Coronavirus Work From Home (WFH) Extra Income Ideas

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Explore WFH (Work From Home) Opportunities under the fear caused by Covit-19, which can be an Extra Income or possibly become your Main Stream Income, Think Positive!!

Remote working by the coronavirus pandemic will make people feel difficult to go back to offices once the closures are lifted, Prepare yourself for the new working patterns.

Covit-19 Pandemic Prediction

When will Coronavirus Pandemic End?

Check Interactive Tool to simulate when your country can expect to turn the tide on Covit-19

Bubble burst coronavirus

Firstly, suggest you take a look at Basic protective measures against the new coronavirus WHO (World Health Organization) issues for your safety and the updated statistics worldwide

Globally, the coronavirus shock could be very severe even compared to the Great Financial Crisis in 2007–08.

China shows that we can stop coronavirus through aggressive intervention, namely containment, but at a significant economic cost.

So, when will Coronavirus pandemic end and when will people go back to normal life? It fully depends on each country’s unique situation especially on Intervention level & its timing.  The New York Times created an interesting interactive tool. Let me show a few charts which will give  you a good insight on the predicted timing (the articles says “The figures are for America, but the lessons are broadly applicable to any country").

Mild Intervention

This is the worst scenario and will not end until at least mid to end 4Q this year.


coronavirus prediction with mild intervention

Modest Intervention

This may possibly end early 4Q this year.

coronavirus prediction with modest intervention

Aggressive Intervention 

This is the best scenario which may end late 3Q this year. In fact China, the source of Covit-19 have done very aggressive lock-down to contain the virus since mid Jan ’20 and after 2 months, although nationwide there are still strict controls, some people are allowed to go back to work and seems social distancing are gradually removing. 

coronavirus prediction with aggressive intervention

4 – 10 Months?

Almost no countries will do extremely aggressive intervention China did in Wuhan such as “officials going door to door for health checks & forcing anyone ill into isolation", which can only be made by the desponic communist party. 

Japan’s social distancing is shrinking as coronavirus fears ease
Is it too optimistic?

But actually, the early outbreak countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore & South Korea look they already started having the virus under control – Japan’s social distancing is shrinking as coronavirus fears ease, probably too soon though;

Anyhow, taking all these into accounts, most of the countries need to wait at least for 4 – 10 months to gradually get back to the normal life.

What will the working pattern be after Covit-19?

New Working Pattern After the end of Covit-19 Pandemic

As many of you have already been aware, coronavirus could permanently shift people’ working patterns. Companies forced to embrace remote working by the pandemic.

Work From Home (WFH) requires both physical & mental preparation as below;work from home requirements

Physically such as PC, Chat app & Internet connection, most of the workers are already equipped, and some of the companies seem to facilitate the employees to work from home by providing an allowance for broadband and other facilities. 

Apart from the security issues, the biggest challenge looks lying in mental factors. Keeping the productivity & engagement levels while avoiding isolation need people’ mindset changes. It depends on the nature of the business & individuals, once people get used to it, many people may start liking it. In fact, many employees are already starting to question why they had to go in to the office in the first place. Because, overall, working from home doesn’t change your day-to-day work, it just means you’ll be doing it from a different environment. Actually, people are getting the chance to experience days without long commutes, or the harsh inflexibility of not being able to stay close to home when a family member is sick etc. This might be a chance for a great reset in terms of how we work. 

As a result, many employees may not want to return to the office once the closures are lifted.  The sudden increase in working from home is presenting problems as well as opportunities.

So, smart people will start making additional task to create extra income by making the best use of their better work time flexibility. 

Consequently, the WFH ideas under Covit-19 you will find in this report may become your permanent extra income opportunities even after the pandemic ends. 

Our WFH (Work From Home) Opportunities

How can our 2 Pillars help create extra income at home under Covit-19 Fear

We have 2 pillars to build Extra Income, which are Advantage Gambling & Passive Trading. Please see more detail reasons why we believe these are the best methods in Three Clever Ways to Diversify Your Income for a Rainy Day

Let me share the snapshot of each pillar and how they could be workable measures in coronavirus WFH (work from home) circumstances. The specific programs & process will be found in the next “Advantage Gambling Action Plans" & “Passive Trading Action Plans" respectively. 

Advantage Play – Direction under Covit-19

Advantage Play or Advantage gambling refers to legal methods, in contrast to cheating in casinos or sports bookmakers, used to gain an advantage while gambling. So, although it uses the word gambling, we actually never gamble which we define “Count On Chance". Our aim of playing Sports Betting & Casino Games is to create solid Extra Money based on  6 Advantage Plays by making the best use of mathematical edge to beat the bookies, casino & bingo.

