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Our Honest ZCode System Review Reveals All Pros & Cons Of The Most Successful Sports Betting System and Step By Step Instruction Of How To Make Kick-Start For Any People In The World.!!

ZCode Review Introduction

Firstly, Please Avoid Prejudice of Betting = Gambling. We Do Betting but Don’t Count On Luck. Rather, we do 

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6 Advantage Playsadvantage play, full list based on mathematical edge to beat the bookies, casino & bingo. With that said, one of our policies is “Betting On Luck Is For Losers, Stop Gamble Betting But Bet on Only +EV (Expected Value)To Win Reliably. Actually, it is effectively our way to promote Responsible Gambling, and we strongly support GambleAwaregambleaware logo being explained in about us. When it comes to the Sports Betting, we suggest Matched Betting or Arbitrage Betting as the starter because we win every bet safely. However, these techniques are all about scalping small profits due to their risk-hedging nature. Besides, the recent rapid popularity of matched betting makes many bookies tighten the control in various ways. Typically, restrict the accounts by labeling them “Bonus Abuser”. Means the 2 approaches could be more short-lived down the road. Given the circumstances, Value BetSports Value Betting, Producing Extra Money Produced By Proven Tipster will take your betting to the next level by solving the problems with much better Efficiency (bigger profit in less time) for long-term. Obviously, the KFS – Key Factor Of Success, and the most difficult part of this method is how to locate The Real Proven Tipsters. This document, ZCode Review reveals how the unique betting prediction system truly works by revealing all inside information including the detail interview with the Zcode founder.

Global Application

As our name Global Extra Money (GEM) suggests, we aim to Help Ordinary People Earn Extra Income GLOBALLY. Betting system is often localized, but ZCode is being used by the punters all over the world. Therefore, our ZCode Review will also examine & validate how Zcode System can Truly Enable Even Betting Newbies To Be Profitable From Anywhere In The World. When it comes to global application, we have separately issued :

In these documents, you will find the specific methods that enable people from almost all countries to make the best use of the lucrative offshore advantage gambling opportunities (the above 3 sports betting methods) you may have overlooked. I have to stress that especially the above Bitcoin Betting will pave the way for all US citizens and those who can’t access to online bookmakers to make thousands of extra income risk-free. In fact, how to make the best use of ZCode System ability using Bitcoin is included.  Very useful, worth your time to check. As a side note, except 8 Countries (Cyprus, Poland, North Korea, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia) where on-line gamble is legally prohibited, all of you can make profit from matched betting, see the above report for full details.

US Gambling Law Updates

For US Citizens, regarding the US Gambling Law, long-awaited sports betting legalization just started. On 14 May 2018, the Supreme Court struck down PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 1992), federal law which opens the door to legalizing the estimated $150 billion (estimated by American Gambling Association) in illegal wagers on professional and amateur sports that Americans make every year. Means, US bettors will no longer be forced into the black market to use offshore wagering operations or illicit bookies. Placing bets will be done on mobile devices, fueled and endorsed by the lawmakers and sports officials who opposed it for so long. Although UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Act) has still made US bettors life difficult, the above Bitcoin Betting will give you the solutions. BTW, all the bookmakers we list not only in this article but also in our entire site are needless to say legitimate and being regulated by UK Gambling Commission or prominent gaming control board such as International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR), North American Gaming Regulators Association (NAGRA) & Gaming Regulators European Forum (GREF) etc. So, basically they are remote from scum, fraud or any wrong doing. However, too much winnings could cause a big headache for everybody such as Bet365 over £1m payout Megan McCann court battle, so Be Modest, Just FYI.

ZCode Sytem – Latest News

We periodically add ZCode System topical information here, so before moving into ZCode Review, spare a few minutes to feel the taste of what you can get from this fantastic system a bit. If you are already a ZCode VIP Club, go ZCode Login, then access to VIP forum to check the updates;

NBA 2019-20 season

NBA new season is starting, aatch the ZCode NBA 2019-20 preview;

ZCode New Member Experience

Zcode System regularly conducts Podcast by inviting experienced members to help others. However, this time they invited a new member Michael to talk about his ZCode experience,  which includes;

  • Betting options for Canadian players
  • Choosing online bookies?
  • Starting with zcode and the proper mindset
  • Overcoming stress with sports
  • What bankroll you need to get started?
  • Following automated systems
  • Rookie mistakes to avoid?
  • Creating your own system?
  • Picking winnings in MLB and Tennis?
Click the below image that navigates to the Podcast. Since the length is nearly 1 hour, listen when you have enough time; zcode podcast march

Our GEM Member’s ZCode Experience

Access to ZCode Success Formula – Key Differences Between Winners & LosersZCode System Winners & Losers Feature Image where you will find how our member turned $1,500 into $20,000 in 2 years. Importantly, huge 75% permanent discount link seems to be still working now, so check it now.  

