Profit Maximiser Review – The Engineer Of Matched Betting Success, Still Good?

Profit Maximiser Review - The Engineer Of Matched Betting Success, Is It Still Good?

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Our Profit Maximiser Review Reveals The Advantage Over Profit Accumulator & Oddsmonkey And Evaluate If It Is Worth Taking!!

Our Fact Based Profit Maximiser Review Will Allow You To Evaluate If Paying Subscription Fee Is Worthwhile For Pursuing Matched Betting in Sports Betting & Casino sites.

Profit Maximiser Review Introduction

Betting activity is not necessarily gambling. We beat the bookies, casino & bingo by 6 Advantage Playadvantage play, feature image based on mathematical edge. For Sports Betting, we use Matched Bettingmatched betting instructions, feature image / Sports Arbitrage / Value Bets On Proven Tipsters to lock-in profit or consistently earn extra income. When it come to the actual practice of making extra income from these advantage plays, you can use our Free Extra Money Program £/€/$ 50,000 Conquest including matched betting (see further details at the bottom of this Profit Accumulator Review). However, we always strive to share how our members can maximize profit via value added service. Our Profit Accumulator review is part of those efforts.man_image

BTW, as wiki explains, matched betting is absolutely legal and Profit Maximiser, of which service makes matched betting easier is also not a scam. Thus, you don’t need to worry about being defrauded. I’m just trying to make it clear since there seems to be many people who have wrong prejudice. As The Telegraph already said many years ago, it’s simply making the best use of bookmakers’ free bet offers.


Truth Of  Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser is a cracking system that takes you to the next level of making money. The program creator & administrator Mike Crulckshank shared one member’s report of £597,136.92 gain among nearly 7,000 members Face Book private forum (see the enlarged evidence at the end of this full review);

one member’s report of £597,136.92 gain

OK, realistically such big gain doesn’t usually happen and importantly the system doesn’t intend to make you instant rich. However, i allows you to create solid extra income with no risk or very limited risk.

In short, Profit Maximiser allows ordinary people to make well over £1,000 every month with almost no risk.

That’s how 7,000 members experienced & reported in the private Face Book community.

This Profit Maximiser Review is composed of the following key sections;


It’s a member’s only private program though I will try to review by sharing how the inside information as much as I believe I am allowed to let my readers understand the real benefits of this excellent system.

profit maximiser PROFIT MIXIMISER quick review

A. What’s Profit Maximiser & Who’s Behind

Profit Maximiser is members only program created & administered by Mike Cruickshank. The members can access to the full of risk free and low risk opportunities with unique method of instruction.

Mike Cruickshank (the down right image) is a math genius, well organised, meticulous person.

Mike Cruickshank
program created & administered by Mike Cruickshank

He has been doing bonus hunting (free bet, free spins & loss refund etc) for years and came up with proprietary tools to turn the uncertain gambling offer into solid income opportunities and earn a living. Mike started sharing his unique methods up with Bonus Bagging (mainly sportsbook welcome bonuses). Then he added Profit Maximiser. It’s simply an advanced version expanding the opportunities into casino, bingo & spread betting area as well as tons of ongoing offers which bring much bigger sustainable profit.

So, Mike’s primary scope is cashing out the numerous bonus offered by sportsbook, casino, bingo, and spread betting companies based on the arbitrage concept with basically no or limited risk.
What makes Profit Maximiser different from other similar programs, are the unique structure of Education & Instruction & Collective Wisdom. These allow you to implement the entire process easily with confidence (see the details of Key Advantages section).  And Secret Tools can reveal the hidden opportunities & make complicated calculation extremely handy (see the Proprietary Methods & Tools section for the details).

Matched Betting has been getting popular in the UK & Ireland over the last decade. I personally observed Mike’s contribution to the growth is pretty big. The rapid increase seems to have been spurred by Profit Accumulator, the current market leader in this industry, see Profit Accumulator Review – Should We Believe 20,000 Members’ Earning Claim?;Profit Accumulator Full review

Profit Accumulator established its position with aggressive marketing strategies. However, it’s obvious they are basically a copycat of what Mike provides. See the Conclusion Section for brief comparison among key service providers.

Anyhow, I have to note that Mike’s responsiveness is without parallel. He replies to your answer (by email) almost always instantly.  I simply can’t figure out how he can do that with nearly 7,000 members & tons of information he updates every day. Anyhow, it’s obviously one of the reasons why he has built a solid reputation as a genuine guy who produces quality content and products.

