Pinnacle Sports Review – Is Pinnacle Bet Really Perfect Sportsbook for Sharp Punters?

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Every Professional Punter Says Pinnacle Bet is “Must Have Bookmaker, Better Than Betfair", Why & Is It Really True?

Advantage Play – The Sharp, the Key Word for Pinnacle Review

Firstly, Please Avoid Prejudice of “Betting = Gambling". We Do Bet but Don’t Count On Luck. Rather, we do

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6 Advantage Playsadvantage play, full list based on mathematical edge to beat the bookies, casino & bingo. When it comes to Sports Betting & Horse Racing, we use Matched Bettingsports matched betting, full guide / Sports Arbitrage / Value Bets On Proven Tipsters to lock-in profit or consistently earn extra income for long-term. With that said, one of our policies is “Betting On Luck Is For Losers, Stop Gamble Betting But Bet on Only +EV (Expected Value)To Win Reliably. It is effectively our way to promote Responsible Gambling, and we strongly support GamCaregamcare logo being explained in about us. Our approach is seen as the professional punter a.k.a. The Sharp. Almost all bookies that target casual punters are called Soft Bookies and they hate the Sharp Punters & restrict our accounts. Having said, we definitely need the Sharp Bookmakers that accept the Sharp Punters to ensure our life-long profit. And Pinnacle bet has the excellent reputation in this regard and has been a representative of the sharp bookies. So, the objective of this document is to identify What & Why Pinnacle Bet Fit The Professional Punters’ Needs & If It’s Really Valid.

Worldwide Application

Allow me to clarify that our advantage play methods can apply every punter all over the world (except 8 countries). We have issued :

In these documents, you will find the specific methods that enable people from almost all countries to make the best use of the lucrative offshore advantage gambling opportunities you may have overlooked. Offshore Betting special report clearly describe how you can make the best use of Pinnacle Advantages. Pinnacle Sports accepts Bitcoin as payment option, therefore those who prefer to use Bitcoin, suggest read the above special report.

Pinnacle Bet Review Preface

Pinnacle Sports Banned Countries

Before starting Pinnacle Sportsbook Review even what Pinnacle Sports is, allow me to share Pinnacle Sports Banned countries to save your time as shown below. Since they simply don’t use geo-blocking, you may physically access to Pinnacle com login though, it doesn’t mean you can open Pinnacle Account. If you reside in the countries being listed, means you can’t open Pinnacle Account directly, go to the Solution enables you to access to Pinnacle Sports betting platform:bet broker, honest opinion feature image

So, Pinnacle Terms & Conditions says;Pinnacle Sports Banned Countries

If you’re not or you confirm you’re eligible to take the solution, then please continue.

Pinnacle Sports Picks – Educational 

Pinnacle bet is a Sports Betting offshore bookmaker (formerly known as Pinnacle Sports). They are famous for educating players with the academic but practical betting analysis articles. It publishes “3 must-read books for bettors – Improve your betting by reading these books"Pinnacle Sports Suggested Books The 3 choices are;

  • “Fooled by Randomness (Nassim Nicholas Taleb)" is a classic best seller of the probability theory
  • “Thinking, Fast and Slow (Daniel Kahneman) " is a masterpiece of prospect theory based on behavioral science by the Nobel Laureate
  • “The Signal and the Noise (Nate Silver) " focuses on the unique modern prediction method
I personally find them the excellent selections that can convert your mindset toward the sports betting, namely from gambling to investment. The sports betting is all about probability prediction based on statistics, of which winning rate is fully influenced by human behavior. Pinnacle bet article is all about education for the bettors to beat the bookies, sounds weird as a bookmaker? Actually, Pinnacle bet has been establishing its innovative business model since it started online bookmaking located in Curacao, Sports Betting ProducingNetherlands Antilles in 1998. Innovative, in the sense of high value (low margin) + low cost (no marketing of promotion / bonus) operation. It was the 1st attempt in the betting industry where most competitors fight using bonuses & sponsorship as their key tactics. Pinnacle’s quick-moving low juice lines educated players on the value of line shopping. It has gained excellent reputation among those who make successful living from punting. As said, we GEM focus on Advantage Gambling including Value Sports Betting On Proven Systems / Tipsters,. Therefore it’s our readers’ main interest (especially for those who use best Betting Systems or Tipsters & make a big win, a.k.a. High Rollers) to identify the Best Bookmaker For The Sharp Punters.


