List item how he gets started in sports investing
  • The great story about his bankroll growing
  • His favourite ZCode tools
  • His biggest win so far!
  • What has he learnt from the experts on ZCode
  • The biggest challenges in handicapping soccer
  • Favourites leagues to bet on
  • The future of soccer in the USA 10 years from now
  • An upcoming automated system?
  • And amazing tips
In order to listen to John’s story, go ZCode Podcastor click the above image.

Podcast – Pro Poker transitioned card counting skills to sports investing

Let’s introduce another member’s story.

Oldschool (Zcode user name), one of Zcode most experienced men when it comes to investing money as a retired man, explains how he made his fortune from trading sports (mean trading and not gambling) in the podcast (there are Part 1. & Part 2, altogether over 1.5 hours, very long but very useful, so suggest you bookmark this page and come back whenever you have time to listen);

Part 1.

Part 2.zcode pro poker podcast part 2


ZCode – Insider Tools

Webinar – USD46,391 on Sports-Investing using brand new Insider Tools and Systems

The video covers;

“How to follow the SHARP and SMART Money to make $46,391 this summer? ”
“New Insider tools to see where big whales are moving their funds?”
“Automated sports betting picks – do they work?”
“What if I was Scammed before? Can I succeed in betting? Is it VERIFIED?”
“What if I lost money on betting before? Why would this WORK?”
“Do I need any special knowledge to succeed with this?”
“How will I generate  46,391 USD profit even if I have no experience in sports and what exactly to do?”
“LIVE Demonstration of the system in WORK (Undeniable proof)”
“Why this system is a guaranteed winner (PROOF!)”
“How to stop missing winning signals and which bookies are most profitable?”
“Best systems to follow this year and tracked results (Cant be faked!) ”
“Zcode CASH contest – how to win awesome prizes with no risk?”
…and any other question you might have.


Over USD2.5 Million Bank Balance & USD100K Booky’s Account Balance

ZCode blog (see 1st Oct ’19 post) uploaded the below video which was taken by one of the members. Although I can’t verify any contents, it’s pretty impressive amount;

If you’re interested, you may go directly to “The Suggested Action Plans” where we draw simple start-up process (including 5Dime shown in the above video) with the safest model applicable to anyone in the world. 

ZCode Sports Trader 

For newbies or busy people who want to save time to look for the best system available in ZCode, there is a special software system called Sports Trader;zcode sports trader

Watch the below video on how it works;

ZCode Lab

For those who want to develop their own betting system, ZCode Lab is available; ZCode Lab

Watch the below video on how it works; 


ZCode Tutorial Video

If you’re interested in this system, suggest you take a look at ZCode System VIP Club Pre-Start Tutorial Video;ZCode System, VIP Club Tutorial Videos

Many ZCode members are firstly overwhelmed by the huge amount of the information, therefore watching these tutorial videos will help you make kick-start of this excellent system.


ZCode Free Tools

Let us list a few ZCode free tools which you can access & try right now. 

ZCode Bibles Free Download

You can Download following 4 Zcode Bible FREE;

  • The Zcode Sports Investing Bible – Get Your Crash Course To Sports Investing Profits
  • E-sport Investing Bible – What You Ought To Know To Make Serious Money By Betting Esports
  • Fantasy Sports Investing Bible – The sport might be fantasy, but the money you are going to win is REAL
  • Betting Mastery – Football / Soccer Advanced Winning Strategies
  • ZCode Line Reversal Method

    BTW, The Line Reversal Tool John refers in his talk looks;Zcode, Line Reversal System Image Click HERE, you get all the info free. It’s a bit advanced tool but you can also get free picks from that tool. For further details, see our another guide

    ZCode Free Prediction

    When it comes to the free picks, you may also check ZCode Blog where you can get Free Prediction like Mlb predictions today.ZCode Blog & Prediction

    Besides, you can access to several free score predictors such as soccer score predictor or score predictor cricket etc. 

