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ZCode System Tutorial Videos For Global Punters

ZCode System Tutorial Videos x 4


Watch 4 Comprehensive Videos That Allows Newbies To Immediately Start ZCode System Best Sports Investing System In The World!!


Zcode Newbie Fast Start Welcome A to Z Webinar


Before you start anything else, please watch THIS:ZCode Webinar(Please make sure you have a headset ready and you are on a laptop/PC, not on mobile) Click to play: Insider Fast Start Webinar


Video Tutorial 1 — How To Win With ZCode Vip Club


The 1st video shows  “How to win with Zcode VIP Club: Expert Picks, Hot Trends, Pick Of The Day.” This video tutorial will show you several ways to help you make a profit with the ZCode VIP club;


Video Tutorial 2 — Get Started Fast With the Z-Code VIP Club 


This short video explains how Z-Code System and sports picks work. It’ll show you how to choose the bookmaker and which bookies qualify for the system;


Video Tutorial 3 — Following Zcode System Predictions and Picks 


This video will allow you to discover what each prediction means and how to use it to win with ZCode;



ZCode – Introduction


Firstly, ZCode System is a Sports Betting System.

However, as our principle, we don’t gamble, in other words, we don’t count on luck or chance. Instead, we do advantage plays based on mathematical edge to beat the bookies.

When it comes to Sports Betting, we use Matched Betting / Sports Arbitrage / Value Bets On Proven Software / Systems / Handicapper to lock in a profit or consistently earn extra income.

For betting starters, we suggest matched betting or arbing because you can lock in profit from almost every bet risk-free.

However, these methods are all about scalping small profits and could be short-lived due to the strict account restriction by many bookmakers.

Thus, Value Bet Produced By Proven Software / Tipster / System is the ultimate betting method with much better Efficiency (bigger profit in less time) for the long-term.

We have identified ZCode System as 1 of the best Proven Successful Betting systems as explained in our ZCode Full Review.

BTW, we have recently updated 3 Methods To Eliminate Fake Tipsters & Select Genuine Best, where you can also confirm the authenticity of the ZCode system, Just for your information.

ZCode System works for everybody in the world – please see how in the section of ZCode Review – Suggested Action Plans For The Punters All Over The World later in this report.

This document is prepared mainly for those who understand what ZCode is after going through the above ZCode Review but have not yet started for various reasons.

Since many people feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of information available in the ZCode System VIP Club, we believe watching a series of tutorial videos will help you make kick-start this excellent system.



When You’re Ready To Start


Check If You Get Discount


ZCode System’s standard monthly subscription cost is $198 as shown on the standard Payment Page;

ZCode Review, Standard Price Payment Page

Although many people including my readers are satisfied with this standard price, which is proven by the fact that the retention rate is extremely high, some people may feel not cheap.

But remember that you are protected by 60 day refund. Since the refund is guaranteed by Click Bank which will not ask for any single reason from you, so, all in all, it is virtually 60 days FREE TRIAL.


Offer For GEM Readers


ZCode periodically allows our readers to get a PERMANENT 75% DISCOUNT DEAL, which means $49 per month rather than $198 per month.

Yes, it’s an amazing offer, but I can’t guarantee it at any time.

Note: Before clicking the link, suggest you clear cache & cookies (see how) & reboot your PC because;

  • big caution – there seem to be a few Zcode phishing sites aiming to steal your card information
  • if you used other Zcode links before, that cookie could prevent the discount link from working properly

When you’re ready, TRY NOW by clicking HERE, and if it shows the payment page like below (the currency can be your local unit).

ZCode Review, 75% Off Price Payment Page

Click To Enlarge

, then Congratulations!! it’s working now

This means, you’re lucky enough to get entitlement to the permanent discount, so grab it quickly before it disappears

If you want to cancel it, you can get a full refund within 60 days Without No Strings Attached ensured by Click Bank Policy.

Therefore, it is a Completely Risk-Free opportunity.




Suggested Action Plans For The Punters All Over The World


I know many of you are busy but everybody wants extra income as a financial safety net. If you can spare 10 minutes a day, what makes you hesitate to start this opportunity?


For Everyone In The World


I keep saying this Zcode system works globally. Zcode itself never rejects people by country but accepts all.

As said, it covers NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAAB, NCAAF, Soccer (key leagues) & Horse Racing (major racecourses/meetings).

Given the popularity of US major sports, soccer & horse racing all over the world, & tips available 24 / 7 on the site, it suits pretty much all punters everywhere.

Bookies’ Accessibility

The key issue is if you can access the Bookies suggested by Zcode, especially Sharp Bookies.

