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Make $1,000 a Month from Online Poker Cash Games – Specific Instruction

Poker USD 1,000 Monthly Extra Income 


How to make $1,000 a month playing poker is the subject of this guide and we cover 5 specific tactics to achieve this objective. 

For those who have more ambitions in poker, check out Can You Make A Living Online Poker? To be aware of the reality, yes it is hard to make money online poker.

Then, people’s common question is “How much can you make playing poker online?” and we think the $1,000 / month target is an achievable target, thus we share this specific online poker strategy. 



Model to Earn USD 1,000 Every Month Playing Online Poker


3 Assumptions Behind Online Poker USD 1,000 Earning


Our $1,000 monthly objective is based on;

  • Targeting busy people who can play poker only for spare time
  • Playing Cash Games or Ring Games / Live Action Games rather than Tournament, because of the better time flexibility & smaller bankroll requirement
  • Playing “Micro Stakes” games, which as you can imagine the game costs you very small to buy in. Any cash game that has a maximum buy-in up to $25 is considered to be micro stakes which are NL2 ($.01/.02 blinds), NL5 ($.02/.05 blinds), NL10 ($.05/.10 blinds), NL25 ($.10/.25 blinds), NL50 ($.25/.50 blinds) & NL100 ($.50/1.00 blinds).


4 KPIs to Achieve Online Poker USD 1,000 Earning


So, how do we make $1,000? In order to develop successful tactics to achieve $1,000, a few key parameters need to be set, which are;

  • Playtime (hours): you may be able to spare a limited time for the second income
  • No. of hands playable / hour: you may want to choose faster games for efficiency
  • Multi-tabling: you can play many tables simultaneously for efficiency
  • Win rate at different stakes: it’s by far the most important key metric to measure your earning capability

We consider these parameters as KPIs (Key Performance Index), thus, in case you fail to achieve $1,000 per month, you will know which factor you need to improve by analyzing your actual results of each parameter.

Let’s quickly set the numerical KPI as follows;


Assuming you have a full-time job, you may be able to spare a few hours maximum every day and longer hours for the weekend. So, we set an average of 2 hours every day.

No. of Games Playable per Hour

How many numbers of hands can be played per hour?

  • Six-Max table (Normal Speed): anywhere from 75-100 hands per hour, per table.
  • Full-Ring table: nine-handed online No-Limit Hold’em yield 60-80 hands per hour, and it may go up at times when the table has less than nine players.
  • Fast-Fold table (PokerStars Zoom, Ignition Zone): yield 200-250 hands per hour.
pokerstars zoom

There are many grinders making a living on PokerStars zoom

Multi Tabling

poker multi tabling

For a newbie, playing even 2 tables sounds difficult, but almost all reg usually play well over 10 tables at a time. With experience, you will actually find it easy to manage.

The rate at Different Stakes

We use “bb/100” to indicate the win rate, which translates to how many big blinds we win for every 100 poker hands we play.

So anything >0bb/100 means your poker life is positive profit rather than negative. In the real world, the majority, say 70% of the players must indicate negative bb/100 in long run.

There are clear tendencies that;

  • The bigger the buy-in, the lower the win rate, which means that the win rate at NL100 is lower than NL2, this is because there are usually more experienced players in the bigger buy-in table.
  • The more Multi Tabling, the lower the win rate, which means 16 table play win rate is lower than single table play because your focus will be diluted

Based on our own experiences & various forums’ comments, we assume very good players (top 30%) will achieve the rates as follows;

 1 – 8 TablesOver 9
NL2 ($.01/.02 blinds)30bb/10020bb/100
NL5 ($.02/.05 blinds)22bb/10014bb/100
NL10 ($.05/.10 blinds)17bb/10011bb/100
NL25 ($.10/.25 blinds)10bb/1007bb/100
NL50 ($.25/.50 blinds)8bb/1005bb/100
NL100 ($.50/1.00 blinds)6bb/1003bb/100


Target Model for Online Poker USD 1,000 Earning


We formulate the Daily Earning model as follows;

No. of Tables x Win Rate x Win Amounts x No. of Play hands per hour x Play Hours

So, let’s assume you play just a single NL5 game at a 6-max table with 100 hands/hour for 2 hours,

Your Daily Earnings = 1 x 22bb/100 x $0.05 x 100 hands x 2 hours = $2.2

Not an impressive amount.

3 Ways To Boost Your Earnings of Poker

There are 3 ways to increase this earning by changing your key parameters as follows (we stick to 2 hours of playing time to avoid any negative influence on your full-time job);

  • Move up to the higher stakes
  • Increase the hands per hour (more six-max & fast-fold)
  • Increase tables

Namely, if you play 5 tables NL25 at 140 hands/hour (the combination of 6-max & Fast-Fold tables) for 2 hours,

Your New Daily Earnings = 5 x 10bb/100 x $0.25 x 140 hands x 2 hours = $35

This $35 / day makes the monthly earnings $1,050.