ZCode Review – What’s ZCode System All About?

ZCode System is a Winning Sports Investing Software.

Investing Rather Than Gambling

This system declares “It can predict games and results with extremely high accuracy. You place the bets according to the recommendation and win. The same approach was used in Forex, that’s why we call it sports investing, not gambling. No matter if you live sports or have no clue about sports you can win with us.” ZCode’s approach is more or less the same as our GEM concept using advantage plays. Investing or gambling depends on the level of certainty, and ZCode smart money always seeks for certainty & value. This is the base to determine if people can live off sports betting, which you will find the detail rationale in HEREMake A Living Sports Betting, Feature Image

Proofing Tips – Authenticated Achievements

It repeatedly says “Proven System”. It’s a fully transparent system by back-testing all way back to 1999. They did forward testing publicly. It is the link to download full live performance since October 2011: + $5,889 by betting fixed $100 bets. Above all, all the tips are publicized in the site & private forum. Means, “Proofing Tips” are essentially done by all the members. Therefore we would say all the records are authentic & reliable. It published “Sports Investing Bible” being sold via Amazon. It outlines several winning systems from experts who make a living through sports investing. They demonstrate how to take the gambling out of sports betting. ZCode just added Audible Version to the above Bible and also being sold through Amazon, which you can listen anytime anywhere conveniently. This audio book is exactly the same contents of the above paper book. It is your crash course in sports investing that destroys popular misconceptions and provides invaluable sports prediction analysis tools. I believe reading our ZCode Review & listening to The Bible ( & accessing ZCode Free Trial )will give you a great insight on this system as well as the winning principle of the sports betting experts.

ZCode Review Agenda



A) ZCode Review – Interviewed with Mike Zed

We share the interview (Q&A By E-mail) with Mr. Mike Zed, creator of ZCode System. It was conducted by one of my associates in the past, which I updated with additional Q&A with Mike in January 2016.ZCode Review, Founder Interview

I. Qualitative Dimension

1.    Company Background & Snapshot

Please introduce your company or organization briefly, when & how did you start this business with what vision / ambition etc?

  • Created by the most successful FX EA (expert advisor) team, and Zcode is our brand new development – a winning sports investing software that can predict games and results with extremely high accuracy. This system is a private members club that reveals recommended bets for the day’s sporting events. The cold, analytical approach of the system is designed to take emotions out of sports gambling so that only bets with the highest chance of success are placed.
Huge Data Base & Sophisticated Analysis
  • Z-Code System reviews sporting history to identify the most secure bets for these day’s sporting events. The way Z-Code system works, is that it compares past sporting events with the day’s line up of matches. We have a vault of statistics going back to 1999, which is used to identify similarities between the past and present teams. The system is not used to provide a recommended winner for each game, but to only identify the games where there is a very high probability of certain events happening.
  • It is not just about placing a bet on a sports team to win or lose. It is about identifying specific aspects of the match that are most likely to happen, such as goals scored, fouls committed, whether there will be more than 5 points scored etc.
Fully Transparent System
  • After experiencing considerable success in Facebook testing groups and 3rd party sports bet trackers as proven by testimonials, sporting fans worldwide are acting quickly to gain access to the private members forum which has Zcode Review, Expert Systemlimited spaces available.
  • Zcode is a fully transparent winning system proven since 1999. 

Please list your physical address & contact points (tel / fax / e-mail address etc), and if any members wants to visit you, are you ready to meet them in your office?

  • Our company is located in Austria. We don’t have walk-in offices since it’s online project

Do you need any license to provide your current service? If yes, please advise its details.

  • No.

You may want to elaborate a bit on your ethical philosophy for managing business in internet industry where people face many unethical rogues.

High Ethical Standard
  • Unlike other betting services we want to profit WITH and not FROM you… that’s why we do not charge insane amounts like USD $2,000 a month even though we easily could.
  • We KNOW that you will be successful and rather go for a long-term happy relationship instead of a bogus rip-off, that usually consists of a scammer selling his “advice” for money instead of a highly advanced computer system such as Z-Code.

