Smart Ways To Use Top 3 Lowest House Edge Games To Extract Casino Bonus

Smart Ways To Use Top 3 Lowest House Edge Games To Extract Casino Bonus

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If You Want To Beat The Casino, Be Smart to Use Bonus & Chose The Lowest House Edge Games To Earn Real Money!!
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Lowest House Edge Casino Games – Introduction

Firstly, our aim of playing online casino is to achieve Extra Income by focusing on how to cash-out the bonus from the casino sites as quickly & effectively as possible rather than how to enjoy & win casino. Gambling is For Losers. We use Advantage Play. We Don’t Count On By Chance but Solely Rely On Mathematical Advantage. Playing the Lowest House Edge Games is one of the very basic tactics to do so.

This document is a part of the series of Step-By-Step Instructions about How To Turn Casino Bonus Into Real Cash Effectively. For the full List Of Instructions, please see Casino Bonus Hunting Guide – 7 Key Tactics, where you can find several unknown casino bonus tactics. You may also want to check Advantage Play

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As mentioned, we never count on luck (, which is the definition of gambling) but rely on simple mathematical edge. With that said, one of our policies is “Betting On Luck Is For Losers, Stop Gamble Betting But Bet on Only +EV To Win Reliably“. and it is effectively our way to promote Responsible Gambling under the regulation, and we strongly support GamCaregamcare logo being explained in about us.

We focus on the specific instruction on The 3 Lowest House Edge Games & The Best Way To Play in this report. And it is a Spin-off of document of Casino Bonus Strategy – How To Beat Online Casino With Expected Value Betting. 

So, in case you have not read it, suggest you do to get better insight on the fundamental approach to beat the casino with Expected Value Betting.

Why You Need To Play The Lowest House Edge Games

In the above document, I explained why extracting Bonus is the Only Surest Way to beat online casino based on the House Edge & Expected Value concept. And I introduced Key Strategies of 3 Casino Games (Blackjack, Roulette & Slots) as the most popular & relatively low house edge. But from purely house edge point of view, there are a few better choices as shown in the below image;

Casino House Edge Explanation


The left end “Victorious” is a slot game of which RTP (Return To Player) is around 96.9%. RTP % is just the flip side of house advantage, meaning 3.1% (100% – 96.9%) is a house edge. RTP of 96.90% means for every £100 wagered the slot will pay out £96.90. It is pretty good among all slots based on the standard evaluation of;

Superb: 98% < / Excellent: 97% – 98% / Great 95% – 97% / Acceptable 93% – 95% / Low: > 93%

Anyhow, the above image shows 4 table games are less house advantage than the most popular machine game that is Slot. Victorious Slot Machine Image

Having said, surprisingly, the lowest house edge game is a Machine game, Video Poker. According to that produced the above infographics, Video Poker is the only game where players can have an advantage. In other words, if you keep playing the Video Poker you will theoretically win without fail for long-term.

How Much Impact – EV Calculation

So, does a few % really matter? How much does it affect on our profitability when extracting Casino Bonus? Let’s see numbers in EV (Expected Return) as usual.

The EV is calculated with the following formula;

EV = Bonus (£) – (WR Amounts (£) x House Edge (%))

Let’s use the example of Gala Casino offer of;

Deposit £20 get £80 free with 20 times (ag. Deposit + Bonus) WR Gala Casino Bonus

Slot Case

EV = £80 – (£2,000) x 3.2% = £16

Video Poker

EV = £80 – (£2,000) x -0.7% = £94

Wow, you see how important to select the lowest house edge game which significantly impacts on your expected profitability.

However, unfortunately the above Gala offer excludes Poker games but other low house edge games such as Craps or Baccarat are permitted although the contribution of WR is smaller than slot but bigger than Blackjack. So, again it’s a good reminder that you need to check T&C carefully before taking any offer. Nevertheless, we feel it’s very important for all our readers to know the lowest house edge games tactics other than Blackjack.


3 Lowest House Edge Games

Now, let’s go into the specific tactics on the 3 Lowest House Edge Games which we have not covered in Casino Bonus Strategy – How To Beat Online Casino With Expected Value Betting. I start up with the lowest one Video Poker though, as seen from the above Gala Casino case, some casinos don’t allow you to use Video Poker to progress WR, therefore don’t omit the Craps & Baccarat.

