Matched Betting For Dummies – 9 Essential Things You Should Know Before Staking Any Real Money

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Full Guide of Matched Betting for Dummies, Learn How To Extract £1,000 Every Month From Bookmakers With No Risk, Very Easy!!

Matched Betting For Dummies – Why Do We Share This Method?

Firstly, Please Avoid Prejudice of Betting = Gambling. We Do Bet but Don’t Count On Luck. Rather, we do 6 Advantage Playsadvantage play, keyboard based on mathematical edge to beat the bookies, casino & bingo. When it comes to Sports Betting & Horse Racing, we use Matched Bettingsports matched betting, full guide / Sports Arbitrage / Value Bets On Proven Tipsters to lock-in profit or consistently earn extra income for long-term.

With that said, one of our policies is “Betting On Luck Is For Losers, Stop Gamble Betting But Bet on Only +EV (Expected Value)To Win Reliably. It is effectively our way to promote Responsible Gambling, and we strongly support GamCaregamcare logo being explained in about us.

We, Global Extra Money (GEM) would like our readers to exploit those reliable money making opportunities as much as possible. Matched Betting For Dummies Guide aim to share all the basics to lock-in profit from Bookmakers’ Offers with Everybody, which is part of our efforts to achieve that objective.

Matched Betting For Dummies – Financial Adviser’s Story

As the opening up of Matched Betting for Dummies Guide, let me quote the article of Matched Betting on 24 July 2010 (a bit old news) as follows;

“I was a financial adviser for 10 years until I sold the business a year ago. I think I have a more critical and suspicious mind when it comes to money-making schemes, especially ones that purport to be risk-free. There is an old proverb that says: “In a bet, there is a fool and a thief”, and I’m not inclined to disagree. Could I really sit in front of my screen and make money from the bookies for nothing? The answer, to my surprise, was yes. Over the past month, I have researched and used every decent online free bet introductory offer from a bookie. I’ve taken up 31 offers so far – and I’ve made in the region of £770. The money I have made has been absolutely risk free, it’s not been about gambling but about playing the system – and it was inspired by Guardian Money. I don’t even have to pay tax on my winnings.”written by ex-financial adviser in the Guardian on 24 July 2010

Matched Betting Is No Gambling

The core message we want to convey at the beginning is Matched Betting is Not Gambling but Sure Bet. It’s neither scam nor fishy system, but legitimate & risk free method endorsed by the established media like Guardian.

Matched Betting For Dummies Guardian ArticleIn fact, over 200,000 ordinary people in the UK & Ireland are said to use matched betting to earn regular extra money. Since you came to this Matched Betting for Dummies guide, I assume you have not started or are pretty new to it. Obviously Better Late Than Never!! You will find Everything You Need To Start & Make £/€1,000 Every Month On The Side in our site. This special report gives you the basic information & navigate you to the proper information to achieve your target.

Matched Betting For Dummies Special Report Covers;

  • Overview – What’s Matched Betting?
    • Real Basics
    • Is It Globally Workable or Only in UK & Ireland?
    • Is It So Easy? Is It Legitimate? & Some Caution
      Essential Know Before Staking
      Special Report by GEM
  • Specific Points You Should Know 
    • Understanding Base Theory & Logic
    • Key Terminology – Jargon Buster
    • Key Opportunities – Welcome Offers (3 Types) & Reload Offers (5 Types)
    • Brief Process & Free Tools
    • How Much Money Can You Make?
  • Warp Up – The Ideal Way To Start

So, including the Wrap Up, this Matched Betting for Dummies Guide is providing you with 9 Essential Things You Should Know Before Putting Your Hard Earned Money.

A. Introduction – What’s Matched Betting?

1. Real Basics

Conventional Bookmaker

Firstly, although it’s not a gambling but still a Betting. And you bet on Sports Events at Bookmakers, like William Hill, Ladbrokes, Paddy Powers etc.High Street Betting Shops Yes, the betting shops you find in the high streets everywhere. You can bet at shops, but without exception, all bookmakers operate online sites. The number of online betting sites are far larger than the bookies that run street shops. Or, let me correctly say there are so many online bookies that don’t have street shops, represented by giant Matched Betting For Dummies Online Betting SitesBet365 (Bet365 sold their street shops to Coral). With other reason, we use online bookmakers for matched betting.