* Mile Cruickshank’s Contact Details: Unit 7, Brooklands, Budshead Road, Crownhill, Plymouth PL6 5XR

B. What You Get & How Does It Work?

Suggest you watch the below 4 minutes Mike’s Induction Video. It’s a bit old information that’s why some of the contents are obsolete, however it’s good enough for you to understand basic feature of Profit Maximiser.

Profit Maximiser-induction
Profit Maximiser – Mike’s Induction Video

You may want to read carefully the following section of C) Key Advantages and D) Proprietary Methods & Tools, which highlights its real updated benefits.

 C. Key Advantages

Let me share a few edges Profit Maximiser offers you (for the advantage over Profit Accumulator & Oddsmonkey, see  D. Optional Tool – EV Maximiser);

Precise Training on Essential Tactics

You will be given brief but very comprehensive training concentrating on only the essential tactics you need to extract the cash from bonuses as follows;

Profit Maximiser-training-essential tactics

Profit Maximiser offers you Casino area, the video explainsFor example, in Casino area, the video explains the different type of bonuses and specific strategies on what to be done & what should not be done etc;

Profit Maximiser which games should be played And, which games should be played and key tactics to take for Roulette & Slots including perfect Blackjack strategy;


Comprehensive Sources Of Learning & Process To Implement

Profit Maximiser creates the system that people can learn & implement every opportunity with the following 3 basic structure;

  • Category Theoretical Rationale & Practical Process by Brief Report & Video
  • List of Specific Opportunities and Detail Implementation Instruction on each opportunity
  • Facebook thread where hundreds of other members comments for each opportunity.

Let’s see the example of Advanced Casino Category & Gala Casino Opportunity case as below;

Key explanation about Advanced Casino Offers are given in the first page;
Advanced Casino Category & Gala Casino Opportunity caseAdvanced Casino Offers are given in the first page

Then you will watch the comprehensive video that shows step by step tutorial;
For this advanced Casino technique, video talks about the specialized simulator.

man_image All of these casino instructions are covered by our 7 Tactics of Bonus Hunting Guide;Casino Bonus Clearing Guide

& our Amazing Free Program.

After you grab overall concept & approach, go to the list of offers (tens of opportunities are listed), and you may pursue one by one. Let’s see Gala Casino offer here;

tens of opportunities are listed

You will be navigated into the specific instruction on this Gala Casino opportunity. Finally, you can confirm the hundreds of other members’ experience & input on Gala Casino in Face Book community (click “Discuss” on the forum);

Gala Casino in Face Book community

The exclusive Facebook thread is allocated into every opportunity, you will find hundreds of comments in each thread which must be able to cover most of your possible concern in the real world. Off course you are free to post your inquiry or any comments, other experienced members or Mike will help you solve most of the issues quickly.

Gala Casino in Face Book community Gala Casino in Face Book community


Organized Daily Tasks – Calendar

This is a calendar updated every day, which highlights a handful of opportunities. Firstly, you don’t have to search the available offers in the market which can greatly save your time, and also is a good incentive for you to disciplinary implement every opportunity to maximize your profit. Let’s check how it works very briefly. The below shows the part of the calendar 4 July – 10 July;

Organized Daily Tasks – Calendar

Let’s chose one example of Coral Bet £10 pre-match and get £10 Free bet inplay. You will be given the key directions;

Bet £10 pre-match Free bet inplay

Bet pre-match get Free bet inplay facebookThen, off course you can access to the Facebook exclusive thread for this opportunity as;


Collective Wisdom

Lastly, I need to emphasize the value of big Facebook community. You will hear the great success of your member colleagues such as the £600,000 hit introduced at the very beginning which may increase your motivation. You will also be benefited by the input from other smart members, the typical example is the Spread Betting Reload Bonus risk free extraction (for details Sports Spread Betting Bonus Clearing Instruction) of which unique tactics was invented & shared by a member in the Facebook;

shared by member Facebook


D. Optional Tools

On top of the standard Profit Maximiser, Mike prepares several add on tools. All of them will require additional fee though, generally speaking you will recover such cost within a day or even a few hours. Some of them are;

Accumulator Generator

This tool is actually ACCA Matcher, which allow you to make guaranteed profit.

Each Way Sniper

This is a tool for horse racing each way bet taking the best use of Extra Place Offer without risk.

