Profit Accumulator Review 2019 – Should We Believe 20,000 Members’ Earning Claim?

Profit Accumulator Full Review

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Our Profit Accumulator Review Validate How 20,000 Members Earn £1,000 A Month via Matched Betting Based on Facts & Data – Must Read Before Spending A Penny!!

Our Fact Based Profit Accumulator Review Will Allow You To Assess If This Most Popular Matched Betting Service Is Worth Paying Subscription Fee While Comparing With The Key Competitions.

Why We Do Profit Accumulator Review

Betting activity is not necessarily gambling. We beat the bookies, casino & bingo by 

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6 Advantage PlayAdvantage Play Run based on mathematical edge. For Sports Betting, we use Matched Bettingmatched betting instructions, feature image / Sports Arbitrage / Value Bets On Proven Tipsters to lock-in profit or consistently earn extra income. With that said, one of our policies is “Betting On Luck Is For Losers, Stop Gamble Betting But Bet on Only +EV (Expected Value) To Win Reliably“. It is effectively our way to promote Responsible Gambling. And we strongly support GamCaregamcare logo being explained in about us. When it come to the actual practice of making extra income from these advantage plays, you can use our Free Extra Money Program £/€/$ 50,000 Conquest including matched betting (see further details at the bottom of this Profit Accumulator Review). However, we always strive to share how our members can maximize profit via value added service. Our Profit Accumulator review is part of those efforts.man_image BTW, as wiki explains, matched betting is absolutely legal and Profit Accumulator, of which service makes matched betting easier is also not a scam. Thus, you don’t need to worry about being defrauded. I’m just trying to make it clear since there seems to be some people who have wrong prejudice. As The Guardian says it’s simply making the best use of bookmakers’ free bet offers, and see full explanation in Matched Betting For Dummies – 9 Essential Things You Should Know Before Staking Any Real Money.

Profit Accumulator Review – Introduction

Dec 2019 Flash News

Profit Accumulator just introduced a brand new feature which can make your matched betting much easier, watch the below video;

You will get this added tool completely free until the end of 2019. You can access the entire extension at no charge until the end of the year. And, anyone who signs up to a Platinum membership before then will get permanent access to the tool included for free with their membership. From next year onwards though, it’ll be available only for those who opt for our new Diamond Membership, at additional cost. Therefore sign-up Free Now & Upgrade within Dec 2019.

2019 Profit Accumulator News 

Before start explaining even what Profit Accumulator is, allow me to share a bit about 2019 Updates. 

Profit Accumulator Latest Improvements

Profit Accumulator (PA) has been a market leader in the matched betting subscription service. However, Oddsmonkey the current biggest contender has made a big dent in their empire since 2016, and Profit Accumulator made a lot of improvements to keep their leadership. Besides, PA has been striving to make continuous improvements by setting up Objective Feedback System from their own menbers, called Trust Pilot. Click the below + to expand the Details of Trust Pilot and list of their past 12 months improvements from 2018;

Profit Accumulator Trust Pilot & Past 12 Month Improvements
The below shows the summary of the improvements we excerpted from their site;

Read Our Trustpilot Reviews

We’ve recently started collecting Trustpilot reviews from our members. Our ethos here at Profit Accumulator is that we try and make our members as much money as possible and provide them with the best service we possibly can. We often do interviews with members to find out what they think, some of them can be found here. However, we also collect reviews and feedback through Trustpilot. Trustpilot is an independent review site where our members can provide honest feedback. We invite every Platinum member to share their experience after their first month using our service. So far we’ve collected 278 reviews (at the time of writing), and we’re very proud to say that 83% of them at five star reviews. The highest possible on the Trustpilot platform. That gives us an average rating of 9.2 out of 10, which makes us the highest rated matched betting service in the UK. One of the most important things about collecting these reviews is it gives us a good opportunity to help shape our service and continue to make things better. One of our big things is that we are constantly improving. Here is a roundup of some of the reviews we received recently. These are just some examples of 187 five star reviews. Continue to read HERE.

