Do You Have Financial Safety Net?

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If you think you belong to Middle Class, You’re In the Vulnerable Status.

Who GEM image_Global Extra Income

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Firstly, examine How Accurately You Grasp Your Income Status In Your Society
Wherever you live, just assess your Income (Click OECD ) in comparison with the rest of the population in your country and realize the difference between What You Perceive & Reality.What's your share of the pie? _GEM-Global Extra Income

Does your original perception match the reality? And, if you’re fortunate enough to be in the Top 1 % of Income, you may not need to read further.
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Why Top 1% Matters?

How is the world's wealth shared amongst its population?_GEM-Global Extra Income
Wealth & Income Gap in the World (Source:

As widely known, less than 1% of world population possess nearly half of the world wealth, if you live in developed country and you think you’re in the middle class you may be in the 22.9%.

However, when it comes to the trend, 95% of the wealth growth goes into Top 1% as shown in the below chart (this is the US data but this trend applies globally in general), so you are sharing only tiny portion (5%) of the growth among 99% of the population, and don’t forget that lower income class people are often protected by social benefits, therefore you as the middle class tend to be most squeezed.Most Income Gains in Receent Expansions went to Top 1 Percent- graph_GEM-Global Extra Income



Probably, this fact itself doesn’t make you feel sense of urgency to take immediate action.
【 Why You Need Extra Income – Further Assessment 】 to realize the Reality better.

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