When it comes to Sports Betting, we use Matched Bettingsports matched betting, full guide / Sports Arbitrage / Value Bets On Proven Software, Tipsters (handicappers) & Systems to lock-in profit or consistently earn extra income for long-term.

With that said, one of our policies is “Betting On Luck Is For Losers, Stop Gamble Betting But Bet on Only +EV (Expected Value) To Win Reliably“. It is effectively our way to promote Responsible Gambling. And we strongly support GamCare being explained in about us.

Covit-19 Influence – Sports Betting

Major sports events have been cancelled or postponed by the Covit-19 fear, what opportunities can we use? 

Matched Betting & Sports Arbitrage: Better to forget given the Not Enough active sports to make decent profits from these methods.

Value Betting: The method counting on Law of Large Number (LLN) may not work under the current circumstances, but the system that keep exploring available sports events & ESports can be still used. 

Covit-19 Influence – Casino 

Luckily, casino is not affected by Covit-19 at all and can be done via WFH flawlessly. In fact, we have observed increasing juicy offers (bonuses) since all betting sites (, which provide both sportsbook & casino) try to make up the loss caused by the decrease of sport betting revenue. 

Passive Trading – Direction under Covit-19

Stock market suffered gravely by coronavirus, in fact it always happens when the bubble bursts. However, Forex (spot forex market) is a Zero Sum Game, means the total market size doesn’t change. However, as explained in the harsh reality of Forex Trading, very skilled trader (means who committed strong efforts to go through proper training) & institutional trader possessing “information advantage" beat the average & inexperienced retail traders. So, we can describe this situation as “Expert Traders are Casino (House) whereas Retail Traders are Gamblers". Given the House Edge, the Gamblers Can’t Beat the House.

With that said, our principle is Using Expert’s Expertise to Beat the Market consistently. In order to do that we use 3 passive trading methods of Social/Copy Trading, PAMM Account & Trading Robot (EA)

BTW, although we usually focus on Forex trading, you may not overlook the equity market opportunity based on the basic principle said by Warren Buffet as below;Anyhow, regarding our passive trading direction, given the lack of good performing PAMM account at this moment in time and the fact that it’s very difficult for the programmer to adjust or build a proper robot algorithm to deal with unprecedented uncertainties caused by Covit-19, suggest focus on social/copy trading. 

Covit-19 Influence – Social & Copy Trading

Despite the current turmoil with extremely high volatility, there are several smart traders you can copy and enjoy the same profits they make. On top of it, participating social trading will give you additional benefits as eToro CEO Yoni Assia described;

If you’re missing some social interaction, hop onto the eToro social feed and share your thoughts and insights with the community. During these times, it is important to over-communicate and to leverage the technology we have to maintain a sense of togetherness. It is also a great way to read about what is happening in other countries, and what our investors are thinking about the markets as the situation develops.

Covit-19 Influence – Manual Trading

We know that many of our members still prefer “Own Trading", but as you’re aware that given the current high VIX – Volatility Index (VIX bounces between a range of approximately 18-35 in the majority of the time, and over 50 indicates S&P 500 index will be in the range of +/- 50% over the year, 68% of the time), it’s extremely risky, therefore you should be very cautious.volatility index chart

Suggest you check our action plans later.

Advantage Gambling Action Plans

Online Casino Specific Tools & Programs for both Worldwide Players & UK Players


We have issued the following Online Casino Bonus Hunting Instructions, you may want to take a look based on your needs;

Casino Bonus Hunting Instructions & Manuals

Basic Strategies
Low-Risk Bonuses

High-Risk Bonuses

Crypto Casino List

Since we published Bitcoin Betting – Ultimate Way To Lock-In Profits From Anywhere In The World in Feb 2019, just around 1 year ago, we received so many thank you letters from those who enjoyed huge capital gains from $3,400/BTC to $13,000/BTC. Congratulations. I don’t believe all of these people sold out at the peak though obviously many of our members actually made significant profits on top of their betting income.btc usd one year chart

Now, with a couple of reasons, BTC plunged into $4,500 & started climbing up. In long-term many people believe it would be Rising Right as many brilliant stock price like Amazon, Netflix & Alphabet etc. Surely, I can’t assure anything but believe Cryptocurrency asset should be a part of your diversified portfolio, and preferably you use the money you are prepared to lose. From this perspective, I guess the money you rake from Online Casino Bonus hunting would be the most suitable and just leave them untouched as long as possible. Then, who knows that the profits you gain during Covit-19 crisis could grow to be over x100 in 10 years (there are several experts who predict BTC/USD would be over $200,000).  