Past 12 Months Improvements

Over the past 12 months a lot of work has gone on behind the scenes to improve our product and service.

New Features

This is a quick list of the new features we have released:

  • Betfair/Smarkets integration. Place a lay bet directly from our oddsmatcher.
  • Profit Tracker.
  • Mobile notifications. Get new offer notifications, announcements or forum notifications, directly to your phone.
  • New Oddsmatcher.
  • Each Way Catcher.
  • Dutching tool.
  • 2-step authentication.
  • Matchbook/Smarkets 0% commission. We were actually the first site to negotiate 0% with Matchbook way back in
  • September last year.
  • Offers calendar.
  • Gubbed bookmaker filter.
  • Reduced prices. We reduced our monthly membership to £17.99 last year.
  • All tools now included in standard subscription price.
  • 7 day-a-week phone support and customer service.
  • 5 new calculators:
  • Odds Converter & Probability Calculator: Converts odds and calculates your win/lose probability.
  • Enhanced Offers Calculator: For locking in profit when winnings or odds are enhanced.
  • Boosted Exchange Bonus Lock-In Calculator: For locking a profit if an exchange offers you a bonus/free bet on a winning or losing lay bet.
  • Early Pay Out Calculator: For locking in profit from your early payout offers such as 2up.
  • Dutching Calculator: For dutching two way and three way bets.
  • DD/HH Calculator: To calculate Double Delight / Hat-trick Heaven offers.
  • Commitment to help with gambling addiction:
  • All staff trained in what to do if someone approaches them and says they have a gambling problem.
  • Filter to remove all bingo or casino offers from the site.
Forum Moderation

Our forum has been in use for nearly three years now, and it’s still the biggest and most active matched betting forum on the web. When a forum gets to that size, how it’s moderated obviously comes under the microscope. We’ll be the first to admit that in the past, we have been guilty of over-moderation on our forum. Certain rules were too limiting, which wasn’t conducive to an open discussion. Earlier this year we reviewed all of our forum guidelines and rules and hopefully, using the experience we have gained from past mistakes, we think we now have a good balanced approach to forum moderation. Feedback has been taken on board and rules have been relaxed.

Customer Feedback And Questionnaires

We now have monthly questionnaires where members can suggest new features, point out issues and give their general opinions. All submissions are read and considered by the whole PA team. We take customer feedback very seriously. Almost all of the good ideas we have implemented, initially came from our community. That’s why we are so keen to make sure our members have a voice and that voice is heard.

Our Offers Team

One of the things we’re most proud of is our offers team. They’re the best on the industry. We test all new offers and only give instructions on the offers that are worthwhile. If an offer isn’t on our site, then its not worth doing. We are also proud to say that our offers are always up quickly and never late. We put a lot of time and resource towards making sure you have all the offer write ups and video guidelines needed to make a healthy profit.

Profit Accumulator Forum

As mentioned previously, our forum is still the biggest and most active matched betting forum on the web. Filled with expert matched bettors (admins, mods and other members) who can help you with any questions. It’s also acknowledged that we have the best ‘boost etiquette’ of any matched betting forum. The ‘no chat boost’ threads are purely there for close matches that can provide profit. Due to the fact we have a lot of experienced members, these boost threads are a great source of income.

What If I’m Gubbed By Lots Of Bookmakers?

Even if you have a lot of accounts gubbed, there are still ways that you can earn good money. Chris, who has been a member of PA since March 2015, is testimony to that fact. The firefighter, who lives in Hertfordshire, is gubbed by 26 bookmakers, but still manages to supplement his income with matched betting. The main way to keep earning is to learn about the different types of offers and methods of matched betting. In particular casino offers, extra places on horse racing, arbing, dutching and each way arbing. We have the required software, the experience of our forum admins, mods and customer service team and the detailed video guides needed to help you learn and make money from all of these methods.

Not Enough Time?