It’s just an example of developing a benchmark, you can adjust the key variable which will suit your conditions.

Many people asked “Can I make $100 a day playing poker?”, so you can answer by yourself with the above model.



Five Successful Tactics for USD 1,000 Monthly Extra Income


As said, the most critical parameter is Win Rate. The benchmark win rate in the above table is based on very good players, so if you’re a novice, you should make everything right to reach those win rates effectively. The key factor of success is;

  • (1) Master Basics: Understand the poker mathematical logic and master the basics first. Remember, the majority of online players are amateur, and although the number of players with basic knowledge has been increasing, they are not serious but recreational, therefore developing the skill edge over this majority is essential.
  • (2) Locating Fish: Play with weak opponents is Must. If you fail to consistently play against bad players then it is simply not possible to become the top 30% by consistently making profits. Learning where to play online poker for money, means which poker sites (like Ignition) you should go to, which poker table you should play & how to locate the fish with sophisticated tools are critically important.
  • (3) Exploit Bonus: Make the best use of bonuses & Rakeback which will improve your profits steadily. Start bonus hunting by measuring which bonus (like Intertops) gives you real value, this also enables you to practice poker skills & fish hunting skills in various online poker sites.
  • (4) Multi-Tabling: Playing multi-table at a time is a key skill you need to master because it will drastically improve your profits. Use the tools which will help you save time & improve your profitability in the long run.
  • (5) Tilt control: Last but not least, even if you develop the best technical skills, without knowing how to control your emotion, you can’t win consistently. Find the methods to avoid tilt caused by short-term variances, yes avoid Full Tilt Poker. 

Let’s briefly discuss each factor.


(1) Master Basics


poker hand range rate lecture image

Make sure you follow the basics. What you need to master are;

  • Preflop Technical Skills: Position, Winning Rate & Hand
  • Post-flop Technical Skills: Pot Odds, Equity & EV
  • Mental Technical Skills: Bluffing, Fold, Opponents & Table Selection, all of these skills are covered in the below guide, so suggest you go through this even if you are not a newbie because it may remind you of some key basics you usually overlook;

Remember, fish may get lucky with a short-term variance but basically they keep losing and pumping the money into the poker room, evidenced by the continuous growth of the global online poker market.

Most of these players play the game purely for fun and have no intention to study hard to improve. This is the opportunity for you to learn basics right and beat hard the bad players and make money.


(2) Locating Fish


poker grinder spot weak player

The importance of playing with fish is paramount. Just following the right & advanced strategy only will not let you win consistently, you need to consistently play against weak poker players otherwise, you can’t be in the top 30%.

Your profits come from your opponents’ losing, yes online poker is zero-sum, to be precise negative-sum game considering the fee you pay to the poker room.

How Do You Find the Fish? We have a full list of fish poker sites by category as below;

  • Easiest Sites to Win
  • Moderately Soft Sites to Win
  • Low Traffic Crypto Exclusive Sites Easy to Win
  • Highest Traffic Non-Crypto Sites Need Careful Table Selection to Win

, which are based on 5 clear rationales to support the fish rate. The list also includes specific instructions on how to locate the tables with a lot of fish & who is the worst player in the table;

When it comes to spotting the bad players in the table, the below HUD software is extremely useful.

HUD – Tracking Software

HUD stands for Heads-Up Display, which collects data on everyone you play against as well as your data, and displays right next to your opponent’s seat at the table as in below example;poker tracker hud example

It’s an essential tool to spot easy opponents. You can customize the data to be displayed, and the 2 most reputable HUDs for high-volume grinders & for beginners/casual players are;


poker tracker logo

Since: 2012 (by PokerTracker Software)

License: Lifetime up to 3 PCs

Feature: Light Software / Compatibility with Windows & MAC

Support Sites: Major Poker Sites

+ Free Hand Grabber

Price: $99.99 for the most popular package (see a full price list)

Payment: Card, PayPal, Neteller& BTC

Offer: 14 Days Free Trial

Claim Free Trial

Note: With in-depth analysis of wide data collection coupled with real-time adjustment function during in-play & Free New Features for Heavy Serious Grinders, PT4 is next to none (Active forum is available).


holden manager logo

Since: 2007 (one of the HUD pioneers)

License: Lifetime up to 3 PCs

Feature: Easy to install / Multi-language support

Support Sites: 12 Major Poker Sites + Free Hand Grabber

Price: $100 for the most popular package (see a full price list)

Payment: Card, PayPal, Neteller& BTC

Offer: 15 Days Free Trial

Claim Free Trial

Note: With all the features of Full stats (customizable to make the feed less cumbersome), In-depth analysis (adjustable based on skill level) & Post Game Analysis (focusing on your core skills by finding your leaks) make HM3 the best HUD for Beginner/Casual Players (Active forum is available).

Remember, the above software is the tracking tool not only for HUD but also to analyze your poker hands namely finding your leaks & studying opponents to spot their weaknesses. 