Please share the present # of subscribers of your service – this is mainly for evaluating your influence to bookies, because large numbers of bet on specific sports event at the same time may get bookies to:

  • change the odds quickly (means some members are not able to obtain the price you suggest)
  • doubt the members’ information source (means the members could be regarded smart punter who obtain quality tipster advice, thus their accounts could be restricted)

ZCode Review, Offers Reasonable Price

  • We have several hundreds of successful members, many of them stay active over 2-3 years enjoying the service
  • If existing member fails to pay fee, their membership will be void and their seat be given to another happy camper on the waiting list (3654 as of now)


2.    Programme Service Details

Please spell out your handicapping services by covering the following points:

1) Sports Categories (countries) you specialize

NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, WNBA, NCAAB, Soccer, NCAAF and Horse Racing. 

ZCode Review, Yearly Sports Tips Schedule
Click To Enlarge

Because they are popular and therefore allow high volume betting with the bookies (above 10s of thousands of $$$ per single bet) and second, because we wanted to rake in profits all year long and not just for a season or two while having to sit out all the other action.

2) Type of bet you focus (match / half / Asian-handicap etc.)

Moneyline, Point Spread, Totals

3) # of signal per day (average)

It depends on the system you follow! We currently have over 120 successful systems included in the package. All of them give signals based on their statistical analysis. These picks are most likely to be winners and have performed very well for a number of years. You can’t expect them all to be winners because no one can possibly predict every games outcome, but these zcode picks are about as good as you can get in the sports betting industry.

4) General schedule of your signal (hrs before event / time / day etc.)

Anytime when the value bet opportunity is identified and usually 14-16 hours before the game! Some picks like “Line reversals” are placed right before the game start as they use “sharp money” and “smart money moves”

5) Available method of sending signal

24 hrs access to the system through internet or app.

6) List of Most used bookmakers

The main bookies used are: Bookmaker eu / Pinnacle / BetOnline / 5DimesBet365 / William Hill / Asianconnect (Bet Broker)

ZCode Review, Suggest 5Dime Bookmaker
Click To Enlarge
7) Availability of staking suggestion (money management)

1% of total bankroll on each bet

8) Service fee plan

Membership Rates VIP Package $198 / month 

The Z Code System Membership will include:

  • VIP membership with instant access to all the Winning Sports Picks. All sports included!
  • Video tutorials to show users the predictions & picks easy to understand even if they know nothing of sports at all.
  • The comprehensive Guide, FAQ & Money management System. This chapter is also added with full 100% blueprint for extra incomes right at your fingertips.
  • The well trained, friendly support team led by the support chief, Andy.
  • Bonus tools and Zlab Tools that we develop and keep updating
  • Access to over 120 winning systems, fully automatic and manual

The program is sold through Clickbank which provides a no questions asked refund guarantee of 60 days after the purchase so you can try it risk free.


Regarding the subscription fee, ZCode System Periodically Offers Huge Permanent Discount for Our GEM Members, go to C) Drawback & Solution 1. Price section for details.

9) Any other special remarks

Not only does the system consistently pick a high rate of winners but the experts that interact in the members area offer a gold mine of insight that handed me more than a couple of winning picks that I would not have otherwise picked.

Is there any capping you intend to set for the total number of clients from optimal management viewpoint (this is related with the above odds & account restriction concern)?

ZCode Review, Member Number Limit
Click The Image To Enlarge

Unfortunately, good things can not be open for everyone but an inner circle of trusted ones. As the saying goes, too many cooks ruin the soup… we must limit the membership in order to keep the odds of the bookmakers in our favour and keep milking them like the fat cows they are to us ;) Remember, if too many people are using the same system, it will become ineffective as the odds will be influenced as a lo of ZCode Smart Money comes in. Now, you are definitely in luck and at a very important point in your life.

Limited Membership

You’ve got the chance to stay in the inner circle and keep making profits with Zcode, or you can leave and give your seat to another happy camper because… and this is very important There are not enough Z-Code Memberships For Everyone :( In fact, it wasn’t an easy decision but in order to maintain the functionality and integrity of Z-Code we plan to close our doors as soon as we fill our spots!)

3.    Team Biography

Could you share your background / qualification that can be relevant to your handicapping service?

  • Zcode System was developed by the friendly team of sports experts.
    ZCode Review, Team Members Profile
    Click The Image To Enlarge
    We win because we combine the power of our human cappers who are experts in sports with the power of technology: statistical data since 1999. Our picks are documented and proven – each winning and losing pick is available for members to check and verify in the members zone. We never hide any results.

