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We need Bookmakers for advantage play and brokers for passive trading. You will find thousands of those online companies that offer you convenient access via mobile, tablet & PC from anywhere in the world. Opening up the accounts will cost you nothing but choosing the wrong ones may cost you a lot.

See the below key points which allow you to make right selection before spending your real money;


UK Bookmakers LogosUnlike Forex Brokers discussed later, all Bookmakers are market makers means you compete with them. So, simply the bookies are your enemies, you need to beat them to make money. 95% of betters are casual betters who lose money in medium / long-term, but there are 5% of sharp betters who constantly win, for full details of this subject, please go Beat Bookmakers Nicely By Knowing How They Make Money; Bookmaker Business Model & Gubbing

Bookies don’t like such professionals and they have way to exclude them called “Gubbing” that is Account Restriction – limit your betting maximum amount down to the level that is too small to keep betting with them.  If you start making money using various methods introduced in my site, you become the 5% of such sharp better who make solid income from it. Then, naturally you have large chances to face such restriction.

From this perspective, the below 3 reports are “Must Read”;

1)  List of 20 Superb Bookmakers That Never Restrict Your Account

Excellent Bookmakers List Never Restrict Your AccountAll the bookies listed in the report are excellent not only in welcoming professionals but also offering competitive odds & accepting high rollers. So, for sharp punters, these bookies are essential and they will provide you with sustainable huge extra income for long-term, just a few examples are Bookmaker EU & Pinnacles;

Welcome to Bookmaker image

pinnacle banner

Note: Excellent news for UK players, Pinnacle said they would be back in 3Q-4Q 2016.

2)  List of 30 Infamous Bookmakers That Restrict Your Account

Infamous Bookmakers List Raspberry Awards TrophyDon’t get me wrong, all the bookies in this list are well established & highly reputable bookies namely ranked within top 20% in the worldwide, so for casual betters they are absolutely good bookies. The only problem is they tend to quickly restrict professional betters, you may receive the notice shown below sooner or later if you are a sharp. However, generally speaking they are slow odds means they will allow us to practice advantage plays, therefore you need to exploit them.

receive the notice letter if you are a sharp

3)  20 Cautious Tactics To Avoid Bookmakers’ Restriction

It’s a full guide to prevent you from being Gubbed (the account restriction) as much as possible. The action plans include your day to day Mug Betting as well. Remember, the longer you keep your account alive, the more you make risk free profit. We also specify the action plans after you face the restriction.Smart Tactics To Avoid Being Gubbed By Bookmakers

GEM Sharp punter tactics

Forex Brokers

You can’t trade FX without broker and the Selection of Forex Broker is critically important because it affects your profit significantly.

forex broker affects your profit



There are so many scams & unethical rogue & poorly operated online brokers which you need to avoid at all cost.
Suggest you access to the following 2 FX Broker Assessment Reports first;
“FX Broker 3 Hidden Agenda & 4 Essentials For Best Choice – Part (1)”
“FX Broker 3 Hidden Agenda & 4 Essentials For Best Choice – Part (2)”

which you need to avoid


For US Traders, you have many reasons to consider Offshore FX Brokers, read the report of;
“List Of 15 Offshore FX Brokers Accepting US Citizens & Reasons Why”

FX Broker Cashback Rebate

There are many organizations that offers the cashback rebate if you sign-up brokers via them.
For how to work, go “What is Forex Rebate (Offered By FX Rebate Provider)? “.


This rebate will improve your trading profitability quite a lot in long-term, if you want to take a look at those providers, visit;
FX Rebate Gurus
Cashback Forex


Just in case, you have not accessed to the below Free Program, suggest Do It Now, You will Not Lose Anything But Only Make Profit;

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