BTW, all the bookmakers we list not only in this report but also in our entire site are needless to say legitimate and being regulated by prominent gaming control board such as International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR), North American Gaming Regulators Association (NAGRA) & Gaming Regulators European Forum (GREF) etc. People often ask “Is Pinnacle Sports Legal?" “Is Pinnacle Sports Betting Legit?", Pinnacle Bet is licensed by MGA (Malta Gaming Authority)pinnacle sports review malta gaming authority & Curacao eGamingpinnacle sports review curacao egaming. So, basically they are remote from scum, fraud or any wrong doing. However, too much winnings could cause a big headache for everybody such as Bet365 over £1m payout Megan McCann court battle, so Be Modest – well, this is we usually say for most (soft) bookmakers, but as long as Pinnacle Sports Bet is concerned, you don’t need to worry about winnings, See Why in this Pinnacle Review.  

Pinnacle Bet Review Agenda Consists Of;


1. Introduction – Pinnacle Bet Reputation

Every sharp says Pinnacle bet is the best bookmaker. Consequently Pinnacle bet has the highest achievable rating in many bookmaker review websites. Let me quote Smart Betting Club (former Secret Betting Club, probably the most reputable tipster proofing & rating service) past survey (although it’s a bit old data but looks it still applies) as follows;

I want to share with you the Top Eight Football Bookmakers you MUST use (And why!). These results (below table) are taken from our recent SBC members survey, in which we listed 27 of the best known bookies. And asked our members (many of whom are professional gamblers) to score each of them from 1 to 10 based on their own experiences. The results were fascinating and below you can find our top 8 football bookmakersSecret Betting Club Bookmaker Ranking Secret Betting Club past survey

For those who are not familiar with Pinnacle bet, let me give you a bit more information about them. Pinnacle bet was Established in 1998 based in the Netherlands Antilles. Pinnacle license explains they have been fully licensed by the Government of the Netherlands, Antilles, on the island of Curacao, who are also, reassuringly, the regulating body (Department of Justice) for the gaming industry as well as Malta. Pinnacle bet is available in more than 200 countries around the globe as explained in About Us, and offer betting on all major sports and specials propositions as well as a casino.

What makes Professional Punters love Pinnacle Bet So Much?

Professional bettors demand The Best Value. Those are The Best Odds / High Betting Limits / No Account Discrimination. It means no matter how profitable punters become, they are treated the same & accept any price traders. Pinnacle bet clearly declare the following 4 Commitments in their site;

This is obviously different from common bookmakers’ business models that target recreational betters. So, we would like to review if they truly do what they declare, how they do & how they can be sustainable in both quantitative & qualitative way mainly through the interviews to Pinnacle Senior members I searched & collected in various on-line sites. So, let’s review the above (I) – (IV) commitments respectively.

2. Verification of 4 Unique Attributes

I’m trying to verify each points by copying & pasting the interview comments of ex Pinnacle Head of Online Acquisition, Ryan Henderson in the interview made by bettingexpert, Oddsportal & ZCode, and Pinnacle Senior Trader John T. made by SBR that was published as a video (you can watch it in (II) section) and a few other sources including public forums. Why Pinnacle Bookmaker

(I) Welcome Professional / Sharp Punters

Pinnacle page says;

Our Winners Welcome policy is very straight-forward. We do not limit, discriminate or close accounts of successful players, and here is why: – Our business model is focused solely on maximising volume irrespective of whether this is generated from profitable players – We need sharp players to help tighten our odds as we do not take positions – We have the confidence in our traders to focus on managing odds, not players


pinnacle sports winners welcome

Quotes from the interviews / forums;

Why does Pinnacle Sports welcome winning customers?