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to develop some software to give you more hours in the day, but what we have done is broken down the process into bitesize chunks so you can optimise what little time you do have, to maximise your profits. We have £300 a month (perfect for the part-time matched bettor) and £1000 a month (for those with more time) forum threads which you can follow. These threads outline all the offers you need to do to hit the relevant earning target. All offers are risk free and easily attainable with a reasonable sized bank. We also have other matched betting diaries available, which show you which offers our experts are doing, and most importantly how they approach them. The ones that have been particularly interesting recently are MarkPA and his £1k to £2k challenge, and also forum member MK19 and his Cheltenham daily diary.

50% Off Your First Month

To celebrate another successful Cheltenham festival, we are offering 50% off your first month. This offer is valid for new and returning customers. Thats full Platinum access for only £8.99. If you’re not happy with the service, we have a full money back guarantee. Terms and conditions apply. Profit Accumulator News

For more details of some new features, you will find them in E) Latest Updates in this Profit Accumulator Review document.

Profit Accumulator vs Oddsmonkey

Allow me to briefly talk about Profit Accumulator vs Oddsmonkey, because this is probably one of the most interesting subject for most of the visitors to this page.

We used to suggest Oddsmonkey due to its cheaper price & more software which made Oddsmonkey more value for money, thus apparent competitive edges. However, given the massive efforts of improvements Profit Accumulator has made as shown above as well as the price parity (PA lowered while OM increased) brought the healthy competition in the industry and good benefits to all the users. As a result, honestly, we are very happy to suggest both of the service equally at this moment in time. For further details of this topic & our suggested action plans, please take a look at F) Comparison With The Competition (Oddsmonkey) & G) Conclusion – Follow Process To Earn £45 In Free Account in this document.

We have just created the dedicated page titled “Matched Betting Software & Subscriptions – Best 3 Deals & How To Chose";matched betting software feature imahe

, where you will find the comprehensive comparison among top matched betting subscription services namely, Oddsmonkey, Profit Accumulator & Profit Maximiser, and the smart method to chose the right service that can fit your needs. You will find the latest offer of these 3 providers as well, so suggest you take a look after going through this Profit Accumulator review to make your final decision. 

Profit Accumulator Review – What’s It All About?

Now, let get into Profit Accumulator Review; millionaire-genie Our Profit Accumulator Review starts with the excerpt from their site. It says

This page related to the 888 group Millionaire Genie loophole. It’s suitable for 888casino, 888sport, Eurocity, Reef Club Casino and Casino on Net. This page assumes you’ve been credited Freeplay from an offer and you’ve played through the entire freeplay. Usually the winnings from your freeplay will not be withdrawable. This page will show you how to withdraw those funds."
It was a loophole that meant despite wagering requirements on freeplay funds, any funds won in bonus rounds were immediately withdrawable. For several months, Profit Accumulator’s members  were depositing hundreds and withdrawing many thousands of pounds from the site. Profit Accumulator sets a Loophole Thread in its private forum and 20,000 members post & update & exchange information like the above Millionaire Genie case;pa-forum-loophole Don’t get me wrong, finding & pursuing loophole is not a Profit Accumulator’s mainstream at all. (BTW, you may want to see the latest casino winnings reported by the members). Rather, this is a tiny benefit you can get from it, which I just wanted to share. Profit Accumulator (PA) is the UK’s premier Matched Betting service, providing advice to it’s 20,000+ subscribers on how to make risk-free profit by taking advantage of bookmaker’s free bets and promotions. Profit Accumulator began in 2014 as a startup with no funding, to a full fledged business turning over with a 7 figure net profit in its first two years.

Going Full Time

Whether matched betting can be a full time job or not is often discussed, and  there is a dedicated thread titled Going Full Time in Profit Accumulator Forum, see the image below; pa-forum-go-full-time In case you face unexpected thing and any financial difficulty, PA could be your contingency, and exactly that’s the benefit of Extra Income we GEM would like our readers to have. The person who posted in Profit Accumulator forum is a living evidence of make living Profit Accumulator. Well, it’s enough for the introduction.