ZCode said “You don’t need to open many accounts – you can start with just one or two of the best bookies” Let me draw which bookies or solutions people can use by locations;

Use Sharp Bookies accepting US Citizens, namely Bookmaker EU, which is the world’s top-rated bookmaker located in the Caribbean.

Or use Pinnacle., which is the most reputable sportsbook for professional punters by officially claiming “Welcome Winners”, but it restricts many countries (see the banned countries)

If you live in the countries Pinnacle doesn’t accept, suggest using Asianconnect, as a bet broker that allows you to access not only Pinnacle but several Asian sharp bookies like SBOBet.

But you need to know how the bet broker works including the risks. Thus, suggest first taking a look at our honest review of bet brokers.

Use Pinnacle as much as possible either directly or via the bet broker because Pinnacle is the best sharp bookmaker that will make a lot of difference in your long-term profit. Strongly suggest taking a look at our Pinnacle Full Review.

Just in case, you can’t get any of the bookmakers’ accounts I listed so far due to your location, use BetOnline which accepts players from almost all countries in the world.

Don’t get me wrong, this bookmaker is not a fishy bookie but really A+ ranked excellent bookmaker. So, yes, not only those who don’t have other choices but also for everybody.

If you have any questions or concerns related to the location & accessibility of the bookies, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Safety Model For Newbies


Let me quickly share one of the safest models for starting this system, which includes basic money management & expected profit from ZCode.

75% Permanent Discount Link

Before registration, never ever fail to check if the Discount New Link is being activated or not, if it is, don’t miss the opportunity & sign up immediately. (Before clicking the link, suggest you clear all cookies/caches & reboot your PC because if you used other Zcode links before, that cookie could prevent the discount link from working properly. Still not working? Still not working? sorry, just wait and come back regularly).

Money Management – Decide Your Betting Unit

  • Let’s assume your initial bank is $2,000.
  • Allocate 1% of your bank for your every bet, which means $20 / bet. Nothing is set in stone with this allocation, but if you are a newbie, this is a very safe approach. So, $20 is your 1 Betting Unit.

Chose The Systems & Place Bet

  • Select your preferred betting systems/experts.  Go to Hot Trend and check Top Performing Automated System Rating (computer-generated tips) & Top 30 Expert Rating (human experts’ tips).
  • Let’s use Top Performing Auto System Ranking, and say you follow the current top system (based on the last 3 months active records), which is the Zet System with around 39% ROI.
  • This means you can expect a $7.8 profit from every 1 Unit ($20) bet for the long term (don’t get me wrong, this is an expected value in long term, in short term you may face a losing streak due to the variance). The suggested tip varies by 0.5 – 5 units based on the confidence in each event.

zcode top performing auto system

Expected Profit

  • If you place 60 units/month (average 2 units/day), you expect $468 profit by risking $1,200, 60% of your total bank every month.
  • If you get a 75% discount on a ZCode subscription (go to the page of Z Code 75% Permanent Discount Opportunity & check if the link is currently activated) your net profit will be around $420 / month. 21% return against your total bank of $2,000 or 35% return against the fund you risked.
  • Bear in mind, the suggestion of units/stakes differs from each system or expert’s picks. This is by far the safest profit model. It is based on the money management of a 1% betting unit by risking 60% of your total bank, which means 40% of your total bank is completely intact & treats as a reserve.
  • If you increase 1 unit from 1% to 2%, the return will be double but so as the risk. Same as increasing the units you place/month. Simply, the return corresponds to the risk proportionally.
  • You can withdraw the profit every month by keeping the original bank or you can re-invest your profit. In 3 months, your bank would be well over $3,000 from $2,000. Then your 1 Unit will have become $30 thus the monthly profit will be $654, 56% profit growth compared to the 1st month. The burden of your subscription fee will get smaller & smaller, and you will be amazed to see the power of compounding investment.

Stick To The System For A While

  • Importantly, once you select the system, stick to it for a while. Never change just because you face losing streaks which are a formula of failure. You can’t always win, and losing is inevitable, but if the system you choose is top-rated, you will be profitable at the end of the day.
Extremely High Retention Rate

Incidentally, the Retention Rate of this program is very high. The number of people who actually used the above 60 days cancellation is less than 2% among my subscribers.

Make A Living Sports Betting

Finally, there are many ZCode System members who live off sports betting. For those who are serious about Sports Betting, suggest reading How To Make Living Sports Betting to check if it’s practically possible for ordinary people.


BTW, In case you want to be a sharp casino & game bonus hunter, strongly suggest taking a look at the List of 52 Best Bitcoin Casino Bonuses and for those who appreciate the highest privacy, go to the List of Best Anonymous Bitcoin Casinos & Bonuses, just FYI.



Good Luck!!


Joshua Walker (bio)

Editor – Global Extra Money (GEM)