RH (Ryan Henderson): The answer to this question is quite straightforward. Our model works on volume, not customer profiling. We need high volumes of balanced bets to enable us to offer such low margins, and are confident enough in our traders’ abilities to know that so long as volume is high enough, our business is viable. This model means that we seek volume without concern as to whether that comes from winning players or not, so it’s the perfect place for people who don’t want to be limited. As we say on our promotions page, winners really are welcome.

Is Pinnacle Sports’ 'winners welcome’ policy absolute? Are there any circumstances where a winning customer may have their account restricted?

RH: There are no circumstances in which a legitimate winning customer will have their action limited. Issues only occur if they contravene any of our betting rules .

Some bookmakers choose to limit the accounts of their winning accounts or close them all together. What are your thoughts on this business model? Is it sustainable?

RH: Clearly this isn’t something we aspire to. Any bookmaker that takes this route is faced with a constantly high churn-rate of players and the inevitable customer dissatisfaction. As with many other online industries, peer review is becoming increasingly important to betting, underlined by the proliferation of odds comparisons and sites such as bettingexpert, which encourage bettor education. Any savvy bettor will shun a bookmaker that is restrictive in this way, as it is counter-intuitive to bet to win, but use a bookmaker that actively discourages that profitability.

Sounds Pinnacle has clear rationale for Pinnacle’s Business Model of Welcome Professional. Regarding the points of;

– We need sharp players to help tighten our odds as we do not take positions – We have the confidence in our traders to focus on managing odds, not players

See the comments in the next II Best Odds & Early Lines;

(II) Best Odds & Early Lines

Pinnacle page says;

Rated no.1 for payouts – Because Pinnacle offer the best odds online our bettors get the biggest payouts. Don’t just take our word for it, we are independently rated no.1 for payouts by one of the internet’s largest odds comparison sites against more than 50 other leading competitors. Best value odds – smallest margins – Margins are expressed as a number above 100%, with 100% meaning that there is a market with no “edge" for the bookmaker or bettor. For major soccer markets like the EPL, our margins are 2% compared to an industry average of 6%.

Quotes from the interviews / forums;

On your site, you say that your approach “needs sharp players to shape markets". How do winning customers help you to do this?

RH: Winning customers are often the first to bet into a market when the prices are what we might call ‘soft’. They will have their own ideas, from their own proprietary handicapping, about what the odds should be, so if our odds diverge from that, they will dive in. This causes the market to quickly move. A good example of this was after the Champions League semi-final draw, when Bayern Munich began as slight underdogs at home to Barcelona for the 1st leg. Almost instantaneous interest on Munich reversed the situation, and now those early bettors will be congratulating themselves on getting Munich at above the “shaped” market value, and congratulating Jupp Heynckes on a job well done (Munich won 4-0). Sharp players will also be very active close to start of events, when what we call ‘public money’ inflates the favourite’s odds, which sharper players might fade.

Your lines move much faster and much more precisely than any other book’s lines out there. How do the opening lines get set at Pinnacle? And is it true that you are not too concerned with having sharp opening lines, since you move them so easily and so quickly?

JT (John T.): Well, first of all you have to break it down into what we call sports with high liquidity and sports that are not as liquid. There are lots of sports like futsal, badminton, handball. These kinds of sports that we will throw up a line based on our best guess, whether other people in the market have it or whatever. Just our personal best guess. We’ll throw up a guess and let the public lead a way and teach us where the right price is and when we get to that right price we up limit a little bit and go from there. And public does a great job in teaching us and more often than not we might be losing in those kinds of situations. But that’s part of the business. In regards to the more major sports, again it depends. Usually, there’s some good thought that goes into the opening line. There’s times when we put up an opener before the rest of the world and obviously we’ll be using our thought of where we think the line will end up in that calculation. There are times when someone else might open before us but we might put a lean towards the number. Usually it’s an individual dealer, who’s in charge of that sport; he might consult one or two guys and we go with his opinion there. Sometimes you see a game as a dealer, sometimes you just inevitably think that you’re going to get a ton of money on one side or the other. So you naturally try to encourage money on the other side as early possible. But we do not have a roomful of savants or computer wizards generating opening lines. The head dealer picks a line. And I think our model is really the magical thing here, not necessarily genius of some dealer behind the scenes. It’s amazing how quickly, if you just move your line, you get to a really solid number.