Opening Up Account – CAUTION

As we explain later, matched betting is all about making the best use of bookmakers’ promotion like sign up offer of “Bet XX Get XX Free Bet”. All online bookies are in fierce competitive situation thus advertise tasty offers to attract your sign-up. Don’t sign-up directly with bookmakers before checking the availability of Cashback Offer, otherwise you may waste hundreds of £ risk-free cash. Make sure you check Betting Cashback Websites – The Ultimate Guide To Be Always Better Offbetting cashback, feature image, before opening any bookmakers’ account (the document shows you how to collect £2,500 cashback all together).

Bet Exchange

In the matched betting, on top of the bookmakers, we need Betting Exchange. You may have heard the name Betfair. Yes, Betfair is the inventor of the bet exchange. A betting exchange allows you to bet against each other rather than against a bookmaker, so it’s a market place like stock exchange. You bet on Win (called Back Bet) at conventional bookmakers, but in the bet exchange you can bet NOT Win (called Lay Bet), which is for example in Football, Betting On Both Draw & Lose. Namely, players can make the bookmaker’s role by offering odds to any liability they are prepared to lose. Or normal punter requesting odds to any stake they are prepared to lose. Suggest you take a look at  Bet Exchange – How To Sign-Up & Lock-In Profit Wisely With Best Offersbet exchange, sSign Up strategies feature imageSo, basically we place bets at bookmaker & exchange to make guaranteed risk free profits by covering all the outcomes.

2. Is It Globally Workable or Only in UK & Ireland?

Which Countries Can It Be Workable?

In this special report, I mainly use UK & Ireland examples and £ (& €) as a currency unit since matched betting is so popular in the UK & Ireland. However, it doesn’t mean it’s not for the people outside the UK. Conversely, UK players may get worse terms from the bookies who don’t like this activity. Thus depending on where you’re from though it might actually be easier for some players outside the UK.

Global Application

As our name GEM – Global Extra Money implies, we would like all visitors from anywhere in the world to exploit advantage plays including matched betting. With that vision, we have issued How To Make Money From Offshore Sports Betting With 3 Advantage Plays.offshore sports betting, 3 advantage plays feature imageIn this document, you will find the specific methods that enable people from almost all countries to make the best use of the lucrative offshore advantage gambling opportunities you have overlooked. Very useful, worth your 10 minutes reading.

In Short, except 8 Countries (Cyprus, Poland, North Korea, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia) where on-line gamble is legally prohibited, all of you can make profit from matched betting, see the above report for full details.

Betting Exchange Availability

The same question we often receive from people outside UK & Ireland is “We don’t have Betfair or any bet exchange”. No worries, you can use Bet Broker where you can bet at exchange via their API or special platform. However, strongly suggest you read Honest Opinion About Bet Broker & How To Use Them Safely & Smartlybet broker, honest opinion feature image, because this is the area you need to make careful risk-management.

On top of the above documents, we separately issued Betfair Alternatives For People Who Can’t Access Or Seek Better Optionsbetfair alternatives, post feature image, which gives you white label of Betfair (means everything including market coverage & liquidity is identical to Betfair) & our special deal for those who can’t access to Betfair.


3. Is It So Easy? Is It Legitimate? & Some Caution

Not Effort Free

Most of the sites that introduces Matched Betting as “This is the easiest way to make a quick $100 profit?” “No Risk money making for newbies” etc. But Too Good To Be True is the Essence in this real world. Matched Betting is Not Effort Free. MoneySavingExpert.Com (MSE) Forum cautions like below screenshot;

Click The Image To Enlarge

However, actually, it’s not so risky as cautioned like this. I myself believe it’s very easy & quick way to make real money. Matched betting is simply based on mathematical advantage. As long as you take offers with Positive EV (Expected Value), you will not lose because mathematics will protect you. As said at the beginning, hundreds of thousands of ordinary people have been making money with effectively risk free. The issue is human error or careless mistakes.