Could you define your edge viz. any proprietary technique / skill to produce your tip? (or what is the secret behind your quality tip?), or please briefly explain your general process or principles to identify value bet.

  • It takes into account over 80 different parameters in every game such as player conditions, injuries, home or away team, goalies, past performance, predicted future performance, trainers, events, importance of match, rivalries, feuds, and so MUCH more to calculate a very precise outcome.
Seeking Value
  • Z-Code is not looking for only a winner and a loser. It seeks the “value” in each game… where you can make the most money with the smallest risk possible… therefore it predicts bets such as “how many goals will fall” or ” who’s going to score the most points” or “will there be more than 5 goals or less”… seeking the value in every game and giving you the most earnings.
  • Z-Code is a machine, a “code” so to speak, it has no favourite players or teams, it is ice cold and tracks performance & performance only! Handicappers that predict games tend to have favourites, even if they don`t admit it… their choices are emotional… and without 100% objectivity, you can never be as accurate as a proven prediction model  that`s why, we eat handicappers for breakfast!
  • You can see performance of our top systems 

4.     Strategies & Risk Management

Please specify your key strategies to achieve sustainable money making / maximize return such as high win rate with low odds by supporting favourite or just opposite manner etc.

Cold & Analytical Approach – Take Emotions Out Of Sports Gambling
  • It is not just about placing a bet on a sports team to win or lose. It is about identifying specific aspects of the match that are most likely to happen based on huge data base, just try our Playoff Simulator, you will know the power of it. ZCode Playoff Simulator
  • The cold, analytical approach of the system is designed to take emotions out of sports gambling.
  • Success coaches teach a very important thing early on that is an important lesson for everyone and so true when it comes to personal taste. Every one of us has personal preferences and filters emotions, ideas and concepts already on a subconscious level. Basically, we already say NO to things on a subconscious level even before we actually think about it… Now, what has this to do with sports? Simple! If you are not a sports fan, you already ignore or disregard monetary gains from this direction. Basically, your subconscious tells you, “NAAAH! its sports, we don`t like sports”. But what about the MONEY? Isn`t that the driving point in this whole story? After all, we are all in it for the money… some more, some less… but what you NEED to do here is clear yourself of emotions and think rationally.
Make Serious Money From Home
  • Would you rather grind your life through a boring day-job or effortlessly place a few bets in a couple of minutes a day on events you don’t give a damn about? Actually, if you don`t like sports, its even simpler because your emotions are left out of the equation, letting you follow the system and make even more money than a sports lover could do, because they tend to take sides :) SO, the lesson here is: Don`t frame your thinking… expand your horizon, take all the factors in consciously and make an informed decision… don’t indulge in self-sabotage but instead, just focus on the goal: Make Money From Home The Easy Way And Reward Yourself With The Most Precious Thing We’ve Got: TIME

Please also explain your Risk Management method to prevent your subscribers’ bankruptcy by reducing loss, such as money management suggestion (stake amount & allocation tactics – fixed / variable / percentage / progressive etc.) if any? If you don’t provide stake suggestion advice, you may want to advise your subscribers on what sort of risk management they should take?

  • 1% of total bankroll on each bet

ZCode Review, System Maximize Value BettingFinally, please summarize in a word, what’s your core competence compared with many other sports handicapping services? What makes it unique and stand out from the crowd? (such as proprietary method of analysis / unique strategies / excellent customer support / low service fee etc)

Continuous Improvements
  • Z-Code is an on-going development, which means the programmers always keep tweaking and improving it, so all updates will be included in your membership at no extra cost. You might think this may create bad influence to users, for people like you might think the ZCode System is not yet well “constructed.” No, you are completely wrong. The team progressively develops the system for the sake of giving you the most up-to-date methods and features, meaning that your ZCode System will always be new and the trendiest online betting application.
Abundance of Expertise For Professional Players
  • We have brought so many proven tools, so much data and so much experience all into one place so that any newbie or experienced better can come right in, get started right away and slowly but surely take the bookie for hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars every month.
  • There is an advanced section of the Zcode System for veteran sports betters who would like to get a little more hands on and use what they call their “Predictions Feature”. See Zcode Sports Trader ToolZCode Review, Professional Trader Tool Basically you can look at upcoming matchups and see of the latest trends happening with the two teams playing. You are able to easily compare recent wins and losses for each team, their spreads, how the bookie’s view the matchup and more.  It is an awesome little tool for the experience betters who like to look at these things themselves and make a decision based on their own systems.
  • We keep all our tools up to date with the current season and stats.