For full details, go to Best Hud for Poker – Head-Up Display Software


(3) Exploit Bonus


The rake & tournament fees are the mandatory cost, and the bonuses including Rakeback that many poker sites offer will improve your profitability straightaway.

When it comes to the bonus, never overlook the welcome bonus every online poker sites offer including the No Deposit Bonus (NDB) which is basically risk-free such as 888Poker (click the 888Poker logo at the left top to see NDB).

Suggest you access the below guide which covers available types of poker bonuses, the method to measure the value of each bonus based on clearing requirements, bankroll management & key tactics to make poker bonus hunting profitable, etc;

Bonus hunting, meaning you hop from site to site discharging initial welcome bonuses, is good not only for making money but also for practising poker if you’re new to online poker.

So, try to exploit as many poker bonuses as possible, the previously mentioned Softest Online Poker Sites – Latest List to Prey Fish includes both Welcome & Ongoing offers and accepting countries (actually restricted countries) of each site, thus you can start the hunting immediately.


(4) Multi Tabling


poker multi table tournament image

You need Multi Tabling skills which will drastically improve your profits. If you’re new to online poker, obviously your priority is making a correct decision on each hand & play. Therefore, a start-up with a single table, and gradually (yes slowly) add one table at a time and get accustomed to a faster pace of action.

If you need time to think about very basic decisions like which hands to go, wager amount & EV calculation, etc. then multi-tabling is probably almost impossible to manage. Therefore standardizing your decisions is critically important here.

In order to do that, the previously mentioned poker tracking software of Poker Tracker & Holden Manager comes into play. As explained, one of their biggest benefits is finding out which action works best by analyzing your & opponents’ data for almost all scenarios. This will help you standardize your decisions even taking your opponents’ playing types into account.

You may want to use another software exclusively tailored for multi-tabling.

The best tool for multi-tabling is;


tableninja logo

License: Annual & Monthly Subscription

Feature: Hotkeys, Preset Bets, Annoyances, & SNG Sensei, etc.

Supported Sites: PokerStars, PartyPoker, Full Tilt Poker & 888Poker (Tournament only)

Price: Annual $75 – $150 (pro), Month $9.99 – $19.99 (pro) – see full price list

Payment: Card, PayPal, Neteller

Offer: 30 Days Free Trial (No credit card required)

Download 30 Day Free Trial

Note: automatically open tables, manage waitlists, compute bet sizes in Big Blinds, manage sit-n-go registration, handle your time bank & provide hotkeys, etc, which makes your multi-tabling plays very efficient by saving huge time as well as avoiding mis-clicks.

Watch the below video sharing better insight into how it works;


(5) Tilt Control


poker tilt

Wiki explains Tilt (Poker) as;

Tilt originated as a poker term for a state of mental or emotional confusion or frustration in which a player adopts a less than optimal strategy, usually resulting in the player becoming over-aggressive. Tilting is closely associated with another poker term, “steam”.

Placing an opponent on tilt or dealing with being on tilt oneself is an important aspect of poker.

When people face losing streaks including bad beats like “lose despite the strong hand”, it’s difficult for them to make the right decision calmly. We all face such bad beats and need to prepare for such short-term variances by clearly understanding what matters in the long run and what the short run is nothing.

As you know the advantage of the robot is making the objective decision without being affected by emotion. From this perspective, standardizing your action we discussed in the Multi Tabling strategy will help you make these non-emotional decisions and thus tilt control.

However, we human beings still constantly suffer from irrational decisions caused by frustration & tilt. There are many commonalities between a poker game and financial trading as previously explained.

You may want to explore the best Trading Psychology Course, access to the “Basic, Psychology & Advanced Level” section in;



Make USD 1,000 a Month Playing Online Poker Conclusion


We have laid out the basic model that enables you to predict how much you can earn from online poker cash games and how to improve your profits.

Our basic policy is “Help Ordinary People All Over The World Earn Steady Extra Money On The Side, Which Will Enrich Their Life For the Long Term”. This is reflected in our name of GEM – Global Extra Money. Therefore, we suggest making online poker a nice side income rather than a full-time income.

However, as long as you feel confident in improving any factor of the 5 variables, nothing will prevent you from going to the next level.

Full-time poker players should be highly self-motivated, emotionally stable, and have a true passion for pokers like Doyle Brunson or Daniel Negreanu. In any case, your commitment to continuing learning is the most important factor for success.

After you go through the 3 guides we listed above, the free courses of PokerStars school will be good material for further learning, as you know PokerStars is the World’s No 1 poker site in terms of traffic.

Whichever path you take, remember poker is a skill game in the long run. As long as you follow the right strategy & consistently play against people who are worse than you, then no matter how your profits & loss fluctuate in the short run affected by variances, your profits will achieve a smooth rising right graph in the long-term.



Good Luck!!


Joshua Walker (bio)

Editor – Global Extra Money (GEM)



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