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Football Index Review – Guide to Maximize Profits

Football Index Review Feature Image

A. What is Football Index? Is Football Index A Con? What Makes You Trust Them?

Football Index Is a World First Unique Platform to Buy & Sell Football Players Like Stock Trading.

Our Football Index honest review will show you how to turn this legitimate money-making innovation into both short-term risk-free unlimited profit opportunity & long-term lucrative asset!!

Football Index is run by a legitimate organization with well over 100,000 active UK traders. The company is regulated by relevant authorities, and basically you don’t need to worry about possible future disputes based on the following facts;

Company Registration

Football Index was launched by BetIndex Limited (Adam Cole, Founder & CEO), a privately owned Jersey-based gambling operator established in October 2015. Both the UK Gambling Commission and the Jersey Gambling Commission have granted operator licenses to the company. See the detail company registration in JFSC Company Registry Page

Football Index JFSC Registration

And they register in IBAS – Independent Betting Adjudication Service, thus you can let IBAS resolve when you face any problem with Football Index;

Football Ibas Registration

Football Index Contact

  • Tell #: 0800 066 2650 MON – FRI 8:30 a.m. – 8 p.m. SAT/SUN 9:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • E-mail:

At Least Big Enough To Run TV Campaign

Although the big marketing budget doesn’t guarantee anything, sizable media expenditure demonstrates a strong commitment to long-term success, watch the latest advert;

Users’ Reputation

As seen from the below image taken from Trust Pilot, it gained a pretty good reputation among the real users; Football Index Trust Pilot

B. Football Index How It Works?

As expressed in the above TV Advert, simply put, Football Index is The Football Stock Market where you can Trade Football Player rather than Company Stock, as shown below screenshot. Football Index Review Stockmarket Snapshot

Therefore, the basic concept is very simple. For the specific process of buy & sell etc. Watch the below video which gives you the overall picture;

For further details, go to Football Index Academy.

C. Football Index Review – Money Back Guarantee

Before moving into How To Make Money From Football Index, let me quickly explain why it’s worth considering this opportunity. Simply you are given the Trial with a money-back guarantee  (you don’t need any football index referral code) and the below explains how it works;

7 Days Risk-Free trade Offer

As described in the below screenshot, You will have 1 week Risk-Free Period, watch the below video;

The following shows the specific instruction extracted from T&C and I highlighted important points in bold;

  • The Trade Risk-Free Offer is based on a New Customer’s deposits at Football Index during the 7 day Risk-Free Period.
  • The offer is only valid to New Customers residing in the United Kingdom and aged 18 years or over at the time of entry.
  • To qualify for the offer, a minimum of £10 must be deposited using a valid debit/credit card at Football Index and must be used to buy Shares in Footballers
  • The maximum Risk-Free amount eligible for a refund is £500.
  • Risk-Free Period is 7 days from the date of your first deposit and You can claim the offer up to 24 hours after the Money Back Guarantee Period has ended.
  • To request a refund: a) Please contact Customer Support ‘support(change to @)’ within 7 days of your first deposit b) a Customer Support Representative will provide instructions on liquidating your portfolio c) once your portfolio is empty we will refund any losses and commission up to a maximum of £500 d) Your account will be credited within 48 hours with funds (up to £500) totalling your deposits during the Trade Risk-Free Period of 7 days.

For your convenience, I just prepared the draft e-mail of the refund request. If you want, just copy & paste the contents by replacing the red part into your own information. Just Click + ;

Football Index Refund Request E-mail Draft

Refund E-Mail

Send to:

E-mail Title: Refund Request

E-mail Content:


Based on your instruction of your Money Back Guarantee Offer, I’m sending this e-mail to request the full refund.

I registered & started trading on Day / Month / Year, and today is Day / Month / Year, thus within 7 days that is in line with your refund condition. I deposited all together £XXX, and the current balance is £XXX, so please refund all my loss to make the balance back to £XXX.

If you need any further information from my side, please let me know.

Looking forward to receiving your confirmation/refund.

Best regards,

Your Name


D. Football Index Review – The Ways To Make Money & Real Examples

4 Opportunities To Get Paid

As shown below, the Football Index gives you 4 opportunities to get paid;

football index four ways to win

, which can be simply categorized into 2 ways of making money as explained in the next section.

2 Ways To Make Money

So, simply put, as the video concluded, you have two different ways to make profits from Football Index:

  • Capital Gain (from Footballer Prices): By buying a portfolio of Footballers that you think will increase in value, as a result of increased demand, enabling you to cash out your bets at a profit – Buy low, Sell highmeans, Like the companies in the stock market, when a player is in good shape & expected to play well in the future, the future price will increase because of the demand increases. On the other hand, the future price decreases when any negative news goes into the market, typically when a player gets injured. Keep collecting the information about your players will help predict your future price, which will contribute to improving profit. It’s not a risk-free as the stock-trading.
  • Income Gain (from Match Day / Media / Inplay): By buying a portfolio of Footballers that you think will earn you Dividends over a period like company stock. The difference is you will enjoy the 3 types of dividends as indicated.

