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Firstly, Z Code is 1 of the Most Successful Sports Betting System In The World. Although we do betting, we GEM don’t count on luck or chance but mathematical edge to beat the bookies. This is called Advantage PlayAdvantage Play, Feature Image that includes Matched Betting & Sports Arbitrage. Z Code System is unique & excellent because it has ability to locate Value BetsValue Bet, Feature Image to consistently earn extra income. As long as we keep betting on the value, it’s almost impossible to lose in long-term. That’s the reason why Z Code system describe their service as Sports Investment rather than Sports Betting.

For further details, please take a look at our ZCode Review – Full Inside Analysis / Founder Interview / Secret Of Winners Worldwide;ZCode Review, Latest Feature Image

Z Code Discount Link

Betting system is often localized. However Z Code System applies to the punters all over the world as you can read from the above review title of “Secret Of Winners Worldwide”. So, don’t worry wherever you locate, it works (How? See the bottom of this page).

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ZCode standard monthly subscription cost is $198 as shown in the standard Payment Page;

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Although many people including my readers are satisfied with this standard price, which is proven by the fact that the retention rate is extremely high, some people may feel not cheap.

Offer For GEM Readers

Z Code periodically allow our members to get PERMANENT 75% DISCOUNT DEAL, means $49 per month rather than $198 per month. Yes, it’s amazing offer, but I can’t guarantee it at any time.

Therefore, TRY NOW By Clicking This Entire Box and if it shows the payment page like below (the currency can be your local unit)
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, then Congratulations!! You made it.

Take It Risk-Free

Means, you’re lucky enough to get entitled of the permanent discount at this moment in time, so take it quickly before it disappears.

Guaranteed Money Back

If you want to cancel it with any reasons, you can get full refund within 60 days Without No Strings Attached ensured by Click Bank Policy. Therefore, it is a Completely Risk Free opportunity.

Just in case, the discount price doesn’t show up, don’t give up, we will give you an alternative deal so Contact Us:GEM Joshua



Action Plans For The Punters All Over The World

As said at the beginning, Z Code works for every punters in the world. I will show you how it works as follows;

Global Sports & Bookies Worldwide Solutions

I keep saying this Zcode system works globally. Zcode itself never reject people by country but accept all. As said, it covers NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAAB, NCAAF, Soccer (key leagues) & Horse Racing (major race courses / meetings). Given the popularity of US major sports, soccer & horse racing all over the world, & tips availability 24 / 7 in the site, it suits pretty much for all punters everywhere.

The key issue is if you can access to the Bookies suggested by Zcode, especially Sharp Bookies.

ZCode said “You don’t need to open many accounts – you can start with just one or two of the best bookies” Let me draw which bookies or solutions people can use by locations;


Use Sharp Bookies accepting US Citizens, namely 5Dime & Bookmaker EU. Both of them are world top rated bookmakers located in Caribbeans.


Use Bet365 & William Hill, but these are soft bookies, means maximum stake is relatively low & your account could be restricted if you keep winning. So suggest use also sharp bookies, namely Pinnacle. If you live in the countries Pinnacle don’t accept, suggest use Asianconnect, as a bet broker that allow you to access not only Pinnacle but several Asian sharp bookies like SBOBet. But you need to know how the bet broker works including the risks. Thus, suggest first take a look at our honest review on bet brokers;Bet Broker, Honest Opinion Feature Image

All Other Areas

Use Pinnacle as much as possible either directly or via the bet broker because Pinnacle is the best sharp bookmaker that will make a lot of difference in your long-term profit. Strongly suggest take a look at our Pinnacle Full Review.


Just in case, you can’t get any of the bookmakers’ accounts I listed so far due to your location, use BetOnline that accepts players from any of the countries in the world. Don’t get me wrong, this bookmaker is not a fishy bookie but really A+ ranked excellent bookmaker. So, yes, not only those who don’t have other choices but also for everybody.

If you have any questions or concerns related to the location & accessibility to the bookies, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Quick Process

Before Sign-Up

  • Check how the existing member value the system via a testimonial by a Canadian member, which may help you build some confidence,  ZCode Real Experience to Turn $400 to $30,000;ZCode Real Experience(Actually, the Canadian bet on Brazilian soccer and achieved good profits, which suggest ZCode’s wide sports coverage.)
  • Watch the instruction videos before you start subscription to understand how it works & feel comfortable to go ahead
  • Check the Discount Link First & If it works, don’t miss the opportunity & sign up for VIP subscription.

Immediately After Sign-Up

  • Read the ZCode Guide you will get in pdf format after sign-up, and see how you place the bet of ZCode tips in each suggested bookmaker.
  • Open accounts of the appropriate bookies we listed above. As noted, no need to sign-up a lot, but at least 2 – 3 for risk avoidance & wider selection.

Explore Matched Betting Opportunity For Bookies Initial Bonus (Except Sharp Bookies That Don’t Offer Bonus)

  • Don’t forget to new player bonus against the initial deposit. If you can construct matched betting suggest you use it to rake the bonus Risk-Free. If you need any assistance about it, contact us;GEM Joshua

Money Management – Decide Your Betting Unit

  • Let me show you a simple model by assuming that your initial bank is $2,000.
  • Allocate 1% of your bank for your each bet, means $20 / bet. Nothing is set on stone with this allocation, but if you’re are a newbie, this is very safe approach. So, $20 is your 1 Betting Unit.

Chose The Systems & Place Bet

  • Select your preferred betting systems / experts.  Go Hot Trend and check Top Performing Automated System Rating (computer generated tips) & Top 30 Expert Rating (human experts’ tips).
  • Let’s use Top Performing Auto System Ranking, and say you follow the current top system (based on the last 3 months active records), which is NHL Stalker System with around 29% ROI.
  • Means you can expect $5.8 profit from every 1 Unit ($20 bet) for long-term (don’t get me wrong, this is an expected value in long-term, in short-term you may face losing streak due to the variance). The suggested tip varies 0.5 – 5 units based on the confidence on each event.

Expected Profit

  • If you place 60 units/month (average 2 units/day), you expect $348 profit by risking $1,200, 60% of your total bank every month.
  • If you get 75% discount of ZCode subscription, your net profit will be around $300 / month. 15% return against your total bank of $2,000 or 25% return against the fund you risked.
  • Bear it in mind, the suggestion of units / stake differs among each system or expert’s picks. This is by far the safest profit model. It is based on the money management of 1% betting unit by risking 60% of your total bank, means your 40% of your total bank is completely intact & treat it as a reserve.
  • If you increase 1 unit from 1% to 2%, the return will be double but so as the risk. Same as increasing the units you place / month. Simply, the return corresponds with risk proportionally.

Stick To The System For A While

  • Importantly, once you select the system, stick to it for a while. Never change just because you face loosing streaks which is a formula of failure. You can’t always win, loosing is inevitable, but if the system you choose is top rated, you will be profitable at the end of the day.

Again, if you need any assistance about it, contact us;GEM Joshua

Good Luck On Your Bets!!

Joshua Walker

Publisher of GEM (Global Extra Money)

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