Importantly, Matched Betting is surely a legitimate activity. It is actually endorsed by the established bookmakers like William Hill as follows;

“Matched betting is legal and a spokesperson for William Hill has indicated that the betting industry does not have a problem with this use of free bets.”wikipedia

Graham Sharpe, from William Hill, says the industry does not have a problem with matched betting. “There’s no illegal element,” he says. “It’s a free bet and you can do what you like.”The Telegraph articles

William Hill Sports Sign-Up Offer
Bet £10 Get £30 Willam Hill Offer

Caution – Bookmaker’s Real Voice & Account Restriction a.k.a.Gubbing

You need to know the harsh fact that most matched bettors face account restriction, a.k.a. “Gubbing” in many bookmakers. Simply bookies don’t like Sharp punters (matched better is one of the Sharp) who take too much value from them. see the quote from wiki;

“Most bookmakers have people on their staffs looking for bettors ‘taking too much value’, something which tends to happen with matched betting. They will place restrictions on the accounts of bettors who may be taking advantage of promotions too often, such as preventing them from placing very large bets. Bettors whose betting behavior is unacceptable to a given bookmaker risk being banned from that bookmaker’s site.”wiki

It is proven by the below correspondences with Matthew Ha (Bet365);

Joshua GEM
Joshua GEM
What I asked is “I’m planning to do matched betting by using your free bets. Do you accept the matched betting?” I understand you start restricting the players’ account when they play sports arbitrage, so I’m wondering if you apply the same principle to the players who do matched betting. Am I clear?
Matthew Ha
Matthew Ha
Do you mind holding for 2-3 minutes whilst I investigate your query for you? – I can advise that accounts are reviewed and based on your betting certain restrictions can be placed based on this.
Joshua GEM
Joshua GEM
I see. Then, how do you comment on William Hill’s “Matched betting is legal and a spokesperson for William Hill has indicated that the betting industry does not have a problem with this use of free bets”? Doesn’t it apply to Bet365?
Matthew Ha
Matthew Ha
I would be unable to comment on anything William Hill say. I can only advise that accounts are reviewed regularly.
Joshua GEM
Joshua GEM
OK, and the players who constantly do matched betting would be restricted, can I understand like this?
Matthew Ha
Matthew Ha
I would only be able to advise that accounts are reviewed regularly by our trading department.
World Worst Betting Account
Special Report by GEM

It clearly implies they do gubbing, and it’s a proven fact people face account restriction in Bet365. But it’s also the fact that Bet365 has the greatest leeway in this regard among all other SOFT bookies. You may take a look at List of 30 World Worst Betting Sites That Quickly Restrict Your Account;
I need to make it clear to avoid any confusion that the all the bookies in the above list is NOT THE LIST YOU SHOULD NOT REGISTER. All of them are World Top bookmakers, the restriction is the only issue.

Don’t worry, we provide you with how to avoid such restriction as well as the actions after you are gubbed.

B. Specific Knowledge

This chapter will help you understand more detail about Matched Betting. You will have been able to know basically everything by the time you finish this chapter. Then, you will decide what you should do in the Warp -Up.

1. Understanding Base Theory & Logic

Matched Betting In A Nutshell

Firstly, let me show you a very simplified explanation for you to understand the process of matched betting;

  • The organizations you use: Bookmaker such as William Hill & Exchange like Betfair
  • The profit source; Bookmaker’s Free Bet Offer such as  William Hill sign-up offer of  Bet £10 Get 30 Free Bet;WH Sports Sign-Up Page
  • You Do 2 transactions; Back (bet on win) £10 at William Hill & Lay (bet on NOT win, means both lose & draw like football match case) appropriate stake £ (use Free Calculator) at Betfair so that you cover all outcomes.
  • No matter what the event’s result will be, your losing & winning will cancel out each other. In the real practice, usually, 2 bets are not perfectly offset due to the odds difference & exchange commission. Therefore you make a small loss called Qualifying Loss. However, you get £30 Free Bets.
  • Now, you repeat the exact same process but using the free bet for the back bet at William Hill. Then, this time free bet value (minus little loss) will become your net profit.
  • People can extract cash usually in the range of 75% – 95% of free bet value, depending on how close the odds between bookmaker & exchange.
  • So, unless you make any careless mistake, you will get risk-free guaranteed profit.

