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Football Index is A Unique Platform To Buy & Sell Football Players Like Stock Trading. Our Football Index Review Will Show You How To Turn This Innovation Into Risk-Free Guarantee Profit Opportunity!!

I Assume You’re Seeking Legitimate Money Making Method. We Show You The Methods To Make At Least 1 Time Guaranteed Profit and To Make It Profitable in Medium to Long-Term in this Football Index Review.
This document is a part of Our Review On Various Online Money Making Opportunities based on our 2 Pillar Approaches of Advantage Play & Passive Trading. In fact, Football Index is positioned between these 2 pillars. Please visit these pages where we explain our fundamental strategies & tactics to “Beat The House & Market”;

Passive Trading

What You Get From Our Football Index Review

Our Football Index Review & Offer Comprises the Following Agenda;

  1. A. Isn’t It A Scam? & What Makes You Trust It?
  2. B. How It Works?
  3. C. What Make It Risk Free?
  4. D. How To Get Guaranteed Profit (GEM Special Offer)
  5. E. How To Achieve Profit in Medium & Long Term
  6. F. Special Technique To Make Quick Sharp Gain
  7. G.Conclusion

A. Football Index review – Isn’t It A Scam? What Makes You Trust It?

It’s run by a legitimate organization with over 90,000 active traders. The company is regulated by relevant authorities, and basically you don’t need to worry about possible future disputes as follows;

Company Registration

Football Index was launched by BetIndex, a privately owned Jersey based gambling operator established in October 2015. Both the UK Gambling Commission and Jersey Gambling Commission have granted operator licenses to the company. See the detail company registration in JFSC Company Registry Page

Football Index JFSC Registration
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And they register in IBAS – Independent Betting Adjudication Service, thus you can let IBAS resolve when you face any problem with Football Index;

Football Ibas Registration
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At Least Big Enough To Run TV Campaign

You may have watched the below TV Advert that gives you a snap shot of it. Sizable marketing / media expenditure demonstrates strong commitment to the long-term success;

Users’ Reputation

As seen from the below image taken from Trust Pilot, it gained pretty good reputation among the real users; Football Index 72 Reviews


B. Football Index Review – How It Works?

As expressed in the above TV Advert, simply put, Football Index is The Football Stock Market where you can Trade Football Player rather than Company Stock, as shown below; Football Index Review Stockmarket Snapshot

Therefore, the basic concept is very simple, watch the below video that explains a bit more than the previous TV Ad;

For specific process of buy & sell etc., please see E. How To Achieve Profit in Medium to Long Term, where I will explain from the  very basic process of buying & selling.

C. Football Index Review – What Makes It Risk Free?

Before moving into How To Make Money From Football Index, let me quickly explain why it’s worth considering this opportunity. Simply you are given Risk Free Trial and the below explains how it works;

7 Days Risk Free trade Offer

You will have 1 week Risk Free Period, of which process is;Football Index Review Risk Free ProcessThe following shows the specific instruction extracted from T&C and I highlighted important points in bold;

  • The Trade Risk Free Offer is based on a New Customer’s deposits at Footballindex during the 7 day Risk Free Period.
  • The offer is only valid to New Customers residing in the United Kingdom.
  • The offer is valid from 26/07/2016, 00:01 (BST) until 31/12/2017, 23:59 (BST).
  • To qualify for the offer, a minimum of £10 must be deposited using a valid debit/credit card at Footballindex
  • The maximum Risk Free amount eligible for refund is £500.
  • Risk Free Period is 7 days from the date of your first deposit.
  • To request a refund:
    a) Please contact Customer Support ‘support(change to @)’ within 7 days of your first deposit
    b) a Customer Support Representative will provide instructions on liquidating your portfolio
    c) once your portfolio is empty we will refund any losses and commission up to a maximum of £500
    d) Your account will be credited within 48 hours with funds (up to £500) totaling your deposits during the Trade Risk Free Period of 7 days.

For your convenience, I just prepared the draft e-mail of the refund request. If you want, just copy & paste the contents by replacing the red part into your own information. Just Click + ;

Football Index Refund Request E-mail Draft


D. Football Index Review – How To Get Guaranteed Profit (GEM Special Offer)

We prepare a special deal for you;

Attention – We Give You A Tasty Special Deal. So, Click This Entire Box To Access The Details & Follow The Process!!
  • This deal is limited only to new customers. Means, if you already registered in the Football Index, we can’t offer you the deal GEM Football Index Special Offer Feature image

E. Football Index Review – How To Achieve Profit in Medium to Long Term

In this section, I’ll elaborate on Firstly, watch the video that explains How To Get tarted;

For the detail explanation, suggest you visit Football Index Academy.

Key Summary

List Of Football Players

1,000+ footballers are listed, which are divided into 2; 1st team with top 200 players & Squad comprised by the rest of the players. You can buy & sell only 1st team players’ share.

Football Index Review Basic Table
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Promotion & RelegationFootball Index Review Vote Squad

2 top players in the squad are promoted to the 1st team based on your votes every Friday 13:00 & 13:15, and the bottom 2 players in the 1st team is relegated to the squad.

This promotion is something like the IPO (Initial Public Offering) in Stock Market, means Footballer’s Share Price (here called “Futures”) is initially determined in this occasion. It’s a great opportunity to make handsome profit, you will see the details later.
Football Index Review Buy Aguero

Buying and Selling

In daily basis, the future price is determined by demand & supply, exactly the same as stock market. Demand means your Buying & Supply is your Selling, all of which happen within Football Index platform.