ZCode continuously added so many useful tools & Zcode System Simulator as below, which includes famous Zcode Line Reversal;zcode bonus tools

II. Quantitative Dimension – Past Facts

1. Performance Summary & Profit Result (Bank Growth)

To evaluate the performance of your tips, Bank Size Evolution can be viewed as the most comprehensive indicator to see how worth your betting system is. Can you share your summary performance?

  • We follow top automated systems. It included all the up to date performance of each system and charts. As you can see most systems are performing really well! 
    ZCode Review, Automated Prediction System Rankings
    Click To Enlarge

2. Negative Checks (Drawdown / Total Loss)

In contrast, can you list the worst performing system from A) Automated System & B) Expert System and share their Bank Size Evolution record for our readers’ reference

  • Same as before, you can see worst systems This is not a crystal ball and of course some systems lose here and there, but I am glad to say that majority of systems are winning!4 months of public beta testing on Facebook.

3. Proofing Records – Independent Verification

Please advise how you get your picks proven, I mean the basic methods such as when exactly do you issue your pick before the event? Where & who certificate your pick?ZCode System Initial Facebook Trial & Testimonials

  • We started raking in profits while putting it to the test LIVE, made available to see in front of thousands on our facebook betatester group
  • It was very important to us because we wanted to PROVE, upfront without any possibility of doubt, that Z-code would make each and every single user money. Z-Code pulls in profits on time, every time. We not only claim but prove here… and NOW that Z-Code is consistently making big gains with:
  • 4 months of public beta testing on Facebook.
  • The only system fully back tested back to 1999. Proven profitable, never having had a losing month.. NOT ONCE!
  • Doubling accounts every month proven again by, 2 Public verified accounts on a 3rd party monitor, one called Mike-Tester and the other one called The Xcode (that was renamed to Zcode)

I understand you periodically share the performance in Betmanager Verified Account, can you briefly explain what it is & how it works and give us the most updated performance chart? ZCode 3rd party monitoring

  • You can see our 3rd party verified account (betmanager.comZcodesystem)
  • I didn’t take a look before , but seems that as ”public” we cant see the picks, as betmanager user we put the picks at Bet-tracker but we cant put as tips because the app didn’t allows to put picks of the past only future picks . So the screenshot is valid but if someone try to see our profile as Betmanager user will see it empty.

Suggest you watch the below video showing the upfates of this 3rd party verified account;

B) ZCode Review – Summary of 3 Key Advantages

After reviewing the Mike’s comments & inside analysis, we consider the following 3 points as ZCode unique benefits;

1. Wide Selection of Proven Powerful Picks

Probably, this is the only programme you can receive such wide range of quality tips within 1 programme – there are well over 120 systems that produce tips in various sports. To me the best edge of Zcode is Rating Systems which allow you to update the best performing system based on the actual results. ZCode broadly divides the systems into 2 Categories of A) Automated System and B) Expert System as follows;

A) Automated System (Bot)

ZCode Review, Top Performing Automated System

In this system, game predictions are produced based on the trends & patterns analysts using uniquely progammed software. The picks are posted in the members’ private forum & VIP Picks section with explanations as to why these selections are significant.

When it comes to the selection of the system, you should use Top Performing Automated Systems Rating. This rating is based on the Systems Power Ranking Formula.  The advanced formula calculates the position based on the recent 3 month performance. It will help you quickly decide which system is HOT right now and what to follow. If you click on the system in the list you can easily access its page and backtests with charts/graphs. Means you can find detail statistics behind what is currently the best trend that should result in maximum profits with minimum risks involved. The rating is fully automated and has no human bias. Remember, these system generate automated signals daily, and post them in a way of simple no-brainer form. No need to calculate a unit size. All you have to do is to place an actual bet.

B) Expert System (Human)

ZCode Review, Top 30 Expert Tipsters
Click To Enlarge

In this system, a number of experts who are cappers & make a living sports betting for many years, give you their predictions. The tips are based on practical experience in a mixture of diverse games in a special forum threads. They are using Zcode tools and years of their own knowledge to provide winning picks for you. If you read and follow them, you can understand how well these guys know their stuff and how good they are.

