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If you think you belong to Middle Class in 99% of the population, You’re In the Vulnerable Status.

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Uncertainties You May Face

Uncertainty and fears of social decline and exclusion have reached the middle classes in many societies. The uncertainties in middle class especially in advanced countries attribute to the gloomy job market as follows;

Globalization – Job Outsourcing

The IMF report (Finance and Development, A quarterly magazine of the IMF Vol.45) indicates the massive income transfer to poorest 30% population is happening, means advanced countries job are being outsourced to the developing countries. The higher the income inequality less positive toward globalization, in other words, the globalization spurs the inequality by squeezing middle class jobs.

Income transfer data are from the mid-1990s; attitudes toward globalization from a 2003 survey_Why You Need Extra Income – Further Assessment BY GEMThe Gini Index is a measure of Income Inequality_Why You Need Extra Income – Further Assessment BY GEM

Technologies – Robot will take over your job

Oxford University research summarizes (for details), among 702 occupations in 12 categories of total US employment, nearly 70% is at high to medium risk of getting replaced by robots over some unspecified number of years perhaps a decade or two. As seen from the chart, the unlikely job is high-end skill oriented job, which is another reason the middle class should worry. Probability of Computerisation_Why You Need Extra Income – Further Assessment BY GEM

Tax & Social Benefit – Not For Middle Class

Needless to say, the welfare benefit is for the lower class. The principle of the below US state case applies globally.

Household Income and Benefits Chart_Why You Need Extra Income – Further Assessment BY GEM
Source: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2012-11-27/when-work-punished-tragedy-americas-welfare-state

Do you realize why you as a middle class should worry?

GEM think this

Spare Another 1 Minutes To Assess Yourself Further for Your Long Future!!!

Let’s Examine – Will You Have Enough For Retirement?

Will You Have Enough For Retirement? and just fill in a few numbers;

CNN Calculator_Will You Have Enough For Retirement _Why You Need Extra Income – Further Assessment BY GEM



If the above assessment shows You’re Falling Short, then It’s Right Time To Start Action Seriously!!

Image _Why You Need Extra Income – Further Assessment BY GEM
Next step to read “How To Achieve Extra Income”

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