(Interview Video the below is the video of John T Interview conducted by SBR)

Bookmaker Margin Survey Results

The below table confirms how the Pinnacle Customers are enjoying the best odds in the industry. I’m copying it from Australia Sports Betting which in principle may apply to many other countries (Pinnacle don´t selectively apply a low margin policy to certain markets but to every market they post. And unlike betting exchanges who advertise similar margins, don’t charge commission on winning bets, which negates the value of their odds); Bookmaker Margin Survey Pinnacle remains in a league of it own, with margins that are often half that of its competitors. Pinnacle Sports’s claim as a low margin bookmaker is validated.

(III) Highest Betting Limit

Pinnacle page says;

No bookmaker accepts bigger bets Pinnacle Sports stands out from the competition by consistently offering the highest maximum bet limits online, earning us the reputation as the bookmaker of choice for serious bettors.

Quotes from the interviews / forums;

Not only are our limits the highest online, bettors can build positions with successive bets to increase their stake and therefore, potential winnings. You can re-bet up to the maximum limit whether the price has changed or not , once a short period of time has elapsed. Pinnacle Sports operates this policy across all sports and bet types offered. Here’s what a forum user said about our 2012 Australian Open Final’s £40,000 limits: “You can bet that £40,000 over and over again, there is no true limit at Pinnacle, takes 3 seconds, no questions asked, and low juice most importantly, you could literally bet millions on this match. It’s crazy actually. Shows how sharp that line is.

Limit Amount

High-profile Foot Ball Leagues & North American sports by Pinnacle bet are covered as shown below ($30,000 limit). And every popular bet type features a limit of $5,000 or over, means it represents the absolute best high limit in almost every popular sport. Crucially, players can bet at the maximum limit & wait just a few seconds, then re-bet for the same amount, to build almost unlimited positions. It made a big noise by accepting $1,000,000 bets on 2014 World Cup final (see if you want)Pinnacle Stake Highest Limit

A Few Other Reputable High Roller Bookies

Some other famous bookies that accept high stakes are;

Bookmaker : Bookmaker is another excellent option for high limit betting. The site uses a $5,000 maximum limit on individual wagers made online. Bettors can also place wagers worth up to $20,000 over the phone and can always inquire about placing a larger bet with the approval of a manager. Bettors should expect to be capped at $10,000 for wagers on MLB and NBA games, while NFL games are set at a $20,000 limit. Bookmaker eu Sharp Punter Welcome 5Dimes : The set maximum limit for all major sports wagers online is $5,000. Individual bets over $5,000 must be performed via phone, and customer service does well to accommodate any desired wager amount. 5Dimes Extensive Cover Bookmaker Having observed, when it comes to high limit wagering, Pinnacle Sports seems to be no doubt one of the best.

(IV) Encourage Sports Arbitrage

Pinnacle page says;

We treat arbitragers like any other customer Pinnacle Sports is unique in welcoming arbitrage betting, and as we treat all players the same, arbitrage bettors will get the best odds and highest limits, just like everyone else.

Quotes from the interviews / forums;

Why Pinnacle Sports welcomes arbers? All bookmakers freeze account of surebet players because in long term they also loose money from this players. Why you let them play? Are other bookmakers wrong? How can you operate and be profitable with such low margins? How is possible that you have such big betting limits?

RH: Our business model is based on taking a small percentage from a large amount of action. The owners of the company identified a long time ago that rather than offering bigger and bigger bonuses, a high volume, low margin business model would provide us with a unique position in the betting marketplace. Over the last 14 years we have refined this business model with greater and greater success. This, and the very smart people that work for us, is the reason why we are able to offer high limits and accept all types of bettors. From the smaller €10/bet customer seeking the best price on Sparta Prague, to the high roller or arbitrage bet, all are welcome. Are other bookmakers wrong? Not necessarily, they just take a different approach and I’m happy they do as it allows us to accept all the action they turn away! 

