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Matched Betting Instructions Full List

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Matched Betting Instructions General Guidance


Many people still think Sports Betting is Gambling. No, that is No Longer True. We can turn Sports Betting into Excellent Opportunity to Create Extra Money for long term via Advantage Plays.  And Matched Betting is one of the powerful & easiest methods to do so by simply relying on a mathematical or statistical advantages to beat the bookies. No Skill, No Previous Experience needed, you can Start Immediately. We provide you with various tools including customized Spreadsheets to lock-in Profits on many types of bookmakers’ offers. All our matched betting instructions Make Everything Easy.
newbies punter matcehd betting manual

You may want to bookmark this page and come back whenever you need, since I believe you can find every information you may possibly need for Matched Betting.

GEM Matched Betting Instructions Index

This Guide is for everybody from a Complete Newbie to a Seasoned Matched Bettor, the Index is composed of;

You don’t need to start from the beginning but chose the Chapter that suites you, for example;

  • In fact I place 5) for Essential Tool though, probably everybody wants to download this good Record Keeping Spreadsheet, because organizing your bets is critically important for your matched betting life.
  • For people who already extracted bookies initial offers, go to 3. to learn how to earn from the bookmakers’ existing offers.
  • For experienced matched bettors, you may still find some of the advanced techniques that can improve your profit, go 4. to check & master them.
  • Importantly, for any matched bettors, 7. is Must Read to avoid bookmaker’s disturbing action called “Gubbing” (account restriction) etc.

Worldwide Application

Before going into the index, are you wondering if you can pursue matched betting in your country? As our name GEM – Global Extra Money implies, we would like all visitors from anywhere in the world to exploit advantage plays including matched betting. With that vision, we have issued How To Make Money From Offshore Sports Betting With 3 Advantage Plays.offshore sports betting, 3 advantage plays feature imageIn this document, you will find the specific methods that enable people from almost all countries to exploit the lucrative offshore advantage gambling opportunities you have overlooked. Very useful, worth your 10 minutes reading.

In Short, except 8 Countries (Cyprus, Poland, North Korea, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia) where on-line gamble is legally prohibited, all of you can make profit from matched betting, see the above report for full details.

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Here We Go;

1) Where To Begin

As a starting point, you may want to grab the whole picture about What’s All About Matched Betting, How It Works, and How Much You can Actually Earn & Possible Risk etc. See the below report;

2) Start-Up Step By Step Tuition (New Customer Offer)

Broadly speaking, bookmakers’ offer can be categorized into New Customer Offer – Welcome Promotion & Existing Customer Offer – Increase Loyalty with Reload Promotion. You should start raking all the New Customer Offer first. The below 3 Comprehensive Tuition will guide you on exactly How To Start Matched Betting with the very basic type of welcome offer namely “Bet XX Get XX Free Bet”. This works by giving you a free bet when you place a bet with your own money first. You place a qualifying matched bet followed by a follow-up matched bet where you use free bet & make guaranteed profit.


3) Specific Tactics for Both New & Existing Customers Offer (Reload Offer)

2 More Types of Welcome Offer

For the welcome offer, on top of the previous “Bet XX Get XX Free Bet” type, there are 2 other popular type of offers, which are “We refund if your 1st bet loses” & “We match 100% Deposit, and You Bet X Times Stake Roll Over (WR; Wager Requirement) before Withdrawal”. These types can be beaten by below Matched Betting Instructions A. & B. respectively.

Reload Offer

Allow me to emphasize that some newbies misunderstand that Matched Betting is finished once the New Customer Offer is completed. WRONG!! The real benefits start here. Bookmakers constantly gives Reload Offers to attract Existing Customers to further deposit & bet. You will find Specific Step By Step Instructions (I use bookmaker’s real offer as the example. Therefore all of the matched betting instructions are comprehensive & practical) on most of the typical type of the offers. Price Boost / Enhanced Odds are by Instruction C. For horse racing popular IF Bet offer of 2nd place Refund namely “If Your Horse Finishes 2nd, We Will Refund You”, you will find it in D.

BTW, Horse Racing Refund makes an important role in matched betting. So, before moving into the specific instruction, I strongly suggest you take a look at 10 Horse Racing Refund Offers – Value Based Best Selection & Tactics To Win;Horse Racing Refund Offers - How To Chose & Win Based On Value Feature Image , where we show how to gauge the value, prioritize & select the popular offers together with the summary tactics to extract cash from them.

ACCA (Accumulator Bet) Insurance is the one you find everywhere because it is the bookies’ most favorite as a cash cow. See how to construct matched betting  for Multiples in E. Every instruction focuses on Risk Free & in many cases you can Lock-In Profit.


4) Advanced Techniques

There are several advanced techniques to exploit every type of bookies’ offers. You have already seen Trigger Bet (or If Bet) of horse racing 2nd Place Refund. There are many other IF Bet such as football Bore Draw of “If the Match Ends 0-0 Your Lost Correct Score Bet will be Refunded” or “If Messi Scores 1st, We Refund You” etc. You can find the instruction together with lay spreadsheet to tackle them in A. For another popular racing offer of Extra Place, the instruction B. will show you how to make money from it. The more you do matched betting the more you feel the burden of the exchange commission & liability. We also show how to minimize them in C. When it comes to the ACCA Insurance, it’s every day offer thus one of the most lucrative opportunities. We have intensive case examples & 3 different Lay Spreadsheet modes which can address to every scenario of ACCA Insurance. You find the instruction & Lay Calculator Tutorial in D. & E. Lastly, Bet365 is one of the best bookmakers for matched bettors. You can rake thousands of £ every year only from Bet365. How? See F.

Member Only

Some of the instructions are for Member Only, thus just fill-in Your Name & E-mail Address to get the Password instantly. That password can be used for all Member Only Documents.


5) Essential Tools

Organising yourself is one of the most important element in the process of matched betting. You need to record everything to review & analyze your achievements. The below Free Excel spreadsheet is supposed to be the most reputable one;

from Ultimatcher 4 Beginner's guide

6) Matched Betting Premium Paid Subscription Services

You can start-up matched betting Free by using this Matched Betting Instructions. As you have seen, from the very initial guides to the detailed offer-specific instructions, all the newbies will find them very handy & helpful. Besides, the core benefits you will get in our site is the program of Make Extra Money £/€/$ 50,000 On The Side Within 2 Years – Amazing Free Program;Make Extra Money For A Rainy Day You can Use 6 Advantage Plays to Extract Money from Bookmakers, Casino & Bingo sites based on Mathematical & Statistical Edge. We have 3 Comprehensive Chapters including Daily Planner for anybody from newbies to seasoned advantage players to follow based on their level. Importantly, all of these are Completely Free.

However, if you become very experienced matched bettor who seek more efficient ways to increase profit, you should definitely consider using subscription service. They provide you with the excellent Software that will bring your extra money earnings into the next level. There are 3 reputable programs that offer full matched betting package services as follows. Currently, OddsMonkey seems to be the best both from cost & quality (especially range of tools using software). Anyhow, suggest take a look at our full review of each service;

7) How To Avoid Account Restriction

The biggest obstacle to prevent the matched betters from long-term sustainable income is bookies’ notorious account restriction a.k.a. “Gubbing”. You need to take cautious approaches to avoid such disturbing action.


8) Bookmakers

We summarized the list of Excellent & Infamous Bookies from the perspective of Sharp Betters (it’s you who are reading this Matched Betting Instructions and are about to start it);


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