Original Theory

The above concept originally came from Arbitrage Betting. It’s based on the application of a mathematical equation rather than chance. Matched Betting is based on the exactly the same mathematical logic and actually it’s safer & easier than Sports Arbitrage which has a lot of pitfalls to avoid.

If you’re interested in Sports Arbitrage, you may want to read;
Is Sports Arbitrage Really 100% Risk Free Sure Bet? Special Report by GEMSports Arbitrage 100% Risk Free

The Difference From Sports Arbitrage

Matched Betting, due to the use of Free Bet / Bonus offered by bookmakers, your risk of losing money caused by the pitfalls is much lower than Arbitrage. Besides, the chance of your account restriction imposed by bookies is relatively lower. Because arbitrage exploits the market efficiency or bookies’ mistake which bookies don’t like.

2. Matched Betting Glossary / Jargon

Matched Betting Glossary

3. Key Opportunities

Broadly speaking, we can split the bookmakers bonus into two, which are “Welcome (Signup) Bonus to New Customers” and “Reload Bonus to Existing Customers”. Then Welcome Bonus has three basic types and Reload Bonus has five common types.

3 Popular Type of Welcome Offers for New Player

  • Qualifying Bet First before you receive Free Bet, typically “Bet XX Get XX Free Bet”
  • If You Lose Your Qualifying Bet, Receive Bonus, typically “We Refund If You Lose Your 1st Bet”
  • Receive Bonus When you Deposit and Make Qualifying Bets based on the required Rollover / Turnover before Withdrawal, typically “We Match 100% Bonus of Your Deposit”

For 1. it’s by far the most popular welcome bonus used by UK / Europe bookmakers often claimed like ‘Bet £10 Get £30 Free Bets’ etc. (for full details related to Paddy Power, you may want to check Paddy Power ACCA Insurance Will Make €/£1,000 Risk-Free Profit;Paddy Power Sports Home PageUnder this offer, you have to make Bet called Qualifying Bet first before you receive free bets.
We give you the specific instruction in guide (2) Special Report by GEM by using William Hill real example.

For 2, it’s Risk Free Bet or Lose Refund.
This is ‘If your 1st bet loses we will refund up to £30’ as seen from below Dafabet; Dafabet Loss Refund Bonus

For 3, it’s extremely popular among Caribbean / Asian bookies and also popular in the UK, Europe.
It is usually advertised like ‘Welcome 50% Matched Bonus up to £200’ etc as seen in the below 10Bet;10bet-sportsbook-promotion-offerYou will get your bonus usually instantly after you make the first Qualifying Deposit.
However you need to make bets called Settled Bets based on the number of Rollover (or Turnover) required before you can make a withdrawal. This is often expressed as WR (Wager Requirement).

Five Common Type of Reload Bonus for Existing Players

There are various type of promotions but 99% of them are the variations of the following 5 types of offers and our methods will allow you to extract real cash with risk free.

A. We will Boost Your Price / Enhanced Our Odds

This is common regular offer you may find almost every day in some bookies. Simply put, it may create arbitrage opportunity, means higher back (bookmaker’s) odds caused by boost than lay (exchange) odds, thus you will get guaranteed profit.

B. We will Refund you IF your horse Finishes 2nd

It is called 2nd Place Refund and also found regularly, and you will see massive amounts of this offer in major horse festivals such as Grand National, Cheltenhnam Festival & Royal Ascot etc. The key point is how to minimize the qualifying bet loss with a few techniques to grab the best lay odds which you will find in the instruction as well as the option to lock-in profit.Horse Betting Calculator OfferNote: Horse Racing Refund makes an important role in matched betting. I strongly suggest you take a look at 10 Horse Racing Refund Offers – Value Based Best Selection & Tactics To Win;How To Chose & Win Based On Value Feature Image , where we show how to gauge the value, prioritize & select the popular offers together with the specific tactics to extract cash from them.