Pinnacle Business Model

Why is Pinnacle Sports so Popular with Arbitragers?

RH: Add to this our willingness to accept arbitrage bets and it is easy to understand why Pinnacle Sports has an unrivalled reputation among the growing arbitrage community, which is increasingly subject to restriction at the majority of other bookmakers. In theory all bookmakers shouldn’t care about the motivation for placing a bet, but should simply look to balance the bet volume. Unfortunately, the reality is different, with many bookmakers taking a negative view of arbitrage. This limiting of arbitrage players is a reflection of a bookmaker’s short-comings, such as posting ‘bad odds’, or an inability to move odds fast enough to avoid being the focus of arbitrage players. The confidence we have in our trading staff is one of the reasons why we do not fear arbitrage action.

Actually, Pinnacle Sports is not only discriminating arbitrage players, but also promoting with an article explaining how to Arbitrage. (for those who are not familiar with Sports Arbitrage, Is Sports Arbitrage Really 100% Risk Free Sure Bet?surebet know the basics and risks feature image

Bet Exchange Alternative (Better Odds Than Betfair Exchange)

The Pinnacle’s high stake limit supports the arbitrager to rake meaningful profit. Besides, Pinnacle Sports offers Laying means if you live in the country where Exchange is not available, you can use Pinnacle Sports as an alternative because Pinnacle Odds is said to be better than Betfair exchange after considering its commission. For this particular point, you may want to take a look at Pinnacle Arbitrage – Alternative to Laying on Exchangespinnacle arbitrage, feature imagePinnacle is proven to be right to claim “Pinnacle is the only bookmaker to welcome arbitrage betting. We won’t close accounts, or restrict their activity. We treat arbitrage bettors like any other offering them the best odds and highest limits."

3. Key Drawbacks

Now, let me summarize possible drawbacks of Pinnacle Sports as below (I also quote some from the above sources);

Customer Service

The service with Pinnacle is limited. You can only contact them through e-mail ( ). The FAQ on the other hand is very big and will answer a lot of your questions. They don’t offer live chat or phone support to its users.

  • However their e-mail response is usually very quick & friendly, according to SBR;
SBR: Although SBR rates Pinnacle average due to a lack of phone support, they are easily the most efficient and well run. They are so efficient that there are rarely customer service issues and when there are, they are incredibly effective and very fast responding through email.

Pinnacle Bonus

Pinnacle doesn’t offer bonuses for new players.

RH: That is the only reason this bookmaker can have such high odds, as explained details in the above. In the long term, better odds are definitely more profitable than a one-time bonus, of which concept is defined as Permanent Bonus by Pinnacle.
Pinnacle No Welcome Bonus

Interview Quote;

Most bookmakers offer sign up bonuses. Pinnacle Sports doesn’t. Why?

RH: Sign-up bonuses incur an inevitable cost to a bookmaker, which many mitigate with complicated and restrictive terms and conditions. We prefer to build what we might spend on sign-up incentives directly into our odds, which is clearer for bettors to see and provides a much greater long-term benefit. It is another evidence to the focus strategy on increasing the Expected Value by lowering the margin with the saving of the bonus & operational cost.

Withdrawal Fee

If you withdraw funds more than once a month you will be charged, first one free, subsequent withdrawals charged at $25 a time.

Interview Quote;

Why is only one free skrill withdrawal per month? Elsewhere is no limited free withdrawals.

RH : Unfortunately, with just 1-2% margin on every market, we simply can’t afford to absorb all the costs associated with deposits and withdrawals that other bookies do. Of course you’re 'paying’ for your 'free’ withdrawals with much worse odds. It is always a case of choosing what is more important to you personally.