ZCode Review, Top Expert Performance Details
Click To Enlarge

Again, when it comes to the selection of the experts, you go to Hot Trend section. And check the Top 30 Experts Rating that is based on the Experts Daily Power Ranking Formula. The advanced formula is calculating the position based on the recent contributions (last 2 weeks), likes, experience points etc. It will help you quickly decide who is HOT right now and where they are posting the picks. Same as the above Top Automated Systems Rating, the rating is fully automated and has no human bias. The hottest expert is also featured on the VIP Picks Wall Updated daily. This Experts System community keeps generating profits and has been doing only better.

2. Expert Intelligence Fosters Successful Mindset

Zcode is so much more than just a hot trend. It’s a community of winners that exchange opinions on the games and help each other win. The real value of the Z-Code community stems from their access to countless experts and winning systems. Learning from the experts who actually do their livings from successful sports investing allows you to develop a Proper Mindset. Namely, Long Term Profit / Conservative Approach / Managing Streaks etc, which is in fact the basics of successful sports betting. Importantly, if you surround yourself with the positive energy of winning players in the sports betting industry then you too will also come out on top yourself. I personally think these are the unique intangible benefits you can get in ZCode community.

Private Forum

Private forums are created exclusively for members to chat with others & gain insights into the world of sport betting.

ZCode Review, Private Forum
Click The image To Enlarge


This is also the place you can see the details of the expert system. Each expert outlines the principles of the chosen system, guide videos with supporting data and feedback from all the participants. Everything is transparent and each system is being refined here. You will surely get coaching from many others who willingly share their knowledge with you. Z-Code supports German, Spanish and Russian language speakers in recognition of its international presence on the betting scene. You will not be left alone but always get warm help here which will help you not only manage day to day betting technically but also develop your professional gambler’s mindset. (I should say professional investor’s mindset)

3. Continuous Improvements

ZCode Tennis SystemIt’s interesting to note that some of the experts were just other users of the the systems and developed their own methods through the experiences & input in the ZCode community by analyzing abundance of the data available in the site. Then they started sharing their successes and give back to the community that made them. You may find the future sports betting world tipstar leaders from the VIP forum. In other words, the ZCode community keeps evolving and creating new innovative sports betting system. This can only be made through continuous improvements based on the active exchange of opinions, which will better ensure your profit making in this industry.

C) ZCode Review – 2 Drawbacks & Solutions

As always, any system has drawbacks, but those of Zcode can be addressed. See the below summaries;

1. Price

The standard monthly subscription cost is $198 as shown in the standard Payment Page;

ZCode Review, Standard Price Payment Page
Click To Enlarge

Although many people including my readers are satisfied with this standard price, which is proven by the fact that the retention rate is extremely high, people may feel not cheap.


ZCode periodically allow our members to get PERMANENT 75% DISCOUNT DEAL, means $49 per month rather than $198 per month. Yes, it’s amazing offer, but I can’t guarantee it at any time. Therefore, TRY NOW by clicking HERE and if it shows the payment page like below (the currency can be your local unit). Before clicking the link, suggest you clear all cookies / caches & reboot your PC because if you used other Zcode link before, that cookie could prevent the discount link from working properly.

ZCode Review, 75% Off Price Payment Page
Click To Enlarge

, then Congratulations!! it’s working now.

Take It Risk-Free

Means, you’re lucky enough to get entitlement of the permanent discount, so grab it quickly before it disappears. If you want to cancel it, you can get full refund within 60 days Without No Strings Attached ensured by Click Bank Policy. Therefore, it is Completely Risk Free. After clearing cookies, Still not working? Sorry, just wait and come back from time to time or we may give you an alternative deal so Contact Us:GEM Joshua


2. Overwhelming Information

Statistical analysis based on huge data is a key strength of ZCode System. However, I received several feedback from my members that they found it a bit overwhelming & complicated at the beginning.


