How To Lock-In Profits from Risk Free Bet Sign Up Offer By Matched Betting


Risk Free Bet Lose Bet Refund
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Ever Wondered How To Extract Cash from Risk Free Bet Sign Up Offer? No More Worries, Use Simple Underlay Method!!  We Show You The Specific Process To Do!!

Firstly, our aim of playing Sports Betting is to achieve Extra Money WITHOUT RISK by focusing on how to cash-out the bonus from the bookmaker sites. We use Advantage Plays and Find Values, so Free Bet Sign Up Offer is No Longer Gamble for Us but Additional Sure Income On The Side. No More Money Worries!!

This document is a part of the series of Specific Instructions about Matched Betting

Full List Of Instructions,GEM Sports Matched Betting Full Guide

which is probably the most popular advantage play in the UK; For the list of all the Advantage Plays we GEM share with you, ( Advantage Play page)Advantage Play Full List, which gives you an overall picture of our strategies;

We provide you with the guide for How To Lock-In Profit from Risk Free Bet Sign Up (lose Bet Refund) Offer in this document.
Risk Free Bet

What Is Risk Free Bet Sign Up Offer All About?

‪What is Risk Free Bet? As briefly said at the beginning, you may see a lot of bookies’ advertising like ‘If you lose your 1st bet we refund you all in the form of Free Bet etc. This risk free bet sign up promotion is quite popular not only to new players but also among existing players.

However, many matched even experienced betters may not be aware of the Way To Lock-in the Profit in this IF offer. So I will share the technique to do so. Risk Free Bet (Lose Bet Refund)

Typical Mistake

Since the condition of the offer is IF YOUR BET LOSES, the matched betting newbies tend to think “placing the bet at high odds with the hope of losing it to get the refund” is the only way to deal with it. Yes, probability wise, betting on long odds will give you better chance to achieve your objective, and in many cases people successfully get refund. But occasionally your bet wins, then you have no benefits from this offer.

Therefore, from the perspective of guaranteeing profit, it’s not the best tactics

Lock-in Profit Method


We can lock-in the profit by doing Underlay – see Underlay: The Technique To Maximize Profit under WR for full details;Matched Betting Underlay Technique Underlayingt is simply betting smaller lay amount than the amount required in the standard matched betting, which result in;

  • When the back wins, more profit in bookmaker with less liability in exchange, which compensate the no refund in bookmaker
  • When the back loses, less profit in exchange with no profit in bookmaker, which is supplemented by the bookmaker’s refund

Let’s see how it works with the real numbers. This Free Oddsmatcher does all the necessary work for you ( Starting Guide: New Customer Offer (1): Basics (Logic & Type of Bonus) for how this free soft ware works; No Risk Matched Betting Starting Guide (1) – Welcome Bonus How It Works

How Exactly It Works in This Case

The below shows the certain time of odds matcher (see yhe details later). It’s the order of ideal matched betting means the first one is the most profitable event. Let’s pick up the Horse Racing Pontefract Win Market. Select Flash City between Boylesports & Betfair;

Horse Racing Pontefract time odds matching list,

You click the Info box at the right end, then you will be navigated into the detail calculation screen as below;

navigated into the detail calculation screen

Stake Not Returned

Although your bet is not a Free Bet but a Qualifying Bet, which is supposed to be Not SNR, thus usually you have to select Qualifier in the right top selections. But, this particular case, you need to select SNR (Stake Not Returned) which gets the software automatically calculate UNDERLAYING Simulation. By setting underlay calculation, if you win at bookmaker you will not receive free bet but since your loss at the exchange is smaller, you will ensure profit. Conversely, if your bet at bookmaker loses your win at exchange is smaller but since you will get free bet at the bookmaker thus you will again ensure profit.


So the possible scenario & profit/loss are;

  • Flash City wins, you get £80 return but can’t get any refund in Boylesports and lose £71.11, therefore you will have Net Profit of £8.89
  • Flash City loses, you get £9.36 in Betfair but lose your original stake of £10 that will be fully refunded in Boylesports, thus your net profit will be £9.36
  • So, no matter the Flash City wins or loses, you get average £9.125 = (£8.89 + £9.36) / 2 which is a guaranteed profit rather than counting on the luck of Flash City’s lose.

Given the above mechanics, underlaying qualifying bet instead of matching it completely allows you to guarantee the profit on any outcome under the Risk Free offer.