Players Acceptance

Same as other bookies, Pinnacle doesn’t allow people from some countries including US & UK citizens due to legislative issues.

Interview Quote;

The most common issue our clients are struggling with is finding a reliable US friendly online bookmaker. Pinnacle made a tough choice not accepting them, do you see the rules and regulations change anytime in future? I heard new gambling laws are being passed in US these days. Is there any hope?

RH : I believe that yes, there will be online betting allowed in the US one day. However, the law will probably be different from state to state and I expect the tax to be quite high. The old days of American bettors being able to bet at good value looks very unlikely, which is a real shame

Latest Status

“Is Pinnacle Sports USA available?" “When will Pinnacle Sports UK come back?" & “How to use Pinnacle Sports in UK" etc. are one of the most common inquiries we receive. At this stage, unfortunately there is no best solution to these questions. As shared at the beginning, the updated list of the countries Pinnacle don’t accept is;

Pinnacle Prohibited Countries List
You can see the Pinnacle sports banned countries latest list in Pinnacle T&C,

pinnacle bet, prohibited countries list
Click To Enlarge
As said before, we already have solutions. See the 6. Pinnacle Alternatives – For Those Who Can’t Access To Pinnacle Bet at the end.

4. GEM Priority Parameter Based Sportsbook Rankings

We GEM (Global Extra Money) assess & rate Best of The Bests Sports Bookmakers based on the below priority parameters from the perspective of Professional Punters. Be noted that all the bookies GEM selects to review are World Renowned Top Bookmakers so that fundamental requirements such as Safety / Legitimacy / Privacy are well assured as prerequisites.

  • If Accept Professional Punters (Price Trader – Matched Bettor & Sports Arbitrage etc. / High Profit Taker)
  • If Accept High Rollers (Level Of Maximum Betting Limit)
  • Best Odds Offering (Low Margin & Reduced Juice Availability & Early Lines & In-Play Odds)
  • Betting / Wager Options (including Parlay & Teaser Odds) + Coverage of Sports Events
  • New Comer Promotion & Loyalty Reward (Free Bets, Reload Bonuses etc)
  • Country Restrictions
Based on these parameters, we have prepared 2 Online Bookmakers list of;

Take a look whenever you have time.

5. Pinnacle Bet – Conclusions & Action Plans

Pinnacle Bet – Conclusions

March 2015, Pinnacle Sports confirmed a new majority ownership with a concerted drive into new global regulated markets, including Asia, along with significant up-scaling of IT infrastructure. CEO Paris Smith was keen to stress the company is maintaining a business as usual focus – delivering the best value odds online by saying;

I am extremely excited about working with our new major shareholder to realize a shared vision for Pinnacle Sports, which includes significant product enhancement and expansion into regulated territories. Though this deal denotes an important change for Pinnacle Sports, our customers should rest assured that the fundamental principles that make the brand so unique will not be compromised.Pinnacle CEO Interview
, which is a good news.

Claiming Advantages – Verified

Verification of 4 key unique advantages indicates that Pinnacle Sports is a no-frills serious bookmaker providing great odds together with the highest betting limits you are never likely to breach. Its odds are always shown to three decimal places and its payouts are also as precise & the payout rate is the industry No.1 (see the below chart showing the EPL – England Premier League example). Pinnacle Best for Sharp Punter It makes a point of not offering free bet lures or bonuses of any nature. Because its business model means it does not need to sweeten customers; the odds offered are incentive enough to do business with Pinnacle. This bookmaker is known for being very solid and having plenty of liquidity to cover large wins – as mentioned before it is famous for (see “accept $1,000,000 bets on World Cup final (Jul 10, 2014)") and will pay out within hours. Besides another important factor is to make your arbitrage betting plan pay out good money. Unlike many other bookmakers, you don’t need to worry about your betting patterns, deal with low limits or other arb unfriendly tactics.

Continuous Improvements

Sustainable business is not only assured by the unique business model but continuous improvement is a very important factor.

