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Everybody Deserves The High Quality Of Life With Reliable & Consistent Extra Money!!

We Share Our Safe & Solid 2 Methods Enabling Ordinary People from All Over the World to Make Extra Money Legitimately Every Month For a Better Life.

About Me & Why We Launched GEM – Global Extra Money Site

Allow me to introduce myself first. My name is Joshua Walker, the publisher of GEM – Global Extra Money site. I worked for Fortune Global 500 company for 25 years as a marketing management and decided to start own venture to shake off various fetters. After years of burning the midnight oil, I fully realized the importance of Multiple Income in the life with a full of uncertainties for a rainy day. More importantly, Creating Extra Money will allow you to spend The Better Quality Of Life with more social activities, evening out, overseas holidays, cultural & intellectual diversification & savings as safety net.

Financial Safety Net Walk

When it comes to the topic of saving money, many sites focus on frugal life that can’t last long and ruin your life. And common title of “XX Ways To Make Easy Extra Money” suggests ad. hoc (ebay auction, garage sale etc), or impractical (blogging , freelance writer etc) or chicken feed (online survey, check shop price etc) or only for eligible (rent your spare room, rent out your parking space etc). These ideas are not sustainable or taking years to learn or not for everyone. Besides, many opportunities lack Fun and Intelligence which I strongly believe the critical factors to improve people’ life.

Considering these points, I decided to create the site that can; “Help Ordinary People All Over The World Earn Steady Extra Money On The Side, Which Will Enrich Their Life For Long Term”.

How? We Have Solutions Of “2 Pillar Methods”

So What are the 2 Methods?

 Advantage Play

Gambling Is for Losers, No More Count On Chance, You Always Win!! Beat the Bookies & Houses with Mathematical Edge – These are the Exact Concept We Practice.Advantage Play Guide

We list 6 Advantage Play Methods which will change your mindset toward Gambling. To be precise, we don’t gamble. We turn the bookmakers’ / casinos’ house edge into our own edge, and make Consistent Profits as they do. This is for everybody, you don’t need any previous experiences at all, you can do anytime at home, break time in office & traveling time effectively anywhere with Risk Free. It’s not a Get Rich Quick approach but Steady Reliable method to Make Extra Money Legitimately. We design our method applicable to anybody in the world. Depending on the each jurisdiction though, it’s a 100% Tax Free Income definitely in the UK and in fact in many jurisdictions.

Gambling Is For Losers, Stop Betting on Luck But Bet on Only +EV To Win Reliably“, which is our way to promote Responsible Gambling, and we strongly support GambleAwaregambleaware logoPlease see why our advantage plays help people get rid of gambler’s mind set in About Us Our Policy on Gambling – We Oppose Gamble Betting.


Passive Trading

Own Trading is On a Fool’s Errand, No More Learning Waste, Use Winners’ Skill!! Beat the Market with Other’s Expertise. Passive Trading here means Let Others Trade for you Rather Than You Do By Yourself .Make Extra Money Legitimately Mobile

We list 3 Passive Trading Methods that allow you to Select the Top Brain to Work on Your Behalf. Since it’s Not Risk Free, it is Not for Everybody, but for Those who Seek For Hands-Off Money Making, it provides you with the excellent opportunities to make extra income. Let the proven top Traders / System generate cash-in flow even while sleeping.

Balancing Your Life

Then, Why Advantage Play & Passive Trading? Because these will satisfy Fun & Intelligence !! Let’s elaborate on a bit;

Want To Feel Good (Fun)

Sports betting, bingo & casino are good entertainment & fun. Be Proud Of Sharing Your Consistent Success Story To Others. Since we don’t do gambling we may not feel much thrill but enjoy beating the bookies & houses. Having better knowledge in particular Sports coupled with a bit of mathematical logic (if you hate math then forget) & statistical knowledge make your casual talk with your friends richer.Make Extra Money Legitimately All TogetherBTW, to earn via Advantage Play you don’t need any mathematical knowledge, you just follow our free step by step instructions.

Want To Learn (Intelligence)

Financial Trading Sharpen Your Insights On Global Affairs. Expand Your Financial knowledge especially FX sharpen your radar on global Political & Economic climate / movements. Means increase your knowledge & insights on international affairs as well as improve your financial literacy. This will expand & take your social / business community into the next level. BTW, you don’t need to trade by yourself in Passive Trading, but it’s natural that you will become more interested in these subjects once you put real money in it.Make Extra Money Legitimately Among Passive Trading Community

Now, you have 2 options to start making extra income;

  • Make Extremely Quick Cash £60 – 100 Risk-Free via Chat See How
  • Make Extra Money £/€/$ 50,000 On The Side Within 2 Years – Amazing Free Program Take A Look

We’re always happy to get in touch with you, so if you have any question or need further information, please Click the face on the right end; GEM Joshua

Hope, you will find our site practical & useful.

Joshua Walker

Publisher Of GEM – Global Extra Money

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