ZCode has already developed a series of Video Tutorials (as you see the below VIP account screenshot). The videos are very detailed with high quality and explain everything you need to know about the Z Code System software.  A step-by-step guide will ensure that you succeed in using the Z Code System without any confusion. I just compiled an introductory Webinar & 3 Basic Tutorial videos for everybody’s easy & kick start. Go Zcode VIP Club Pre-Start Tutorial Videos:ZCode System VIP Club Tutorial Videos


D) ZCode Review – Conclusions & Suggested Action Plans


Based on the above analysis in B) 3 Key Advantages & 2 Drawdown with Solution, we conclude that ZCode System is one of the best versatile & automated Sports Betting System for anyone. Means all over the world (see the next Suggested Action plans), professional & casual betters. The system combines the computer algorithm analyzing huge data in over 80 parameters (this is really superb) and expertise of professional handicappers who make living sports betting. This provide you the world top class reliable tips with comprehensive rationale, which transform the gambling into solid investment. Importantly, the system is continually being overhauled. It is not a static program, but a living, breathing, and evolving program. We think the system is absolutely value for money. Lately we have updated 3 Methods To Eliminate Fake Tipsters & Select Genuine Best;Fake Tipster, Feature Image, where you can also confirm the authenticity of ZCode system, Just for your information.

ZCode System Review – Suggested Action Plans For The Punters All Over The World

I know many of you are busy but everybody wants an extra income as a financial safety net. If you can spare 10 minutes a day, what makes you hesitate start this opportunity.

For Everyone In The World

I keep saying this Zcode system works globally. Zcode itself never reject people by country but accept all. As said, it covers NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAAB, NCAAF, Soccer (key leagues) & Horse Racing (major race courses / meetings). Given the popularity of US major sports, soccer & horse racing all over the world, & tips availability 24 / 7 in the site, it suits pretty much for all punters everywhere. The key issue is if you can access to the Bookies suggested by Zcode, especially Sharp Bookies. ZCode said “You don’t need to open many accounts – you can start with just one or two of the best bookies” Let me draw which bookies or solutions people can use by locations;


Use Sharp Bookies accepting US Citizens, namely 5Dime & Bookmaker EU. Both of them are world top rated bookmakers located in Caribbeans.

Use Bet365 & William Hill, but these are soft bookies, means maximum stake is relatively low & your account could be restricted if you keep winning. So suggest use also sharp bookies, namely Pinnacle. If you live in the countries Pinnacle don’t accept, suggest use Asianconnect, as a bet broker that allow you to access not only Pinnacle but several Asian sharp bookies like SBOBet. But you need to know how the bet broker works including the risks. Thus, suggest first take a look at our honest review on bet brokers;Bet Broker, Honest Opinion Feature ImageAll Other Areas

Use Pinnacle as much as possible either directly or via the bet broker because Pinnacle is the best sharp bookmaker that will make a lot of difference in your long-term profit. Strongly suggest take a look at our Pinnacle Full Review.


Just in case, you can’t get any of the bookmakers’ accounts I listed so far due to your location, use BetOnline & SportsBetting that accepts BetOnline SBR Rating A+players from any of the countries in the world. Don’t get me wrong, those bookmakers are not a fishy bookie but really A+ ranked excellent bookmaker ( as shown in SBR rating image). So, yes, not only those who don’t have other choices but also for everybody.

Anonymous Account

Alternatively, if you seek stronger privacy, use Nitrogen, Bitcoin Exclusive Bookmaker which is also recommended by ZCode. You can open account under absolutely anonymous condition (you’re not asked to submit even your e-mail address & pretty secured under block-chain system). For full details, take a look at Bitcoin Betting – Ultimate Way To Lock-In Profits From Anywhere In The WorldBitcoin Betting Feature ImageIf you have any questions or concerns related to the location & accessibility to the bookies, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Finally, when it comes to the welcome bonus of the above bookies, I summarize them in World 9 Best Offshore Betting Sites Offers;offshore betting sites, best offers feature image

All the bookies listed in the above report accept Bitcoin. 

ZCode System – Starting Safety Model Example For Newbie

Just let me quickly share the safe model as an example, which includes basic money management & expected profit from ZCode System.

Before Sign-Up

  • Check how the existing member value the system via a testimonial by a Canadian member, which may help you build some confidence,  ZCode Real Experience to Turn $400 to $30,000;ZCode Real Experience(Actually, the Canadian bet on Brazilian soccer and achieved good profits, which suggest ZCode’s wide sports coverage.)
  • Besides, strongly suggest “How Our Member Turned $1.500 into $20,000 in 2 years”zcode success formula feature image, where you can find the important differences between winners & losers and key success formula to build real wealth.
  • Then, watch the instruction videos before you start subscription to understand how it works & feel comfortable to go ahead
  • Check the Discount New Link First & If it works, don’t miss the opportunity & sign up for VIP subscription (As said, before clicking the link, suggest you clear all cookies / caches & reboot your PC because if you used other Zcode link before, that cookie could prevent the discount link from working properly. Still not working? Sorry, just wait and come back from time to time.).