    ZCode Live Game Simulation

    You can also see the Live Game Simulator page, where you will locate % of winning probability & odds. All you need to do is just select the match from the list, then you see the numbers. I chose English Premier League Watford vs Liverpool, and the predicted odds shows Watford win 12.6 vs Liverpool win 1.26 as seen from the image. However, there are a few bookmakers that gave over 1.5 for Liverpool (just 30 minutes before the match starts), which looks Value Bet. So what was the result? Liverpool won by 6 – 1. I’m sure ZCode members enjoyed it; ZCode Game Simulator


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    Standard Price

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    ZCode Review, Standard Price Payment Page

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    ZCode for the Punters All Over The World

    I keep saying ZCode works globally. Zcode itself never reject people by country but accept all. As said, it covers NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAAB, NCAAF, Soccer (key leagues) & Horse Racing (major racecourses/meetings). Given the popularity of US major sports, soccer & horse racing all over the world, & tips availability 24 / 7 in the site, it suits pretty much for any punters everywhere.

    Bookies’ Accessibility

    The key issue is if you can access to the Bookies suggested by Zcode, especially Sharp Bookies.

    ZCode said, “You don’t need to open many accounts – you can start with just one or two of the best bookies“.

    Nitrogen Sports

    Simply put, use a Bitcoin bookmaker. ZCode is fond of using Nitrogen Sports as Bitcoin Exclusive Bookmaker (the below screenshot is taken from ZCode Bookmaker section);nitrogen sports feature zcode

    Nitrogen Sports is said to be one of the best Bitcoin sportsbooks and they are completely anonymous – see the list of anonymous bookmakers.

    For Nitrogen Sports, watch the below video to grab how it works, and don’t forget to convert your betting unit into BTC using BTC Price Convertor;


    If you prefer normal currency, then ZCode suggests 2 Sharp Bookies accepting US Citizens, namely 5Dime & Bookmaker EU as below. Both of them are world top-rated bookmakers located in Caribbeans – see this list.

    Bookmaker EU

    Bookmaker eu Sharp Punter Welcome

    • License: Costa Rica, and founded in 1985
    • Restricted Countries: France & Costa Rica
    • A Leader of Offshore Bookmaker providing highly competitive odds, and supported by ZCode (Success Formula), see their review below screenshot
    • Reload bonus: 10 – 20% Up To $800 For Every Reload Depending On The Membership (x5 Rollover)
    • Start HERE to Claim 15% Sports Welcome Bonus Up To $600 (x5 Rollover)

    bookmaker eu feature by zcode


    5Dimes The Most Extensive Sports Market Cover Bookmaker

    • License: Costa Rica, and founded in 1996
    • Restricted Countries: UK, France, Portugal, Hungary, Ukraine & Costa Rica
    • One of the best online bookmakers in the world in every aspect (almost all reputable reviewing sites rank 5Dimes among top 3), also supported by ZCode (Success Formula), see their review below screenshot.
    • If you deposit exclusively with Bitcoin, they will not impose any limit on your withdrawal.
    • Start HERE to claim 50% initial deposit bonus up to $520

    5dimes feature by zcode


    Or use Pinnacle, which is in fact supposed to be the best sharp sportsbook accepting professional punters – see our full review.

    However, as seen from our review, Pinnacle don’t accept many countries.


    So, if you live in the countries all the above 3 bookies don’t accept, suggest use Asianconnect, as a bet broker that allows you to access not only Pinnacle but several Asian sharp bookies like SBOBet. But you need to know how the bet broker works including the risks. Thus, suggest first take a look at our honest review on bet brokers;Bet Broker, Honest Opinion Feature Image


    3 Sports Betting Advantage Plays

    Incidentally, as our name Global Extra Money implies, we would like many people from all over the world to enjoy our Sports Advantage Play methods as much as possible. Therefore, we have issued:

    In these documents, you will find the specific methods that enable people from almost all countries to make the best use of the lucrative offshore advantage gambling opportunities you may have overlooked, very useful, worth your time to check.

    In Short, except 8 Countries (Cyprus, Poland, North Korea, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia) where on-line gamble is legally prohibited, all of you can make a profit from matched betting, see the above report for full details.


    Hope this guide will help you earn extra income reliably. 

    We always value our readers’ feedback, if you have any opinion or suggestion on how to improve our site or any list of information you would like to see in our site or any questions you would like to ask, please let us know via contact

    Joshua Walker (bio

    Editor – Global Extra Money (GEM)