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Brief Summary

  • Social Trading Platform – It’s a Computer System that copies your chosen expert trader’s trade automatically, means 100% passive.
  • Transparency – Social trading platforms give you complete information to assess the credibility of the expert traders you follow.
  • Key Players – eToro & Zulu Trade are the most established social trading platform providers.
  • Fee – Basically you don’t pay any fee to the experts you follow, they get commission from the platform provider.

Can We Really Make Money?

MIT Professor Alex “Sandy” Pentlandsaid in the Deloitte Interview (click to read) that “For instance, social learning on eToro’s trading network can improve the user’s return on investment by about 30 percent, which is huge. And this has been tested over millions of people, several years, and tens of millions of trades.”, quite interesting. image_Social & Copy Trading by GEM


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Social Copy Trading Platforms

For newbies to copy trading, it looks safer if you start up in either eToro or Zulu Trade because these 2 are by far the most established & reputable platforms. Those brief profiles are;


eToro – appropriate for novice traders, good education tool & friendly interface. eToro provides both the broker and social trading network functions (no use of a 3rd party broker), which gives you an advantage of almost no slippage – the weakness of copy trading compared with PAMM account as already explained, but remember spreads are not as competitive as some other brokers.

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etoro tutorials_Social & Copy Trading by GEM

Zulu Trade 

Zulu Trade – ZuluTrade is an archrival to eToro. It supports over 40 outside brokers on top of AAAfx broker as its own broker. ZuluTrade receives compensation per trade per contract from the brokers connected within its peer-to-peer network and splits the compensation with the signal providers that have originated the trades which have been executed successfully on one or more live followers’ trading account.

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You may want to watch the below 8-minutes video from the above article gives a brief idea about Zulu Trade as well as basic Forex market which will be educational for novice players;


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Risk Management

Lastly, we always emphasize the risk-management. Remember, making money in investments for long-term is Not How To Win But How Not To Lose. Therefore, I always say Keep Participating In The Game is everything. If you loose your capital by following aggressive traders because of their impressive return, you will loose motivation to go back to the game thus loose opportunity to recover. So, good risk management will help preserve your capital and make sure that it grows as you practice social trading. Some of the key points for Sound Risk Management are;

Ensure the platform you select offers you the option to pause and resume copying a trader at anytime.

Never forget you trade with only a comfortable amount of capital and diversify that capital sensibly.

Consider how to allocate your capital into each trader very carefully. You need to remember the simple fact that the more traders you elect to copy, the more trades the system will be making on your behalf and so the more capital you will need to have available. Ensure you have sufficient capital in your account for all the trades that your chosen traders make or you need to limit your selection of traders.

As said before, slippage, the difference in price that is caused by the time difference between placing your order and having it executed is always an issue you have to keep in mind. Your trading may not be exactly the same as the trader you copy because this slippage. Although slippage should not cause much of a difference in your gain / loss in short-term, it may damage as time goes, therefore if the price moves too far away from your expert traders, the copying should be cancelled.

Six Simple Things That Allow You To Start Social Copy Trading -- Special Report by GEM Let me repeat, there are significant risks involved in social trading and past performance is no indicator of future success. Some individuals have gone into social trading without truly understanding this and have ended up losing significant sums they could ill afford to lose. It is not uncommon for the top traders on networks to go through periods of consecutive / significant loses. This is why you should only ever trade with money that you can afford to lose. As with all investments, there is no guarantee of profit, or that you will not lose a part or all of your capital, so you should only allocate that amount of capital that you are comfortable investing. However, if you don’t start, you will never gain. Since you already understand how it works by now, I would strongly suggest you open social trading account & copy traders with fake money NOW. It’s very true, actual practice is the quickest & smallest way to be a master. You may choose either eToro (click HERE) or Zulu Trade (click HERE) to open Demo Account & Do Risk-Free Virtual Trading. Finally, Italian art dealer Giacomo Medici (the below photo at the Getty) made a significant role in the trafficking of the stolen arts and his operation was thought to be “one of the largest and most sophisticated antiquities networks in the world, responsible for illegally digging up and spiriting away thousands of top-drawer pieces and passing them on to the most elite end of the international art market“. I hope Social Trading will become (or actually has become) the largest and most sophisticated trading networks in the world, responsible for sharing the best elite trading expertises with the most ordinary & largest traders international forex market.


Social Copy Trading is the 1st of 3 Passive Trading, the others are;

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