Immediately After Sign-Up

  • Read the ZCode Guide you will get in pdf format after sign-up, and see how you place the bet of ZCode tips in each suggested bookmaker.
  • Open accounts of the appropriate bookies we listed above. As noted, no need to sign-up a lot, but at least 2 – 3 for risk avoidance & wider selection.
Explore Matched Betting Opportunity For Bookies Initial Bonus (Except Sharp Bookies That Don’t Offer Bonus)
  • Don’t forget to new player bonus against the initial deposit. If you can construct matched betting suggest you use it to rake the bonus Risk-Free. If you need any assistance about it, contact us;

Money Management – Decide Your Betting Unit

  • Let’s assume your initial bank is $2,000.
  • Allocate 1% of your bank for your each bet, means $20 / bet. Nothing is set on stone with this allocation, but if you’re are a newbie, this is very safe approach. So, $20 is your 1 Betting Unit.

Chose The Systems & Place Bet

  • Go ZCode Login and Select your preferred betting systems / experts.  Go Hot Trend and check Top Performing Automated System Rating (computer generated tips) & Top 30 Expert Rating (human experts’ tips).
  • Let’s use Top Performing Auto System Ranking, and say you follow the current top system (based on the last 3 months active records), which is Zet System with around 39% ROI.
  • Means you can expect $7.8 profit from every 1 Unit ($20) bet for long-term (don’t get me wrong, this is an expected value in long-term, in short-term you may face losing streak due to the variance). The suggested tip varies 0.5 – 5 units based on the confidence on each event.

zcode top performing auto system

Expected Profit

  • If you place 60 units/month (average 2 units/day), you expect $468 profit by risking $1,200, 60% of your total bank every month.
  • If you get 75% discount of ZCode subscription (go to the page of Z Code 75% Permanent Discount Opportunity & check if the link is currently activated) your net profit will be around $420 / month. 21% return against your total bank of $2,000 or 35% return against the fund you risked.
  • Bear it in mind, the suggestion of units/stake differs from each system or expert’s picks. This is by far the safest profit model. It is based on the money management of 1% betting unit by risking 60% of your total bank, means your 40% of your total bank is completely intact & treat it as a reserve.
  • If you increase 1 unit from 1% to 2%, the return will be double but so as the risk. Same as increasing the units you place/month. Simply, the return corresponds to the risk proportionally.
  • You can withdraw the profit every month by keeping the original bank or you can re-invest your profit. In 3 months, your bank would be well over $3,000 from $2,000. Then your 1 Unit will have become $30 thus the monthly profit will be $654, 56% profit growth compared to the 1st month. The burden of your subscription fee will get smaller & smaller, and you will be amazed to see the power of compounding investment.

Stick To The System For A While

  • Importantly, once you select the system, stick to it for a while. Never change just because you face loosing streaks which is a formula of failure. You can’t always win, loosing is inevitable, but if the system you choose is top rated, you will be profitable at the end of the day.
BTW, the below video explains the Top Performing Automated System Rating (computer generated tips) & Top 30 Expert Rating (human experts’ tips);

Money Back Guarantee Buy Extremely High Retention Rate

Just in case you don’t feel this system is not for you, as said before you are protected by 60 days refund. Since the refund is guaranteed by Click Bank that will not ask for any single reason from you, so all in all it is virtually 60 days FREE TRIAL.

Incidentally, the Retention Rate of this programme is very high. The people who actually used the above 60 days cancellation is less than 2% among my subscribers.

  Finally, See the below image displaying the clear contrast of Night between North & South Korea – sourced from Our World in Data. Looks like the sports betting with (South) and without (North) Quality Handicapping. Do you know where Seoul is? Yes, that’s the one with the brightest close to the border, well we may say people there is like the bettor with the tips from ZCode system. If you do betting on your own, you could be in somewhere in North. The brightest place is very proximate, just cross the border to get in, unlike this peninsula nobody will punish you. Hope this ZCode Review will help you go into brighter world. Korea Satellght Image Good Luck!! BTW, we GEM deal with 6 Advantage Play as follows;

For Full Index of Our Guides, Go; Full List Of Special Reports – All Information are Based On Our Intensive Research & Professional Analysis If you have any inquiry or need any help from us, please contact us anytimeGlobal Extra Money Contact (don’t worry, we will not charge you any fee, everything is free here). Good Luck Again!! Joshua Walker

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