Football Index Cashback – GEM Exclusive Offer

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We GEM Provide You with Exclusive Cashback Offer for Those Who Sign Up Football Index!! 

  The Offer looks Too Good To Be True Because It’s Basically 100% Risk-Free, It’s a True Deal But Carefully Follow this Guide to Avoid Any Unpleasant Surprise!! 

What You Will Get

£30 Cashback from GEM (exclusive offer from us)

What Is Football Index?

Just in case, you’re not familiar with Football Index, check;

Football Index Snapshot

Football Index is the World First Football Players Trading Platform, means you can buy & sell football players in the form of “Futures" like we trade company equity in stock market. For those who are not familiar with Football Index, please take a look at Our Football Index Full Review;Football Index Review Feature ImageThis full review clearly identify what football index is / how to make money with special tips as shown in the below agenda;

football index review agenda

You can earn online extra income from Football Index in medium to long-term but our Football Index Cashback Offer provides you with Immediate Guaranteed Cash Profit.

GEM Special Football Index Offer £30 Cashback

See the specific instruction on how you get £30 from us;

£30 Cashback Eligibility and T&C
You Will Be Able To Get £30 Cashback
If You Sign-Up Under Us & Deposit & Wager
{ At Least £40 } – Guaranteed Profit,
So Sign-Up by Clicking this Entire Box!!

Let me list boring but important points.


Due to the regulatory & other requirements, we have to limit our offer ONLY to the;

  • People Who are 18 + Years Old
  • People Residing in the United Kingdom
  • New Customers on the Football Index (can’t offer to those who already registered Football index)
  • GEM Registered Members (if you’re not registered, please do it now at the bottom of this page)
  • Those Who Will Deposit To Football Index by Credit (or Debit) Card of Visa or Master Card
  • Those Who Will NOT Request Refund To Football Index Within 7 Days.

Note on “Not Request Refund" Requirement 

Allow me to clarify that we can’t offer any cashback to those who requested refund to Football Index during the 1st week. 

For those who prefer Risk-Free trading offer rather than this cashback, please go for it, it’s entirely up to you.

However, you may want to consider the following points;

Firstly, for those who are not incurring any loss during the 1st 7 days, Refund Offer is No Value. So on the 6th or 7th day you may want to decide “Refund Request to Football Index" or “Our Cashback Deal", remember once you submit refund request to football index, you will lose our cashback automatically. 

Secondary, football index’s reload offer. If your account is inactive for a while, there are large chances (Not Guaranteed) that you receive another risk-free offer to attract your re-load. For the reload offer, up to £1,000 risk-free is often the case like below;football index review, 1000 risk free

, with the message of;


We noticed that your Football INDEX Portfolio is looking empty and unloved, like the Emirates on a Champions League night and that simply won’t do! 

Here at Football Index you can test your football knowledge by trading footballers you are passionate about. Use your judgement to purchase players you think will increase in value and pay out divends. See if you have what it takes to buy and sell at the right time making you a successful trader.

What’s more, we’ll let you use the platform completely RISK FREE up to £1,000 for 7 days when you deposit £10 or more.

If you incur any losses within the 7 day period simply email and we will refund your losses IN CASH up to £1,000. With this stonking RISK FREE offer there has never been a better time to play at Football INDEX.

(T&Cs apply)

Happy Trading!

Football INDEX Team

Football Index Risk-Free Offer Invitation

In any case, signing up under our link will give you nothing but more options & advantages.

Just in case, you are not yet our member, please register by filling your name and e-mail below to obtain Password to access to all GEM MEMBER ONLY information;

Terms & Conditions

Please read & agree before you claim this offer;

  • You need to make your first registration in Football Index under our designated link.
  • Cashback is only eligible to new customers on the Football Index (the new customers considered & approved by Football Index).

Only Process After Your Claim Form

  • This offer is only available by submitting the claim form (at the bottom of the next Step-By-Step instruction section) and complete your Football Index registration under GEM link, deposit and buying by accepting all this GEM T&C.

Ensure You Delete Cookie Before Clicking Our Link

  • You should watch out Cookie Trails. If you’ve previously visited the Football Index website, you must delete your internet cookies before clicking the GEM link (see How to do in the below Process section).
  • Ensure you turn off any ad-blockers and allow cookies, otherwise, this may prevent your signup as tracking. Besides, you use the same device and browser for all stages of our offer or it may not track. Consequently, our affiliate agency may not be able to properly track your sign-up under our link.