1) Video Porker

  • 1) Video Porker Video Poker House Edge

Key Direction

There are many video pokers you can chose when you go into Poker Lobby as blow; Video Poker Varieties

The most popular Video Poker game is “Jacks or Better” or “Bonus” related Poker”. But when it comes to the lowest house edge, Deuces Wild is the winner. If you use optimal strategy on Deuces Wild, the house edge goes in negative with -0.7%, in other words, players have an edge over the casino. Video Poker Deuces Wild

In order to aim at this lowest edge, you need to select Full Pay Deuces Wild Video Poker (“Full Pay” means the top payout machine while short pay” game is a decreased payout.) The full pay table is as follows; House Edge Deuces Wild Video Poker

(Source: The Wizard of Odds)

Playing Tactics

So, you need to use the optimal strategy based on the initial five-card hand. The basic Deuce Wild Poker rule first;

  • In order to win you need at least a 3 of a kind. This is because all four 2’s in the deck are wild cards. Given the condition, you will need a different strategy than a video poker machines without wild cards.
  • How does the Deuce “2” work in the game? As seen from the below image, when you get “2” in your hand, the machine automatically suggests “Hold” together with the other cards that gives you more pay. In this case 2 x Queen (One Pair) thus combining 1 x “2” wild card you already have 3 of a kind (, means you already win); Deuces Wild Video Poker Screen
  • If you want to follow the machine’s suggestion, then just Draw, the result could be; Deuces Wild Video Poker Screen
  • However, the machine doesn’t always suggest and even if it does it is not necessarily designed to achieve the lowest edge. Therefore it’s very important to ensure you follow the optimal strategy.

Simple Optimal Strategy

Let me quote the instruction of Simplified Optimal Strategy introduced in The Wizard of Odds which I think easy to follow & remember as follows;

The following strategy is my “simple strategy" for deuces wild video poker. Using the strategy on a full pay machine will result in an expected return of 100.71%. Compared to the optimal strategy return of 100.76%, mistakes in the simple strategy will cost 0.05%, or one total bet every 1869 hands. To use the strategy look up all viable ways to play an initial hand on the following list and elect that which is highest on the list.

4 deuces

  1. 4 deuces

3 deuces

  1. Pat royal flush
  2. 3 deuces only

2 deuces

  1. Any pat four of a kind or higher
  2. 4 to a royal flush
  3. 4 to a straight flush with 2 consecutive singletons, 6-7 or higher
  4. 2 deuces only

1 deuce

  1. Any pat four of a kind or higher
  2. 4 to a royal flush
  3. Full house
  4. 4 to a straight flush with 3 consecutive singletons, 5-7 or higher
  5. 3 of a kind, straight, or flush
  6. All other 4 to a straight flush
  7. 3 to a royal flush
  8. 3 to a straight flush with 2 consecutive singletons, 6-7 or higher deuce only

0 deuces

  1. 4,5 to a royal flush
  2. Made three of a kind to straight flush
  3. 4 to a straight flush
  4. 3 to a royal flush
  5. Pair
  6. 4 to a flush
  7. 4 to an outside straight
  8. 3 to a straight flush
  9. 4 to an inside straight, except missing deuce
  10. 2 to a royal flush, J,Q high


Outside straight: An open ended straight that can be completed at either end, such as the cards 7,8,9,10.

Inside straight: A straight with a missing inside card, such as the cards 6,7,9,10. In addition A,2,3,4 and J,Q,K,A also count as inside straights because they are at an extreme end.

Any hand that does not appear on the above lists should never be played. Most notably a two pair, keeping a single pair has a higher expected value.

Example: Suppose you have the following hand. Deuces Wild Video Poker Hand

The top two plays are (1) keep the pat flush, and (2) keep the 4 to a straight flush. The 4 to a straight flush consists of 3 consecutive singletons with a range of 5-7 or greater. This appears higher on the list than a pat flush,and is thus the better play.

(Source; The Wizard of Odds)

BTW, in any of the video poker games, you can expand your hands often up to 10 like below; Deuces Wild Video Poker Screen Hand

You may get such a good hand like below; Deuces Wild Video Poker Screen

You hold all your cards then; Deuces Wild Video Poker Screen

Jacks or Better Video Poker Strategy

I’m sure most of the casino sites offer Deuce Wild game. However, just in case it’s not available, then Jacks or Better (House Edge is 0.46% in Full Pay) is probably the one you don’t miss. Therefore I also give you its optimal strategy that is simpler (or fewer choices) than Deuce Wild as follows;

If you have been dealt four of a kind, straight flush, or royal flush then hold all. Otherwise, make the most from the cards contained in your hand by using the following priorities: Jacks Or Better Video Poker Strategy


In case you want to try the real poker rooms online, you need “Best Crypto Poker Sites – Latest Soft List to Prey Fishes" to beat the weak players hard.