C. We Offer You Extra Places (Horse Racing / golf or Tennis Tournament etc)

This Extra Place for horse is almost offered every day and in fact this is very lucrative for long-term especially using the Sculping or Dutching techniqueMatched Betting For Dummies Skybet Extra Place Offer

D. We refund your lose bet “IF xxx happens”

This is called “IF Bet” there are many variations (surely bookies can create anything to make the bet more exciting) though all works basically same, we can lock-in profit using Extra Lay Technique and you can find our Special Spread sheet in the instruction which will automatically calculate everything to guarantee profit. You need to assess 1) whether you can lay IF condition, 2) whether IF condition lay odds is short enough to make good lock-in profit.If Bet Bore Draw Coral

E. We refund IF 1 team fails your ACCA

It is a.k.a. ACCA Insurance which has been rapidly growing because ACCA is a cash cow for bookmakers. However, it is also very lucrative for us advantage players (and also contributes to help our bookmakers account avoid being restricted as I explain later), you may feel a bit complicated at the first glance, but actually very easy. We have 3 types of Universal ACCA Insurance Spreadsheet which will assure your Guaranteed Profit, there are 3 stage instructions, for those who are completely new to this type of bet.List ACCA Insurance GEM feature image football

4. Brief Process & Key Tools

Process – Turn Free Money into Real Cash

The matched betting is all about placing a bet with the bookmaker and then eliminate all of the risk by placing an opposite bet with the exchange (or possibly another bookmaker) to scalp all bonuses effectively.

It’s actually very easy & simple. Just opening up the accounts of Exchange & Bookmaker, and place the qualifying back & get free bet to extract it as a cash by backing & laying the same event. Suggest you just take a look at the below 3 series of instruction, which are very precise step-by step instructions using the real examples;

Note – T&C (Terms & Condition)

Let me just emphasize 1 point. That’s check the T&C (Terms and Conditions) of free bet / bonus to every time very carefully. It’s not only for the welcome bonus but also for any reload bonus. Every bookie has different T&C and the same bookie may change T&C when time goes by. Some of the check points are;

  • If it requires to enter specific Bonus Code or make any contact to receive it
  • If it is SR (Stake Returned Bets) or SNR (Stake Not Returned)
  • If it requires any first settled Qualifying Bet to get free bet
  • If it requires Rollover before withdrawal
  • If it sets any Required Odds to bet like select the one of over 3.0
  • If it sets Available Period like “will be available to use for 30 days”
  • If it limits Funding Method like “will be available only for credit card funding”
  • If it sets limitation on betting Specific Event
Matched Betting For Dummies Guide Bet365 Welcome Bonus T&C
image of T&C explanation in “The Arbing Blog

, etc.
The condition varies from each bookmaker, so you need to check each bookie’s detail requirements before you implement the matched betting (you also need to be familiar with a betting exchange account condition). I found the image of T&C explanation in “The Arbing Blog” quite comprehensive thus I copy it as below;

Free Tools

There are 2 essential tools you need when you implement matched betting, which are;

  • Odds Matching Software to find the opportunity of matched betting (closest odds between bookmaker & Exchange)
  • Matched Betting Calculator to calculate the lay stake required and predicted Profit / Loss.

Currently, the best free software is;

The issue of the free Odds Matching Software is that the matched betting opportunities they show you is 20-30 minutes delayed information. It’s fatal for Sports Arbitrage but for matched betting you can use it without so many problems.

Quick £20 – 25 Money Making Trial Now!!

Practice is the quickest & best way to master it. For those who want to earn £20+ risk-free profit instantly, Try It NOW, just exactly follow the below 2 instructions, No Brainer, just do what you see;

SMarkets Sign-Up Process with Screenshots
Sky Bet & SMarkets - Step By Step Matched Betting Process with Screenshots