For buying, simply click Buy button and chose the number of futures you wish to purchase, that’s it.

For Selling, there are 2 ways;

  • JOIN SELL QUEUE –  Sell your shares back to the market where they can be purchased by other users at a Football Index Review Sell Ozilspecified price. It suits when you have confident in the demand for your player. At the expense of being in a queue, you’ll get a better return.
  •  INSTANT SELL – Sell your shares instantly at a reduced price. It fits when you don’t have confidence of your player or any urgent time such as Claiming Refund Within 7 Days.

Each footballer colletcts Buzz points throughout each day based on the amount of Football Index Review Buzzpress coverage like the Daily Mail & BBC.The player with the most points and therefore top of the Buzz come midnight is declared the winner. If you have the Buzz winner in your portfolio, you’ll receive a 5p dividend for every share you hold in that player.




E. 2 Ways To Make Money

There are two different ways to win:

  • Capital Gain: By buying a portfolio of Footballers that you think will increase in value, as a result of increased demand, enabling you to cash out your bets at a profit – Buy low, Sell high means, Like the companies in stock market, when a player is in good shape & expected to play well in the future, the future price will increase because the demand increases. On the other hand, the future price decreases when any negative news goes into market, typically when player gets injured. Keep collecting the information about your players will help predict your future price, which will contribute to improve profit. It’s not a risk-free as the stock-trading.
  • Income Gain: By buying a portfolio of Footballers that you think will earn you Dividends over a period, by topping the DAILY Buzz. Your player get 5p divident every time awarded daily buzz winner. Assuming you have 100 share on that player, you get £5. So, selecting the players who you think attract media (Football Index monitor around 20 media) will be the approach to make profits.

Football Index Review Buzz Winner Neymar

F. Special Technique To Make Quick Sharp Gain

There is a method to make a rapid profit when new players got listed in the 1st team, exactly like IPO – Initial Public Offering in stock market.

Newly Promoted Player

As briefly mentioned, 2 1st Team Players are delegated and 2 Squad Players are promoted every week. It happens as follows;

  1. Friday 9:00 AM: 2 delegated players are announced
  2. Friday 13:00 & 13:15 PM: each of 2 promoted players come into the market for Buy (something like IPO in stock market)

The opportunity lies in this newly promoted players’ share. The price starts at £0.25 per future but within seconds & minutes it could go up like £0.50, £1.0, £1.25 & £1.70. So if you’re lucky enough to buy say 100 futures at £0.25, you will make an instant profit of £150 , namely your paid price of £25 becomes £175 within seconds, minutes or so.

Key Tips & Step By Step Process – Not Easy But Not Impossible

A Few Tips

  • Suggest install Mobile app rather than Desk Top. Because the accept price movements button is reportedly not appeared other than the mobile app.
  • You need to be very quick and some pre-practice will help you buy at cheaper price. Realize the fact that thousands or even tens of thousands members are competing to buy it at the same time.


  • Before 13:00 Friday, find 2 players who are being promoted.
Football Index Review Newly Promoted Overall Info
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  • 1 Minute before 13:00 & 13:15 stand by at Squad section. You may do some practice to tap the image of the player to move into the next page where Buy button is appeared (it appears only after 13:00, so just an image training at this stage).

Football Index Review Alex Sandro

  • See the web clock, just google London time to see the count down because the IPO starts precisely at 13:00.
  • Exactly at 13:00, tap the player image, and if it goes well then you will be navigated to the next page where blue coloured buy button is displayed. Since 100 future purchase is a default set, you just tap buy button as quickly as possible.

Football Index Review Sandro Locked

  • Timing is everything. Based on my own experience, just within less than second I see the price going up from £0.25 to £0.55. After you tap the buy button, then it asks for your confirmation. Again you need to tap the confirmation immediately.

Football Index Review Valencia

  • You may need to wait for a while for the final confirmation and you actually don’t know exact price you’re purchasing. Usually, the final cost is higher than the price you thought you had seen on the screen & taken. As you see in the above screenshot, I confirmed Buy at £0.60, but the final result is £0.85 as shown below;
Football Index Review Portfolio
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  • Remember, the price fluctuates rapidly. Usually, at the point of newly listing, the price is kept soaring but off course it’s not necessarily happening all the time. Again, look at the above Antonio Valencia, I finally bought at £0.85 but in a few hours it plunged to £0.49, while my Sandro purchase gave me the instant profit of £57 by increase from £0.46 to £1.03.
  • I immediately sold Sandro at £1.0 and waited Valencia to recover for a few days. If you keep holding these 2 players’ futures, the latest prices are;
Football Index Review Antonio And Alex Price
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  • This is how you can make both short & medium term by making the best use of Newly Listing Players’ futures.

G. Football Index Review – Conclusion

Grab Guaranteed Instant Profit Without Fail

You came to my site to make money. Yes, You Came To The Right Place. You will Receive;

  • Guaranteed Cash from Us GEM

So, Don’t Miss This Opportunity.


Apart from making money, if you’re a football fan, you may love Football Index. You may have already checked football articles, news every day. You will feel more excited with doing that because it will also make money.

So, just grab quick cash & move, or keep enjoying as a part of your hobby, it’s finally up to you. We really hope our Football Index Review is giving certain value to you.

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