Ensure You Buy At Least £40

  • Cashback will only be paid if the first deposit and wager made on the account is £40 or more. Any subsequent deposits will not be tracked.
  • To facilitate our verification on your sign-up activities, if possible please record the specific time of Buy £40 Footballers Futures & include it in the claim form at the bottom.
  • Unless, we can recognize your sign-up, deposit & wager in the report produced by the affiliate agency, we are not able to pay any cashback. No further dispute can be done regarding this matter.
  • You must spend £40 or more before making any player sales – suggest you buy £10 First to see how it works, then buy £30+ (£40 for safety) afterward.
  • You must deposit and wager within 2 days of signing up to be eligible for cashback.

Payment To Your PayPal Account

  • Your cashback will be paid only to PayPal Account you inform us in the claim form.
  • We will pay cash back by the end of the following month after the Eligible Claim received (usually much earlier).

Note – Account Verification

  • Occasionally, Football Index ask you to verify your age & residency in the UK in the form of e-mail as below. If you receive such request, please follow the instruction to verify your account immediately. Otherwise your account will be kept suspended, and we can’t pay any cashback under the suspended condition.

Account Verification Request E-mail

From: Support Football Index <>
Subject: Football INDEX Account Verification

Hello XXXXX,

Welcome to Football INDEX we hope you’re enjoying the site.
We have a responsibility to verify the age of each customer as part of our license agreement with the UK Gambling Commission. We run a 'behind the scenes’ electronic check which 80% of our customers pass.
For those who don’t pass this check, we’ll need you to complete the verification process manually by sending documents to prove your age and residency in the UK.
Unfortunately, your account didn’t verify, so your account was temporarily suspended until we have verified your details. Can you please send us a photocopy or scan of two documents, one from each of the categories listed below:

Personal Identification – one photo ID from the following list:

– Passport
– Driving licence (UK)
– National Identification card (UK)

Address Verification – one of the following (non-electronic):

– Utility Bill
– Tax Bill
– Copy of Bank Statement

Any address verification document must show letterhead or issuer logo, and be no older than 3 months before the date you submit.
Please send documents that state your residential address. Documents addressed to a PO Box number are not acceptable for validation.
You can send these documents to us by E-mail to

If you can provide these documents shortly, it would be appreciated and will allow us to reinstate your account as soon as possible.

Football Index Customer Service


We reserve the right to deny any claims that we cannot verify as genuine new Football Index signups.

Since your e-mail address is the only contact information for us, please make sure you submit the correct e-mail address.

£30 Cashback Step-By-Step Process


Please carefully follow the process below;

  • Ensure you clear cookies/cache before using our link. In case you’re not familiar with how to clear the cookies, please see the instruction where you can find the specific instructions for each browser
  • Click GEM Link & sign-up by filling the information, the 1st Step is;

football index registration first page

  • The 2nd Step is;

football index registration second page

  • Make sure, you don’t alter any referral code automatically appeared in the form (assuming the code is the result after you clear the cookies & use our GEM link properly)
  • Deposit at least £40 by credit (or debit) card of Visa or Master Card. I would suggest over £50 to ensure you can buy minimum £40 of players’ future;

football index deposit page

  • Buy at least £40 of the footballer’s future for your portfolio – see how to buy in the instruction. And you may want to watch the start-up video;

  • Please note, you must spend £40 or more before selling any players. In other words, don’t sell your player before buying up to £40;

Football Index Review Luis Suarez Future Selling

  • You would need to fill-up the Claim Form below. Unless we receive your claim form, we can’t start any verification process, thus can’t pay any cash back. On top of the name, e-mail address & PayPal e-mail information, please inform us of the Approximate TIME you BUY £40 Footballers Futures as shown below (this is not mandatory but will be helpful to validate your claim faster). 
  • We will pay £30 cashback into your PayPal Account (the one you fill in the claim form) by the end of the following month after we receive your claim form.

Claim Form

You can send an E-mail to Joshua

Claim form is undermaintain, sorry for the inconvenience.

Football Index Cashback Application form

Hope this offer will give you a kick-start for your long-term extra income making in Football Index.