We have issued Best Crypto Casinos & Bonuses Latest List;best crypto casinos and offers list feature image

, which covers the following contents (includes around 20 top crypto casino & offers – blue part, and excellent tool to help your bonus hunting – pink part)

UK & Ireland 

Oddsmonkey Casino Hub

Oddsmonkey created “Casino Hub" section like below to meet the higher demand on Casino Bonus hunting (if you’re not familiar with Oddsmonkey, see our full review);

oddsmonkey casino hub home

And, for example, the new account sign-up offers are listed like below;

oddsmonkey casino hub new account offer

On top of it, they started new service called Bonus Evolution focusing on High Risk Casino Bonus.

See the details of these additional features, go to Oddsmonkey Key Offer section in this report

Football Index

Although this program is not related to advantage play but provides you with quite unique opportunity which allows you to turn your football knowledge / interest into real money making. For those who are not familiar with Football Index, suggest take a look at our Full Review.

Football Index will not be affected by the cancellation of football games and provide you with various additional promotions like below;football index trading bonus

For all the current offers, go to “Football Index Latest News & Offers" section in the above our full review.

Sports Value Betting Specific Tools & Programs

ZCode System

ZCode System (if you’re not familiar with this one of the world best value betting system, take a look at our full review) have been consistently adapt to the new reality of the coronavirus pandemic and cancelled leagues.

Means, they keep adding new sports that are still available in their system, which includes ESports. Let me just share eSports info extracting from “Zcode Latest info" section from our separate article of ZCode System Updates & Proven Model To Start;

ESports Prediction in VIP picks are shown like;zcode esports vip picks

ZCode Member posts their results in the forum like;zcode esports results

I understand ZCode activate 75% discount link during this hardship period, so go “Check If you’re lucky today" section

Passive Trading Action plans

Social/Copy Trading Specific Tools & Programs

Social & Copy Trading

Suggest you use the most established 2 social trading platforms of eToro & ZuluTrade. Needless to say, the key factor of success is locating the best trader you will copy. See the specific approaches we suggest in each platform as below; 


In case you’re not familiar with eToro, go through eToro Review & Profitable Guide for Dummies. There are 2 approaches to identify the best traders;

  • Use Copy Portfolio (the investment committee of eToro manages your assets professionally and the performance of each Copy Portfolio is analyzed in depth and automatically rebalanced to maximize its capacity for profit)  
  • Your Own Portfolio Creation (see details in “How To Find The Best Trader To Copy 2 Methods & 4 Process to Succeed" section in the above Guide for Dummies to how to chose the best traders)

For your convenience, let me quickly show how you locate the best trader;

In your eToro account, choose “Copy People" “Editor’s Choice" and filter what you want to see, my conservative filtering selects;etoro trader filter list

Then, the system generates the list of;etoro best trader list

Check the details of each trader by clicking their name and IMPORTANTLY carefully review the last 3 months performances to see how capable the trader manages the turmoil affected by Covit-19;etoro best trader last 3 months performance


Please see the details of ZuluTrade in ZuluTrade Review & Essential Guide for Dummies. So as eToro, you may consider 2 approaches of;

  • Use Traders Combo (it’s a traders’ combinations automatically developed by ZuluTrade algorithm which can optimize risk/reward based on your risk-appetite level) 
  • Your Own Portfolio Creation (see details in “How To Find The Best Traders & Develop Profitable Portfolio" section in the above Guide for Dummies to how to chose the best traders)

For your convenience again, let me quickly share how you locate the best trader;

Go to Advanced Search and set the following parameters (remember, this is my personal preference based on the conservative approach, you can freely change as you wish);

  • Running Weeks: Minimum 60 weeks (means at least over 1 year)
  • Max Drawdown: 15%
  • Win Rate: 55% <
  • Trader Slippage: up to 3
  • Tick: “are in the top 100 " & “have approved photo and description " & “have been rated by followers " &  “have live users subscribed" & characterised as “Zulu Veteran"
    , as shown in the below screen;
ZuluTrade best trader advanced search criteria

Then you will see the list of the traders as;ZuluTrade best trader selection

Check the details of each trader by clicking their name and IMPORTANTLY don’t forget to review the last 3 months performances the market has been affected by Covit-19;ZuluTrade best trader last 3 months performance


Always remember, don’t put all your eggs in 1 basket, means diversification is the key word in the risk management. So try to spread your investment into at least 3-4 traders – if you can’t find your desired traders in 1 platform, then use both eToro & ZuluTrade.