Do People Really Make Money from Football Index?

Capital Gain

See the below tweet as just a few examples of the possible capital gain;

football index review, neymar twitter


football index review, twitter another copy

& Football Index Member Earnings


The individual dividend doesn’t sound much though when your share amount increases especially for, in a winning player, it could be your pleasant surprise by a good snowballing effect like below;Football Index Dividends Received Post

Given the multiple types of dividends that are frequently paid, you may get paid every day while observing the growth of your total portfolio value.

The Man Planning To Retire Football Index Millionaire

Football Index Podcast published the interview with Danilo whoi builds 100K Football Index Portfolio.

Football Index 100K Portfolio PodcasrListen to the podcast by clicking the Start Button below;


E. Football Index Review – Winning Strategies

If You’re Not A Footy Lover

If you’re not interested in football itself but consider Football Index as a pure money-making opportunity. Then, make the best use of Football Index offer of 7-Day Risk-Free trading Up To £500. Yes, any of your loss up to £500 will be compensated within 7 days while any gains you achieve will be your pure profit. So, one way to make a nice quick buck is that;

  • Check IPO News and see which players are coming out – remember IPO date is random
  • When you find a popular player is listed, Sign Up Football Index
  • Deposit £500
  • Popular player’s price usually jump up instantly
  • Buy such Player’s IPO as much as you can
  • Buy Other Player(s)’ share by the remaining fund, then complete all £500 purchase
  • Check the share price progress, and of course, any of your net share price (meaning after deducting commission of selling) goes beyond £500 will be your pure profit. You can sell out at any time to lock-in profit.
  • Just in case you face any loss on the sixth day after your deposit, send the e-mail to request the full refund (follow the process explained in the C. Football Index Review – What Makes It Risk-Free?)

Caution & Best Approach

Bear it in mind that Grabbing the IPO share at the starting price is not easy – see below how it works

Football Index IPO Best Approach

Newly Promoted Player – IPO

Some 1st Team Players are delegated and the same number of Squad Players are promoted at the same time. It used to be a regular schedule but it has changed. So, please go News Page to update the IPO schedule & IPO Guide Price for prospective players.

football index review, ipo info

Click To Enlarge

The opportunity lies in this newly promoted players’ share. The price starts at £0.25 per future but within seconds & minutes it could go up like £0.50, £1.0, £1.25 & £1.70. So if you’re lucky enough to buy say 100 futures at £0.25, you will make an instant profit of £150, namely your paid price of £25 becomes £175 within seconds, minutes or so.

Key Tips & Step By Step Process – Not Easy But Not Impossible

A Few Tips

  • After you check the IPO schedule & IPO Players, go Football Index Forum to gather information. You may find a lot of useful information & insight from other members such as;
    football index trading, ipo forum post

    Click To Enlarge

  • Suggest use mobile phone by installing Football Index Mobile app rather than Desk Top. Because obviously touchscreen allows you to make far quicker actions rather than keyboard or touchpad. Remember, speed is everything here.
  • You need to be very quick and some pre-practice will help you buy at a cheaper price. Realize the fact that thousands or even tens of thousands of members are competing to buy it at the same time.


  • In the above Football Index News page, check the players who are being promoted.
Football Index Review Newly Promoted Overall Info

Click To Enlarge

  • 1 Minute before the scheduled IPO time, stand by at Squad section. You may do some practice to tap the image of the player to move into the next page where Buy button appears (it appears only after the scheduled time, so just an image training at this stage).

Football Index Review Alex Sandro

  • See the web clock, just google London time to see the count down because the IPO starts precisely at the scheduled time.
  • Exactly at the starting time, tap the player image, and if it goes well then you will be navigated to the next page where blue coloured buy button is displayed. Since 100 future purchase is a default set, you just tap the buy button as quickly as possible.

Football Index Review Sandro Locked

  • Timing is everything. Based on my own experience, just within less than a second I see the price going up from £0.25 to £0.55. After you tap the buy button, then it asks for your confirmation. Again you need to tap the confirmation immediately.

Football Index Review Valencia

  • You may need to wait for a while for the final confirmation and you actually don’t know the exact price you’re purchasing. Usually, the final cost is higher than the price you thought you had seen on the screen & taken. As you see in the above screenshot, I confirmed Buy at £0.60, but the final result is £0.85 as shown below;
Football Index Review Portfolio

Click To Enlarge

  • Remember, the price fluctuates rapidly. Usually, at the point of newly listing, the price is kept soaring but of course, it’s not necessarily happening all the time. Again, look at the above Antonio Valencia, I finally bought at £0.85 but in a few hours, it plunged to £0.49, while my Sandro purchase gave me the instant profit of £57 by an increase from £0.46 to £1.03.
  • I immediately sold Sandro at £1.0 and waited for Valencia to recover for a few days. If you keep holding these 2 players’ futures, the latest prices are;
Football Index Review Antonio And Alex Price

Click To Enlarge

  • This is how you can make both short & medium term by making the best use of Newly Listing Players’ futures.