EV Maximiser

Actually, Casino is the area Profit Maximiser do have clear edge over Profit Accumulator & Oddsmonkey. When it comes to the Casino Bonus raking, we use EV (Expected Value) concept to evaluate if particular bonus offer could be profitable. For further details, suggest go Beat The Casino Bonus Instruction Index where you find a list of our casino bonus instructions. Many casino offers use Slot Machine such as Free 30 Spins, then Mike’s product comes in, which is called EV MaxmiserMathematical Bet, EV MaximiserClick the above image then you will be navigated to the video Mike explains about how it works. In short, it does all the calculations to work out;

  • The estimated value
  • Chance of busting
  • Profit per hour and average amount of wagering complete
  • A slots machine database with over 800 machines including the house edge and variance level of each game

It’s a very useful tool and essential for casino bonus raking. Although there is no particular discount at this moment in time, but since it’s a very unique & valuable product which you can’t find in other premium services including Profit Maximiser & Oddsmonkey, I introduce it here. But, unlike matched betting casino offer is not risk-free, and this is an advanced strategy with high risk, so unless you feel comfortable, put it on back burner.


E. Conclusion

Let me briefly talk about Price by comparing it with 2 other top service providers;


Their annual member fee (there is no monthly or weekly fee) is £97 + VAT, however you need to pay additional fee for the above optional tools. Practically, there are only 2 contenders that are equivalent or better. Those & prices are:

  • Profit Accumulator (as briefly introduced above): monthly fee is £17.99 including some of the optional tools Profit Maximiser used to separately charge or £150 annual fee
  • Oddsmonkey (started full service April 2016): £15 including more of what Profit Maximiser separately charges (except EV Maximiser) or £150 annual fee

From value for money perspective, Oddsmonkey looks the best. The current market leader Profit Accunulator has been losing ground.

Wrap Up

At this stage, Oddsmonkey is clearly a rising star. For full details of Oddsmonkey, take a look at Oddsmonkey Review 2018 – Full Inside Analysis Through The Founder Interview;oddsmonkey review, feature imageHowever, allow me to reiterate that when it comes to Casino category, Mike does the best job. His rationale for every casino offer is clear and EV Maximiser is an essential tool for high risk casino offer. Remember, this area is Not Risk Free. But for those who want to bring their extra money activities into the next level, going into this advanced casino sector is a natural move. Therefore, you may consider taking Oddsmonkey & Profit Maximiser. Too costly? No way, as I said you will recover both services’ annual fee within a few days.

Besides Mike assured 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for any reason, and since the payment goes via Clickbank which gives you another 60 day refund. So many insurance, you may give it a go.

Not Enough? Ok, then,

£1 Trial – Profit Maximiser Provide You With 7 Days Trial at Just £1!! Check If It’s For You With Your Own Eye!! Make The Most From It!! Click This Entire Box!!

BTW, as said at the beginning, the below is the enlarged image of £600,000 payment by Betfair as the evidence. If you keep doing the advantage play, the probability of such big hit will be enhanced, which is a windfall;Profit Maximiser Jackpot

GEM Free Program

Finally, allow me to remind you that in case you are new to matched betting, you may prefer to start it with our Free Tuition Of “Extra Money Program £/€/$ 50,000 Conquest”Make Extra Money For A Rainy Day rather than jumping into the paid subscription service as an option. You can Use all 6 Advantage Plays to Extract Money from Bookmakers, Casino & Bingo sites based on Mathematical & Statistical Edge in this program. We have 3 Comprehensive Chapters including Daily Planner for all levels – from newbies to seasoned advantage players. Importantly, all of these are Completely Free including my answers to your inquiries. Therefore, I can’t see any reasons not to take the advantage of my free services as a starter.

Better Efficiency

However, once you reach certain level you may want More Efficiency. The key factors to enhance efficiency are 2 folds of;

  • Daily Update of Tens of bookies’ Offers
  • Instant Identification Of The Best Opportunities

The edge of My site & program is a Comprehensive Instruction & Spreadsheet on every type of offers, which allow you to lock-in profit on many of them. Many of my readers say the step by step instruction by using the real example may exceed the quality of the paid service ones. However, the shortfall is that due to my limited resources, I can’t update every offers of the bookies all the time. But the paid services give you full update even up to the level you may not be able to absorb. The another point is a software. We identify the matched betting opportunities by using free software. However, the paid services provide you with sophisticated software to identify the chances without even a minute delay which gives you great efficiency especially for the advanced categories.

So, who needs More Efficiency? I would say you can easily earn £500 – 1,000 / month from my free program. If you already earn this level and search the way to increase it rapidly, you may want to read this document further. Otherwise, suggest go Our Free Program.

Hope this review will be of your help though, I’m sure you still have a lot of questions so don’t hesitate to throw them to me (click the below face icon), I’ll try to answer within 24 hours;GEM Joshua

BTW, we GEM deal with 6 Advantage Play as follows;

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