Live Betting
Allow me to make another quote from the above interview as; When it comes to In-Play betting, Pinnacle’s load times sometimes hinder fast betting, are there going to be any changes?  Pinnacle Live Betting
RH: Absolutely, as I’ve said we are actively looking at developing our in-play product.
Pinnacle eSports
Pinnacle Bet expanded into eSports Betting where the estimated 71million fans who annually watch online streams of sports like League of Legends, StarCraft, Defence of the Ancients (Dota) or Counter Strike and already reached the great mile stone of another 1 Million Wager Acceptance

All that said, we feel comfortable to conclude that Pinnacle Bet will keep providing the best value to the sharp punters.

Pinnacle Bet – Suggested Action Plans

Open An Account

Given the above verification, Pinnacle Bet is an essential bookmaker for those who want to develop solid Extra Income from our Sports Advantage Plays, especially from Sports Arbitrage & Value Bet on Proven Tipsters. Even if you’re already happy at your current sportsbook, there’s no reason that prevents you from using Pinnacle Sports. Therefore,

  • if you reside in the country Pinnacle Bet accept, then open an account free.
  • if your country is restricted, then go to solution
If you

Make Consistent Profit via Advantage Plays

You may consider the following money making actions;

Sports Arbitrage

Take a look at practical instruction of  Sports Arbitrage – Cheat Sheet For Dummies To Be A Seasoned Arber Overnight. Then, as suggested in the above document, start using Top Rated Automated Software System such as; RabelBetting, for its full review, see  The Truth About World Best Sports Arbitrage Software

Rebelbetting CEO Photo
Interview With Rebel Betting CEO

Value Bet On Proven Tipsters

For those who seek value betting to achieve sustainable income from betting, suggest take a look at  3 Methods To Eliminate Fake Tipsters & Select Genuine Bestfake tipster, feature image , where I quoted some of Pinnacle Bet articles. Then, start using Top Rated Betting System such as; Z-Code. For its full review, go Full Inside Analysis / Founder Interview / Secret Of Winners Worldwidezcode review, latest feature image ZCode suggested Pinnacle Bet as the main bookmaker and their quoted price is Pinnacle’s price. You will find the full instruction on how to make money with ZCode & Pinnacle in the above documentation as well as ZCode Success Formula – Key Differences Between Winners & Losers.

However, let me excerpt the safe model example including basic money management & expected profit as follows;

Before Sign-Up: 75% Permanent Discount Link

Firstly, make the best use of our GEM readers’ advantage. Never ever fail to check if the Discount New Link is being activated or not, if it is, don’t miss the opportunity & sign up immediately. Before clicking the link, suggest you clear all cookies / caches & reboot your PC because if you used other Zcode link before, that cookie could prevent the discount link from working properly. Still not working? Sorry, just wait and come back from time to time.

Once Sign-Up

Money Management – Decide Your Betting Unit

  • Let’s assume your initial bank is $2,000.
  • Allocate 1% of your bank for your each bet as David does, means $20 / bet. Nothing is set on stone with this allocation, but if you’re are a newbie, this is very safe approach. So, $20 is your 1 Betting Unit.

Chose The Systems & Place Bet

  • Select your preferred betting systems / experts.  Go Hot Trend and check Top Performing Automated System Rating (computer generated tips) & Top 30 Expert Rating (human experts’ tips).
  • Let’s use Top Performing Auto System Ranking (the same as David used at the outset) and say you follow the current top system (based on the last 3 months active records), which is Zet System with around 39% ROI.
  • Means you can expect $7.8 profit from every 1 Unit ($20) bet for long-term (don’t get me wrong, this is an expected value in long-term, in short-term you may face losing streak due to the variance). The suggested tip varies 0.5 – 5 units based on the confidence on each event.

zsystem picks examples

Tips on Choosing Winning Systems

Many of our members asked for the best way to select the winning systems. Click the below image and listen to the ZCode Podcast to learn the automated system expert’s “Hand Picks Automated Systems Portfolio and Tips on choosing the winning systems";ZCode Automated System Podcast