Own Trading

Specific Programs for Newbies to Intermediate Trader

Existing Trader

If you already started Forex Trading, and would like to improve your trading in the current difficult times, suggest you consider the below program which I copied from our separate article of Most Profitable Forex EAs & Forex Signals Latest List;


If you want to execute professional trading while learning even from the basic, ForexSignals is the best solution. ForexSignals assisted nearly 70,000 Forex traders since 2012. This signal is a rare service that can hardly be found any negative review but highly rated in every ranking sites including ForexPeaceArmy where it scores 4.544 rating out of 5 scale. Forex Signals FPA Comments

This signal service provides you with an excellent educational platform. Namely, they offer a Trade Room where you can learn Forex Trading with 3 professional Forex mentors (Andrew Lockwood 30+ years experiences / Mark Bennell 15+ years experiences / Max Norbury 10+ years experiences), including daily live streams, a global chat room, and trade signals. The service also offers a Trade Academy section including 100+ Forex educational videos, and 4 MT4 tools to help with your trading. All the signals from our traders and the community are displayed in the trading room. The company is registered at Hong Kong (Address: 1301 Bank Of America Tower, 12 Harcourt Road, Central, Hong Kong 1000). Their staff are located in different countries across the globe to cover all the time zones.
You are entitled to have 7 Days Free Trial. Besides, Use ‘forex4life’ to get 10% recurring discount.


Besides, the hidden weapon many traders overlook is Trading Psychology which we quoted a few insightful comments in the “Latest News" section in Successful Forex Trading Model with Powerful Weapons. We extract 2 recommended courses about this critically important Trading Psychology from the above article as below;

2ndSkiesForex – Advanced Traders Mindset

Chris Capre has been studying Neuroscience and Peak Performance for the last 20 years with one focus — to improve ones’ brain, mindset and life. Chris’s Advanced Traders Mindset Course will re-wire your brain by changing the way you think, trade and perform for success in trading.

Trading Composure

Besides, a few of our members reported that Yvan Byeajee’s Trading For A Living: Create A Trading Composure FounderLucrative Trading Business, Travel the World, And Work For Less Than 20h/week is quite practical and useful.

Yvan Byeajee wrote several books about trading & trading mentality. His bio in Amazon says;

My name is Yvan Byeajee, I trade for a living and I am the creator of Trading Composure, a blog where I share the many lessons I learned about trading, with emphasis on the psychological part –termed trading psychology, or investment psychology.Amazon

Yvan is also a meditation expert. He describes Trading Psychology Mastery Course as “Stability of mind, flexibility, concentration, and non-attachment are explored in detail in this highly practical and deep home immersion trading psychology course".

I understand you get 20% discount if you bundle them.

Yvan Byeajee Amazon

Specific Opportunities for Experts including Institutional Traders

Institutional Traders

Firstly, currency and equity trading rely heavily on electronic execution, which needs state-of-the art communications. Working from home may still be hard since access to office trading platforms via VPN requires ultra-reliable, high-speed internet connections and cyber-security resilience. Besides, needless to say, traders should operate under strict oversight, means there are regulatory oversight challenges associated with working from remote locations on top of the issue of controls and compliance. 

All in all, there must be a lot of institutional traders who are not allowed to WFH but have to stay home due to Covit-19. 

Then, it’s a good opportunity to execute your own tradings while earning commissions by being copied by other investors. The above 2 social trading platforms enable you to do so. See the below;


eToro explains;

eToro is a leading online trading platform for the next generation of trader and investor. Our Popular Investors are a new breed of portfolio manager: traders with unique investment strategies who earn a second income by being followed and copied by other clients on the eToro platform. If you think you can become a Popular Investor, join the program and get paid when people copy your trades.

You can earn a 2% annual fee. For example, if 1,000 people copy you with a total of $10 million, you will earn an additional $200,000 a year. So, why not Trying to Become a Popular Investor;etoro popular investor program


ZuluTrade said;

A Trader is any user that shares his trading strategy in ZuluTrade.
As a Trader you will compete on the Traders page and allow Investors to receive your signals into their trading account.
The more profitable your Trader strategy is, the more Investors will receive your signals!

Traders can earn from $100 up to $1 million per month depending on their performance and popularity, so Why wait? Become a ZuluTrade Trader;ZuluTrade become a trader


Only those who can adapt & prepare for new reality will be better off

We are facing an unprecedented time in our history. The COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact pandemic new lifeon the health, the businesses we rely upon, the global economy & the way we live our daily lives. 

We Global Extra Money (GEM) are always with our readers and will keep striving to share the ideas which can help ordinary people create extra income or develop financial safety net. 

Human being have weathered the storms that have touched all parts of the world, and a pandemic that will no doubt become a chapter in the history books some day. However, as The Guardian article says “The coronavirus crisis will pass, but life may never be ‘normal’ again", yes, when things eventually return to normal, it may not be quite the normal we knew.

I believe only those who think smartly by exploring how to turn this disaster into opportunities and prepare for the new reality will be better off. 

Hope the information in this article will be useful for you to make the things better. 

Good Luck!!

Joshua Walker (bio

Editor – Global Extra Money (GEM)