A) What’s Profit Accumulator & Who’s Behind?

Samuel Elliot Paul Stoffel is the person who created Profit Accumulator. Sam’s comment in PA face book comprehensively explains the company background and what the PA wants to deliver as follows;

I’m 25 years old and quite possibly the only person in the country that paid their entire University fees before graduating, without working a day. A lot of people have heard of Matched Betting. It’s been discussed on popular outlets like The Guardian (profit accumulator review guardian) and MoneySavingExpert as a viable way of making easy cash. I stumbled across this a few years ago and started pocketing up to £2000 per month, tax free, with absolutely no risk. So the question I asked myself is why isn’t everyone doing this? Anyone can do this, and it is mathematically impossible to fail."

“The problem most people have is that it can be hard to find enough worthwhile bonuses to generate a full time income, and it’s not always easy to know how to turn the bonuses into real cash. And so evolved Profit Accumulator. I created this website as a way to avoid all that hard work as I believe that anyone should have access to this information. Nobody should be out there slaving away in minimum wage jobs and struggling for money every month when they could be making £1000-2000 every month with very little effort."

“My membership area will walk you through cashing out the bookmaker bonuses, with detailed video and written guides. We have exclusive forums for members and my fully trained, expert support team who can talk you through every step. I want to make this a reality for more people in the UK.


(PA) Site

About The Founder

Sam’s Profile taken from Company Check;

Mr Samuel Elliot Paul Stoffel holds 5 appointments at 5 active companies, has resigned from 0 companies and held 0 appointments at 0 dissolved companies. SAMUEL began their first appointment at the age of 24. Their longest current appointment spans 1 years, 11 months and 0 days at PROFIT ACCUMULATOR LTD. The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where SAMUEL holds a current appointment equals £1m, a combined total current assets value of £1.1m with a total current liabilities of £621k and a total current net worth of £448.7k. Roles associated with Mr Samuel Elliot Paul Stoffel within the recorded businesses include: Director company-accounts-for-mr-samuel-elliot-paul-stoffel Profit Accumulator Registered office address: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ Sam’s e-mail address: sam(atmark)

B) How Much Money Can You Make?

Sam said Our members make £1,000+ tax free every single month Matched Betting. These are guaranteed, risk-free profits. Anyone can use this system to make up to an extra £20,000+ a year. In the UK, you don’t pay TAX on money earned from betting (even if that’s risk free betting!), so that’s the equivalent of a £31k a year salary.

“We aren’t talking about gambling – taking a punt on the latest Premier League football match and just hoping for the best. Instead, we’re talking about placing matched bets, a process that takes all chance out of the equation, in favour of a guaranteed way to make cash, time after time. Is matched betting really worth the hype?" “Don’t misunderstand us here – matched betting isn’t a 'get rich quick’ scheme. If you do it right, you won’t be rolling in the millions, but you can make a reliable few hundred – perhaps even thousands – of pounds every month, all while doing relatively little work yourself." “You could be generating £30 an hour while sitting at home taking advantage of the free bets offered by bookmakers, and here at Profit Accumulator, we have set up a complete online platform that makes it all as easy as can be – even if you have never taken an interest in sports betting previously." PA’s blog

James, the administrator of PA posted the below in the thread of the private forum where members post their own real experience of monthly income; pa-james-5000Hundreds of members are updating their profits based on the experience with PA, which proves all the claims PA makes are very true.  