Expected Profits
  • If you place 60 units/month (average 2 units/day), you expect $468 profit by risking $1,200, 60% of your total bank every month.
  • If you get 75% discount of ZCode subscription, your net profit will be around $420 / month. 21% return against your total bank of $2,000 or 35% return against the fund you risked.
  • Bear it in mind, the suggestion of units/stake differs from each system or expert’s picks. This is by far the safest profit model. It is based on the money management of 1% betting unit by risking 60% of your total bank, means your 40% of your total bank is completely intact & treat it as a reserve.
  • If you increase 1 unit from 1% to 2%, the return will be double but so as the risk. Same as increasing the units you place/month. Simply, the return corresponds to the risk proportionally.
  • You can withdraw the profit every month by keeping the original bank or you can re-invest your profit. In 3 months, your bank would be well over $3,000 from $2,000. Then your 1 Unit will have become $30 thus the monthly profit will be $654, 56% profit growth compared to the 1st month. The burden of your subscription fee will get smaller & smaller, and you will be amazed to see the power of compounding investment, which is being experienced by David.

Stick To The System For A While

  • Importantly, once you select the system, stick to it for a while. Never change just because you face loosing streaks which is a formula of failure.
  • You can’t always win, loosing is inevitable, but if the system you choose is top rated, you will be profitable at the end of the day.

Why is this point so important? Because it’s the fundamental reason why 2 punters who start following the same tipster can often end up with very different results. See “Understanding your Betting Strike-Rate & The Losing Runs that go with it“, which gives you a good insight on it.

Pinnacle Alternatives – For Those Who Can’t Access To Pinnacle Bet

Just in case you have not accessed to the Solution we listed at the beginning, allow me to explain that the simple solution is using a Bet Broker. The Bet Broker also called Bet Agent is a Middleman between bookmakers & you. Bet broker provides their clients with a single account that connects multiple bookmakers & betting exchanges. And some bet brokers include Pinnacle Sports, means you can indeed bet in Pinnacle. For full details, take a look at; Honest Opinion About Bet Broker & How To Use Them Safely & Smartlybet broker, honest opinion feature imageWhen it comes to how to make the best use of bet brokers for advantage play, go to How To Make Money From Offshore Sports Betting With 3 Advantage Plays.

For US Players, unfortunately most of the trusted bet brokers don’t accept US citizens, so you may consider as the undisputed best alternative to Pinnacle Bet – see their & other world best bookies’ latest offers.  


Finally, continuous improvement comes from continuous learning. Pinnacle added another article related with the suggested books in Improve your betting with these five books – Best betting books as recommended by our readersPinnacle Recommended Books , which are;

  • Success Equation: Untangling Skill and Luck in Business, Sports and Investing (Michael Mauboussin)
  • What I learned losing a million dollars (Jim Paul and Brendan Moynihan)
  • Market Wizards: Interviews with top traders (Jack D. Schwager) 
  • How to Find a Black Cat in a Coal Cellar: The Truth about Sports Tipsters (Joseph Buchdahl)
  • Trading Bases: A Story about Wall Street, Gambling, and Baseball (Joe Peta)
The first 3 books are skewed toward general theory but these 5 books are more on practical guide on specific theme such as sports traders, tipster and baseball etc. Anyhow, be absorbed in reading first, after you finish these 8 books, another 4 books are waiting for youpinnacle sports review education books, namely
  • Antifragile: Things that gain from disorder (Nassim Nicholas Taleb),
  • The Real Story of Risk: Adventures in a Hazardous World (Glenn Croston)
  • Mean Markets and Lizard Brains: How to Profit from the New Science of Irrationality (Terry Burnham)
  • Trading in the Zone (Mark Douglas)
,   So, Shape your knowledge to Sharpen your betting, you can keep winning in Pinnacle Sports who claims “We accept the bets, and don’t discriminate whatever the motivation – we manage odds, not players." If you need any assistance from us, please Contact Us AnytimeGlobal Extra Money Contact, we will get back to you as quickly as possible, usually within less than 24 hours;   Good Luck!! Joshua Walker

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