Step By Step Guide

I’ll show you how to do it by using the example of Dafabet;

defabet campaign refund first bet

Dafabet offers £35 Risk Free Bet to new customers. Firstly, check the process required and off course T&C (Terms & Conditions);

get up £30 refund on your first bet campaign shot

So all you need to do is to deposit £30 (to get the maximum refund) and place a £35 bet on the event with odds of 1.5 or greater.
After you deposit £30, you need to look for the appropriate event in Odds Matching Software, and we are using SNR calculation, as a basic theory of SNR, the higher the odds the better your profit.
You can set the filter & bookmaker selection in;


For, odds filter, you may set as;


Then you will see;

Odds Matcher Software SNR calculation

Obviously, 100% rating (at the left end column) is the best choice, let’s chose the top event of Sigo Horse Racing Win market Niven with Betfair, when you click the right end Info box, you will be navigated to;

Horse Racing Win
Make Sure You Select SNR Mode

You need to set £30 stake by choosing Stake Not Returned button at the top right. So the above calculator shows average £26.67. The scenarios are;

  • If Niven wins you get £240 in Dafabet without any refund and lose £213.33 in Betfair, thus £26.67 will be your net profit.
  • If Niven loses, you get £26.67 in Betfair (you lay £28.07 and deducting 5% Betfait commission is your profit in Betfair) and lose £30 of your own stake that will be 100% refunded by Dafabet.

After confirming the lay amount and profit, all you need to do is just placing the qualifying bet at Dafabet & Betfair quickly before the odds change.

I’ll not show the placing bet process here. It is a pretty standard practice. Go Starting Guide: New Customer Offer (2): Qualifying Process Spoon-Fed Instruction Free Matched Bet Starting Guide (2) – How To Sign-Up & Place Qualifying Bet, if you want to ensure everything.


Just cautionary comment. I always emphasize on reading T&C carefully. The above Dafabet sets 1.5 minimum odds. This minimum odds requirement is set in almost all offer. Therefore you may not overlook it. However sometimes it also restricts sports category like Super Lenny; Risk Free Bet Super Lenny Bookmaker


It says Excluding Horse and Harness Racing. It is a bit unusual for new player offer, thus you may possibly overlook it. Therefore it’s quite important to check T&C thoroughly every time you start new offer;

unusual for new player offer

Odds Matcing Software
The odds matching software I have been showing here is the bonus bagging free odds matcher. It is provided by Mike Cruickshank who run Profit Maximiser, the paid matched betting package service. See my full review of Profit Maximiser – The Engineer Of Matched Betting Success, Is It Still Good? if you’re interested.

Application To Non Welcome Offer

As said, this Risk Free Bet is not only for welcome bonus but often used as Reload Bonus. Means for existing customers. You can apply it to any promotion where a bookmaker offers something back if your bet loses. A few examples are;

in Cheltenham Festivals, Skybet offers Risk Free Bet everyday;Risk Free Bet Sky Cheltenham

188bet gives 10% of loss where you can also use this approach to guarantee profit;Risk Free bet 188Bet Cheltenham

Coral offers Money Back in the World Snooker Championship. If your first settled bet of the day is a loser, you get refund up to £/€10. It is available every day for 2 Weeks, juicy isn’t it?;Coral Risk Free Bet Sign Up World Snooker

Bet365 In-Play offer is one of the most lucrative promotion in this type (they refund in CASH rather than Free bet which gives you around 25% more value), T&C of Bet365 Risk Free Bet In-Play Offer;Bet365 Football Inplay Risk Free Bet Offer T&C

For this particular Bet365 promotion, check the full instruction in 3 Proven Methods To Lock-In Massive Profit From Bet365 Offers;Full Instruction on How To Lock-In Profit from Bet365 Offers Or my post of Step by Step Instruction To Secure Bet365 In-Play Offer Guaranteed Profit + Real Results;Bet365 In-Play Offer Guaranteed Profit

 , where you can see the example of Bayern Munich vs Arsenal match (I use 2 methods of standard Matched Betting & Dutching).

There are plenty of not only Risk Free Bet Sign Up but also simple Lose Bet refund opportunities. You might have overlooked or ignored them just because not knowing the simple underlaying tactics.

BTW, I used football example in this document. But as shown Skybet Cheltenham offer, Risk Free Bet is very common in Horse Betting. Actually, Horse Racing Refund makes an important role in matched betting. I strongly suggest you take a look at 10 Horse Racing Refund Offers – Value Based Best Selection & Tactics To Win;Horse Racing Refund Offers - How To Chose & Win Based On Value Feature Image , where we show how to gauge the value, prioritize & select the popular offers together with the specific tactics to extract cash from them.

Hope all our documents will bring you £ thousands additional sure online income.

Good Luck!!

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