If You’re A Footy Lover

You love football, you may have already checked football articles, news every day. You will feel more excited about doing that because it will create cash. We just summarized a few basic strategies, tactics & tips for you to make Football Index trading more profitable for long-term. Don’t forget, the most important winning strategy is Having A Plan in the first place. Football Index Warren Buffett Saying Plan

Money Management

Football Index is actually financial trading which involves risk. So, suggest you start with the capital which you can afford to lose as a basic rule of any investment. If your liquid asset (mainly cash) is £10,000, then you may not want to invest more than £1,000, 10% (depending on your risk tolerance though) of it, just an indicative amount.

Besides, don’t over-trading. Football Index levy 2% commission on all your sell. Frequent trading will impact on your long-term profits. Remember you need to pay 2% when you sell regardless of the fact you’ve made profit or loss. When you buy, you may want to x 1.02 to the buying price to get the idea of your next selling price at break-even.

Portfolio Strategy

Firstly, you should decide the overall strategy of your whole portfolio. As explained, you have 2 ways of getting profits: 1) Capital Gain 2) Income Gain. If your priority is 1), then your portfolio will focus on the players who can expect rapid growth of value. If you prefer 2), then your portfolio will consist of the players who generate massive dividends.

Or you may want to balance out these players aiming at a strategic portfolio which can optimize the capital growth & income gains.

The important thing is Diversification which can automatically mitigate your risk.

You can use Football Index Spreadsheet to control your portfolio, watch the below video;

Avoid Emotion

I know you’re footy lover, and surely you have favourite teams & players. However, when it comes to the investment, try to avoid being subjective but be objective to select the players based on the football analysis you must like, which can prevent an impulse buying attracted by the rapid rise (often you’re too late to buy) as well.

Besides, avoid panic selling when the share prices decrease. Remember, Football Index has been growing all the time both number of traders & the amount of the invested money as seen below;Football Index Growth Naturally, as more money flows into the market, meaning the demand increases, then generally the share prices are up. Means, even if your selection is made by impulse, the price has good chances to come back. if your player is based on your careful analysis, then you should believe it and the price will be most likely to recover & grow continuously.

Growth & Income Driver

Decide your own Income & Growth drivers, for examples,

  • Prioritize League: English Premier League is the world most media attention league, so even you are crazy about Barcelona, don’t forget to keep watching EPL news.
  • Check Transfer Speculation: needless to say, it always creates a lot of Media Buzz, means a lot of Media Dividends.
  • Check Next Game: Knowing the next game fixture will help you select the player who may bring you handsome Match Day Dividends.
  • Select Young Promising Players: try to identify youth who’s future potential have not yet valued properly and left cheap compared with the established players for long-term growth. With regard to the youth share purchase, let me quote a stock investment legend Warren Buffet;
It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price, than a fair company at a wonderful price

It’s the essence of Value Investor, based on the belief of;

If a business does well, the stock eventually follows

F. Football Index Review – Conclusion

Success Factors

You Know The Market

Let me reiterate that Football Index is exactly the same as the Stock Market. You simply trade footballers rather than companies. Allow me to keep quoting a few words from legend Warren Buffet;

Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing. Never invest in a business you cannot understand.Warren Buffett

You’re a football lover, and you know the market. There is no better qualification than this to win in the market. So have confidence.

You Have Fun

So, just grab quick cash & move, or keep enjoying as a part of your hobby, it’s finally up to you. Football Index Warren Buffett Saying Learning

However, if you decide on long-term investment, you will have fun because you invest in the market you like. And, having fun is the most important factor to keep you in the game.

In the world of business, the people who are most successful are those who are doing what they love.Warren Buffett

Keep Learning what you like with fun and keep earning from what you like with fun!!

For Returning Member

Re-Load Money Back Guarantee Offer up to £1,000

After the initial money-back guarantee offer, if you make your account dormant for a while, it’s large chances that you receive another risk-free offer to attract your re-load. Often £500 is the case like;football index reload risk-free

But, occasionally up to £1,000 like below; football index review, 1000 risk free

, with the message of;

Hi XXXXX, We noticed that your Football INDEX Portfolio is looking empty and unloved, like the Emirates on a Champions League night and that simply won’t do!

Here at Football Index, you can test your football knowledge by trading footballers you are passionate about. Use your judgement to purchase players you think will increase in value and payout dividends. See if you have what it takes to buy and sell at the right time making you a successful trader.

What’s more, we’ll let you use the platform with money-back guarantee up to £1,000 for 7 days when you deposit £10 or more.

If you incur any losses within the 7 day period simply email and we will refund your losses IN CASH up to £1,000. With this stonking Money Back Guarantee offer there has never been a better time to play at Football INDEX. (T&Cs apply)

Happy Trading! Football INDEX Team Football Index Risk-Free Offer Invitation

So, keep checking your e-mail box and when you receive such an offer, don’t hesitate to grab it.

We really hope our Football Index Review is giving good value to you.

If you have any inquiry or need any help from us, please contact us anytime (don’t worry, we will not charge you any fee, everything is free here).


Good Luck!!

Joshua Walker (bio)

Editor – Global Extra Money (GEM)