5. How Much Money Can You Make?

It really depends on the level of your commitment & number of bookmakers you involve. The more effort you pay, the more extra income you can make. Just for the sake of estimating the required commitment level, once you get used to the method and can work efficiently if you want to make £2000 a month, you will need to devote around 1-2 hours a day, and £1000 a month will need 30 mins – 1 hour. For £500, 15-30 mins should be sufficient. But you need to use this time efficiently. This is a long-term consistent basis and you should be able to gain much more but with a much more time during the first 24 months. You can start exploiting free bet from the sign-up offers but the real sustainable big money comes from reload and free bet offers available to existing customers. Many of the matched betting sites focus too much on the sign-up bonuses, consequently, many players miss such continuous profitable opportunities. Starting Matched Betting

C. Conclusion – The Short-Term & Long-Term

Starting Matched Betting

There are many matched betting Paid premium services. Do people need to subscribe such service to make real money from matched betting? The answer is absolutely not. Matched Betting requires a bit complicated process but once you get accustomed to it, it is actually very easy. So as long as you can commit 1 – 2 hours spare time every day in the first 1 – 2 months as the longest, you will surely have more than enough extra income from it with Risk Free.

And, I’m very proud to say, you can do all the above in my site Free. So, when it comes to Matched Betting, suggest you go Matched Betting Instructions Page;Matched Betting Instructions, where you find a list of our all matched betting instructions. Of course, you will find spoon-fed like step-by-step guides for all 3 Types of Welcome Offers and 5 Types of Reload Offers. You will know exactly how to tackle them with the real examples. We provide you various spreadsheets to make all the calculations & implement the tactics Very Easy. Don’t Forget All Are FREE.

6 Advantage Plays For £/€/,000

The core benefits you will get is the program of Make Extra Money £/€/$ 50,000 On The Side Within 2 Years – Amazing Free Program;sitting bench calm extra money You can Use Not Only Matched Betting But Also 6 Advantage Plays to Extract Money from Bookmakers, Casino & Bingo sites based on Mathematical & Statistical Edge. We have 3 Comprehensive Chapters including Daily Planner for anybody from newbies to seasoned advantage players to follow based on their level. See further brief explanation at the bottom of this report. Importantly, allow me to reiterate that all of these are Completely Free including my answers to your inquiries.

Therefore, I can’t see any reasons, especially for newbies not to take the advantage of my free services but to start paying money.

For Ultimate Efficiency in Long-Term

However, once you reach a certain level you may want More Efficiency. The key factors to enhance efficiency are 2 folds of;

  • Daily Update of Tens of bookies’ Offers
  • Instant Identification Of The Best Opportunities

My site & program covers bookies’ key offers and update periodically, but my resources can’t accommodate all changes every day. But the paid services give you full update even more than you can follow. Another point is a software. We provide you with many customized spreadsheets to lock-in profit for almost all type of offers and identify the opportunities by using free software. However, the paid services provide you with sophisticated tools to identify & calculate the profit or loss automatically which gives you more handy and great efficiency especially for the advanced categories. This includes real-time oddsmatcher. As said in the above B. 4, free software gives you delayed information by 20-30 minute which may result in limited-profit under the fast-changing odds circumstances.

So, who needs More Efficiency? Well, I would say you can easily earn £1,000 / month from my free program. Therefore, once you achieve this level you may consider paid services.

There are 3 reputable programs that offer full matched betting package services as follows. It looks OddsMonkey is the best both from cost & quality (especially range of tools using software). Anyhow, take a look at them;

 Little Caution of Account Restriction – Sign-Up via Software Vendors’ Referal Link

Relating to the bookmakers’ gubbing (account restriction), beware the fact that opening your bookies’ account via software companies (this can be said both for Free & Paid Software) increases the risk of account restriction. Signing up the bookmakers via software (means using the software vendor’s referral link) which will spontaneously inform the bookies that you’re using the software, hence you’re disclosing you’re a price trader. Consequently, the bookies may automatically place your account in their black list at the outset for them to restrict your account anytime they want. I’m afraid signing the bookmakers via software may be the quickest way to get your accounts limited. From this perspective as well, finally allow me to repeat you should use cashback sites. Check Betting Cashback Websites – The Ultimate Guide To Be Always Better Off before you sign-up any bookmakers.

If you have any inquiry or need any help from us, please contact us anytimeGlobal Extra Money Contact (don’t worry, we will not charge you any fee, everything is free here).

Good Luck!!

Joshua Walker

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