2) Craps

  • 2) Craps Casino Craps Strategies

Key Direction

Unlike the other casino games, Craps doesn’t have many game variations to select but just a standard version like below; Casino Craps Rule Explanation

If you’re new to Craps, read How To Play first carefully because the betting method is the optimal strategy. The best way you understand what it does mean is reviewing at the below table that indicates the difference of the house edge based on the betting method; Craps House Edge List

(Source: The Wizard of Odds)

The center column % is a house edge while the right end column number shows standard deviation. Simply put, the optimal strategy is choosing the ones with the lowest combination of house edge & standard deviation. which are:

  • Odds Bet (0%)
  • Pass / Come Bet (1.41%)
  • Don’t Pass / Don’t Come Bet (1.36%)

Play Tactics

In a nutshell, you should not make any other bets than the above 3 bets. These 3 bets are the lowest house edge among all Craps bets, and many other bets are extremely high house edge. So we can interpret this that Casino get profits from these high house edge bets and generously redistribute the profits into those who bet the above 3 bets.

Having said,

  • Come Out Roll – Always Bet on Pass Line; Craps Game Tactics
  • When it goes into Series after establishing the Point – Place Odds Bets (to the maximum if you want); Craps Game Tactics


  • Come Out Role – Bet Don’t Pass which is slightly lower house edge but can’t place odds bet (assuming you play online you don’t have to care for the Taboo betting on Dark Side which provoke other player’s antipathy by expecting the shooter to lose); Craps Game Tactics
  • Just Keep Don’t Pass Bet after the shooter establishes Point; Craps Game Tactics

These are the simplest very basic tactics which make your result as close to the lowest house edge of Craps as possible (for those who want to learn more tactics, go craps for money that introduces top 5 craps strategies).

Just in case, if you don’t follow the logic of the original Craps house edge for each bet and the above tactics, just look at the below probability of dice number combination; Probability of Dice Number


Remember the number “7” has the largest probability, and there are four ways to throw craps (2,3,12) and eight ways to throw winner (7,11). That means that players have advantage on come out roll. This is compensated after the point number is thrown as it is the casino who has the edge. It is the basic principle behind all the above logic.

Key Note

Casino’s principle is the higher the real odds the larger the House’s mark-up, which is clearly observed in the Craps house edge table. Never be tempted by the big payout like “Any 7" that gives the house a massive 16.67% advantage.  The worst thing you can do in Craps is make “Big Round”, Hard Way or Field bets.  Punters who bet on individual numbers is the big money maker for casinos, and you as a smart punter should focus on the simple & boring best strategy that yet gives you the biggest return in the end.

You want to try Craps in the best online casinos, check “World Best Offshore Betting Sites Offers" which is based on sportsbook criteria but they are all-in-one sites including casino & poker. 

3) Baccarat

  • 3) Baccarat Baccarat Strategies

Key Direction

Baccarat is probably the simplest casino game; Baccarat Game Rule

This is the game of Banker vs Player (not you, online Baccarat both are done by computer) and what you do is only betting.

You have only 3 main bets in Baccarat, you can either bet on the “Player” square, the”‘Banker” square or on a tie.

Here are the odds of the Player and Banker winning and the tie:

  • Banker: 44.615% – Payout 0.95-to-1 (5% is a Casino Commission)
  • Player: 45.843% – Payout 1-to-1
  • Tie: 9.543% – Payout 8-to-1

Well, actually you don’t have to be bothered by all these payout & odds etc. all you need to know is the final House Edge for each case.

Casino Commission

However, the only point you keep in mind when selecting Baccarat game is the Commission Casino deduct for Banker Bet Win. The absolute standard is 5%, and the common house edge publicized is based on this 5%. However, occasionaly you can find slightly lower commission like 4% or temporary lowered during the promotion period, if you are lucky enough to find such Baccarat you should select it.

Play Tactics

Since you are not a game player, there is no particular best game strategy but simple Do & Don’t Betting Instruction as an optimal strategy based on the house edge on each bet. See the house edge as below; Baccarat House Edge List

(Source: The Wizard of Odds)

Having seen the odds, the Do & Don’t are;


Let’s start Don’t first. It’s absolutely clear forget about Tie bet. Tie will happen approximately one in 11 times, and the payout is 8-to-1 (sometimes with player / banker bets remaining for the next hand), which will result in horrible house edge of nearly 15%. Baccarat Game Strategies


Always bet on Banker since the Banker’s house edge of 1.06% is better than the Player’s house edge of 1.24%. Simple as that; Baccarat Game Strategies

Baccarat Game Strategies

So, try to find lower commission game and keep betting on Banker, that’s it.

BTW, you may want to try Baccarat in the safest casino sites, check “List of Most Trusted Best Online Casinos in Europe" based on 4 key critical criteria. 

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If you have any inquiry or need any help from us, please contact us anytimeGlobal Extra Money Contact (don’t worry, we will not charge you any fee, everything is free here).

Good Luck!!

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