C) What You Get & Key Advantages

The below screenshot shows the general menu of the site; pa-menuThe offers section as seen below is the place you can immediately start by accessing to the bookmakers’ offer while learning the specific method by the training videos. Necessary tools like Oddsmatching software & Calculator are equipped just by one click and you can make the best use of the Forum where 20,000 members share the experience & input on each offers. pa-offers-page

Collective Wisdom

As seen in the huge number of posts from the below image, its private forum is extremely active. 20,000 members post their success stories, mistake experiences, suggestion, new offer virtually everything you need to know to work on the matched betting. All the instruction by PA is fine tuned here and any new offers are examined by thousands members immediately and quick feedback are appeared for everyone to share the knowledge, means the information you get in the forum is very practical &

Daily Tasks – To Do List

There are 2 Lists members follow every day which are  How to make £1000 a month & How to make £300 a month PART TIME! Obviously the first one is for those who make more commitment and the 2nd one is for busy people who can spare only limited time for this activity. Everyday, the concrete action lists are posted as below;

How to make £1000 a month


How to make £300 a month PART TIME

pa-300-month All you need is just implementing the list of action as instructed.

D) Proprietary Methods & Matched Betting Software

There are numerous unique Software / Spreadsheet Tools that PA developed & Members created to make Matched Betting Easy as PA’s catch phrase, just a portion of the examples are;pa-useful-spreadsheets

ACCA Catcher & Race Catcher

Watch the video briefly explaining ACCA Catcher & Race Catcher;

Let me further explain about ACCA Catcher.

ACCA Catcher

The Multiple Bets / ACCA Bets are extremely lucrative for the matched betters if you can mange rightly because the offers are on all the time by most of major bookmakers. Since multiple bets is the bookies’ favorite due to the fact that this is the bet many punters lose money being attracted by extremely high return. Many matched betters struggle how to do matched betting in Multiples / ACCA, it requires a bit complicated & tedious calculation but here you can make it easy. Importantly, bookies love customers who regularly bet ACCA, therefore they may hardly restrict the account who do ACCA. Simply, this is a Win Win for both matched bettors & bookmakers.

3 Parts

PA’s ACCA Catcher is a very innovative & convenient tool that can allow you to make profit significantly from Accumulator Betting by Lock-In Profit. You may wonder How? It is composed of 3 main parts: An Acca Search, and Acca Calculator, and the My Accas section. In the Acca Search section, you will see a list of Accumulator bets  that are pre-built for each bookie to fit the requirement for particular Accumulator Refund offers. The search shows all of the legs of the bet, the total back and lay odds, the start and end date, and also the 'Expected Value'(Average profit) and the Qualifying Loss (based on Normal mode) as below; pa-acca-catcher-1

3 Modes

If you click the little calculator button on the left hand side of the result, you bring up the Acca Calculator, which  contains the full details of your Acca. Here, you can edit all of the info for the bet if needed, or even create your own custom Acca. The calculator lets you choose between 3 modes: Normal, Refund Lock In and Free Bet. pa-acca-catcher-2

  • Normal Mode is simply the “Bet and Hope" method. You place your Acca and lay off each leg sequentially. You take a qualifying loss (usually around £5-6) and hope that exactly one leg loses so that you get the free bet. The EV represents the “average" profit you’ll make across many attempts. The “Profit" box will always be negative in this mode, as it displays the worst case scenario.
  • Refund Lock In mode is the guaranteed profit method. This alters your lay stakes in order to make a guaranteed profit by laying against the potential refund. In this method, you’ll make a guaranteed profit shown in the “Profit/Loss" box. Again, this box shows the MINIMUM possible profit. If you mouse over this box, you can get a breakdown of how the profit changes in each scenario.
  • Free Bet mode is for use when using Accas as SnR free bets.

You can decide which mode to use before starting your acca, and should avoid switching mid-way through. You can click the Save to My Accas button to store your Acca in the “My Accas" section. This allows you to easily view all of your ongoing Accas and update their progress as necessary. You will receive email notifications prior to each leg of your bet starting, in order to remind you to lay.

Normal Mode

The calculator will then either display your next lay stake, or indicate that you should not proceed any further, the below is te example of Normal Mode; pa-acca-catcher-3

Refund Lock-In Mode

It shows like this; pa-acca-catcher-6 It’s not cheating, this software allows you to lock in a guaranteed profit from every accumulator you place. ACCA Catcher calculates exactly how much you have to bet, so that all you need to do is place the right bets and collect your profit.

