Wall Street Forex Robot – Quick Review

Wall Street Forex Robot

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Firstly let me emphasize that 99% of the FX Robot is short lived, because they generally can’t cope with unpredicted market move, for more details about FX Robot analysis & selection criteria, pls access my special report of “How To Create Unlimited Extra Income From FX Robot (EA)” Extra Income Creation from FX Robot (EA)Cut to the chase, the robot that survives over 2 years (2 years is a general parameter in this regard because markets usually face at least a few times big & rapid turmoil) is considered as very good. Wall Street Forex Robot shows over 5 years sustainable growth as shown below (this is one of the real user’s live account of myfxbook.com;

Basic Features

So, the facts & the numbers already speak volume, I will not make so much comment but just a basic feature;
– The Wall Street Forex Robot is a scalping robot running 24/5, with M15 timeframe.
– It was created by a team of professional traders especially for those who may not even have experience in trade, but wants to profit from trading Forex market
– It is the only forex robots with 5 intelligent built-in algorithm protection systems that allows effective current drawdown reimbursement.
– It’s compatible with the NFA rules as it opens only one trade at once on each instrument traded, besides you don’t need to worry about FIFO and hedging rules, means US traders can fully enjoy the benefits of the EA.
See the below showing the summary of it;


Given the exceptional long-term proven records (off course any past records never guarantee the future equivalent performances), there seems to be large chances that you would achieve sustainable profitable automated trading with low risk. Therefore, suggest you visit its website to take a look by yourself. Based on the fact that they use ClickBank for the payment, which assures you Unconditional Refund for 60 days – they will not require you to explain anything for cancellation & refund, so actually it’s equivalent to 60 days Free Trial, it’s worthwhile trying it.

Hope these will help you develop solid extra income stream for Plan B as your financial safety net.

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