Lay All Mode
Lay All Mode I should not forget to mention that ACCA Catcher gives you 1 more excellent mode, which is Lay All. Yes, unlike the standard sequential laying you need to do for usual ACCA matched betting, you don’t have to wait for the finish of each match to lay the next match, you can lay all the matches at the same time to LOCK-IN YOUR PROFIT here as seen in the below image. This means you can even select the matches occurring at the same time. You need to select very low odds match to make it happen which doesn’t always exist but quite often exists, thus it will give you an excellent opportunity to save time & make guaranteed profit. pa-acca-catcher-4


Each Way Matcher, Extra Place Catcher & Dutching Software

PA have been adding new matched betting software without any additional cost, which are Each Way Matcher, Extra Place Catcher & Dutching Software, take a look at the Guides of Profit Accumulator;Profit Accumulator Review Features Guide


E) How To Start Profit Accumulator

Just watch the video;

Permanent Offer – Free Account

As an on-going offer;

Profit Accumulator Offer Free Account, Click This Entire Box & Create FREE Account & Make over £40 Profits
profit accumulator pricing list

The services you can access in this free account will enable you to earn over £40, which will also get you familiar with how the matched betting works. So, it’s entirely risk free although the accessible service is quite limited in comparison to the Platinum account as seen from the above.

The above link will automatically give you the Profit Accumulator 30 day trial comes from the below Refund Policy, see its T&C;profit accumulator refund tc

No Profit Accumulator promotion code required, means if you want to experience how Platinum Account works, just upgrade your free account to premium account at £17.99, get full Profit Accumulator benefits. if you don’t satisfy, request refund for the full month, which is effectively 30 Days Free Trial.

Or, if you want to pay the yearly plan that can save £65 a year, you just need to log into your account, go to “My Account" and use the “switch plans" tab. There’s a payment form in there for you to fill out for the yearly subscription, that will automatically cancel the monthly subscription and the yearly subscription will start.

F) Profit Accumulator Alternatives

Profit Maximiser & Oddsmonkey

As we already referred in this report, the clear contenders to Profit Accumulator are Oddsmonkey and Profit Maximiser. 

Let me briefly talk about the 2 contenders.

Profit Maximiser Review

Profit Maximiser is run by Mike Cruickshank. Mike is actually a forerunner to turn the bookies offer into the organized system. His Bonus Bagging is one of the first movers that commercialized the service,  which contributed to the rapid popularity of the matched betting in UK / Ireland. Please see my full review of Profit Maximiser – The Engineer Of Matched Betting Success, Is It Still Good?;Profit Maximiser Full Review

Oddsmonkey Review

Oddsmonkey is the newest major player as a full service provider among the 3 top although they have a long history as an oddsmatching software provider. Oddsmonkey have eroding Profit Accumulator’s share originally with cheaper price & wider range of matched betting software. Please also see our Oddsmonkey Review – Full Inside Analysis Through The Founder Interviewoddsmonkey review, feature image

So, historically, Profit Maximiser established Matched Betting Subscription service, then Profit Accumulator further expanded the market to become a market leader, but Oddsmonkey started rapidly taking market share from these 2 while helping continuous market expansion. PA has made a lot of efforts to set a competitive price against OM (Oddsmonkey) as seen in the above updates. Actually, absolute amount of the fee is not an issue, most of the members recover £150 annual fee within a few days from the offers & services provided. The point is relative value against OM & PM.

Who Is The Best?

So, who is the best and which service should be chosen is your natural question. See the latest Oddsmonkey vs Profit Accumulator, Profit Accumulator vs Profit Maximiser etc comparison & choice in Matched Betting Software & Subscriptions – Best 3 Deals & How To Chose.

Oddsmonkey Review - List Of Competitive Edge Over Competitions Testified By Founder Best Of The Best




Hope all of this review will be of your help. If you have any question about this review, don’t hesitate to throw it to me – click the face icon on the right: Global Extra Money Contact



Good Luck!!

Joshua Walker

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